Boat Rental In Athens: How To Rent A Boat In Athens?

Boat Rental in Athens: How to Rent a Boat in Athens?

Coming to Greece soon? Discover all the useful information about boat rental in Athens!

The capital of Greece, Athens, is inland, near the Mediterranean Sea. However, it has direct access to several ports and marinas, the most famous of which is Piraeus. 

Would you like to discover the joys of sailing in the Saronic Gulf?

Beginner or not, with or without a boat license, Travelvibe helps you choose your boat rental in Athens.

Boat Rental in Athens: How to Rent a Boat in Athens?

What type of boat to rent in Athens?

You will find all kinds of boats for rent in Athens:

Sailboat: sliding downwind with ease and respect for nature: simply perfect for a relaxing nautical getaway.

Motorboat or semi-rigid: the standard choice and always suitable

Catamaran: larger and more spacious than their little monohull brothers, it is the perfect boat model for a crossing with family or friends.

Yacht: for the wealthiest, these luxurious boats are the most comfortable and fancy… tinsel.

You can call on a professional for your boat rental in Athens or carry it out between individuals. Also, be aware that it is possible to rent boats without a license. These slow boats will not allow you great adventures.

However, you will be able to discover the basics of navigation and the associated pleasures!

How much does a boat rental in Athens cost?

The prices of renting a boat in Athens vary depending on the type of boat chosen and the duration.

For a motorboat: count between €200 and more than €1,000 for a day, depending on the model chosen.

For a semi-rigid: count between €300 and €1,000 per day.

For a sailboat: plan between 100 € and 600 € for a day.

These indicative prices are for the summer period. If you’re on a tight budget, be on the lookout for deals in the spring or fall. Rates are generally lower than in the high season.

The rates displayed also concern a dry rental. They include only fuel or ancillary equipment. You will find the mandatory safety equipment on board: life jackets, fire extinguishers, ropes, and buoys. 

The offer should specify whether additional leisure facilities are included. If so, a supplement may be necessary.

How to rent a boat in Athens?

As mentioned earlier, Athens is surrounded by marinas and ports. You will find many professionals offering boat rentals with or without a license. 

In addition to these specialized providers, you can also opt for specialized sites such as Click&boat. This site lists, in particular, all the boats available in the nearby ports of Athens and their options. 

You will be able to choose the desired boat from individuals and professionals. The Click&Boat website also offers the possibility of hiring the services of a skipper.

We recommend this option if you do not have a boat license. You will be able to access more exciting boats with the help of a skipper than you would without one. 

You will also discover the pleasures of sailing thanks to this certified professional. The rules of navigation in the Gulf of Saronic and in the port are perfectly familiar to him. He can take you to places only known to the locals!

Other services are also offered on the Click&Boat website: half-day rental, day rental, for several days. Special equipment can also be booked, such as water skis, paddleboards, or canoes.

Do I need a permit to sail in Athens?

As mentioned earlier, a boat license is not mandatory to sail near Athens. You can easily rent a boat without a license in the surrounding marinas and ports. 

However, the most exciting boats require a license. To enjoy it, you can rent your boat with a skipper.

This option will cost you more. But you will, however, sail safely, accompanied by a professional. He will be able to show you how to use a powerful, larger, and more comfortable boat.

Tips for sailing in Athens

Athens has several ports, and you will have to inquire about the specific rules of each before your rental. Specifically, you can contact the port authority. 

Each type has a dedicated office with an official website. You can ask questions directly on-site, by e-mail, or even by phone.

The main marina of Athens is the Marina Alimos. It is one of the largest marinas in Greece, with 1,000 permanent berths. 

The marina is located southwest of Athens, just 15 kilometers from the city center. We especially recommend this place for your boat rental in Athens.

When is the best time to sail in Athens?

Spring and autumn are undoubtedly the best times to sail in Athens. The months of April, May, and September are the most suitable to enjoy the good weather, without the crowds that go with the high season.

June, July, and August are great months to enjoy the sea and sail in the Saronic Gulf. However, expect heavy traffic, especially around the ports or in the coves.

Ideas for boat itineraries from Athens

Many boat adventures come to you from Athens. Here are some itineraries to do over a day or even several days:

Trip to the Saronic Gulf

There are several islands in the Saronic Gulf to discover in a day. You will be able to go to Aegina, located southwest of Athens. 

You can swim in its coves, enjoy its beautiful landscapes. The island of Salamis is also a charming destination for the day.

Depending on your schedule, it is also possible to reach Poros. Large beaches line much of the coast, from Poros to Epidaurus, from Galataki to Kineta, from Megara to Eleusis, and finally from Piraeus to Anavyssos. 

If you come from the side of Poros, take the time to admire the beautiful volcanoes of the peninsula of Methana.

Trip to the Cyclades

The Cyclades are also a charming destination to reach by boat from Athens. The adventure, however, requires strong navigation skills. Before leaving, take care to be aware of the conditions at sea.

For a day, you can go to Kea, a small island unknown to most tourists. Gateway to the Cyclades, you will find crystal clear waters but also scenic walks on land.

Plan an itinerary on a few Cyclades islands, including Naxos, for several days. Along the way; you can stop and visit Syros, Paros, Antiparos, Serifos or Kythnos.

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