Boat Rental In Guadeloupe: Itninerary Ideas By Boat In Guadeloupe

Boat rental in Guadeloupe: Itninerary ideas by boat in Guadeloupe

Fancy an unusual excursion? Renting a boat in Guadeloupe and exploring this island of the West Indies from its paradisiacal waters, does it tempt you?

Ah… – sigh – the islands! These little pieces of paradise are lost like treasures in waters as dark as crystalline. There are also so many contrasts, dreams, and wonders along these few kilometers. 

A trip to the islands often evokes a dazzling desire to pack your bags and plunge your head into a postcard. And what could be better than seeing these landscapes from the sea? Try the experience with boat rental.

Among these natural and irresistible nuggets: Guadeloupe. Island with idyllic landscapes, where fauna and flora flourish, where colors explode and move constantly. 

Thanks to the incredible underwater diversity, English Harbor is an ideal location for water activities, as well as hiking thanks to the trails bordered by natural wonders. 

It is a cultural place that is strong in its heritage, historical sites, colonial and gastronomy to die for.

But why not visit Guadeloupe differently? From the Caribbean Sea, for example? Discover our guide to boat rental in Guadeloupe and our ideas for itineraries by catamaran or sailboat.

Boat rental in Guadeloupe: Itninerary ideas by boat in Guadeloupe

Itinerary 1: The loop from Point-à-Pitre in seven days

● First day: enjoy Point-à-pitre before heading to the sea. Ideal port of departure, the cosmopolitan city also offers beautiful land experiences: colorful markets, festive atmospheres, lush vegetation. 

Then get back into the heart of your trip: your cruise. Set sail for the isle of Gosier, paradisiacal and bordered by a sparkling maritime life.

● Second day: the head for the Saintes archipelago. Go there at dawn, while the sun is still flirting with the horizon. Disembark at one of the most beautiful bays globally, offering some of the most extraordinary and preserved underwater landscapes on the planet. 

If the multicolored underwater life amazes you, wait to see the beach of Pin du Sucre…

● Third day: sail to Marie-Galante: a must-see island in Guadeloupe. It is famous for its rum and pristine white sandbanks, caressed by turquoise waves and littered with green palm trees. Nothing better than a drink at sunset from your boat.

● Fourth day: hoist the sails towards Petite-terre. A paradisiacal setting where the endemic species of the West Indies flourish.

● Fifth day: renting a boat in Guadeloupe means easy access to incredible and confidential spots, inaccessible to others. Day five then brings you to La Désirade: wild and authentic. Wet then in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus…

● Sixth day: sail to Saint-François. On the horizon, wooden houses and huts are born like mushrooms. The old church overlooks the fishing port, and the marina prepares you for an unforgettable evening—an ideal spot for a last festive night.

● Seventh-day: After a week on the Caribbean Sea, return to Point-à-pitre.

Itinerary 2: The small Guadeloupean loop in four days

● First day: want to rent a boat in Guadeloupe, but you do not have much time? So from the first day, head to Marie-Galante. Wet on the beach of Saint-Louis or further away in Grand-Bourg.

● Day two: split the Caribbean Sea directly to Petit-terre. The nature reserve and its extraordinary inhabitants await you: sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins, multicolored fish, and huge shells.

● Third day: sail directly to Les Saintes. The set of islets, of which only two are inhabited, gives an enigmatic charm to this archipelago. Wet in Terre-de-Haut or Terre-de-Bas and enjoy a land-based getaway. 

On the one hand, let yourself be seduced by small shops, local specialties, the emblematic beaches of the Pin de Sucre or Pompière. On the other, land on wild and virgin coves.

● Fourth and last day: make a stop at Île du Gosier before returning to Pointe-à-Pitre.

Itinerary 3: The West Indies and the Caribbean in two weeks

First week

● First day: boat rental in Guadeloupe often starts in the Marina of Bas-du-Fort, in Point-à-Pitre. This is once again your starting point—direction the Saintes Islands and its sublime coves. In particular the Bay of Pont Pierre, a classified natural site with a sheltered bay from the winds.

● Second day: discover Deshaies. The small fishing village, adorned with high wooded hills and picturesque houses is a real jewel of magic.

