50 Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles For Young Adults

50 Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles for Young Adults

Los Angeles is full of amazing surprises waiting for you to explore, way beyond the usual tourist spots. If you’re a young adult in this big city, there are so many unforgettable experiences just waiting for you.

Dive into the cool underground art scene, taste some really inventive food, or get your groove on at the hottest live music spots. Sure, the famous Hollywood sign and fancy Rodeo Drive are cool, but there’s so much more out there.

Come with me and I’ll show you a bunch of awesome things to do that are off the typical tourist track, and I promise, you’ll have the time of your life in LA!

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Visit the Hollywood Sign for a classic LA photo opportunity

Visit the famous Hollywood Sign for a classic LA photo op. It’s not just a movie background; it’s a place for fun and adventure. Hike up the trails and get ready for an awesome view that will make you feel like anything’s possible.

Getting to the top is exciting, and the view of LA down below is amazing. It’s not just for a photo – it’s about feeling on top of the world. This is a must-do in LA that you’ll always remember.

Even at night, the place is still buzzing. The Hollywood Sign shines bright, reminding you that LA never sleeps. Whether you’re an actor, a dreamer, or looking for a great night, this spot is inspiring, especially under the stars.

Explore Hollywood Boulevard & The Walk of Fame to see the stars of your favorite celebrities

Take a walk down Hollywood Boulevard and experience the magic of the Walk of Fame. This is where more than 2,600 stars honor the greats of showbiz. It’s a top activity in Los Angeles, especially for young adults who love movies and music.

Keep an eye out for the stars of actors and musicians you admire. Imagine meeting Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson as you take photos with their stars. No matter what kind of entertainment you love, you’ll find a star that means something to you.

The atmosphere is buzzing with live street performers that make you feel like you’re part of the action. Stop by a shop for souvenirs, enjoy an ice cream, or see the famous handprints at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

When night falls, neon signs light up and invite you to continue the fun at cool bars or classic theaters. This isn’t just a regular outing—it’s your chance to shine in your own LA story.

Attend a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall for a night of music and culture

Experience the magic of live music at the Walt Disney Concert Hall after enjoying Hollywood Boulevard. This stunning building is known for its amazing design and incredible sound quality – your ears are in for a treat! It’s a place for everyone, whether you love classical music or just want to try something new.

As a young adult in LA, this concert hall is a perfect spot to dive into a musical journey. The performances range from timeless classics to modern pieces. Plus, you can take a tour before the show to see the beautiful architecture up close.

Join other young adults who love culture and enjoy a night out in one of LA’s liveliest spots. Going to a concert here is more than just about the tunes; it’s about being part of a community. Come as you’re and let this be the highlight of your night in LA.

Hike in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area for breathtaking views of the city and ocean

Put on your hiking shoes and head out to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area for a fun adventure. You’ll see amazing views of Los Angeles and the ocean. The fresh air and quiet nature sounds will make you forget the busy city life. Whether you like easy or hard hikes, there’s a trail for you. And it’s all for free!

Get to a high spot and look down at the city and sea blending together. If you’re there at the right time, you might see a beautiful sunset that’s perfect for your Instagram.

When you go back to the city, you’ll feel refreshed and free. In the Santa Monica Mountains, you’re part of the beautiful scenery, high above one of the most exciting cities.

Experience the magic of Universal Studios Hollywood with thrilling rides and behind-the-scenes tours

Get ready for an amazing time at Universal Studios Hollywood! Feel the rush on exciting rides like ‘Jurassic World – The Ride’ and step into the magic with ‘Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.’ Take an awesome Studio Tour to see where movies are made and maybe even spot a live shoot!

Universal Studios isn’t just for daytime fun. At night, it’s one of LA’s coolest spots with great vibes and bright lights that make everything feel extra special.

  • Feel the excitement: Get on the thrilling rides that’ll make you want more.
  • See movie magic: Learn how films and shows are made on the Studio Tour.
  • Enjoy the night: Experience LA’s lively night scene right here at the park.

Whether you love movies, thrills, or just want a great time, Universal Studios Hollywood is the place to be for unforgettable fun and the spirit of LA.

Visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see a vast collection of artworks

Discover the excitement of art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art! This place is full of amazing art from all over history and the world. It’s not just any museum – it’s a journey that takes you through different times and places. Each room is like stepping into a new world.

LACMA is perfect for couples who love to explore art together. Imagine walking hand in hand, looking at everything from old treasures to the newest pieces. It’s a great way to talk and connect over art.

If you’re searching for something to do indoors in Los Angeles, the museum is the place to be. No matter the weather, you can enjoy a day of art. You’ll find art that makes you think and feel differently about the world. Spend a calm day with famous paintings or join in on fun events with modern art – LACMA has it all.

Don’t just look at the art – get involved! Talk about what you see, take a guided tour, or just let the art make you feel something. Here, you can think and feel freely, and find new things every time you visit. Come to LACMA and make your time in Los Angeles extra special with an art adventure.

Enjoy a picnic by Echo Park Lake and rent a pedal boat for a leisurely ride on the water

Come to Echo Park Lake with a basket of snacks and enjoy a peaceful picnic! This is a great spot to relax with friends and enjoy the California sunshine for free. It’s perfect for birthdays or just hanging out.

Find a comfortable place to sit by the lake, and enjoy the view of people walking their dogs, the pretty lotus flowers, and the city skyline. It’s a lovely scene that shows off LA’s unique charm.

When you’re ready for some fun, rent a pedal boat! It’s a fun way to see the park from the water. Remember to wear sunscreen, bring a hat, and try to come on a weekday to avoid waiting for a boat. Also, look out for special events at the park.

Echo Park Lake is a fantastic place to relax and have fun in LA, especially if you’re looking for an easy-going birthday or an affordable day out. Enjoy paddling around and appreciate the joy of being on the lake.

