Langsa Mangrove Forest Tour Review, Location, Address, Ticket Price, And Beauty

Langsa Mangrove Forest Tour Review, Location, Address, Ticket Price, and Beauty

Indonesia’s maritime wealth is well known internationally. Thus, Indonesia is naturally home to marine tourism of the highest quality.

But there is one type of plant that people forget about if there is a beach packed with plants and trees. This is the name mangrove.

There is an international-level mangrove forest attraction in Langsa City, Aceh province, which might be considered a marine tourism destination due to the presence of these plants. The name of the tourist location is Langsa Mangrove Forest.

Langsa Mangrove Forest covers 8000 hectares and is the largest mangrove forest in Southeast Asia with diverse species.

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There are 38 different types of mangroves in one mangrove forestOpens in a new tab. area, so it rarely becomes overgrown with different species.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a mangrove forest is a forest-grown in the brackish water marshes that surround the coastline.

It grows precisely in coastal areas and near river mouths, influenced by the sea’s tides.

One of the province’s islands, Pulau Weh, has already achieved international fame.

Another shock comes when an extensive mangrove forest is discovered in Aceh.

Lansa Mangrove Forest affirms that ecosystems and natural balance are maintained despite rapid development. 

You should keep in mind that mangrove forests provide numerous benefits to human beings living on land. The problem is that most humans do not realize the advantages.

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These are some of the benefits of mangrove forests:

● Prevent Sea Water Intrusion

● Preventing Erosion and Abrasion

● Natural filter from waste

● Food Source Area for Some Types of Fauna

Let’s know more about Langsa Mangrove Forest: 

The Charm and Variety of Langsa Mangrove Forest Tourism

Langsa Mangrove Forest is not only a natural tourism destination but also an excellent educational excursion.

Here is the variety of tourism and charm of Langsa Mangrove Forest:

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1. Elok Bridge

Imagine strolling through swamps, mud, and water like you would in a wild forest when visiting Langsa Mangrove Forest. The Sundanese say “asruk-asrukkan”.

There is nothing more peaceful than walking around a mangrove forest like Langsa. How can it be? The journey around the forest is made possible by the path that has been provided.

The path is in the form of a long bridge made of cool colors. The shape of the bridge is very artistic as well.

There is a gazebo or Lesehan place next to the bridge path. There are many gazebos in the park. It seems like a Lesehan place is around every corner.

Along the path of the bridge is a selfie spot well worth posting on social media. The beautiful bridge blends with the natural beauty of Langsa Mangrove Forest.

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2. Flora And Fauna

Langsa mangrove forest is home to numerous species of flora, including no fewer than 38 types of mangrove. There are other kinds of plants too.

The most unique and exciting aspect of visiting mangrove forests is seeing the fauna or animals that live there, including monkeys that sometimes play along visitor paths.

There is no reason to be surprised by the monkeys playing on the bridge. Monkey’s arrival at the Mangrove Langsa forest is precisely what attracts tourists.

The area is popular with tourists from all over the world, not just locals. So that you know, don’t bother the animals.

Ecosystem life in mangrove forests will be endangered if they are not managed optimally. It will speed up the abrasion process.

Let’s take extra care of our natural treasures because the Langsa Mangrove Forest is part of the world’s lungs and part of the balance of nature.

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3. Tower

You can climb to a tower or watchtower to see the absolute beauty of mangrove forests. You’ll be amazed at what you see.

However, be careful when climbing the tower…

Amenities of Langsa Mangrove Forest

Langsa Mangrove Forest attractions are complete. A pier and parking lots, mushola, public restrooms, and canteens are nearby.

Location and Address of Langsa Mangrove Forest

Location and Address of Langsa Mangrove Forest is in Kuala Langsa area, West Langsa, Langsa City Opens in a new tab., Aceh province.

Route to Langsa Mangrove Forest

The route to Langsa Mangrove Forest can be traversed by all types of vehicles, both motorcycles, and cars. Unfortunately, there are no public transportation options that reach this location.

Due to its proximity to Kuala Langsa’s port, Langsa Mangrove Forest is easy to reach.

Langsa City is only about 8 kilometers away, and the travel time is approximately 20 minutes.

First, a route departs Langsa City for Langsa Mangrove Forest, then a route departs from Jalan Iskandar Sani.

Then continue your journey towards Jalan Kuala Langsa. Approximately 7 kilometers after traveling left. You will see the mangrove forest there.

Langsa Mangrove Forest Entrance Ticket Price

The entrance price of Mangrove Forest Langsa is Rp. 5,000 per person.

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Langsa Mangrove Forest Operating Hours

Langsa Mangrove Forest Operating Hours from 09.00 to 18.00. Open from Monday to Sunday.

Magrove Langsa Forest Inns

Langsa Mangrove Forest doesn’t have any properties.

Tips for Traveling to Langsa Mangrove Forest

For a relaxing getaway at the mangrove forest Langsa, keep in mind the following tourism tips. Including:

● Always maintain and respect the ethics, morals, and beliefs of the local community. The same rules apply to Langsa to mangrove forests – no indecent acts, making out with unmarried women, or other laws contradictory to Islam.

● Mangrove forests are part of the monkey habitat in Langsa. When monkeys are sitting along the road or the tour path at a tourist site, do not be surprised and panic.

● Do not damage the environment, and do not throw garbage here and there, especially plastic and cigarette butts.

● Always be careful when climbing the watchtower. It is better not to climb the tower if you are afraid of heights.

  • Make sure you bring your camera… Because the view is very Instagrammable.


Nature’s balance is represented by forests, seas, land, and creatures.

Not only do humans play a role, but all beings have a vital role in building harmony. Therefore, take care of the preservation of nature and its contents.

We should teach our children positive values and understand that humans and nature must always be in harmony. Both are God’s creations.

Happy holiday.

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