How To Get To Ireland From France By Ferry?

How To Get To Ireland From France By Ferry?

Would you like to go on holiday to Ireland? Here is our mini-guide to go to Ireland from France by ferry!

A land of Celtic civilization and mythology, Ireland is a destination with a captivating heritage. Stroll through Dublin, its vibrant capital, offering yourself a mug of frothy beer in a traditional pub or visiting its mythical university. 

Nature lovers, go for a walk in the hiking trails winding on rocky and steep coasts. The country is rich in wide-open spaces revealing masterful panoramas of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The small Irish villages, witnesses of the country’s past and present folklore, will welcome you to share their cultural richness with open arms. 

Do you want to learn more about Erin’s Celtic heritage, the one who is still sometimes called that? This is a terrific thing: it is very simple to go to Ireland from France by ferry. 

How To Get To Ireland From France By Ferry?

From which ports do ferries leave for Ireland?

To go on holiday in Ireland by ferry from France, the options are somewhat limited. You will have the option of departing from the port of Roscoff or Cherbourg to reach Celtic land. Thus, three different companies share the crossings in Ireland from France by ferry:

● Irish Ferries

● Brittany Ferries

● Stena Line

Ferry crossings from Cherbourg

The port of Cherbourg is located in the department of Manche in Normandy. You can get there by motorway and train, as it is directly connected to the railway facilities. Two ferry routes are operated from it:

Cherbourg – Rosslare: it is provided by a single ferry company: Stena Line. This is a relatively frequent route since it is operated 3 times a week. You will need to arrive at your destination by 5 pm. Stena Line puts the well-being of its passengers at the forefront: a warm welcome and movies await you, not to mention your comfortable cabin.

Cherbourg – Dublin: the company that makes the route from Cherbourg to Dublin is Irish Ferries. Here too are offered 3 weekly trips for about 18 hours. Cruises are fun, and you will travel on a cruise ferry with Wi-Fi and several restaurants and lounge bars.

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Ferry crossings from Roscoff

The Breton port of Roscoff, meanwhile, is located in the department of Finistère. It is accessible by expressway from Morlaix, Brest, and even Rennes. 

Besides, the stations of Roscoff and Morlaix are regularly connected by a bus and TER service. Departing from Roscoff Port will take you to Cork, the country’s second-largest city, as well as Rosslare, located halfway between Dublin and Cork. 

For locals, Cork is the big city that best embodies the soul of Ireland.

Roscoff – Cork: you will board with Brittany Ferries. Allow about 2 pm to arrive safely. It makes 2 crossings a week aboard cruise ferries with restaurants, shops, and other services on board, thanks to which you will not have time to get bored!

Roscoff – Rosslare: Brittany Ferries also takes care of the routes from Roscoff to Rosslare, which take about 13 hours. Depending on the time of year, it makes 2 to 3 crossings per week. Again, you’ll travel on a fully equipped cruise ferry.

How does the check-in work?

Depending on the company you travel with, the terms of your ferry trip to Ireland from France might vary.

Irish Ferries: show up at the door 1 hour before the boat sets sail if you are a pedestrian passenger. You must get your ticket two hours before boarding if you are traveling by vehicle.

Britanny Ferries: the check-in procedure implies that pedestrian holidaymakers are on-site 45 min before departure.

Stena Line: the company asks its passengers to come to the boarding gate 45 min before the time indicated on your itinerary. The check-in deadline is the same whether you are on foot or with your vehicle.

If your four-legged companion accompanies you, always plan to arrive earlier at check-in.

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Embarkation and disembarkation

If you are not used to taking the boat, take the time to read the following before making the crossing to Ireland from France by ferry. 

This part is intended to avoid some surprises related to the modalities of a ferry trip. However, even if you’ve never taken a ferry, don’t panic: you’ll be guided from start to finish by the port staff and crew.

● To facilitate your registration, we recommend that you bring your confirmation email or smartphone with you beforehand.

● Of course, take your identity papers with you. Here, we are talking about your passport since it is an international journey. Once you have checked in, you are ready for boarding.

● If you are traveling by car, remember the location of your vehicle in the hold before leaving the car park! You are now aware of all the helpful information for the smooth running of your trip.

● Before departure, don’t forget to slip a tube of sunscreen into your bag if you travel in summer: it can hit the deck!

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How do I book my ferry ride?

An international trip; it’s getting ready! So it’s best to book your ferry ticket to Ireland from France in advance. The Direct Ferries website provides a complete solution for this. It is an international comparator of ferry trips.

● Once on the Direct Ferries homepage, fill in the information related to your itinerary in the box: ports of departure and destination, number of passengers, date and time of travel, and any pets and vehicles to board.

● By validating the information, you will be led to the results page. Find out the timetables and fares of ferries to Ireland from France and select the one that suits you best.

● At this stage, all you have to do is choose your travel options: would you rather have a seat in a 2-seater cabin? 4 seats? Before you use your credit card to make the payment, you can decide which alternative you prefer. The payment is, of course, secure.

● Don’t forget to monitor your inbox, as a confirmation email with the information needed to register will soon bloom in it.

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