How To Get To Dover From Calais By Ferry?

How To Get To Dover From Calais By Ferry?

Do you want to cross the Channel to reach England by boat? See our guide to get to Dover by ferry from Calais without further delay!

Dover is located in the southeast of England, in the county of Kent. If it is known, it is because it is the closest city to France, just 35 kilometers from Calais. 

The English Channel separates both of them. A real strategic point, Dover has a huge port that allows the transit of goods and people between these countries, but also throughout Europe.

If you arrive in Dover and have time to stay a little bit, know that the stay is worth it. Indeed, it deserves so much more than its reputation as a compulsory passage and reveals many gems. 

The two main tourist attractions are its cliffs and its castle. White cliffs rise above the sea 12 kilometers wide and more than 120 meters high. From above, the landscape is breathtaking!

If you want to speak the language of Shakespeare, know that it is very easy to go to England by boat from France. Find out immediately how to get to Dover by ferry from Calais.

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How To Get To Dover From Calais By Ferry?

Ferry companies connecting Dover to Calais

Going to England from France is very easy and fast. Indeed, the crossing between the port of Calais and Dover lasts only 1h 30 min. Besides, it allows you to keep your vehicle on-site, ideal for reaching major cities. 

Moreover, it takes 1h 45 min of travel by car to go to London. If you do not have a means of transportation when the boat arrives, an airport shuttle will take you to the car rental terminal.

2 shipping companies offer passenger transfers between these cities: P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways. 

This means of transport saw the number of tourists decrease because of the Eurotunnel, the Channel Tunnel. Indeed, arriving in the UK in just 35 minutes is a real record.

Rest assured, the ferry has been able to withstand this competition and now provides up to 50 crossings per day all year round, day and night. 

P&O Ferries has 5 vessels, and DFDS Seaways has 6. These cruise ships are all larger than each other, modern and comfortable, with a capacity of 2,000 passengers for some. 

Between shops, restaurants, children’s playgrounds, and private lounges, in other words, you can’t see the 90-minute journey pass.

Now that you know England is a natural connection, you can visit without feeling like you’ve changed countries. And for even more facilities, it is also possible to board from the city of Dunkirk.

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Plan a Dover ferry trip with Direct Ferries

The crossings between Dover and Calais are numerous and frequent, so you will have no difficulty finding your trip. However, we recommend going through Direct Ferries to compare prices. 

Thus, you will be sure to make the best choice, as if you were looking for a hotel or a plane ticket. All you have to do is fill in the requested information to start the comparison.

It is undoubtedly a little longer if you have a vehicle because you have to specify the make and model, but it ensures you get concrete rates without unpleasant surprises. 

In case the schedules from Calais do not suit you (which is unlikely), cruises from Dunkirk are also displayed, knowing that there is a 35-minute drive between the two French cities. With all this, you are sure to leave when you decide.

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How do I book my ferry trip to Dover from Calais?

Once your trip comes to fruition, it’s time to think about booking the ferry. And for this, it is better not to wait until the last minute. 

Even if finding a ticket for a departure the next day is quite possible, we advise you to do it a little in advance. This is because there are a lot of reservations made every day.

As soon as you have completed the important information (destination, schedule, vehicle), Direct Ferries offers you a wide choice of crossings. It’s up to you to choose which one is right for you. 

By clicking continue, you will be asked if you want the Flexi option. This supplement of 25 € allows you to be more flexible, especially with the possibility of embarking a little later. You can also opt for immediate boarding to avoid the queue.

Please note: be aware that there are charges for changing or canceling your ticket. A Calais-Dover trip is usually non-refundable, so it’s best to think carefully before booking. 

To cancel, it is better to go through your account; the fees that apply are 10 € instead of 35 € by phone or e-mail.

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