Boat Rental In Heraklion: Heraklion Boat Itinerary Ideas

Boat Rental in Heraklion: Heraklion Boat Itinerary Ideas

Want to sail to the islands of the Cyclades? Here’s everything you need to know about boat rental in Heraklion!

Famous for its Palace of Knossos, Heraklion is also an ideal starting point for many excursions. What if you took advantage of your stay to visit the Cyclades, this archipelago of islets sheltering small villages sparkling with whiteness?

You can easily explore the surrounding islands by renting a boat for a few hours or several days. With or without a license, beginner or seasoned sailor, Travelvibe guides you to find the best boat rental in Heraklion!

Ideas for boat itineraries from Heraklion

Discover Santorini in 2 days

The Cyclades is one of the must-sees of your stay in Crete. This archipelago, surrounded by the Aegean Sea, consists of many islands. 

What if you visited the most famous of them? Santorini seduces with its postcard-worthy landscapes, typical Greek houses, turquoise waters, and multicolored beaches.

Once there, climb the heights to discover its most famous village, Oia, and enjoy an exceptional 360° panorama. You can spend a night there before heading to Akrotiri, in the southeastern part of the island.

This small fishing village is worth visiting for its lighthouse, one of the oldest in Greece. Then stroll to its charming main square before heading back to Heraklion.

Visit Dia island in 1/2 day.

With family or friends, opt for a private boat cruise to the island of Dia. This 4-5 hour tour takes you a few kilometers north of Heraklion.

A nature reserve, the island of Dia is the ideal place to reconcile relaxation and contemplation. During the crossing, you can practice snorkeling, snorkel in its crystal clear waters, enjoy a fishing session or a swim in the sea.

Also, take the opportunity to admire the local wildlife swarming through the wild hills and rocky landscapes. A moment out of time, in an enchanting setting!

What type of boat to rent in Heraklion?

You will find different models of boats for rent at the port of Heraklion. For an excursion of one or more days, it is possible to opt for:

● Motorboats;

● A sailboat (up to 12 people);

● A semi-rigid (3 to 10 people);

● Or a yacht.

You will undoubtedly find the boat that suits you with family or friends. Some types of boats require a license. If you want to drive alone, you will usually be limited to smaller, more maneuverable models.

What is the price of a boat rental in Heraklion?

The boat rental price in Heraklion depends on the type of boat and the duration. Rates for a day vary between:

● €150 and €700 for a motorboat;

● 236 € and 590 € for a sailboat;

● 178 € and 427 € for a semi-rigid.

Note that these prices do not include fuel, which will come as an extra. All boats are rented with the mandatory life-saving equipment: buoys, life jackets for children and adults, and a fire extinguisher.

Rates remain broadly similar throughout the year. For the rental of a sailboat with a skipper, count about 150 € more. For some sailboats, you can also use the services of a hostess for about 120 € extra.

How to rent a boat in Heraklion?

You can rent a boat in Heraklion directly on site. For more serenity, do not hesitate to make an online reservation! You will compare the different boats and select the one that best suits your desires, budget, and number of travelers.

Go to dedicated sites such as Click&Boat to overview all the boats available for rent in Heraklion. Go to trustworthy sites such as Click&Boat. On this platform for connecting professionals and individuals, you will have the choice between several types of boats and options.

It is also possible to hire the services of a skipper. This is the ideal solution if you are not used to the navigation and/or do not have the right permit! Enjoy the sea breeze and the breathtaking view of Heraklion, letting yourself be piloted by an expert!

When booking a boat, you can also rent additional equipment such as snorkels, buoys, fins, wakeboards, which will make your nautical experience unforgettable!

Do I need a permit to sail in Heraklion?

The majority of boats require a boat license. Some like motorboats nevertheless allow you to sail without a license.

If you do not have this precious document, you can also rent a boat with a skipper. This professional of the sea will pilot for you. An authentic guarantee of serenity!

Tips for sailing in Heraklion

The port of Heraklion is located a stone’s throw from the city center. It adjoins the remains of the picturesque old port, transformed into a marina. Before boarding, watch the weather conditions! 

Greece is swept by two types of winds, which should not be underestimated. The metem is the more intense of the two at the end of the day.

This wind cools the atmosphere. Don’t forget to bring a sweater for the evening if you sail for more than half a day! Also, keep in mind that the meltem strengthens between the 2 islands. 

We advise you to anticipate your stopovers by placing your boat as well as possible!

When is the best time to sail in Heraklion?

From May to the end of October, spring, summer, and early autumn are the best times to sail and rent a boat in Heraklion. 

The months of June and September are the best for escaping crowds and enjoying the warm water.

Now you know the essentials about boat rental in Heraklion. Ready to set sail?

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