Boat Rental in Mallorca: How to Rent a boat in Mallorca?

Passing through the Balearic Islands, do you feel the call of the sea? Here’s how to rent a boat in Mallorca.

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago. Located off the coast of Spain on which it depends, the island nevertheless retains a certain political and cultural autonomy. 

This extraordinary territory is a mecca of European tourism. The sandy beaches, turquoise water, and preserved interior are a big part of the island’s appeal.

This island is home to some of the most beautiful ports and coves in the Mediterranean! To find out, what could be better than renting a boat in Mallorca? Do you know how to do it? It’s simple: follow the guide, we will tell you everything!

Boat Rental in Mallorca: How to Rent a boat in Mallorca?

What type of boat to rent in Mallorca?

If you are looking to rent a boat in Mallorca, you will realize that several boats are available. Several ports on the island are experienced in receiving boaters and have a range of boats – from the largest to the smallest.

Motor or semi-rigid boats: the standard choice suitable for a discovery of the island of Mallorca without taking the lead.

Sailboats: sliding downwind with ease and respect for nature: simply perfect for a relaxing nautical getaway.

Catamarans: larger and more spacious than their little monohull brothers, it is the perfect boat model for a crossing with family or friends.

Yacht: for the wealthy, the sky is the limit: sumptuous yachts sit in the port of Palma. These luxurious boats are the most comfortable and… tinsel.

As you will have understood, you will be spoilt for choice as soon as you arrive at the port. 

At Travelvibe, we appreciated the authentic and picturesque outing side of the “llaut Mallorquin.” These small fishing boats typical of the Balearic coast are cute!

What is the price of a boat rental in Mallorca?

To be concise, the price range for a boat rental in Mallorca is a little higher than the average of the rates charged in the rest of Spain. The massive influx of tourists – especially in the summer season – eager to sail explains this.

For example, for a boat without a license, you will pay between 140 € and 250 € per day in summer, depending on the ports. A sailboat for six to eight people will be charged between 300 € and 600 € per day. 

This budget may seem high but, shared between the members of your entourage, amounts to a few tens of euros. 

A large catamaran or an opulent motorboat can also be rented, but in this case, it is better to have a substantial budget. Prices can soar especially if you need the services of a professional captain!

In all cases, a deposit will be required, whose amount varies depending on the boat. If you don’t have the license or want to pilot the boat, hiring a skipper can be a good idea. 

They charge between €150 and €400 per day for their skills, performance (and generally their good mood!)

This depends on the type and size of the boat as well as the route requested. In addition, the price of fuel is only very rarely included in the rental price. A full tank of gasoline or diesel is provided on departure… and must be returned. As if you were renting a car, in short!

How to rent a boat in Mallorca?

Rest assured: renting a boat in Mallorca is particularly simple. Decades of tourist activity precede you! Take advantage of the networking platforms dedicated to this activity. 

Click&boat, for example, is one of the very best and is, in our opinion, the best solution on the market. Once on the site, you can easily choose your boat rental in Mallorca. Reservations can be made as much with an individual as with a professional.

Depending on your desire and your budget, many options are offered to you: duration, place, and date of recovery of the ship, accompaniment of a skipper … Utility or leisure equipment at sea are also available. 

Fishing rods, stand-up paddle, buoys, wakeboarding, clothes… Do not opt for a Breton wax, and the sun is often off Mallorca.

Do I need a permit to sail in Mallorca?

Good news: in Spain, the boat license is mandatory for a sailboat of more than 6 meters… and for a motorboat of more than 5 meters with a power greater than 15 horsepower. 

This may not speak to you, but know that it would be strictly forbidden to sail with a boat of fifteen horses without a license in France. So you can rent a boat in Mallorca motorized and powerful enough to have fun at the helm.

Anyway, it is always better to have a boat license to circulate at sea. Elementary traffic rules do not necessarily flow from the source: nor do the laws of the weather. 

The permit is therefore highly recommended. If you do not have it or want to ensure maximum safety, the presence of a skipper is wise. These professionals of the sea will be your captains for a day and will guarantee optimal yachting.

Tips for sailing in Mallorca

Mallorca often offers ideal conditions for sailing. Beware, however, of the tramontane, the brutal north wind that sometimes blows on the island. 

The island even gave its name to its main mountain range, which is … Good point: the number of tourists is less than among its little sisters in the Balearic Islands. 

Ibiza or Formentera, to name but a few. However, the ban on anchoring off certain harbors tends to become the rule: find out more! This is, for example, the case of the splendid shelter constituted by the port of Mahón.

Do you opt for a sheltered, secure break, including water and electricity? Be aware that the majority of the ports of Mallorca are designed to facilitate the arrival of sailors. 

Marinas include everything a traveler can expect in terms of comfort. But everything is paid for: renting a boat in Mallorca means knowing that mooring rates increase every year. 

Depending on the boat’s length, the daily price can range from thirty euros to more than 600 euros. Count in addition to electricity and water, a few euros per day for a conventional boat.

When is the best time to sail in Mallorca?

As often in the Mediterranean, the best time to sail in Mallorca is from May to September. The sun is shining, and the water is delightful. You are not taught anything at all. 

However, consider the episodic difficulties of circulation at the mouths of ports in the high season.

Ideas for boat itineraries from Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean. Let us mention, for example, the port of Estellencs or Banyalbufar, which are pure wonders. 

Our favorite? Port of Andratx, in the southwest of the island, is a pearl of yachting and a jewel of Spanish maritime heritage. If you want to go on an adventure for several days, head to the other islands of the Balearic archipelago. Go boarding in the preserved coves of Menorque.

Have a blast in Ibiza… or, more authentically, contemplate the sunset at S’Espalmador on the island of Formentera. These wild islets, within the sublime natural park of Ses Salines, are ideal for mooring boats. 

Mud baths, picnics, and endless walks on the sandy beaches are must-sees on site: ex-tra-computer-naire!


Alfred is the author behind the Travelvibe travel blog and is always searching for the quieter, less-visited corners of the world.

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