● Day Three: Extend the adventure to Antigua and Barbuda. Wet at English harbour. This bay, at the almost invisible entrance, contains cultural and historical treasures.

● Day Four: Set sail for Saint John Bay. And yes, renting a boat in Guadeloupe also allows you to discover the Pearl of the West Indies: Saint-Barthelemy. 

The small volcanic island will satisfy your cravings for pristine sand, adorned with emerald and turquoise decorations. Saint-Jean beach is the dream seaside destination.

● Fifth day: why not push the sea trip to the Governor’s beach? Renowned for its beauty but also for its pirate legends.

● Sixth day: located between Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, discover Île Fourchue. On day six, change of scenery: steep slopes, sharp peaks, confidential hiking trails, the crash of turquoise foam, and bare trees.

● Seventh-day: after a week, sail to Saint-Martin and land at Orient Bay. Ideal for basking on the sand and enjoying the dream seaside tourism.

Second week

● Eighth day: head to Anguilla. This British territory in the Caribbean brings you to the edge of a new country. The postcard-like bays blend with the ambient atmosphere: relaxation and fun are the philosophy of the inhabitants. 

But this island, also trodden by Christopher Columbus, also contains some interesting monuments and historical remains.

● Ninth day: at sea, and here you are back in France. Wet in Marigot, THE reference area for boaters. Its great marina is an idyllic entry point to its lively sights.

● Tenth day: go back to Saint-Barthélémy and disembark in Gustavia. A village full of charm, with tiny houses with pink roofs and an Anglican church that revolves around the turquoise port.

● Eleventh day: aboard your rental boat in Guadeloupe, we offer you a preserved island: St Kitts and Nevis. As fertile, volcanic, heavenly, lush as it is dazzling, this secret Caribbean destination will awaken the adventurer in you.

● Twelfth day: the head for the island with two faces, without tourists and rock-n-roll: Montserrat. This island in the West Indies takes you back to British territory. 

This paradise, formerly ravaged by volcanic eruptions, has a great musical culture and stunning bays of beauty and tranquility.

● For the last three days, go peacefully to Pointe-à-Pitre by going back through Deshaies and Les Saintes.

Our tips for sailing in Guadeloupe

It is not always easy to know where and how to moor your boat. If boat rental in Guadeloupe is easy, sailing at sea is not always easy. To help you, do not hesitate to use a skipper. 

Many local platforms or agencies offer the services of a pro skipper for half a day, a day, a week, or more.

Never let’s look at the safety equipment onboard your sailboat or catamaran: life raft, distress flares, life jackets, GPS, pharmacy kit, radar reflector, gas canister, etc. Use maritime charts and cartography and keep yourself constantly informed of weather reports.

The itineraries proposed here correspond to relatively smooth and relaxing navigation. The conditions are flexible and lenient. 

If, however, you decide to rent a boat in Guadeloupe and explore the Atlantic side, sailing will be more sporty. Pay particular attention to the tip of the castles, their swells, and essential bottoms.

What is the best season to rent a catamaran or sailboat in Guadeloupe?

The best season to sail in the Caribbean is from November to May. Temperatures are mild to warm, sky blue, but attendance and prices are higher.

From June to early August, prices are more attractive, and tourists are gradually deserting. But expect a few showers. You can still enjoy your trip to the Caribbean Sea despite the multiple thinnings. 

How much does a boat rental in Guadeloupe cost?

On average, renting a sailboat or catamaran in Guadeloupe costs from two hundred to six hundred euros per day, depending on the type of boat. 

Even without skippers, prices remain low and rarely exceed the bar of three hundred euros per day.

How to rent your boat in Guadeloupe?

There are several places to find boat rentals in Guadeloupe:

● On platforms between individuals. The latter also offers the services of skippers or captains. To get an idea of the rates charged, do not hesitate to use the services of a boat rental platform. 

Find the most exciting offers, and most importantly, the most suited to your needs.

● To professionals, on-site or on the Internet.

What are the types of boats for rent in Guadeloupe?

Renters, private or professional, offer most of the following boats:

● Sailboats

● Catamarans

● Motorboats

● Schooners

● Yachts

● Ribs

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