Learn about natural history at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Discover the exciting world of dinosaurs and more at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. It’s not just an ordinary museum—it’s a journey through time, and one of the coolest indoor activities in Los Angeles for grown-ups.

Wander around and see the Dinosaur Hall with its huge T. rex skeletons. You’ll feel like you’re right next to these powerful creatures that once roamed the Earth.

But there’s more than just dinosaurs. The museum has all sorts of amazing things, like shiny gems and minerals, and lifelike scenes with animals from North America and Africa. And don’t miss the Butterfly Pavilion, where you can walk among beautiful butterflies in a garden that changes with the seasons.

The Natural History Museum is about telling stories, not just showing things. Every item, big or small, has its own part in our Earth’s amazing story. So come and have an adventure that’s as fun as it’s informative. It’s a chance to get out of your routine and explore millions of years of history.

Go for a hike in the San Gabriel Mountains for a day of outdoor adventure

Get ready for an exciting day in the San Gabriel Mountains! Put on your hiking boots and enjoy the fresh air and stunning views. These mountains are close to the city but let you enjoy nature at your own pace.

Feel the thrill as you climb up through beautiful forests and over hilly terrains. At the top, you’ll be treated to amazing views of Los Angeles and the ocean. There’s a trail for everyone, whether you want a relaxing walk or a challenging hike to the highest peaks.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • Plenty of Trails: Choose from many trails, like an easy hike to Sturtevant Falls or a more demanding one to Mount Baldy.
  • Wildlife Watching: Look out for animals like deer, sheep, and even mountain lions.
  • Seasonal Beauty: See colorful wildflowers or peaceful snowscapes, depending on when you visit.

Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway for stunning coastal views

Discover the beauty of California’s coast on the Pacific Coast Highway, a route offering incredible ocean views. Feel the fresh breeze and experience the excitement of a classic California road trip.

Along this famous highway, you’ll see the vast Pacific Ocean and charming hillsides. Starting from Santa Monica, drive past secluded beaches, popular surfing spots, and vibrant sunsets. The ocean’s rhythm will be your constant companion.

Make sure to stop at Point Dume in Malibu for great photos, or surf at Zuma Beach. Enjoy the coastal towns on your way and take in the fresh sea air.

The Pacific Coast Highway is more than just a road; it’s an adventure into the heart of California. Take your time, indulge in some seafood, and meet the locals. It’s an opportunity to explore and create memories on one of the most iconic drives in America.

Go for a cruise or paddle from Marina del Rey for a day on the water

Embark on a delightful journey from Marina del Rey and experience the joy of sailing. Feel the ocean’s gentle sway as you sail or paddle across the glistening water. Choose from a relaxing sail, a lively group yacht trip, or a solo kayak or paddleboard adventure.

What’s in store for you:

  • Take Charge: Steer your own boat and savor the thrill of making your own path.
  • Nature’s Touch: Sync with the sea’s rhythm and see the wildlife that calls it home.
  • Make Friends: Connect with other sea-lovers on a group outing or cherish time with pals.

Soak in the sun and let the sea breeze refresh you. It’s about creating memories, sharing laughter, and enjoying the freedom of the sea. Marina del Rey is the perfect start to your water escapade, where freedom guides your journey.

Visit Santa Monica Pier for fun rides, food, and games

Come to Santa Monica Pier for an amazing time! It’s full of exciting rides, tasty food, and fun games. Feel the cool sea air as you enjoy the smell of popcorn and candy.

Hop on the Pacific Wheel, the only solar-powered Ferris wheel in the world, and see amazing views of the sea and city. Then, try the roller coaster for fast turns and big drops.

When you’re hungry, there are lots of places to eat. Grab a burger or some fresh seafood and enjoy the ocean view.

Play games at the arcade or try carnival games like whack-a-mole or skee-ball. Winning a big prize is a big deal here.

At night, the pier lights up and looks beautiful. It’s a special place in Los Angeles where you can have a great time and make memories.

Explore The Getty Center for its impressive collection of European paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts

Discover the beauty of The Getty Center, a place filled with European art, from old paintings to modern sculptures. Sitting on a hill, this museum is more than just art – it’s a journey that excites your love for creativity. Walk through bright galleries and see famous art by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Monet.

The Getty Center’s design, with its stone walls and special layout by Richard Meier, is peaceful, perfect for a calm visit away from the city’s hustle.

  • Enjoy the amazing views: The museum’s spot on the hill lets you see from the ocean to the mountains, far from the busy city.
  • Walk in the Central Garden: This garden, made by Robert Irwin, mixes art with nature, creating a place to think and relax.
  • Have fun with hands-on exhibits: The Getty Center makes learning about art interactive and exciting.

Getting in is free because they believe everyone should enjoy art. Visit to satisfy your curiosity, see things differently, and feel refreshed. It’s not just another place to see in LA, but a must-visit on your trip.

Visit the Griffith Observatory for a chance to look at the stars and the LA skyline

After enjoying art at The Getty Center, don’t miss out on the amazing experience of looking at stars from the Griffith Observatory. This place is on Mount Hollywood and gives you an awesome view of both the sky and Los Angeles. When the sun sets, the city lights up, creating a beautiful scene that you have to see for yourself.

Inside the observatory, there are cool exhibits and telescopes that let you explore space. You’ll be amazed when you see the moon’s craters or Saturn’s rings up close. The Griffith Observatory is more than just a building; it’s a place that inspires you to ask questions and dream big.

Make sure to watch a show at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. It’s like being in space with all the stars around you in a super modern theater. This experience will definitely wow you and make you want to explore more.

