Kuala Geulumpang Beach - Alluring Luster Of White Sand

Kuala Geulumpang Beach – Alluring Luster Of White Sand

Discover the allure of Pantai Kuala Geulumpang, a beautiful beach in Sumatra, Indonesia. Experience the pristine white sand and breathtaking scenery that sets this beach apart from others in Aceh.

East Aceh Regency is a district in coastal areas of Indonesia with nautical history and marine tourism potential that can be developed easily in the coastal zone to the east and north of the Strait of Malacca, specifically in Sumatra.

Kuala Geulumpang Beach, located in East Aceh Regency, Indonesia, is a stunning sandy beach that attracts many foreign tourists, particularly from Malaysia and Singapore. This beautiful beach is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the natural beauty of Sumatra.

Kuala Geulumpang Beach in Aceh Jaya, Indonesia is very famous for its alluring luster of white sand, making it an ideal tourist destination. The lovely environment and amazing scenery add to the charm of this pantai ini.

Variety of Tours in Kuala Geulumpang Beach

Several things make Pantai Kuala Geulumpang in Aceh Jaya, Sumatra, Indonesia a popular tourist destination. On this beach, there are a variety of tours to choose from.

1. Enjoy The Charm Of Kuala Geulumpang Beach

The charm of Geulumpang Beach in Sumatra, Indonesia is already well known, especially among the people of East Aceh. Located near Kuala Langsa, this beach offers a breathtaking experience for visitors.

This coastline beach is also suitable for family tourists due to the waves’ condition. It adheres to security protocols and doesn’t go too far out into the middle, making it a safe option for those visiting the coasts. Additionally, there is a seawall in place to further protect the beach.

The soft white sand at Geulumpang Beach in Sumatra, Indonesia is famous for attracting tourists to its beach-themed attractions. The condition of the sand on the beaches, including the foredunes, plays a crucial role in drawing visitors.

Most tourists spend most of their time and most of their activities on the sand, making the beaches an ideal destination for children and the elderly alike, especially along the coasts and coastline with their beautiful dunes.

As a result, the charm of beach sand and dunes in Indonesia, specifically Sumatra, is one of the determinants for many tourists, not just the number. And that is the advantage of Kuala Geulumpang Beach.

Kuala Geulumpang Beach in Sumatra, Indonesia is known for its calm waves and beautiful beaches. One of the beach’s main attractions is its abundant mangroves, which provide shade and keep visitors cool.

Interestingly, in addition to coconut trees, quite a few fir trees are growing in Kuala Geulumpang Beach, located in Indonesia’s Sumatra region. This makes the beach a more beautiful tourist spot, surrounded by the lush mangroves and stunning beaches of Indonesia.

Despite the small waves that blow into the sand path, Kuala Geulumpang Beach in Langsa, Sumatra, Indonesia becomes a favorite spot for visitors looking to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

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2. Selfie Spot

Kuala Geulumpang Beach, located in Sumatra, Indonesia, is a favorite among photographers due to its stunning scenery. It rivals even the most picturesque beaches in Thailand.

And the current trend for all circles is the selfie phenomenon. In this phenomenon, age doesn’t matter. Nowadays, selfies may seem to be a necessity, making waves in the fig community and impacting society.

Therefore, Kuala Geulumpang Beach in Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia is recommended for those who take selfies or take videos to post on social media.

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3. Boat

Kuala Geulumpang Beach in Langsa, Indonesia also offers a boat for tourists to explore the beautiful coasts and beaches.

4. Sunset

An attraction featuring a coastal beach motif without sunset charm on the east coast would be like vegetables without salt.

The sunset is one of the most anticipated moments for tourists at Kuala Geulumpang Beach in Indonesia. With its beautiful beaches and stunning views, this beach has become a popular destination for travelers. However, it’s important to note that this area has also experienced the devastating effects of tsunamis in the past, such as the one that hit Langsa. Despite these risks, many still flock to this beach to witness the breathtaking sunset.

Feel the beauty of nature on the coastal beaches, hear the waves crash against the coasts, and breathe in the wind and air of the beach. So, for a moment, we forget the burdens of life and the potential dangers of tsunamis.

That’s the beauty and variety of Kuala Geulumpang Beach in Aceh, Indonesia. Once again, observe the security and health protocols in Langsa that have been established. Always prioritize comfort and security in traveling to these stunning beaches.

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Additional Information on East Aceh Tourism

For travelers interested in tourism in East Aceh, there is exciting news about the geulumpang raya beach and other beaches along the coasts. In 2021, the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary will be constructed, providing a unique attraction for visitors.

