Jatim Park 2 Review – Awesome Family Tour in Malang With Various Rides

Jatim Park 2 Review - Family Tour in Malang With Various Rides

For those who are currently looking for a child-friendly tourist spot in Malang, one of the child-friendly tours with various rides is Jatim Park 2 (Batu Secret Zoo).

Because tourism has created a place where people can have fun and vacation, and where they can learn, visitors can learn about natural knowledge, environment, and introduction to education at Jatim Park 2 (Batu Secret Zoo), located in Malang.

Here is the review of Jatim Park 2 and all things to do here. Let’s check these out!

Jatim Park 2 Review – Family Tour in Malang With Various Rides

Jatim Park 2 (Batu Secret Zoo) Tourism Review

  • Address: Jl. Raya Oro-Oro Ombo No. 9, Temas, Batu, East Java.
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: Every day at 10.00 – 18.00 WIB
  • Admission price: Rp 84000-Rp 120000

Malang has a very cool climate, so many tourists come here for sightseeing. Because of the contours of nature in Malang, fatigue can disappear, and the brain can be fresh.

How to go to Jatim Park 2?

The location is arguably very strategic. A variety of tourist activities can also be done in various tourist attractions presented. To reach Jatim Park 2, you can use private vehicles or public transportation.

For tourists who use public transportation and come from outside the city, you can use the AKAP bus to Arjosari Terminal. From Arjosari, you can take public transportation with al code or ADL to Landungsari Terminal.

Then when you arrive at Landungsari, you can take angkot with BJL code to Batu city. Later, tourists can go directly down in front of the tourist destination Jatim Park 2Opens in a new tab..

Tourists who come to Jatim Park 2 using train transportation mode can use vehicles from Malang Kotabaru station. From there, visitors ride angkot AL or ADL to come to Landungsari directly.

For tourists who use the air route, you can get off at Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport. The airport can use the destination to Arjosari Terminal then take the al angkot or ADL to Landungsari.

But if you are lazy to find transportation or public transportation, you can take a private vehicle, either a motorcycle or a car, to this Jatim Park 2 tour.

The location is very easy to find, and you can follow the route from Google Maps if it is still the first time to Jatim Park 2 not to get lost.

Besides having Jatim Park 2, which is always crowded with visits, Malang also has the largest transportation museum in Asia. The museum is a tour of Angkut Museum.

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Tourist Zones in Jatim Park 2

There are various interesting attractions in Jatim Park 2 that can be felt and enjoyed. Holidays are exciting and second to none in Jatim Park 2.

The tourist zone in Jatim Park 2 itself is divided into three different zones. The three tourist zones in Jatim Park 2 are:

1.Batu Secret Zoo

As the name implies, this tourist zone is a zoo zone. Various types of animals can be found in this zone. Jatim Park 2 zoo is very spacious. The area is about 15 hectares.

You can enjoy walking around and seeing the variety of animals in this zoo. The zoo is divided into 6 areas, where each area is dedicated to a specific type of animal.

This Batu Secret Zoo has an area dedicated to reptiles, aquarium animals, and wild animals. At Batu Secret Zoo, you will find many tourist attractions for you and your family to enjoy.

Some of the rides in the Batu Secret Zoo zone that you can make a destination include:

2.Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy Marmoset Zone is a ride right at the entrance of the Batu Secret Zoo zone. You’ll find cute little monkeys there—no need to feel afraid of these monkeys because they look more like baby monkeys than adult monkeys.

Due to its lightweight. This monkey weighs only 100 grams and is found in pygmy marmosets. This monkey is a rare type of monkey. Their natural habitat is in the Amazon rainforest in South America.

3.Birds Feeding

Next, there is the zone of bird lovers. In this Birds Feeding zone, you can see various parrots or commonly refer to as sun conur birds. The beauty of her body is second to none. There are lots of beautiful birds with feathers of various colors are presented.

Various parrots can also be fed in this area. Inside the Birds Feeding Zone, you can purchase parrot food. The parrots will want to be near you because you can buy them food and feed them right away.

4.Safari Farm

Safari Farm is another ride in the Batu Secret Zoo area, and there is a similar ride in Eco Green Park Jatim Park 2. Tourist trains will take visitors around the Safari Farm area in this zone.

