Boat Rental in La Baule: La Baule Boat Itinerary Ideas

Boat rental in La Baule: ideas for itineraries to discover the homeland of sailors, pancakes, and sailors!

Some call it “the most beautiful beach in Europe” and, it must be admitted, this honorary title is deserved! Nestled in the west of France, La Baule attracts Parisian elites, British travelers, and French enthusiasts.

In addition to its renowned beach, La Baule is home to an exceptional architectural heritage inherited from maritime traditions, the Roaring Twenties and the Belle Epoque. 

While she jealously guards her unique setting, she agrees to share her port with her neighbor, Le Pouliguen.

By the way, do you know that it is possible to rent a boat from La Baule? And even that it is one of the most sensational ways to discover the Wild Coast, the Gulf of Morbihan, and more? 

Boat rental in La Baule: get inspired by our itinerary ideas for your next holiday in Brittany.

Boat Rental in La Baule: La Baule Boat Itinerary Ideas

Itinerary 1: Saint-Nazaire (one day)

Are you limited in time or reluctant to a long sailing route? No worries. In one day, you can largely fill up on thrills and hair tangled with salt and wind!

After climbing the Phare de la Blanche at low tide, eyeing the rows of Belle Epoque villas behind the coast and admiring the architecture of La Baule station: set sail towards Saint-Nazaire.

This real city living on the water’s edge offers beautiful panoramas. History buffs will rest a foot on the ground to discover the Atlantic Shipyards and their giant liners. 

In the afternoon, head into the Loire Estuary to discover where marine waters meet freshwaters. Sail along the channels, ginned with islands and licked by the marshes.

Itinerary 2: The Guérande Peninsula (two days)

Are you planning to rent your boat in La Baule for a weekend? Then head to Guérande!

Day 1: First, it is one of the most beautiful bays in the world that extends to Pouliguen. Throughout your journey, contemplate the cut profile of the Wild Coast and the picturesque villas nestled in the Pines. 

At the end of the morning, disembark at Le Croisic. ‘The latter will seduce you with its port atmosphere that combines sweetness and character. 

Fishing and pleasure boats parade along the quays lined with mansions and old houses. Drop anchor on the Guérande Peninsula. 

This gateway to the medieval world is a treat! You will discover majestic fortifications and white gold: salt.

Day 2: After enjoying the medieval city and pushing the walk to the famous salt marshes, take the sea back to La Baule.

Itinerary 3: The islands of Morbihan (six days)

Are you dreaming of a boat rental in La Baule for over a week? Houat, Hoëdic, Belle-Ile, Groix and the Glénan archipelago are true paradises! These pieces of Atlantic land offer navigation to the rhythm of the tides and their mills. 

An itinerary that encourages contemplation and lends itself perfectly to cabotage. Here, the locals, wildlife, and landscapes are unlike anything else on Earth.

Day 1: Aim for a night at anchor on the island of Houat, where nature reigns. This island is a well-kept secret, subject to the whims of the turquoise ocean and swept by stretches of golden sand.

Day 2: Belle-Île-en-Mer has nothing more to prove. This mythical place is bathed in a breathtaking natural environment. 

The landscape resembles a master canvas where shredded cliffs, moors, and dunes mingle with picturesque harbors and houses.

Day 3: on this third day, cabotage to the joyous island of Groix. Here, the keywords are conviviality and cultural vivacity. 

Explore the pretty coves and beaches after stopping for a taste of a traditional creperie.

Day 4: End your journey in style with a visit to the Glénan archipelago. Its seven islands with an almost Polynesian look (the intense heatless) take you onboard like in a waking dream.

Day 5: you are on the way back, in the direction of La Baule. To cut the route in half, why not stop on the granite island of Hoëdic? This pretty pebble, which can boast of its rare vegetation and beaches at the end of the world, is a perpetual enchantment.

Day 6: Return to La Baule.

Tips for sailing in La Baule

For a boat rental in La Baule in peace, do not hesitate to use the service of a skipper. The waters of Brittany are renowned for their strong currents.

A skipper mastering all the subtleties of nautical charts and isolated dangers will allow you to sail safely. In addition, these experienced sailors are perfect tourist guides!

What is the best season to rent a boat in La Baule?

Ah… Brittany and the weather… But don’t stop at the clichés! From the end of spring (end of April), you can rent a boat in La Baule and enjoy mild weather.

Besides, this period is a good compromise between low tourist attendance and affordable rates. Of course, you will be warmer and more likely to swim in July and August. September and October, meanwhile, have similar charms in spring!

How much does a boat rental in La Baule cost?

Depending on the model, renting a boat in La Baule costs between 100€ to 500€ per day. The rate to which it will be necessary to add gasoline or the rental of leisure equipment—the services of a skipper amount to about 150 € per day.

How to rent a boat in La Baule?

Brittany is best discovered by the sea that has shaped its history and traditions. The renters have well understood this. So you will find many specialized local companies.

However, this option is more expensive than a boat rental platform between individuals. By choosing a leading company, such as Samboat, you are sure to save money and get a quality rental.

To rent a boat in La Baule, you just have to search on the site for the boat that suits you. Then you just need to contact the owner through dedicated messaging.

Which boat to rent in La Baule?

Via a site specialized in boat rental in La Baule, you will have access to a large selection of boats. Motorboats, semi-rigid boats, sailboats, and catamarans patiently wait for you to set your sights on them.


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