What To Do In Lake Havasu Without A Boat? 14 Must Do

What to Do in Lake Havasu without A Boat? 14 Must Do

Wanna know what do do in lake Havasu without a boat? Then you’re at the right place, keep reading the in-depth article.

Lake Havasu emerges as a sparkling gem amid the arid desert landscapes of Arizona, situated in the heart of the American Southwest. Popular for its blue waters and a wealth of recreational opportunities, Lake Havasu has earned its reputation as a relaxing destination for locals and travelers. While most people talk about the boat experience on the lake but here I will tell you, what else you can do in Lake Havasu without a boat.

Parker Dam on the Colorado River is the leading basement of Lake Havasu; it has stretched a serene expanse across more than 19,000 acres, with amenities like a picturesque playground for water enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Though Lake Havasu is known as a boater’s paradise, its offerings extend larger beyond the water. But there is a lot to do in Lake Havasu without a boat; travelers can enjoy plenty of fun activities such as the rugged terrain of Sara Park to basking in the golden rays on sandy beaches.

Whether you’re a water enthusiast, a passionate hiker, a history curious, or someone in love with nature, Lake Havasu would be an unforgettable experience for you. Today we will talk in detail about the warm hospitality, the myriad of activities, and the undeniable allure of its scenic surroundings Lake Havasu.

What to Do in Lake Havasu without A Boat?

Lake Havasu City is very attractive for its stunning blue waters, rugged desert landscapes, and recreational facilities. While Lake Havasu is famous for being a boater’s paradise, there is nothing to be hesitated if you don’t have the privilege to get a boat.

There are hundreds of exciting activities that you can experience and do in Lake Havasu without a boat. Are you a nature lover, adventure seeker, or someone who is a data and evidence collector of history and culture? Lake Havasu City has something to offer for every type of people.

1. Explore Lake Havasu State Park

Lake Havasu State Park features several beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a swim, sunbathe, nature trails, boat ramps, picnics, and convenient campsites. The park also has trails where you can do hiking, perfect for a nature walk or immerse yourself in breathtaking views of the beloved lake and surrounding desert.

The park features three boat ramps, fifty-four campsites, thirteen beach-side cabins, a specialized event zone, a picnic zone, and natural beaches to make your trip unforgettable. The Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden gives you the smell of the diverse life circle within the park and the desert area. You will often see birds, lizards, and cottontails of desert in the park.

2. Visit the London Bridge 

One of Lake Havasu’s most iconic attractions is the London Bridge. The bridge was originally made in 1831 to span the Thames River in London but it was slowly sinking into the river so the authority had to disassemble the bridge.

The bridge was put on an auction and a Richman named Robert McCulloch won the bid, he wanted to take the bridge in his new city in the Arizona desert. So the bridge got shipped over from England in the 1960s and got reassembled brick by brick.

Though there was no necessity for a bridge in Lake Havasu City, the landlord wanted to take this ancient piece of history to increase the importance of his newly built city. In 1971 the London Bridge got officially opened in Arizona. The bridge now connects the mainland to an island and serves as a gateway to various shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

3. Take a Tour of the City

If you are a random travel freak then I will say it is mandatory for you to join a guided tour to explore the city’s landmarks and learn about its history. The knowledgeable guides will provide fascinating insights into Lake Havasu City’s development and the intriguing story behind the London Bridge. The city has more than 140 restaurants, it simply provides you with the idea of diverse dining opportunities in the city.

The restaurants serve diverse and delicious dining options. The Turtle Grille at the Nautical Beachfront Resort, Javelina Cantina, Barley Brothers Brewery, Shugrue’s, Makai Café, and Blue Chair are a few popular resorts in the city. Lake Havasu City offers cold, refreshing local beer to locals and tourists. 

4. Enjoy Water Activities on the Beach

Although you might not have a boat, you can still partake in various water-based activities. Rent paddleboards, kayaks, or jet skis to paddle or ride along the lake’s calm waters. You can experience a different perspective so closer to nature. In the seasons of spring, summer, and fall you will be able to rent kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards at London Bridge Beach in Lake Havasu City.

The northern side of Lake Havasu City is a popular spot for paddling. Also, there are a lot of little coves and secret spots to swim and picnic. Approximated to be around 4.25 miles long, the water trail takes paddlers by the shores of the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. Where you can meet and sight hundreds of different species of birds, coyotes, foxes, and bobcats.

The Topock Gorge, a mountainous, wild canyon north of Lake Havasu City will give you an extraordinary peaceful breath. You should take a guided full-moon tour of the gorge. If you are a kayak lover, this is definitely one of the best things to do in Lake Havasu.

5. Go Fishing

You might don’t know that Lake Havasu has a good reputation as a fishing destination, and you can try your luck from the shoreline. There are several spots surrounding the lake where you can enjoy the pleasure of fishing for bass, catfish, and some other freshwater fishes.

6. Hike Sara Park

Who says that you can not have any fun in Lake Havasu without a boat? In the list of adventurous entertainment around the lake, hiking is one of the best things to do in the winter season. Lake Havasu offers some fantastic hiking trails, whether you’re looking for a calm nature walk or an all-day excursion. If you pay the visit in the winter that will provide perfect weather for hiking the desert trails around Lake Havasu.

Venture to SARA Park, which is the most recommended trail for hiking and mountain biking. The trails go through the desert landscape that witness the area’s unique views of cliffs, rock formations, and wading birds.

