Best Things To Do In Kuala Parek Beach, Aceh

Best Things To Do In Kuala Parek Beach, Aceh

There is no doubt about the beauty of Aceh Beaches. This beach is located on the westernmost island of Indonesia.

Moreover, the beach is still natural and beautiful, with little impact from ignorant humans.

The expanse of white sand, the pounding waves, and the wind that shook the leaves brought peace to the tired soul.

The beach is called Kuala Parek Beach, which is located in East Aceh Regency. At this beach, you can still see the natural beauty of the ocean.

The beach in East Aceh is still in its infancy, but its beauty has been heard throughout the community, so many people have visited.

There is a lot of marine tourism in East Aceh, preserving a beautiful beach panorama. Idi Cut Beach, Dua Muka Alur Beach, and many others.

As tourists step onto a stretch of white sand, they are greeted by waves that invite them to play immediately.

Kauala Parek Beach is still under construction, so the facilities and road access are still inadequate. Some of the roads leading to the beach area have not been paved.

Kuala Parek Beach will be developed into a Shariah tourist destination in the future. Due to the application of Islamic law in Aceh, Since Shari’ah has been implemented, its application must be thorough in all aspects of life. The tourist industry is one of them.

Crossing the bridge to reach Kuala Parek Beach has some minor inconveniences, but the effort is rewarded with natural beauty.

Let’s discover the beauty of Kuala Parek Beach!

What Things To Do In Kuala Parek Beach ?

Kuala Parek Beach is still in its development stage, but visitors can participate in several activities while on the beach, such as:

1. Playing With Sand and Waves

The beach at Kuala Parek is natural and has fine sand. On Kuala Parek Beach, you can enjoy the sea’s relatively small waves, the wind gusts, and the ocean’s air.

Playing sand is exciting for children who build castles or do whatever they want.

In Kuala Parek Beach, the waves are not too high, so you can swim in the seawater and enjoy its beauty. However, you still need to be alert and cautious.

The beach still has many coral rock formations, which add a different type of charm. Due to the lack of touch, the ecosystem on this beach is still alive and well.

When you visit a beach, you should look for shells to take home — you can also do that at Kuala Parek Beach Aceh.

As you accompany children to play in the sand, you can also take them to look for shells strewn on the sand.

During the 2004 Aceh Tsunami, Kuala Parek Beach was severely damaged, with its bridge severely damaged.

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2. Fishing

Kuala Parek Beach is renowned for being an excellent place for fishing. There are still many fish in the area. The second reason is that the natural panorama is still stunning.

As a result, the wait for the fish to be caught on the hook will not be felt because of the stunning scenery surrounding it. This is visually pleasing to the eye.

A fishing trip to the estuary or Kuala Parek Beach can take place in the estuary. Usually, people rent boats to go fishing near the beach.

The price range between Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 35,000 depending on your ability to bid. It is recommended to purchase bait for fishing away from the beach area.

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3. Charm Of Fir Beauty

In the beach area, coconut trees and mangroves are usually found. However, fir trees are lining the beach neatly to enhance the beauty of this beach in Kuala Parek beach.

4. Adore the Cats

There are probably a is few instances when you find a cat on the beach. Occasionally, there will be a lot of cats on the beach.

Cats may be from a nearby settlement. Tourists were greeted with joy by a group of cats.

What Is Kuala Parek Beach?

Kuala Parek Beach is situated in the Gampong Kuala Parek Sungai Raya District of East Aceh Regency, Aceh Province – 24452 – Indonesia.

How To Go To Kuala Parek Beach?

Kuala Parek Beach can be reached about 12 kilometers from Sungai Raya District and about 27 kilometers from Langsa.

Many transportation options are available when traveling to Kuala Parek, including private vehicles, public transportation, and travel.

Although the vehicle was close to the shore, it could not reach it. The reason is insufficient facilities. Visitors who wish to get to the beach must cross a wooden bridge first.

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What Is The Admission Price Of Kuala Parek Beach?

Kuala Parek Beach ticket prices have not been announced.

Kuala Parek Beach Operating Hours

Since it is still under development, no official decision has been made regarding its operating hours.

Kuala Parek Beach Accommodations

There is no lodging on this beach because the status of this beach is still under development. For those who desire to stay, several inns are located about 21 km from Kuala Parek Beach.

Prices are reasonable; there is even something below Rp. 100,000.

Kuala Parek Beach Travel Tips

Following these tips is helpful for those of you who wish to enjoy the beach’s beauty:

  • Make sure the weather is sunny at Kuala Parek Beach when you visit, not cloudy or rainy.
  • Prepare your hat or sunglasses for the sun.
  • If you wish to swim or play in the water, you should bring a change of clothes.
  • You should get provisions from home since there are no food or drink stalls at Kuala Parek Beach.
  • Wearing sandals is better than wearing shoes.
  • You should get your child’s sand playing tools so that they feel comfortable.
  • Stay alert and cautious when playing in the water or swimming.
  • Respect local rules and culture and refrain from violating ethics, morals, and beliefs.
  • Be sure to follow health and safety protocols.


The beach can always make us feel relaxed and comfortable. All our problems can be vented at the beach, and the beach is ready to listen and take them away.

Kuala Parek Beach has become our favorite place to visit due to its beauty and naturalness. We should all take care of it together.

It should rapidly develop into a popular destination for Indonesians and Acehnese alike.

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