Finish your visit by going to the terraces for an incredible view of Los Angeles. It’s a great spot to think about your day and imagine all the exciting things you can do in life. You’ll feel a sense of freedom standing there, with the city’s energy nearby and the timeless stars overhead. It’s a perfect ending to a day full of adventure, with the whole world and the wonders of space just waiting for you to reach out and grab them.

Tour the Battleship USS Iowa Museum for a look at naval history

Visit the Battleship USS Iowa Museum to experience a piece of American naval history. This impressive ship, docked in Los Angeles, takes you back in time to the days of World War II, the Korean War, and the Cold War. Known as ‘The Big Stick,’ the USS Iowa earned many awards and now serves as a museum.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • See the massive 16-inch guns that could shoot a projectile over 20 miles with amazing accuracy.
  • Picture the busy crew in the Combat Engagement Center during missions.
  • Walk through the captain’s cabin, kept just like it was when the ship was in service.

This visit is more than just looking around; it’s about connecting with the courage and dedication of the sailors who served. You’ll get to stand where they did, handle the equipment they used, and gain a greater appreciation for the freedom we’ve today.

The Battleship USS Iowa Museum isn’t just an old ship; it’s a celebration of bravery, adventure, and service.

Visit the Petersen Automotive Museum to see a collection of historic vehicles

Visit the Petersen Automotive Museum to see an amazing collection of cars. Inside a modern building, you’ll see over 100 cars from different times. There’s something for everyone, from classic movie cars to the fastest ones around.

The museum is more than just looking at cars. It’s about understanding the stories and history behind them. You’ll get to see unique designs and learn about the people who made them. Plus, there are fun interactive things to do, like racing simulators where you can feel like you’re driving!

Here are some top things to see at the museum:

Must-See ExhibitsWhat You’ll Find
Hollywood GalleryFamous movie and TV cars
Supercar ExhibitRare, fast cars
Hot Rods and CustomsCustom American cars
The VaultSpecial collection
Racing SimulatorsVirtual driving

Come to the Petersen Automotive Museum for a great time. It’s perfect for car lovers or anyone who likes cool things. Experience the thrill of the road and the amazing stories of these cars. Don’t just think about driving—come see the cars that made history!

Explore the La Brea Tar Pits and museum where Ice Age fossils were discovered

If you love fast cars at the Petersen Automotive Museum, you’ll also be thrilled by the ancient wonders at the La Brea Tar Pits and museum. Right in Los Angeles, you can travel back to the Ice Age. Picture yourself among huge mammoths and fierce saber-toothed cats from 10,000 years ago. This is the amazing adventure waiting for you at the La Brea Tar Pits.

At the museum, you’ll meet the giants of the past like the woolly mammoth and the massive ground sloth. The tar pits are more than just pools of tar—they’re a glimpse into a wild, ancient world, preserved in asphalt. It’s a rare chance to see Ice Age fossils, some still being dug up today!

Here’s what makes the La Brea Tar Pits so cool:

  • Live Dig Sites: Watch scientists find and dig up ancient bones.
  • Ice Age Garden: Walk through a garden that looks like LA during the Ice Age, with plants from that time.
  • 3D Movies: Feel like you’re in the Ice Age with a special movie experience.

The La Brea Tar Pits are all about adventure and discovery. You’re not just learning about history, you’re walking where prehistoric creatures once did. Take a break from today and explore the secrets of an era long past, right in the middle of modern LA.

Take a studio tour to see behind-the-scenes of your favorite TV shows and movies

Take a fun studio tour in Los Angeles and see where your favorite TV shows and movies are made. Walk on actual sets, like where ‘Friends’ was filmed, and see costumes and props up close. It’s like stepping into the world of your beloved characters.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose:

  • Warner Bros. Tour: See ‘Friends’ set and movie costumes.
  • Universal Studios Tour: Enjoy the park and maybe watch a show being made.
  • Paramount Pictures Tour: Explore historic filming spots.
  • Sony Pictures Tour: Check out ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ sets.

Each tour gives you a taste of Hollywood’s past and present. You’ll see how sets are built and how special effects are done. You might even learn how to ace an audition.

Be more than just a viewer. Sit in a director’s chair, touch the props, and take photos in famous locations. This is your chance to dive into the Hollywood world.

Skip the usual tourist stuff and immerse yourself in the place where movie magic is real. In LA, the stories you love are everywhere. Book your tour and experience Hollywood for yourself.

Visit the Los Angeles Central Library for its beautiful architecture and vast collection of books

Visit the Los Angeles Central Library, a place where you’ll be amazed by the stunning design and the endless supply of books. Right in the center of downtown L.A., this library isn’t just for reading—it’s a celebration of ideas and discovery. The building’s unique look, with Egyptian and Mediterranean touches, shows off L.A.’s diverse style.

Once you’re inside, it’s like stepping into a world of knowledge. It’s a spot where the energy of Los Angeles and the peace of reading areas come together. With so many books, you can travel anywhere you want, from mysterious detective stories to space adventures.

  • Enjoy the library’s beautiful rotunda, with its eye-catching Zodiac Chandelier and murals that tell California’s story.
  • Find special places like the Taper Auditorium or the KLOS Story Theater, where you can attend free talks and events.
  • Relax in Maguire Gardens, a peaceful outdoor space where you can think, write, or enjoy the L.A. weather.

The Los Angeles Central Library is a perfect place for anyone looking to be inspired or find a peaceful spot. Walk through its halls and let your imagination take flight with the stories you’ll find here.

Explore the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens for a mix of culture and nature

Discover the wonders of the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, where art, history, and nature come together. Take a walk in beautiful gardens filled with history’s whispers. See rare books and amazing art, including the famous ‘Blue Boy’ painting.

This place is more than a visit; it’s an adventure. See art from Europe and America that takes you back in time. Find literary gems from Chaucer to Shakespeare that will delight any book lover. The Huntington opens up a world of discovery for you.

