Lanaga Meulaboh Beach, Aceh - Review, Location, Route, And Variety Of Tours

Lanaga Meulaboh Beach, Aceh – Review, Location, Route, and Variety of Tours

Variety of Tourism and Charm of Lanaga Beach

Lanaga Meulaboh Beach has something special today that was not there before the tsunami of 2004.   However, Lanaga Beach still offers several tours that are popular among tourists, including:

1. Jet Ski On Lanaga Beach – The tension is always wrapped in excitement; that’s the Jet Ski ride.

It is a fantastic experience to use Jet Skis to explore the waters of Lanaga Beach. It seems that the gas is pulling faster and faster during Apalgi.

A Jet Ski ride on Lanaga Beach always entails a sense of tension and excitement.

2. Boat Race

Lanaga Beach also hosted boat races at specific points. There are still many visitors at this boat festival when this race is held, though it’s exciting.

The most noteworthy feature about rowing is that it has been decorated with various colors, so the surrounding beach area is filled with vibrant colors that are immediately noticeable.

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3. Playing Sand

Visitors love to be at Lanaga Beach during the holidays, and its sand area is always favored when the weather is good.

Most visitors to Lanaga Beach come with families and spend time in the sand area while occasionally playing in the waves.

The sand at Lanaga Beach is brown, and the waves there can reach up to 1 meter high, so be careful when playing in the waves.

4. Selfie Spot

In the 21st century, a person must always display his social media presence, even while traveling.

As internet usage overgrows, the internet becomes an effective tool for promoting every tourist destination.

The beauty of Lanaga Beach is similarly a paradise for those who enjoy taking pictures.

Lanaga Beach offers numerous photo opportunities. Definitely, with outstanding results.

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5. Abeh Wednesday Tradition

The community partakes in this tradition around the arrival of the month of Maulid. The tradition has been passed down through generations.

On Abeh Wednesday, people pray together on the beach and eat together to resist reinforcements.

Furthermore, the purpose of the Abeh Wednesday tradition is to inform visitors that activities on the beach should not violate norms, ethics, and religious sharia.

One of the different ways to have a positive beach experience is by participating in Abeh Wednesday. This is particularly hoped for by the surrounding community.

History of Lanaga Beach

There is a myth about a giant dragon that connects Lanaga Beach to the river or mouth of Krueng Meureubo that originated around 1978.

Whenever you read my writings, you will find a historical or mythological dimension that develops in the community.

Because legends, history, and myths are two sides of the coin with most of Indonesia’s tourist attractions.

Word-of-mouth folklore aims to transmit and preserve noble values and wisdom for future generations.

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Culinary in Lanaga Beach

The potential of tourism in Indonesia is so great, from natural to historical tourism, even culinary tourism becomes a destination worth considering.

The province of Aceh offers many culinary tours that have already gained a reputation for being one of the best in the country.

There is no doubt that sola tastes very good on the tongue, and this is a typical Acehnese culinary that tourists can taste while visiting Lanaga Beach, especially in the city of Meulaboh:

1. Harmony Crab Noodles

Are you familiar with Harmony Crab Noodles? Aceh noodles might be standard, but have you ever tried them? It would be a shame if not.

Once the spicy flavors of Harmony Crab Noodles hit the tongue, it is difficult to resist their strength. They contain Aceh Noodle Seasoning, which is legendary.

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2. Coffee Tubruk Or Tebalek Coffee

If you don’t mention coffee when discussing Aceh, you are not describing the typical Aceh culture. Since the past few years, Kaman, Aceh’s tubruk coffee has become very popular.

There are also differences in the way drinks are prepared. As the glass is served upside down, the base of the glass is shaped like a small plate.

It emerges little by little from the glass and enters the plate so that it is not the glass serving the drink but the plate itself.

Where is Lanaga Beach located?

Lanaga Beach is located in Peunaga Village, Meureubo District, West Aceh Province, Indonesia.

How to go to Lanaga Beach?

Lanaga Beach is a simple route and can be reached in minutes by car from the city of Meulaboh.

But the current conditions of Lanaga Beach are different from the conditions before the 2004 tsunami. The beach at Lanaga looks like a tropical island.

It is necessary to pass through the Krueng Meureubo Estuary before reaching Lanaga Beach.

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Lanaga Beach Inn

Lanaga Beach is located 5 kilometers from Koya center in Meulaboh city, so there are more lodging options around the beach.

The prices of various lodgings start at Rp. 150,000 and ends at Rp. 700,000.

There is a difference in price due to the type of facilities, views, and services.

Lanaga Beach Admission Price

Up until now, there is no official price set for tourists to enter Laguna Beach.

Operating Hours

As Lanaga Beach is still developing as part of a separate marine tourism industry, no official announcement regarding its operating hours has been made.

Nevertheless, Lanaga Beach has been a tourist attraction since 1996.

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Travel Tips

There are some tourist tips that tourists must follow when visiting Lanaga Beach. Including:

Visit when the weather is clear.

● Make sure all supplies are packed and brought

● Don’t throw garbage away, especially plastic waste.

● The Acehnese people are a religious society reflected by their adherence to Islamic legislation and the tradition of Abeh Wednesday, which takes place on Lanaga Beach every year. Thus, visitors must respect the values held by the local community.

● Observe established safety and health protocols


Tourism in the marine sector has been growing dramatically over the past few years. Thanks to the development of the internet, especially social media, these hidden paradises are coming forward.

Therefore, enjoy the excitement of marine tourism while preserving nature and destroying the least amount of natural works.

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