5 Must-Visit Jhalokati Tourist Attractions Anyone Should Witness

5 Must-Visit Jhalokati Tourist Attractions Anyone Should Witness

In this article, we will discuss the best tourists spot to visit in Jhalokati.

Must-Visit Jhalokati Tourist Attractions Anyone Should Witness

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1.Saturia Zamindar House/সাতুরিয়া জমিদার বাড়ি

Saturia Zamindar House/সাতুরিয়া জমিদার বাড়ি

The Saturia Zamindar House is situated in Rajapur Upazila, 21 km from Jhalokathi, in southern Barisal. AKM Fazlul Haque, known as Tiger of Bengal born here. 

In the 17th century, Sheikh Shahabuddin, the maternal grandfather of Fazlul Haque, established this zamindar house on 100 acres of land in Saturia

The compound of the zamindar house built in Mughal architecture has been built in combination with 3 buildings. There are main gates designed to enter the compound. 

Flower gardens, ponds, and carved Mughal-era buildings inside the main house have multiplied the house’s beauty.

Shere Bangla AKM Fazlul Haque was born on October 26, 1873, at this Saturia zamindar’s house. 

His institutional education career started from the maktab of Saturia Zamindar’s house. And most of his work and political career was spent in this zamindar’s house.

The historic Saturia zamindar house has survived many bright events in history. 

At present, a few structures, including Shere Bangla Sriti Library, have been constructed in this zamindar house under the Bangladesh Archaeology Department.

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2.Gabkhan Bridge/গাবখান সেতু

Gabkhan Bridge/গাবখান সেতু

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This 5th Bangladesh China-Maitri Bridge, built across the Gabkhan Canal of Suez Canal fame in Bengal, is called the Gabkhan Bridge. 

The length of The Gabkhan Channel, the only artificial waterway in Bangladesh connecting the Sandhya and Sugandha rivers, is about 18 km

The canal, which carries a green ceremony on both sides, is unique in Bangladesh in terms of beauty.

The centenarian can sit on the front deck of a pedal steamer to add a new dimension to the nearly 200-year-old Gabkhan Channel’s charm. 

The Gabkhan bridge over the Gabkhan canal is recognized as the highest high bridge in the country. 

And the magnificent construction style of the bridge has given it special uniqueness from all other bridges.

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3.Sujabad Fort/Sujabad Kella/সুজাবাদ কেল্লা

Sujabad Fort/Sujabad Kella/সুজাবাদ কেল্লা

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Sujabad Fort (Sujabad Kella) is a historical structure located in Sujabad village of Magar Union No. 2 of Nalchiti Upazila in Jhalokathi district. 

The fort was built by Shahzada Souza, son of Mughal Emperor Shajahan of Subeda in Bengal. 

At the end of the Mughal rule, the Jhalokathi region became the main area of the loot of mugs and Portuguese pirates

To harass the pirates, Shahzada Suja, son of Subeda of Bengal, introduced Sujabad village in 1654 and built two forts here. 

One of the two forts was clay, and the other was made of bricks. Which at that time came to be known as the Inner and Outer Forts.

Commonly, the two forts were built in one night, due to which residents once called The Sujabad Fort ‘The Average of Ghosts’ (Bhooter Gor). 

Today, Sujabad Fort is better known as ‘old college.’ Later, Shahzada Souza moved to the fort after losing to his brother Aurangzeb in the war.

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4.Kirtipasha Zamindar House/কীর্তিপাশা জমিদার বাড়ি

Kirtipasha Zamindar House/কীর্তিপাশা জমিদার বাড়ি is a historical place in Jhalokathi.

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Established about a hundred years ago, Kirtipasha Zamindar Ghar (Kirtipasha Zamindar Bari) is located in the Kirtipasha Union of Rajapur Upazila of Jhalokathi district. 

The historic zamindar house is located 5 km from Jhalokathi district headquarters. 

Prasanna Kumar Secondary School is currently in a part of zamindar’s house. 

And the main zamindar house and Durga mandir are surrounded by creepers and forests.

Parts of the descendants of Vikrampur Zamindar established the Kirtipasha Zamindar house in the late 19th century. 

In the early 19th century, King Ram Sengupta of the Vikrampur Zamindar dynasty came to this Kirtipasha village. 

Here he built two houses for his two sons. The previous house for the eldest son, 10 annas, is known as the big Hissa zamindar house. And the former house for the little boy, known as the 6 annas small Hissa zamindar house

The zamindar house of the younger son was destroyed long ago. And part of the elder son’s zamindar house survives. 

The zamindar’s son of this zamindar house was poisoned to death. And his wife also died with him. They were later buried together.

There is still a nut temple, a house, a small and big temple. Rohini Roy Chowdhury and Tapan Roy Chowdhury are the two famous figures of this zamindar dynasty.

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5.Floating Guava Market/Vashoman Peyara Bazar/ভাসমান পেয়ারা বাজার

Floating Guava Market/Vashoman Peyara Bazar/ভাসমান পেয়ারা বাজার

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The largest guava gardens on the Asian continent have been built in the three districts of the Jhalokathi, Barisal, and Simantar areas of Pirojpur. 

In 26 villages of the district, the guava garden covers an area of 31,000 acres. In these places, about 20,000 families are directly involved in guava cultivation. Banaripara Upazila in Barisal is also famous for guava cultivation.

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