Visit Lampuuk Beach [The Best Surfing Attraction In Aceh]

Visit Lampuuk Beach [The Best Surfing Attraction In Aceh]

Experience world-class surfing at Lampuuk Beach, the top surfing destination in Aceh, Indonesia. With its clear waters, consistent waves, and stunning scenery, Lampuuk Beach offers the ultimate surfing experience. Plan your visit today and ride the waves in this tropical paradise.

Around Lampuuk Beach the biggest tsunamiOpens in a new tab. of the modern era struck on December 26, 2004. The wave reaches 360 kilometers per hour and reaches a height of 30 meters.

With a magnitude of 9.3 and 10 kilometers on the seabed, 1,167,000 people died and were missing, resulting in tens of trillions in losses.

It is this incident that destroyed Aceh and caused its people great sorrow. All sectors of life were paralyzed, including the marine tourism industry.

Acehnese people are traumatized by the sea, and many people outside Aceh become reluctant to go to the beach for fear of another tsunami.

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With 16 years having passed, the grief of the disaster has slowly faded away with laughter – realigning marine tourism destinations to exude the charm of the ocean.

The journey to revive Lampuuk Beach tourism took 16 years. However, now it is ready to compete with other attractions because of all the things it has to offer tourists.

The location of Lampuuk Beach is very strategic and close to the city center. Banda Aceh is only 20 kilometers away from this location.

It is not only marine tourism that can be enjoyed by tourists when they visit Aceh.

Tourists will be spoilt by many tourist attractions. There are culinary, cultural, and historical tours available. 

34,465 foreign tourists were visiting Aceh in 2019, an increase of about 7 percent.

This indicates a recovery of tourism in Aceh after the tsunami. The second reason is that Aceh’s natural beauty is its main attraction for tourists, both locally and internationally.

Aceh tourism revolves mainly around the sea, which has a beautiful natural charm usually untouched by ignorant tourists.

Besides, Lampuuk Beach is one of Aceh’s major attractions to be proud of. The charm of its beauty makes one forget the suffering it once caused.

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Overview of Variety of Tourism, Activities, and Charms of Lampuuk Beach

The development of the internet world today has contributed to the development of tourism. Many attractions are born from “Insta Tourism.”

The popularity of social media will also be the rapid growth in tourism of Lampuuk Beach.

1. Surfing Paradise

As the waves are pretty large, the waves at Lampuuk Beach become a paradise and friends for lovers of surfing sports.

Although you can only watch experts surf in the waves at Lampuuk Beach, it is still a stunning sight to see.

Even if you are a spectator, you can feel the tension, especially when surfers fall off the board. 

You can watch the surfers under a shady tree that provides shade during hot weather while drinking fresh coconuts.

2. Sand Beach

The sand at Lampuuk Beach is very soft and white, making it an ideal place to play with the family.

While at Lampuuk Beach, guests can play ball, chase cats, build sandcastles, and even reflect on God’s creations while playing in the sand.

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3. Educational Tourist Spot

Turtles are protected as breeding grounds. It is located not far from the beach area. Getting to the turtle breeding site at Lampuuk Beach requires traveling through Babah Dua.

This breeding place is an excellent opportunity for your children to learn about endangered species. They will also learn about the importance of protecting the surrounding nature. 

4. Culinary

The stomach becomes snout after spending too much time at Lampuuk Beach. Many stalls or restaurants are serving typical Acehnese cuisine near the beach for travelers.

Usually, the stall serves grilled corn, fresh coconuts, Aceh coffee, and delicious seafood dishes.

Many varieties of seafood were available, including bawal fish, squid, grouper fish, and shrimp.

Tourists to Lampuuk Beach are not only drawn by its natural charm and educational value but also by its culinary value.

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5. Selfie Spot

Tourists can take a lot of selfies due to the natural charm of the area.

Taking pictures and sharing posts about this beach on social media promotes the rapid development of the tourist industry, particularly Lampuuk Beach.

Beaches, clear water, waves, and fresh air are immortalized in perfect pictures.

Where is Lampuuk Beach located

The location of Lampuuk Beach is on Jalan Raya Lampuuk Village, Meunasah Masjid, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar, Aceh Province

How to get to Lampuuk Beach

The first departure from Banda Aceh by private vehicle only takes about 20 minutes to Lampuuk Beach.

Use labi-labi or public transportation to reach the Banda Aceh – Lhoknga department, which takes approximately 40 minutes.

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Around Lampuuk Beach, there are already a number of inns offering excellent amenities and views. The price varies according to the facilities that tourists can obtain.

Entrance Ticket to Lampuuk Beach

Admission to Lampuuk Beach is Rp. 3,000 per person. If you’re coming with family and relatives, it’s the perfect ticket at a very reasonable price since it won’t drain your wallet.

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Lampuuk Beach Operating Hours

Lampuuk Beach operates 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

Travel Tips

Lampuuk Beach is rising to the glory of marine tourism. As part of the travel tips, I encourage everyone to keep a clean environment and throw garbage where it belongs.

We must all understand that garbage is the biggest threat to a tourist attraction.

I hope you find the article “Visit Lampuuk Beach – [The Best Surfing Attraction In Aceh]” helpful.

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