The 4 Most Beautiful Hikes In The Donon

The 4 Most Beautiful Hikes in the Donon

The Donan has many grandiose views and archaeological trails. It’s perfect for adventure lovers and for those who need a breath of fresh air. It will undoubtedly charm you if you are passing through the Vosges. This massif is a place that you shouldn’t miss visiting.

The Donon massif culminates at more than 1,000 meters above sea level in the heart of the Vosges. It represents the perfect meeting between nature and history.

It is known as a place of refuge and contemplation. It has been associated with a sacred character that has followed it over time since prehistoric times.

This massif offers a magnificent view of the Bas-Rhin from the rest of the world.

Many hiking trails exist today. But few are full of prehistoric monuments and objects dating back to the third millennium BC.C.

In a sporty, mystical, and historical atmosphere, we offer 4 routes you can go back in time.

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The 4 Most Beautiful Hikes in the Donon

1. The Tour du Donon Est

○ Duration: about 2 hours

○ Distance: 6.6 km

○ Height difference: 330 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

The Tour du Donon Est is a superb hike to discover nature that is both magnificent and steeped in history. It is located near Grandfontaine. The trail is very well marked; it will take you to the highest point of the Donon, located 1,009 meters above sea level.

You can go there by following the Path of the Saracens and then crossing the rainwater cistern. (The Path of the Saracens is an ancient way.) The place is sublime, revealing a temple in the middle of nature.

If you want to discover the Donon massif, this hike is necessary. The route is accessible, and its ascent does not require any technicality. Famous for its Gallo-Roman remains, the Donon tour represents an actual open-air history course.

2. The Two Donons

○ Duration: about 4h30

○ Distance: 12.6 km

○ Height difference: 530 m

○ Difficulty: Difficult

If you want to increase your endurance a little, the Tour des Deux Donons is ideal. You can access the two summits with the GR5. This hike around the Donon will take you through all the historical and archaeological remains. You can see some superb views during the ascent.

It is better to bring good hiking shoes; the course can indeed be steep in places. However, given the number of hikers who use this loop, the difficulty should not discourage you.

The two Donons are very successful in high season, so we advise you to leave early. You will be able to take the time to quietly appreciate the different points of view without trying to flee the world. Count a short day to enjoy the beauty of the place without hurrying.

3. The Little Donon by the Chemin des Stèles

○ Duration: about 1 hour

○ Distance: 4 km

○ Height difference: 157 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

To discover a new facet of history through the Vosges, head to the little Donon by the Chemin des Stèles. The hike takes the state forests of the town of Wisches. It offers you a majestic undergrowth framed by superb views.

The itinerary takes us back to the First World War with the presence of old German fortifications. For example, the bunkers and the stelae of the little Donon. You will then find here and there on the path the graves of German and French soldiers.

Sheltered from the sun’s rays, this hike around the Donon is a natural breath of fresh air in summer. And the snowy forest is just as magical in winter on a snowshoe outing.

This fast and trouble-free 4-kilometer loop is ideal for discovering the history of the Donon without putting too much effort.

4. From the Rock of Mutzig to the Two Donons

○ Duration: about 3 hours

○ Distance: 34.3 km

○ Height difference: 1,367 m

○ Difficulty: Difficult

The circuit of the Rock of Mutzig with the two Donons is also a sublime hike to do in the region. On top of its 1,008 meters of altitude, the Mutzing rock is competitive with the Grand Donon. With 34 kilometers, the trail is ideal for hiking, cycling, and mountain biking lovers.

Besides, it does not present any particular difficulty except for its length. And if the circuit seems difficult to you, it has two significant advantages:

● It is less crowded and thus allows you to enjoy hiking in complete privacy;

● But it also lends itself exceptionally well to bivouac. If you want to have a great adventure, the hike of the Rock of Mutzig with two Donons is for you. You can have a unique experience awakening in the middle of nature while hiking.

You will meet magnificent panoramas on this route that is better to take early.

As the length of the hike is longer, we recommend that you bring a frontal with you especially if you use this route in the autumn-winter seasons when the days are shorter.

Similarly, the local bakeries have an excellent reputation. So take advantage of a small stop in one of them to have a lunch break! One thing is sure, with such beautiful panoramas, you will not regret the adventure. We hope you have liked our article on most beautiful hikes in Donon, France.

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