Over 120 acres of gardens await, each telling a different story of our planet. From the peaceful Japanese Garden to the lively Desert Garden, the variety of plants will amaze you. Wander and enjoy the beauty of life in every corner.

The Huntington is a place for your mind and soul to play and explore. It’s not just about what you see or learn, it’s about the thrill of finding something new. Come and experience the joy of discovery for yourself.

Visit Little Tokyo for authentic Japanese food and culture

Explore Little Tokyo and immerse yourself in authentic Japanese culture and flavors. Stroll through lively streets that mix old with new. Experience the joy of traditional cuisine, from fresh sushi to comforting ramen bowls. It’s more than just food; it’s about embracing a culture full of history and modern touches.

Don’t miss these top experiences:

  • Try Mochi Ice Cream: Enjoy this sweet, ice cream-filled treat.
  • Visit the Japanese American National Museum: Learn about the history and contributions of Japanese Americans.
  • Join a Cultural Festival: Experience the vibrant traditions and celebrations during events like Nisei Week or the Oshogatsu New Year.

Visit Little Tokyo in Los Angeles for a genuine taste of Japan, where excitement and heritage come together.

Enjoy a whale-watching excursion off the coast of LA

Join us for an exciting whale-watching trip off the coast of LA! Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you leave the busy port behind. Out on the ocean, you’re in for an amazing experience.

Watch for whales! You might see gray whales migrating, or even the huge blue whales swimming by. These incredible creatures are sure to amaze you and remind you of how big and mysterious nature is.

Our guides know a lot about the sea life you’ll see and will share fun facts and stories. Look out for playful dolphins, lazy sea lions, and soaring seabirds too. They’re all part of the ocean’s beauty.

This trip is more than just whale watching. It’s about adventure and connecting with nature. It’s about getting away from the city and feeling alive.

Come back from your journey with more than just memories. You’ll feel refreshed and inspired by the ocean’s beauty. Don’t miss out on this must-do LA activity. Join us and see the wonders of the ocean for yourself!

Have fun at Legoland California, a theme park with Lego-themed rides and attractions

Come to Legoland California for an awesome time! It’s not just for kids; adults love it too. Ride the exciting Dragon Coaster, play on the Ninjago ride, and see amazing LEGO mini-cities in Miniland USA.

You’ll have so much fun exploring and creating. Legoland is perfect for anyone who loves to play and discover new things. Bring your friends and enjoy a day full of excitement and LEGO magic.

  • Miniland USA: See cool LEGO cities and landmarks.
  • LEGO Technic Coaster: Get ready for a fast and fun ride.
  • Build & Test: Make your own LEGO cars and race them.

Get set for a great time and make memories that last, all with LEGO!

Get an adrenaline rush with the thrill rides at Santa Monica Pier

Come to Santa Monica Pier for the ultimate thrill! It’s not just a beautiful place, but a hotspot for exciting rides. Get your adrenaline pumping on the West Coaster roller coaster, where every twist shows you amazing ocean views.

You can’t miss the Pacific Plunge – it shoots you up 45 feet, then drops you in a thrilling free-fall. And for something different, swing over the sea on the Sea Dragon for a mix of fun and scares.

Challenge yourself with the pier’s games. Win at ring toss or beat the high score in skee-ball to earn awesome prizes.

As evening comes, the pier lights up, creating a magical scene. End your day with a ride on the eco-friendly Ferris wheel, where you’ll see the city lights and stars blend beautifully.

Santa Monica Pier is more than a place to visit; it’s an experience that excites!

Visit Grand Park for open green spaces and public art

Come enjoy the calm and beauty of Grand Park, right in the middle of Los Angeles. This 12-acre park is filled with greenery and exciting public art, perfect for anyone looking to take a break and find some inspiration.

Grand Park is more than a simple park; it’s a lively part of LA that brings people together. You can see amazing art, enjoy peaceful moments, or join in on fun community events.

Don’t miss out on these great features:

  • Interactive Fountains: Cool off and have fun in the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain. It’s for everyone to enjoy.
  • Free Events: Look out for live music, movies, and festivals that make the park come alive.
  • Stunning Views: Snap a great photo with City Hall in the background or watch the sunset against the skyline.

Relax with a book, play frisbee, or just watch the world go by. Grand Park is your go-to place for enjoyment and relaxation.

In LA, your next adventure is never far away.

Watch a live recording of a game show, talk show, or late-night show

Get excited about an amazing night out by grabbing tickets to a live show in Los Angeles! Join a studio audience for a game show, talk show, or late-night show and be right where the action is. It’s not just a fun night; it’s an adventure that’ll make your friends on social media envious.

As you sit with other fans, you’re part of the show. Laugh, clap, and react with everyone around you. This is a cool thing to do in LA at night and you’ll remember it for a long time.

When the filming starts and the host comes out, you’re up close with the stars you usually only see on TV. It’s like you’re behind the scenes of the entertainment world, right in the center of it all.

Go hiking in the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area for stunning vistas of the city

Escape the city noise and hike at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area for amazing views. Right in Los Angeles, this park is a perfect nature getaway. It’s great for any young adult wanting fun and peace in LA.

There are trails for everyone, easy and hard. You’ll see beautiful landscapes and the best views of the city. Perfect for cool photos with LA’s skyline or mountains in the background.

Hiking here is a unique LA activity. Go at your pace, alone or with friends. The park has a peaceful lake and places to relax or have a picnic.

When you get to a high point, enjoy the amazing view. You’ll see skyscrapers and the ocean, showing off LA’s beauty. Kenneth Hahn is more than just hiking, it’s about exploring and enjoying life, ideal for young adults who love adventure.

