Boat Rental In Marseille: Ideas For Itineraries By Catamaran Or Sailboat In Marseille

Boat rental in Marseille: ideas for itineraries by catamaran or sailboat in Marseille

Discover the islands of the Phocaean city in all splendor and freedom, by renting a boat in Marseille.

You have arrived safely! At the gates of the Mediterranean, Marseille embodies the friendliness and culture of the South par excellence. The Protective Forts open their doors to you. 

Boats return from fishing, and seagulls dance around the sails. Heat from the sun and wind from the mistral create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The watch of the Phocaean city, the famous Bonne-Mère, gives you a benevolent look. Your senses are full of stunning smells: iodine, jasmine, anise, orange blossom, and pipe tobacco. 

The people of Marseille laugh, speak loudly, haggle, sing with character. But why not visit Marseille and its surroundings from the sea? 

Indeed, renting a boat in Marseille to visit Phocaean city is one of the best ways to visit the area.

To help you in your research, here is a mini-guide to a boat rental in Marseille!

Boat rental in Marseille: ideas for itineraries by catamaran or sailboat in Marseille

Itinerary 1: the Marseille loop in six days

The port of Marseille invites you first to stroll on the quays among the most lively and picturesque of our country. 

Then, the sea calls you, and you dream of raising your head to the clouds, in the shade of a mast, and lying at the bow of a sailboat or catamaran. 

It’s time to rent a boat in Marseille and wake up the navigator in you.

● From the first day, sail to the creeks of Cassis. Wet in a turquoise cove, pierced by the breathtaking seabed and bathed by the sun.

● On the second day, hoist the sails to Bandol. Wine region par excellence, it is time for an aperitif from your exclusive pontoon in the purest of southern traditions. 

Take the time to touch down and walk through the outdated and typical alleys of the city.

●Early in the morning of the third day, after the last swim near a charming beach in Bandol, we headed for Embiez island. There is an immediate sense of calm, relaxation, and contemplation at the anchorages. 

Savor the silence, simply disturbed by the rattling of the waves and perhaps, at some point, a dip or two in the crystal clear water.

● On the fourth day at sea, discover the Ciotat, the creeks of Figuerolles and Mugel. If you feel like it, why not indulge in the many water activities in the area? Diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing…

● At dawn on the fifth day, set sail to the island of Riou. South of Marseille, it is home to a breathtaking nature reserve. 

You can be privileged witnesses to their daily lives from the big blue, a land of protected animal and plant species.

● On the sixth and last day, sail gently to the port of Marseille.

Itinerary 2: the small loop of Marseille in three days

● Day 1: leave the port of Marseille. Already the castle of If calls you in the distance. The sails swell and transport you to the rocks placed on the big blue. 

So you land on the outskirts of the Friuliarchipelago. Tread the limestone, the sandy coves, the unspoiled beaches, and the coves where the insulating crystalline waves burst.

● On the second day, go to the Blue Grotto-Calanque of Morgiou-Marseille. Considered one of the most authentic, deep, and charming Marseille anchorages, it is a must. 

Not far away, the semi-submerged cave of the same non titillates the explorer in you and invites you to a mysterious and mystical walk.

● On the third day, return to the port of Marseille and the joyful hustle and bustle of the historic district.

Itinerary 3: the tour of the exceptional anchorages in four days

● For the first day, rent a boat in Marseille; you stop directly at the Vallon des Auffes. This small port full of charm seems frozen in time. 

The opportunity to taste a bouillabaisse suspended above the sea. In the afternoon, the anchor on the island of Friuli.

● The next day, direction Cap Croisette. This idyllic alcove is also rich in its past and gastronomy. 

Fishermen’s huts float on the azure, white rocks look like primitive paradise, and aerial and shredded landscapes are captivating.

● On the third day, discover the creek of Morgiou and its famous Blue Grotto.

● On the fourth day, the anchor on the island of Riou. The only uninhabited archipelago on the French coast, this natural setting offers striking scenery. 

If it is forbidden to dock on the other islands of the Riou archipelago, you can nevertheless get as close as possible to their mysterious beauties.

Our tips for sailing in Marseille

First of all, we advise you to call on a skipper to accompany you during your cruise. It is a valuable guarantee of security and tranquility.

Renting an on-site motorboat and a boat in Marseille often hurts the budget during the summer season, and tourist attendance increases markedly. So be sure to choose your season if you have the choice.

The essentials and essentials to take with you when renting your boat:

● Sea and land maps,


● Life raft,

● Distress rockets,

● Life jackets,

● Pharmacy kit,

● Radar reflector,

● Can of gasoline.

Always stay informed of weather conditions and never hesitate to postpone a departure at sea.

What is the best season to rent a catamaran or sailboat in Marseille?

The best time to rent a boat in Marseille? We recommend June or September/October: the best choice to enjoy tranquility, sun, and affordable offers. And if the sea is not at the peak of its temperatures, the climate at sea is largely favorable.

How much does a boat rental in Marseille cost?

For a sailboat or catamaran rental in Marseille, count a minimum of 100 € to 200 € per day. But rentals can climb up to 1000 € per day for a luxurious boat.

How to rent your boat in Marseille?

● On platforms between individuals: the latter also offer the services of skippers. To get an idea of the rates in force, do not hesitate to use the services of a boat rental platform.

● To professionals: on site or on the Internet. Prices vary depending on the model, desired options and rental dates.

Which boat to rent in Marseille?

We recommend a motor boat for a stay at sea of a few days with a bathroom and kitchenette, but also suitable for water sports (for more fun and discovery at sea). For large groups, think about the yacht.

Sailboats and catamarans offer fantastic sailing sensations while being suitable for families and bands of friends. However, they are asking for more experience at sea.

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