Kuakata Travel Guide: Visit The Daughter Of The Sea

Kuakata Travel Guide: Visit The Daughter Of The Sea

Kuakata Beach is in the district of Patuakhali and belongs to the Latachapali Union of Kalapara police station. Sunset and sunrise are seen simultaneously on Kuakata Beach (Kuakata Sea Beach), stretching over 18 km. Here is a Kuakata Travel Guide for you.

Kuakata Travel Guide

There are some amazing tourist spots to see in Barisal, and Kuakata is located within the Barisal division. While Barisal might be a distance away from the bustling main city of Barisal, it certainly doesn’t fall short in terms of its captivating beauty and array of tourist attractions.

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This feature has made Kuakata unique from all beaches. Sunrise is best seen from the bend of Gangamati on the eastern end of the beach. 

And the good place to see the sunset is the western beach of Kuakata. On one side of the beach is a huge sea and on the other side is a row of coconut trees. 

The clean plains of Kuakata, the beautiful beaches, the horizons, the blue sky, and the mangrove forest have given Kuakata a different dimension.

Fishermen are seen fishing on the Kuakata beach (কুয়াকাটা সমুদ্র সৈকত) almost throughout the year. You can hire motorcycles and horses if you want on the beach. 

The amount of rent usually depends on the distance and time. There are also a few chars near Kuakata. Speedboats, trawlers, and large engine-powered boats are available to go there. 

There are also all picnic arrangements near Kuakata beach.

Sightseeing in Kuakata

Shutki Palli: The location of the village in jail is at the western end of Kuakata beach. It mainly runs from November to March. 

Fish from the sea is dried and made next to the beach. You can watch this activity of the fishermen if you wish. 

And you can buy a variety of choice stalks at a lower price.

Crab Island: A long way east along the Kuakata beach can be seen in Crab Island or Crab Island fame. Thousands of red crabs roam the deserted beaches here. 

The travel season is available on the speed boat from Kuakata beach to Scrub Island from October to March.

Gangamati Forest: Kuakata beach has ended up coming up to the Gangamati canal in the east. And this is where the Gangamati forest begins. 

Apart from different species of plants, there are different birds, forest chickens, monkeys, etc., seen in this forest. 

For many, this forest is known as the jungle of Gangamati.

Fatra Forest: The forest of Fatra begins on the other bank of the river located on the west side of the beach. This forest has almost all the characteristics of the Sundarbans. 

Forest cocks, monkeys, wild boars, and various birds are found here. You have to hire an engine boat to go from Kuakata to Fatra forest.

Kuakata Kua: The Kua is still a witness to the history behind the naming of Kuakata. It is best to view this from Keranipara, the place where the Rakhines live. 

When you enter this neighborhood, you will see this ancient well.

Rangabali Island on the Bay of Bengal is where the Rakhines took refuge after they were expelled from their home in 1784. 

Because the sea’s saltwater was unfit for use, they dug wells for freshwater here, and the place gradually became known as Kuakata.

Seema Buddhist Temple: Seema Buddhist Temple is located just ahead of the ancient well of Kuakata. A few years ago, this wooden temple was demolished, and a new building was constructed. 

The temple includes an ancient Buddhist statue made of ashtadhatu weighing about 37 minds.

Keranipara: Keranipara is the home of the Rakhines as Seema walks a little along the Buddhist temple road. 

Rakhine women are quite skilled at weaving clothes, and the winter sheets they make are very attractive.

Mishrapara Buddhist Temple: About eight kilometers from Kuakata beach, there is a large Buddhist temple in Mishrapara, another village of Rakhines. 

Legend has it that inside this temple is the largest Buddhist statue in the subcontinent.

How to go to Kuakata?

You can go from Dhaka to Kuakata by river and road. 

From Dhaka’s Sadarghat launch terminal, one can launch Patuakhali and take a bus to Kuakata. Or you can go from Sadarghat to Barisal at the launch and go to Kuakata by bus.

Kuakata via Patuakhali at launch from Dhaka

In the afternoon from Sadarghat, the launches of Sundarbans-9, Kuakata-1, MV Prince Awlad-7, Kajal-7, Sundarbans-11, MVAR Khan-1, etc., leave for Patuakhali. 

At these launches, it takes Rs 800 to Rs 1000 to rent single first-class cabins, double cabin fares from Rs 1800 to Rs 3500, and deck fares Rs 200-300. The launches go to various terminals in Patuakhali. 

You have to go to the bus stand by auto from Patuakhali Launch Ghat and go to Kuakata by bus. It will take 2 hours, and the fare is Tk. 130-150. 

Or you can go to Kuakata at a fare of Rs. 50-70 from the bus stand.

Kuakata via Barisal at launch from Dhaka

Several launches leave Sadarghat for Barisal later in the evening and reach Barisal in the morning. The fare on the launch deck is Rs 150-200 per person. 

The launch takes between Rs 700 and Rs 3,500 from the first-class single and double cabin class. 

You have to go from Barisal Launchghat to Rupatoli bus stand and board a bus to Kuakata. 

It will take as long as 3 hours. The fare is Tk. 180-250. You can also travel from Barisal to Kuakata by renting a car.