Visit the Manhattan Beach Pier for a scenic walk and beautiful ocean views

Visit the Manhattan Beach Pier for a relaxing and beautiful day by the sea. This is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy nature, whether you’re hanging out with friends or looking for a romantic outing.

The Manhattan Beach Pier is all about the easygoing California vibe. Feel the breeze, listen to the waves, and maybe even see dolphins playing nearby.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Take a leisurely walk down the 928-foot pier and enjoy the amazing views of the ocean.
  • Watch an incredible sunset and see the sky change colors.
  • Play or watch volleyball on the beach courts.
  • Check out the Roundhouse Aquarium at the end of the pier.
  • Try delicious seafood from restaurants close by that capture the ocean’s flavor.

Come and experience the laid-back atmosphere, the stunning sights, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on the joy of Manhattan Beach Pier.

Explore the Fashion District for a unique shopping experience

Come reinvent your look at LA’s Fashion District! Right in downtown, it’s a hotspot for stylish young shoppers. Picture rows of shops filled with one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories that make you stand out. More than just shopping, it’s about showing who you are.

If you’re looking for indoor things to do in LA, the Fashion District’s indoor markets are perfect. Negotiate for cool items like imitation designer goods, jewelry, and retro pieces. It’s an exciting shopping adventure where you can score unique fashion finds.

Once you’re done shopping, relax at a cool cafe or grab a bite from a food stall. The Fashion District is more than shopping – it’s a vibe that stays with you. Come experience it for yourself!

Visit Universal CityWalk for shopping, dining, and entertainment

Come to Universal CityWalk near Hollywood for an awesome time! This place has it all – cool shops, great food, and non-stop fun, especially for young adults looking for a night to remember. It’s where the excitement of the city combines with Hollywood thrills.

Take a walk among the bright lights and check out the cool shops with the latest styles and fun gifts. Feeling hungry? No problem! CityWalk has tons of tasty options, from top-notch burgers to dishes from around the world. And the party doesn’t stop when it gets dark. CityWalk is the place to be at night in Los Angeles.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Shop at trendy stores or grab unique souvenirs.
  • Eat at fancy restaurants or grab a quick, delicious snack.
  • Enjoy live music, outdoor shows, or hit the dance floor.
  • Watch the latest movies, catch a comedy act, or just have fun with friends.

Don’t miss out on the best of L.A.’s nightlife. Come to CityWalk for an unforgettable time!

Explore the Venice Beach Boardwalk for street performers, shops, and beachside fun

Come check out Venice Beach Boardwalk! It’s full of fun street performers, cool shops, and an awesome beach atmosphere that’s great for young adults. Walk around and enjoy the music, art, and tasty food.

Looking for something different? You’ll find unique gifts at the Boardwalk shops. Take a break and watch the amazing street shows for free – they’re super entertaining!

Planning an adult birthday? Venice Beach is perfect. You can relax on the sand, play volleyball, or even try surfing. When the sun sets, have a barbecue or explore LA’s bars.

Venice Beach Boardwalk is all about fun and freedom. Put on your comfy shoes, grab your sunglasses, and come experience the laid-back vibe. Today’s the day to find your own slice of California cool at the Boardwalk.

Visit the Broad Museum for contemporary art

Looking for a cool indoor activity in Los Angeles? Head over to the Broad Museum for an amazing contemporary art experience. It’s right in the heart of L.A. and it’s completely free to visit!

Here’s why you’ll love the Broad Museum:

  • Home to an incredible collection of modern art.
  • See famous pieces by Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons.
  • Be amazed by the Infinity Mirrored Rooms from Yayoi Kusama.
  • Snap awesome photos in a room filled with sparkling lights.
  • No cost for entry to the main galleries.
  • Book your free tickets online to make sure you get in.
  • Some special shows and events may have a fee.

The building itself is stunning, with a unique honeycomb design that looks great in pictures. Inside, you’ll find huge rooms full of inspiring artwork. It’s not just about viewing art, but feeling a part of a vibrant art community.

Don’t miss the museum store for special keepsakes from your visit. The Broad isn’t just a museum, it’s the heart of L.A.’s art world. Make sure to add it to your L.A. itinerary for an unforgettable experience.

Explore the Los Angeles Farmers Market for fresh produce and local goods

Visit the Los Angeles Farmers Market for a fantastic experience! Discover fresh fruits, vegetables, and unique handmade items. Try delicious handmade tamales, fresh pastries, and top-quality cheeses. Find something special like exotic spices, beautiful jewelry, and rare collectibles.

Chat with local farmers to learn about the season’s best produce and get great cooking tips. Enjoy tasting homemade jams and a variety of cheeses that will make you want more. Not only can you buy amazing food, but you can also pick up one-of-a-kind gifts.

Come to the Los Angeles Farmers Market for not just shopping, but for a fun and exciting adventure that’s all about great taste and unique finds!

Visit the Los Angeles Zoo to see a variety of animals and exhibits

After enjoying some tasty food at the Farmers Market, make your way to the Los Angeles Zoo to experience wildlife from all over the world. This place is full of colors, sounds, and amazing sights that will grab your attention. It’s like stepping right into the natural homes of incredible animals.

Here are the highlights:

  • Rainforest of the Americas
  • Wander through an Amazon-like area where small monkeys roam free.
  • Admire a beautiful waterfall surrounded by plants.
  • Spot unusual frogs and reptiles hiding in the greenery.
  • African Adventure
  • Watch giraffes and zebras on the open plains.
  • See gorillas in environments made just for them.
  • Observe meerkats as they peek out from their burrows.
  • The LAIR
  • View snakes moving elegantly.
  • Look at bright frogs in their habitats.
  • Discover spiders and bugs that are surprisingly pretty.

Walk around the zoo and experience the excitement of finding new things. Each exhibit is like a peek into a completely different world from the busy city of LA. Here’s your chance to get close to nature without going far.

