Ketambe - Natural Wealth Of Western Indonesia

Ketambe – Natural Wealth Of Western Indonesia

Aceh is located in Indonesia’s west; the natural conditions there are still very good. The southeast Aceh Regency is mainly mountainous, surrounded by the Bukit Barisan Mountains.

Gunung Leuser National Park is the largest national park in Southeast Aceh. Southeast Aceh has a subdistrict that is directly adjacent to the national park.

Known as Ketambe Subdistrict, this area is home to numerous animals, such as birds and orangutans. There is a river called the Alas River, which is often used for rafting activities.

The Ketambe area is a research site for Sumatran Orang Utans and a center for Rangkong research. So it’s no wonder, so many researchers visit here.

Here is the full review of Ketambe, Aceh:

What Is Ketambe located?

Ketambe is located in Ketambe Village, Ketambe Subdistrict, Southeast Aceh Regency, Aceh Province.

How To Go To Ketambe, Aceh?

Ketambe can be reached within 30 minutes if you move away from the city center. 

From Medan City, you can travel through the Karo highlands in about 6 to 7 hours. Residents may be able to help you avoid mistakes along the way.

Journey to Ketambe 

Traveling to Ketambe will be an exciting experience. During your journey, you will see some fantastic scenery.

You can feel the cool air on a motorcycle if you are riding under the shade of trees.

Ketambe’s road is paved, but it makes motorists more cautious and vigilant due to the sharp bends and narrow road conditions typical of mountain roads.

Ketambe is situated on the left side of the road. Following a simple gate, you will arrive at a beautiful forest in the middle of the journey.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of hollow roads and poor road conditions. You still find a winding road and experience the sensation of driving through the forest.

Cars can traverse the path, but you need to be prepared for minor road conditions. I think it would be better if you used a motorcycle.

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Ketambe Opening Hours

Ketambe’s is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Avoid traveling at night since there is still little street lighting.

What Is The Tickets Price Of Ketambe?

The entrance ticket to Ketambe is free of charge. However, due to its vast location, you should ask to accompany a Tour Guide at a reasonable cost.

Amenities of Ketambe

Ketambe offers the following facilities:

  • Parking area
  • Meetinghouse
  • Mosque
  • Simple stage
  • Bathroom
  • Inn or homestay

Things to do in Ketambe, Aceh

Ketambe is trying to attract visitors by offering the following attractions:

1. Beauty Of Rainforest (Rain Forest)

The Ketambe area is surrounded by a Rain Forest area, which is home to various ecosystems.

An experienced guide would be helpful when exploring the Rainforest. Walking between trees under a canopy of shade, you will notice how cool the air is.

You can experience the beauty of nature up close by doing activities like this. If you love adventure, this tour is for you.

2. Rafting

You can enjoy rafting in Ketambe by walking alongside the Alas River for up to 50 kilometers, a journey requiring approximately 3 hours.

The Alas River has quite a heavy current and a bend that will make your heart beat a little faster. The perfect path for nature lovers who like adventurous activities.

Several areas are divided by the Alas River in Mount Lesueur National Planting. You’ll automatically experience a breathtaking view of nature.

When doing rafting activities, you will get excited, especially if you do them with your friends.

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3. See Protected Animals

Besides being a tourist destination, Ketambe is also intended for research purposes, especially concerning orangutans. As a friendly person used to meet humans, you can also interact without worry.

A group of orangutans can be seen hanging from one branch to another. During the fruit season in Aceh, they are more likely to be found foraging in the Katambe area for food.

Along with Orang Utans, other animals live freely at Katambe, such as monkeys, deer, or Sumatran tigers at night. Humans cannot disturb them because they are ignorant.

4. Hot Spring

Relax in the hot springs near the river flow if you have explored the Katambe area to your satisfaction. The bath is filled with fine steam or smoke.

Around this river flow, there are several water points. There is cold water, warm water, and hot water. By looking at the color of the rocks, you can tell them apart.

If you see red brick-colored rocks, there is a hot spring around them. If you see regular colored stones, there is no hot spring.

5. Inn

To fully experience Ketambe, you will need to spend several days since the area is vast, and you will need to stay near tourist spots.

Staying in a hotel is not as difficult as it seems. In Ketambe, you can rent a variety of accommodations or homestays.

The apartment is situated on the side of the road, not far from the parking area, and it is also very comfortable to live in. Most cottage owners offer adventure tours.

Some packages include trekking to Mount Leuser National Park, rafting on the Alas River, bird watching, trekking in the Rain Forest, and even night trekking activities that are tense and thrilling.

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Travel Tips

  • Ketambe is located in a large area, so you should hire a guide if you plan on visiting.
  • Use comfortable footwear when trekking.
  • Follow your guide’s instructions when rafting or trekking in the Rain Forest.
  • Keep Ketambe clean and beautiful.
  • Avoid actions that can harm you or others.
  • Take your gadgets to Ketambe to capture their natural beauty.


Aceh has natural resources that are still very natural. Tourists and researchers use Ketambe for observing the diversity of flora and fauna.

You should take the time to explore, enjoy, and protect this unique natural treasure.

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