In the middle of the trip, visitors can meet a variety of animals. Some of the animals you can find at Safari Farm include ponies, ilamas, camels, and bison that are very rare nowadays.

If you take the train and go around the Safari Farm, you can feed the animals you see from the train. There is no need to hesitate or be concerned about safety!

5.Aquarium zone

Visitors often use the Aquarium zone as a photo spot at the Batu secret zoo ride-in. In this Aquarium zone, you will find several see-through aquariums filled with a variety of fish.

You can see sharks, Nemo fish, and clownfish swimming and dance together in the magnificent fish pond in the aquarium zone.

You can also take photos in the aquarium zone that will look like you are inside the aquarium–so recommended!

6.Savannah zone

As the name implies, various kinds of animals come from the African continent, such as zebras, scimitar-horned orix, giant sable antelope, etc.

All the animals in this zone certainly seem very active and do not hesitate to move around to show their action. They live in zones like they are living in their natural habitat. It is designed so that the management procedures also prevent animals from being stressed.

7.African Village

The African village is a zone similar to the savannah zone. The only difference is that visitors can see animals and feed animals in this Kampung Afrika zone or ride them.

There are various African animals in this zone, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, mirkat, and elephants, that can be found.

8.Tiger Land

Tiger Land is full of wild animals such as snakes, tigers, jaguars, and white lions. This zone does seem wild and creepy.

Take it easy, because the security is very well maintained. This ride is at Batu Secret Zoo, and it is very safe because there is already a partition in the form of a very strong and break-proof see-through wall between visitors and animals.

So safe, even many tourists stick their bodies on the glass wall so that they can be seen blending in with wild animals when photographed.

In addition to this zone, other zones are no less interesting to explore in Batu Secret Zoo. Some of the other zones in Batu Secret Zoo that are worth exploring include the Amphibious zone, Monkey Island, Nocturnal House, and the Baby zoo zone.

Then there is also a game zone that contains no less than 20 rides ranging from waterparks, river coasters, haunted houses, tornadoes, etc.

9.Wildlife Museum

The Wildlife Museum Zone is a very different zone from the Batu Secret Zoo zone. In the Wildlife Museum zone, visitors can meet various rare animals almost wiped out on earth.

Like a museum that stores various objects that are difficult to see elsewhere, you can also see many fossils or statues of rare animals.

There is also a wide collection of insects with more than 5000 insects imported with various types from various corners of the world.

10.Eco Green Park

Well, in this last zone, visitors will learn a lot. Throughout 35 attractions, everything about education, especially nature, the environment, and the introduction of other subjects, is presented interestingly.

Various rides can be enjoyed at the Eco Green Park zone, including miniature rides of temples, music plazas, insectaria, eco journeys, animal farms, a world of parrots, and duck kingdoms, etc.

Top Things to do in Jatim Park 2

For those of you who come to travel to Jatim Park 2, there are various tourist activities that you can find there. The tourist activities are certainly very fun in various zones and attractions that exist because everything is packed as interesting as possible.

Some of the best tourist activities in Jatim Park 2 Batu that you can do as follows:

1.See a variety of Cute animals in the Batu Secret Zoo zone

In this zone, tourists will be presented with a variety of interesting attractions and the funny behavior of trained animals.

Those of you who bring children will enjoy walking here. Additionally, this area is also a mandatory area for tourists because there is a lot of education provided, and of course, children can see new things while simultaneously adding new experiences to their lives.

2.Enjoy exotic flowers and gardens at Eco Green Park

The concept of nature and harmony with the environment can be felt in this ride. Eco Green Park is a park that is conceptualized by combining art, nature, and the environment. The theme taken was quite educational by bringing up the Green Earth model.

Besides finding beautiful plants suitable for photography, you can also learn about them. There are replica temples, ecosystems, and reptiles to learn from.

Tourists who visit will gain knowledge of nature, biology, and physics at the same time. Simple, enjoyable, and very interesting, it’s all there. You will take many photos while touring Eco Green Park, bringing your camera and a backup memory card.