Join in the fun with activities like feeding giraffes. Meet these tall animals as they come over for a bite. The zoo offers freedom for you to explore and for animals to live naturally. Visiting the Los Angeles Zoo isn’t just a fun outing; it’s a celebration of life’s variety and speaks to the love of nature we all share.

Explore the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach

Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and see amazing sea animals from the biggest ocean on Earth. Walk around and feel like you’re on a journey from the sunny top of the ocean down to its secret bottom.

See jellyfish dance, watch sea otters play, and marvel at manta rays swimming by. It’s fun and you learn a lot. These animals need our help, and you’ll learn how we can protect their homes. You can even touch starfish and sea cucumbers in special pools.

The Aquarium helps you understand how important the ocean is to all of us. With games and shows, you’ll see how everything in the ocean is connected and matters to our world.

Try to visit in the evening, too. The ocean at night is calm but full of life, and you can watch sea creatures that only come out in the dark.

Visit the California Science Center for interactive exhibits

Come explore the California Science Center and experience science in a fun, hands-on way! Discover the wonders of nature, technology, and space as you enjoy interactive exhibits that are exciting and educational.

  • Ecosystems Zone
  • Kelp Forests: Walk among towering kelp and watch colorful fish swim around you.
  • Desert Life: Learn how desert plants and animals survive in hot, dry conditions.
  • River Habitats: See how life thrives in rivers and learn about the importance of flowing water.
  • Space Exploration
  • Space Shuttle Endeavour: See the real Endeavour space shuttle and feel inspired by space travel.
  • Mission Simulations: Experience what it’s like to launch and land a space shuttle.
  • Astronaut Life: Discover how astronauts live and work in space.
  • World of Life
  • Human Body: Explore the amazing human body, from your heartbeat to your brain.
  • Life Cycles: See how different living things grow and change from beginning to end.
  • Genetics and Evolution: Learn about DNA and what makes you unique.

Let your curiosity take you on a journey of discovery. Step out of your everyday routine and dive into a world where science is thrilling and engaging.

Explore the Museum of Contemporary Art for a dose of modern art

Dive into the exciting universe of modern art at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. Here, groundbreaking exhibitions and captivating installations are ready to spark your creativity. Feel the spirit of artistic freedom as you walk through MOCA—a place buzzing with the energy of today’s art world, pushing you to see things in a new way.

Take a look at what’s in store for you:

Exhibit TypeWhat to ExpectInsider Tip
Permanent CollectionFamous pieces that are central to modern artSeek out staff recommendations for special insights
Special ExhibitionsShort-term displays offering new viewpointsLook online for dates to best plan your visit
Interactive InstallationsArt you can touch and interact withTake your time to fully enjoy the experience

Wander the galleries and let the artwork’s colors, shapes, and textures surround you. With thousands of artworks, from simple paintings to eye-catching digital pieces, MOCA is where your curiosity can explore freely, making sense of art in your own way.

Be sure to get involved with the interactive installations. They’re not just for looking at—they’re for you to join in. Whether it’s a sculpture changing as you move or a digital work reacting to your touch, each piece offers a personal adventure.

Before you leave, relax in the museum’s open areas. MOCA is all about freedom and imagination, and as you depart, you’ll take with you a bit of the vibrant energy that defines LA’s modern art scene.

Visit the Norton Simon Museum to see a vast collection of European art

Visit the remarkable Norton Simon Museum to explore a treasure trove of European art. With pieces from the past 600 years, you’re in for an artistic journey through time. As you stroll through bright galleries, every turn brings something new to discover.

Here’s what awaits you:

  • The Renaissance:
  • Botticelli’s Mythological Paintings: Marvel at timeless elegance.
  • Raphael’s Portraits: Meet the peaceful faces from a renowned era.
  • The Baroque Period:
  • Rembrandt’s Works: Explore the depth of human emotions.
  • Rubens’ Paintings: Experience the energy captured in art.
  • The French Impressionists:
  • Monet’s Water Lilies: Enjoy the serene dance of light and color.
  • Degas’ Dancers: See the beauty of dancers in motion.

The Norton Simon Museum showcases a thoughtfully selected collection that takes you on a walk through history. It’s not only paintings but also sculptures that tell stories from long ago. Each room is like a new chapter, showing you how art has grown and changed.

It’s not just about looking—it’s about living the art. See the details, feel the artists’ passion, and make your own connections with the art. The Norton Simon Museum is more than a place to view art—it’s a place to experience it, to be moved, and to find inspiration.

Explore the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for its impressive collection

Step into the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and discover a world of wonder. With over 150,000 artworks, the museum is a treasure trove of history and creativity waiting for you to explore. From ancient Greek pottery to cutting-edge modern installations, there’s something for everyone.

In the heart of LA, LACMA is the place to be for anyone who loves art. You can wander alone or with friends, and you’re sure to find something that moves you. Be amazed by the stunning Islamic art, or feel the energy of the colorful Latin American pieces.

Make sure to see the famous Urban Light installation at the entrance – it’s a favorite for photos and a symbol of LA’s vibrant spirit. The contemporary art section is full of exciting, thought-provoking pieces that reflect today’s world. Plus, LACMA’s modern design and outdoor sculptures are perfect for snapping some cool pictures.

LACMA is more than just a museum; it’s an adventure for the mind. Spend the day here and let go of the usual routine. Dive into an immersive art experience where you can truly feel and live the creativity around you. It’s the perfect time to unleash your inner artist.

Visit the Getty Villa to see ancient art in a recreated Roman country house

Experience the wonder of ancient times at the Getty Villa. This amazing place is a copy of an old Roman house filled with incredible Greek, Roman, and Etruscan treasures. When you visit, it’s like traveling back to the days of rich and powerful people from long ago. Located in the beautiful hills of Malibu, the villa gives you a taste of the fancy lives they lived.