Everyone knows the impacts of the tsunami in Aceh, especially on Geulumpang Raya Beach. As a result, using this sanctuary area contributes to preserving the number of Sumatran rhinos.

The prepared location in Aceh, specifically in Langsa, covers a total of 7,200 hectares. Furthermore, 300 hectares will be reserved for Sumatran rhinos at Geulumpang Raya Beach in West Aceh.

Besides saving rhinos, the goal of this region is to develop a tourism industry that focuses on the recovery of the natural environment and the pristine beaches on the east coast. Meanwhile, it is also expected to become a natural tourist attraction for research or studying the impacts of rhinos on the ecosystem.

Where is Kuala Geulumpang Beach Located?

Geulumpang Beach, situated in Gampong Kuala Geulumpang District Julok District in East Aceh Province, is one of the stunning beaches along the coasts of Langsa. It offers a serene and picturesque setting for visitors. However, it is important to note that this area has been affected by a tsunami in the past.

How to get to Kuala Geulumpang Beach?

Kuala Geulumpang Beach, located on the aceh coasts, is easily accessible by land vehicle. Whether you’re using public or private transportation, it’s only about 90 kilometers away from Langsa City. The travel time to reach this coastal destination is approximately 2 hours.

For the first departure from Langsa Terminal in the east, you can use public transportation called Labi-Labi or Sudako. If you’re heading to Geulumpang Raya Beach in the west, be aware of the potential for a tsunami.

To reach Julok District on the west coast of Aceh, take a Labi-Labi from Langsa Terminal. A Labi-Labi is a pickup-type car or open tub that has been modified to include a roof.

The distance between Julok District and Kuala Geulumpang Beach in Aceh is only 10 kilometers along the coastal coasts, with a total travel time of about 30 minutes.

Besides Labi-labi, other types of public transportation available in the west, such as the Bus, Mini Bus, and ADT Jumbo, as well as the legendary Bentor, have impacts on the region, including Aceh, affected by the tsunami.

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What is the Admission Price of Kuala Geulumpang Beach ?

The entrance ticket prices for Kuala Geulumpang beach in Aceh, a coastal area affected by the tsunami, have not been officially decided yet.

What is the Operating Hours of Kuala Geulumpang Beach?

Pantai Kuala Geulumpang, a coastal area known for its stunning views, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you want to relax on the beach or witness the power of a tsunami, this coastal destination offers something for everyone. Visit today and support the ongoing recovery efforts in the area.

Kuala Geulumpang Beach Inns

Kuala Geulumpang Beach, located on the coasts, does not have accommodations. In case you want to stay, there is a coastal inn or hotel near the beach, unaffected by tsunami impacts.

Idi Rayeuk Subdistrict, located on the coastal area, is about 30 minutes from Kuala Geulumpang Beach. There is a price difference based on the type of heat and facilities, but it’s important to consider the potential impacts of tsunamis in this region.

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Travel Tips to Kuala Geulumpang Beach

If you are planning to visit the coastal coasts of Kuala Geulumpang Beach, you should pay attention to some of these tourist tips to avoid the impacts of a tsunami.

When visiting coastal areas, it is important to bring essential items such as a change of clothing, sunblock, hats, and cameras. This is especially crucial in regions prone to tsunamis, as these natural disasters can have severe impacts on coasts.

When visiting coastal areas, such as Geulumpang Beach, it is important to bring your own supplies, especially main foods like rice and side dishes. This is particularly crucial for areas recovering from a tsunami. Geulumpang Beach only serves food and soft drinks, so it’s essential to be prepared. In addition to enjoying the beach, you can also explore culinary tours during your visit.

● Travel when the weather is favorable.

● Always follow the established safety and health protocols

● Do not violate the morals, ethics, or beliefs of the local coastal community. Consider the impacts of a tsunami on coasts.

● Maintain the preservation of nature and do not throw waste away carelessly, especially plastic waste. This is crucial for the recovery and protection of coastal areas, as plastic waste has significant impacts on coasts.

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There are too many hidden paradises on the coastal coasts of this earth. Gradually, however, the beauty of these coastal areas began to reveal itself after the tsunami. The recovery process is ongoing.

Coastal tourism destinations are successful when they are well managed and encouraged by all parties. The recovery of these coasts heavily relies on minimizing the impacts and ensuring sustainable development.

It is also the responsibility of tourists to consider the impacts of their actions on tsunami-prone coasts. It is crucial to not pollute the tourist area and always dispose of garbage properly. Your trash can hinder the recovery of these areas, making it the greatest enemy of the tourist industry. I hope you find the article “Kuala Geulumpang Beach” helpful.

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