3.River trip at River Adventure

Taking a trip down the river is what this area is called, as its name implies. The river adventure is very exciting and fun. River Adventure includes rapids and a magnificent replica of Noah’s Ship, in addition to the opportunity to go down the river’s rapids.

You will find various kinds of animal statues in the replica of Noah’s ship. There are also apes, cranes, and orang-utans living freely around artificial rivers replicas of ancient times.

4.Experience the thrill of adventure in Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure is an interesting attraction. As you step on this ride, you can experience the sensation of a super exciting adventure that is conceptualized like an extra educational game to protect the forest.

In this forest, tourists will also experience the adventure of riding a smoke train around the forest. Tourists who board the train will be provided with a sensor gun. Tourists will attempt to protect the forest by shooting poachers and wood thieves during the trip.

The very exciting game will provide many experiences for adventurers and will teach tourists how to protect the forest.

5.Test your adrenaline and courage at Horror House

You must experience this ride if you want to test your adrenaline and courage. You can see how exciting the streets are in Horror House. However, the horror house in Jatim Park 2 is different.

As in Horror House Jatim Park 2, the haunted house consists of a long hallway that is completely dark with no lights. In the dark, tourists can also take a train that takes them from room to room.

Along the way, you will encounter ghosts with creepy sound effects or visuals.

It is guaranteed to be a very challenging experience for your adrenaline and courage, especially if you are the first to experience Horror House in Jatim Park 2.

6.Enjoy extra fun games in Fantasy Land

Visitors do not need to buy tickets to enter Fantasy Land because tickets to play in Fantasy Land include admission to Jatim Park 2. In Fantasy Land, there are swings, a merry-go-round, and even a swimming pool.

There is also the Tsunami game ride. However, not every tourist can enter this ride. To enter the Tsunami game at Fantasy Land, a tourist must be 85 centimeters or taller.

7.Explore 5 continents in Jatim Park 2

Despite the ride’s name, it is a place full of education and knowledge about the richness of nature on five continents. Tourists will be able to cross the tracks by boat on this ride.

Tourists will enjoy natural and artificial treats during the trip. All the wonders and features of each large continent were replicated very similar to the originals but a smaller version.

In Jatim Park 2, you will find typical and iconic buildings of a continent, traditional buildings, animals, and various cultural artifacts.

From the Jatim Park tour, the road will not be delayed to prevent ulcers if hungry. There are culinary alternatives there.

Where to stay near Jatim Park 2?

Looking for hotels in Malang near Jawa Timur Park 2? In Malang, you can find lodging close to Jatim Park 2 if you are outside the city. Several budget hotels are recommended to be your place to stay in Malang, including:

1.Jatim Park Cottage

The first hotel near Jatim Park 2 is recommended for those of you who come from outside the city and need a place to stay overnight is Pondok Jatim Park. The hotel is very strategic and close to other attractions.

The location is approximately 5 minutes drive from Batu Zoo and Jatim Park 2. Meanwhile, the bus tour takes approximately 10 minutes to reach Pondok Jatim Park.

The hotel’s facilities are quite complete. With prices starting from 600 thousand rupiahs per night, you can find spacious hotel rooms. You’ll also find karaoke facilities, a garden, billiards, and a café here.

2.The Singhasari Resort

Singhasari Resort is a hotel in Batu. Specifically, The Singhasari Resort is located at Jl. Ir. Soekarno number 120.

It has 193 rooms with a combination of traditional and contemporary designs.

The three mountains that surround East Java provide beautiful views that can be seen from each private balcony. The Singhasari Resort also offers quite luxurious entertainment facilities.

3.Jambuluwuk Batu Resort

Jambuluwuk Batu Resort is a great place to stay for families looking for a place to stay. A family group can stay in a spacious villa with three rooms at the resort.

Jambuluwuk Batu Resort has a traditional building with a very typical feel. In the room, red bricks are used deliberately to give the impression of ground with a very natural view.

There are also very exciting supporting facilities at this hotel. All supporting facilities are available for you to test your adrenaline. If you are interested in staying at Jambuluwuk Batu Resort, you can book a 3-bedroom villa starting at 2.4 million rupiahs.

Interested in traveling in Malang? Come directly to Jatim Park 2 and enjoy all the thrills of the fun of tourism there.


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