  • What’s at the Getty Villa?
  • Architecture:
  • Built like the ancient Villa of the Papyri.
  • Surrounded by peaceful gardens and water pools.
  • See the amazing building skills of the past.
  • Art Collections:
  • Over 44,000 artworks from old Mediterranean cultures.
  • They date from 6,500 BC to 400 AD.
  • Don’t miss the impressive statues, floor designs, and unique items.
  • Fun Things to Do:
  • Take part in tours that teach you about old cultures.
  • Watch live shows in the summer theater.
  • Join workshops and talks that spark your creativity.

You can wander through the art displays at your own speed, or join a guided tour to learn more about the myths and lives of ancient people. Make sure to enjoy the gardens, where the smell of herbs and old statues make a quiet spot away from the city.

The Getty Villa is more than a museum; it’s a gateway to another time. You’re encouraged to look around and feel a strong connection to history. Spend a day here to treat your senses and your mind—you’ll come away with a great respect for the creativity and skills of the people from the past.

Explore the Hammer Museum for its contemporary and historical exhibitions

Visit the Hammer Museum in Westwood for a unique art experience. It’s not just an art gallery; it’s a journey through creativity and history. The museum showcases modern art that makes you think and see the world differently. You’ll see new exciting art pieces that reflect our current times.

But the Hammer Museum also celebrates art from the past. You can see classic artworks and learn about the stories they tell. It’s fascinating to see how art has changed over time.

Going to the Hammer Museum is more than just a day out. It’s a chance to really get into art. The museum is a place where you can ask questions and feel connected to the art. They also have lots of events like talks and movie showings. You’ll want to keep coming back for more!

Visit the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust for a moving and educational experience

Visit the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust for a moving experience. This museum takes you through the tragic history of the Holocaust with care and respect. You’ll learn about the strength and hope of those who went through this terrible time.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Main Exhibits
  • The Timeline: Follow the events of the Holocaust from start to finish.
  • Personal Stories: Hear survivors’ powerful stories in their own words.
  • Real Items and Photos: See items and photos from the Holocaust that bring the past to life.
  • Changing Exhibits
  • Discover more about the Holocaust through special themed exhibits that change throughout the year.
  • Memorials
  • The Hall of Testimony: Take a moment to remember the lives lost.
  • The Garden of the Righteous: Honor the brave people who helped others.
  • The Children’s Memorial: Think about the young lives taken too soon.

This museum isn’t just a place to see; it’s a place that teaches the importance of standing up for freedom and human rights. It reminds us to work together to prevent such horrors from happening again. Come and see why remembering history is so important.

Explore the Museum of Tolerance to learn about the dynamics of racism and prejudice

Visit the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles to learn about racism and prejudice. This museum is more than just exhibits; it’s a place where you can really get involved and think about important issues. You’ll see stories from the Holocaust and learn about modern-day hate and discrimination.

The ‘Tolerancenter’ shows how you can make a difference in fighting against unfairness. You’ll hear inspiring stories and find out how you can help make the world a better place. The museum makes sure you’re part of the learning process, not just looking on.

Don’t miss the ‘Finding Our Families, Finding Ourselves’ exhibit. It celebrates America’s diverse backgrounds and shows how they all come together to create the country’s unique story.

The Museum of Tolerance is more than a visit; it’s a powerful experience that teaches and inspires. It’s a reminder that your actions and words matter in making Los Angeles a place of freedom and diversity.

Visit the Natural History Museum to see dinosaur fossils and more

Visit the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles for an incredible journey into the past. Get up-close with the immense dinosaurs that roamed the Earth millions of years ago in our Dinosaur Hall. You’ll be amazed by the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the famous three-horned Triceratops, and the iconic Stegosaurus with its unique back plates.

But it’s not just about dinosaurs. Discover the beauty of the natural world in our Gem and Mineral Hall. See the stunning geodes that sparkle from the inside, gaze at precious gems like diamonds and emeralds, and enjoy interactive displays that make learning about these treasures fun.

Step into our Nature Gardens and be surrounded by the beauty of life. The Butterfly Pavilion is filled with vibrant butterflies, while bird enthusiasts can spot different species in their natural habitat. It’s a chance to see how wildlife flourishes even in the city.

Join us at the Natural History Museum for an adventure that’s both educational and thrilling. It’s a place where history comes alive and every visit inspires wonder. Come and experience the wonders of nature in the heart of Los Angeles.

Explore the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum to see Ice Age fossils

Step back in time to the Ice Age at the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum in Los Angeles. Walk where mighty mammoths, fierce saber-toothed cats, and powerful dire wolves once roamed. This isn’t an ordinary museum; here, history rises from the ground for you to see and feel.

As you stroll by the tar pits, you might smell the tar that has been trapping animals for tens of thousands of years. Inside the museum, watch scientists uncover secrets of the past right before your eyes.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

ExhibitWhat You’ll SeeSpecial Attraction
Fossil LabPaleontologists at work on real fossils.See the action up close through windows.
Project 23Active digging sites with new finds.Learn from signs about the digs.
Pleistocene GardenPlants from the Ice Age.Touch and feel ancient plants.
Life-Sized ReplicasHuge models of Ice Age creatures.Take photos with a massive mammoth.
3D TheaterMovies about the tar pits.Enjoy a modern 3D film experience.

Come to the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum and connect with the wild history of our planet. It’s an exciting break from city life and a chance to experience the freedom of the ancient world.