Bus from Dhaka to Kuakata

From Gabtoli bus stand in Dhaka, Sakura transport, Fast transport, Surovi transport go to Kuakata. 

The fare per person for non-AC buses is Rs 650 to Rs 700, and that for AC buses is Rs 1000. 

It also leaves the Kamalapur BRTC bus depot every morning and night for Kuakata.

Where to stay in Kuakata?

There are residential hotels of different quality in Kuakata for tourists to stay in. According to the value and class, you can stay at these hotels for Rs. 400-5,000. 

Sharing a hotel room will reduce the cost. There is no need to book hotels in advance if the season and public holidays are left out. Of course, you’ll do some bargaining as well. 

Among the hotels in Kuakata:

Youth in Hotel: This tourist corporation hotel can rent rooms of different quality for Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000, Phone: 04428-56207.

Holiday Homes Hotel: This tourist corporation hotel has different rooms for Rs 800 to Rs 2000. Phone: 04428-56004.

Both these hotels of the tourism corporation can be booked from the head office of tourism in Dhaka. Contact: 02-8811109, 02-989288.

Hotel Graver Inn: With several facilities, the hotel has room rent of Tk. 3000-5000 as per various standards. Contact: 01833-318380.

Sea View Hotel: Room rent is Tk. 800-2000.

Beach Haven Resort: AC and non AC single room rent are Tk. 600-1000.

Sea Girl: Room rent is Tk. 1200-2000.

Hotel Banani Palace, Hotel Kuakat Inn, Hotel Nilanjana, Hotel Golden Palace, etc., are also notable among the hotels in Kuakata.

Food Facilities

In Kuakata, hotels arrange for their guests to dine at their restaurants. In addition to this, local restaurants offer a variety of indigenous foods.

Low-Cost Kuakata Tour Plan

Kuakata Cost is influenced by many factors, including the time you go there, how you get there, where you stay, and what you do. 

Without travel expenses, usually leaving the off-season or public holidays will allow you to stay in hotels and travel on motorcycles at a relatively low cost. 

You are given a cost of the day and a tour plan to give you an idea. That’s not how the exact cost will be. You’ll get only one idea from here.

Kuakata Tour Plan

Check-in the hotel on the first day and spend the afternoon on the beach. For the afternoon, hire a motorcycle, go to the lemon forest, and see the sunset in the three river charms. 

Get out early the next morning (before the sun rises). Go on a pre-arranged motorcycle. 

On the way back from sunrise and Lal Kakrar Char, return to the hotel after seeing spots like Rakhine Palli, Kuakata Kua, Buddhist temple, 200-year-old boat, etc. 

It is possible to visit Fatra forest in the afternoon if you wish. If you return to the launch, you must stay at Patuakhali Launch Ghat before 5 pm, in which case you will have to exclude Fatra Char from your travel list. You can also take a bus at night in Dhaka.

Day 1: Check in to the hotel in the morning. Take a sea bath in the afternoon and eat various local foods. 

Hire a motorcycle for Rs 600-800 afternoon. There are about twenty places to visit in Kuakata. 

It will cost as much as Rs 800 to see everywhere, 400 to 500 for 12 places, and Rs 300 for the remaining 8 places. 

And bikers can ask for more money, so bargain. In the afternoon, you can see the sunset in the three river charms, the lemon forest.

Day 2: At 4:30 am, the motorcyclist will take you to Gangamati Char. Return to the hotel after seeing Rakhine Palli, market, Kua, Buddhist temple, 200-year-old boat. 

After lunch, you can go around the forest of Fatra. Return by night bus. 

If you want to return by launch, you have to come to Patuakhali launch ghat before 5.00 pm. In that case, you have to exclude the forest plan of Fatra on that day.

If you want, you can return by the launch via Barisal. The last launch from Barisal to Dhaka left at 9:00 pm.

Kuakata Travel Expenses

It is impossible to specify where a specific travel cost would be. It depends on a lot of factors what it will cost. 

On some time, how to go, what quality hotel to stay in, how to eat, etc. You can check the list of expenses below to get an idea about the cost of traveling to Kuakata.

  • Dhaka – Patuakhali Launch: Deck Tk. 300, Cabin Tk. 1000/2000.
  • Patuakhali – Kuakata Bus: Tk. 140.
  • Dhaka – Kuakata Bus: Tk. 650 (Non-AC), Tk. 1000 (AC).
  • Kuakata Hotel: Fairly quality hotel fare single – 1000, double Tk. 1500.
  • Motorcycle fare: For both, tk. 600-800 for two days.
  • Breakfast: Two days at two o’clock, Tk. 100-200 per person.
  • Lunch: Two days at two o’clock, 300-400 hours per person.
  • Dinner: Two days of dinner, Tk. 300-400 per person.
  • Other expenses: Tk. 500.


Kuakata stands as a truly enchanting destination that seamlessly blends the beauty of both sunrise and sunset along its pristine shores. So, embark on your journey to Kuakata and immerse yourself in its captivating natural and cultural tapestry. I hope you find the article “Kuakata travel guide’ helpful.

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