This five-mile loop will lead you to a sandy wash, through a beautiful slot canyon, and down to the wonderful lake. While returning, you can take the way that you came by, or climb to the yellow trail, which provides an amazing stunning scenario of the lake and the mountains.

7. Visit the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge

A visit to the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge is a must to observe migratory birds and other native wildlife in their natural lifestyle. The National Wildlife Refuge seems to be a dream zone for those who are enthusiasts to know or watch the real bird or wildlife; or those who are interested to write either a research paper-blog or a book on practical wildlife.

The refuge contains more than 318 bird species practicing their own diverse habitats and nature. Suddenly you will see some coyotes, foxes, and bobcats cross the roads searching for rabbits or mice. 

8. Visit Rotary Community Park at Lake Havasu

Rotary Community Park is a centrally located park that is a relaxing point for both residential and non-residential visitors. The lush green grass, walkways that are shaded by trees, and safe buoyed swim areas of the park offer a peaceful environment to wind down and relax. 

The park is easily accessible by boat or car. This park is one of the most beloved places for enjoining picnics in the city as a result though there are around sixteen picnic spots inside the area then also you might have to book a picnic zone or ramada at least forty-five days before your expected date. The picnic zone features a shade canopy, barbecue, picnic table, and an amazing view of Lake Havasu.

9. Explore the Lake Havasu Museum of History

Gain insights into the region’s rich history and cultural heritage at the Lake Havasu Museum of History. It features exhibits and artifacts that showcase the city’s past and the native tribes that once inhabited the area.

The planning of the Lake Havasu Museum of History was prepared with a further view to let the growing and future generations know the significance of the creation and development of the Lake Havasu City area also can gather knowledge from the past and recognize the need to preserve the historical heritage over the world.

Exploring the extensive history of the Lake Havasu City area through the eyes of Native American Chemehuevi and Mohave tribes. You can take a trip along the Colorado River on a steamboat and visit the mining and trading communities. Check the Parker Dam is planned to be built and how Lake Havasu was created. Get into the shoes of the dreamer of this city, Robert McCulloch. He has built an empire in a barren desert land.

10. Stroll Along the Bridgewater Channel

There was no need for a bridge when the London Bridge was reassembled in Lake Havasu. So there was a channel built underneath the bridge. That is another fascinating place to take a leisurely walk along. The channel is lined with shops, eateries, and vibrant nightlife, offering a delightful ambiance day and night.

11. Attend Local Events

The city is full of fun and enjoyment; the local event calendar is always scheduled for festivals, concerts, boat races, fairs, festivals like the balloon festival (2024), and many other special events. So check if any event is taking place during your visit dates. Lake Havasu City often hosts various events, creating a vibrant atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

12. Explore the Aesthetic Sunset

From the beginning, I have been talking about the natural beauty of Lake Havasu which has made a sweet scratch on my heart. If you do nothing at the destination then also you must at least explore and feel the hypnotic nature of the location. The breathtaking sunsets over Lake Havasu are one of the most impressive scenarios that you will never-ever forget in your life.

Look for a comfortable spot along the shoreline earlier than sunset time and enjoy the natural spectacle as the sun goes out of sight it starts casting hues of orange and purple across the sky and the water.

13. Havasu 95 Speedway

Are you a motorsport freak? Then Lake Havasu City has an amazing deal for you The Havasu 95 Speedway! This is one of the most popular destinations for moto race lovers around the region. People come to enjoy the great car race and moto battle events on such a beautiful speedway.

14. Visit the Lake Havasu Lighthouse

The Lake Havasu Lighthouse is not such a popular attraction as the historic London Bridge on the lake for being located in the desert but that is still interesting to visit and hundreds of travelers visit the lighthouse in the meantime of their trip to Lake Havasu City. 

On both the Arizona and California side of the lake, there are 25 lighthouses dotting the shores of Lake Havasu. Visiting the lighthouses is always an exciting activity for tourists to do in Lake Havasu. The lighthouses are fully-functional 1/3 scale which is the symbols of historic US lighthouses still found on the east and west coasts, as well as the Great Lakes region. 


Is there any fee to get access to Lake Havasu?

Take Off Point allows free public access to fishing and boating in Lake Havasu. They developed through the Lake Havasu Fisheries Improvement Program with a cooperative partnership. So you can enjoy free access to world-class fishing in Lake Havasu.

What to Do in Lake Havasu without a boat?

There are plenty of activities that you can do and enjoy in Lake Havasu without a boat. Though the name of Lake Havasu reflects boating to many of us there are many more like London Bridge, State Park, Paddling and Hiking Trails, Natural Scenarios, History Measum, Rich Dinning Restaurants, Local Culture and Festivals, and many more to enjoy in Lake Havasu. 

Final Words

Fortunately known as the paradise for the boating freaks, Laka Havasu City has plenty of opportunities to offer you that you can do without a boat in Lake Havasu; each of them gonna make you worth it. You can do paddling, hiking, visit nature, have a nature walk, see the historic London Bridge, observe festivals, watch a speed race, do shopping, learn about the past and future from the history museum, explore wildlife in the park, and so on in Lake Havasu.

So it’s all from my personal tour experience in Lake Havasu City, I would definitely suggest you take a holiday and explore the amazing creation in the deserts that has immersed natural and cultural beauty.

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