Visit the Autry Museum of the American West to learn about the history of the American West

Come visit the Autry Museum of the American West in Griffith Park, where you’ll be transported back to the time of cowboys and pioneers. It’s an amazing place that brings American history to life:

  • Check Out Galleries and Exhibits
  • See Beautiful Art
  • Admire paintings and sculptures that show the Wild West.
  • Get lost in stories that are both exciting and true.
  • Touch History with Artifacts
  • Feel the weight of cowboy gear, Native American creations, and pioneer tools.
  • Every item has a history, waiting for you to explore.
  • Play with Interactive Displays
  • Have fun with hands-on displays and watch films that make history come alive.
  • It’s an active way to learn and feel connected to the past.

Walking through the museum, you’ll get a real sense of the freedom that the West is known for. It’s a great place for young adults looking for adventure and eager to dive into America’s past. You’ll hear about brave people, discover different cultures, and understand the struggles that shaped the land.

Don’t forget to check out their special events and programs. You can meet writers, historians, and artists, and really get to know this exciting time period. The Autry is more than a museum – it’s your ticket to adventure. So put on your hat and come explore the history that’s still alive in LA.

Explore the Museum of Jurassic Technology for its eclectic and curious exhibits

Have you ever been to a place where art and science come together in the most fascinating way? The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City is exactly that—a space filled with wonders that will make you question what’s real and what’s not.

As you walk through the quietly lit rooms, it feels like a trip through history mixed with sheer imagination. You’ll see incredibly tiny sculptures and even hear about a bat that’s said to fly through walls. It’s all presented so seriously that you’ll find yourself really thinking about what you’re seeing.

This museum celebrates both what we know and the mysteries we haven’t figured out yet. It’s a place for pure discovery, and you don’t always need clear-cut answers to enjoy it. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the amazing things you can see:

  • Miniature Mobile Homes: These small, detailed houses will make you think differently about space and amaze you with their craftsmanship.
  • The Garden of Eden on Wheels: See a series of pictures showing homes in trailer parks and ponder the idea of the American dream.
  • Tell the Bees… Belief, Knowledge and Hypersymbolic Cognition: Get lost in the strange and wonderful world of beekeeping folklore.
  • The Lives of Perfect Creatures: Discover the history of the dogs that went to space with the Soviet space program—perfect for those who love history and space exploration.

Come and be amazed by these exhibits and many more at the Museum of Jurassic Technology. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

Visit the Los Angeles Maritime Museum to learn about the city’s nautical history

Visit the Los Angeles Maritime Museum in San Pedro to explore the city’s fascinating nautical history. Experience the thrill of the sea with hands-on exhibits:

  • Try interactive displays that make the ocean’s secrets accessible.
  • Step onto a virtual ship and pretend to navigate through wild waves.
  • Learn about Los Angeles’ maritime history with easy-to-use touch screens.
  • Handle real nautical tools like sextants and sonar.

You’re not just looking around; you’re part of the sea’s timeless story. Discover:

  • How the Port of Los Angeles grew into an impressive engineering feat.
  • The beginnings of the local fishing industry and its impact on the area.
  • The lively cargo terminals and the worldwide trade they support.

Admire the beauty and history of tall ships and shipbuilding:

  • See the artistry in ship construction.
  • Be amazed by detailed model ships.
  • View beautifully restored historical vessels.

The Los Angeles Maritime Museum is more than a walk through history—it’s an invitation to experience the spirit of the sea and dream about its possibilities. Set off on a memorable journey through the ages that’s sure to inspire and excite.

Explore the Japanese American National Museum to learn about the Japanese American experience

Visit the heart of Little Tokyo and discover the moving stories of the Japanese American community at the Japanese American National Museum. Perfect for young adults like you looking for adventure and learning, this museum offers more than history. It’s an emotional ride through the lives of people who faced challenges but never gave up hope.

Before you start, take a look at the museum’s impressive design. Inside, you’ll find exhibits with real objects, stories, and videos that show the journey of Japanese Americans. Learn about their early days in the U.S., and the unfair treatment they faced during World War II in internment camps.

Yet, the museum isn’t just focused on the past. It also celebrates Japanese Americans’ impact on art, culture, and society now. You’ll see amazing art from today’s artists and learn about how this community keeps contributing to America.

As you go through the museum, you’ll connect with tales of strength and pride in one’s culture. It’s a lesson in beating the odds and creating your own path. And when you leave, you’ll understand the Japanese American story better, a story that’s about making the future just as much as it’s about remembering the past.

Visit the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument to see the oldest section of Los Angeles

Experience Los Angeles history firsthand at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, the heart of the city’s beginnings. Walk where the first settlers walked and feel the city’s early days come to life around you.

As you explore this historic area, picture a 19th-century marketplace alive with vendors and a mix of languages.

  • Discover LA’s Roots
  • Avila Adobe: Step into LA’s oldest house and connect with history.
  • Placita de Dolores: Stand at the birthplace of Los Angeles from 1781 and sense its importance.
  • Old Plaza Firehouse: See LA’s first fire station and learn about firefighting history.

This place is more than old buildings; it’s a celebration of LA’s diverse culture. Enjoy Mexican food, art, and events that show off the city’s spirit.

  • Culture and Fun
  • Olvera Street: Soak up the atmosphere of a traditional Mexican market with shops and food.
  • Festivals: Get into the fun with events like Las Posadas, Cinco de Mayo, and Dia de los Muertos.
  • Live Music and Dance: Be entertained by mariachi bands and traditional dances in this historic backdrop.

Visiting El Pueblo de Los Angeles isn’t just about the past; it’s about enjoying the vibrant culture that appeals to young adults like you. Dive into the stories, flavors, and sounds that make up Los Angeles.


Los Angeles is an amazing place, and every year, over 50 million tourists come to see what it’s all about.

Now it’s your chance! Enjoy the sunny Manhattan Beach, explore Universal CityWalk, and discover the city’s unique history and museums.

LA is full of exciting things to do. Don’t wait any longer—start making unforgettable memories now!

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