17 Latest Tourist Destinations In Langsa Aceh

17 Latest Tourist Destinations in Langsa Aceh

Langsa City is one of the cities located in Aceh Province. Since its formation in 2001, Langsa has had 5 subdistricts with their uniqueness. Now Langsa City has transformed in various fields ranging from industry to tourism.

Having a well-designed city layout makes this city much more interesting to visit. This is why you should not miss visiting tourist attractions in Langsa that will surely give you a different feel and experience.

The beauty of Langsa City may still not be widely known by tourists from various corners. Langsa City comes into its own when it comes to its tourist attractions that are always amazed by.

First of all, you will feel as if you are in a small paradise in Aceh. If you would like to discover the beauty of Langsa, take the time to visit some of the best spots that are guaranteed to impress.

Latest Tourist Destinations in Langsa Aceh

The following will explain some tourist attractions in the Langsa area suitable for you to fill your vacation time.

1.Langsa White Sand Beach/Pantai Pasir Putih Langsa

This beach is one of the destinations that you should not miss when visiting Langsa. The blue sea water and white sand that looks clean certainly make anyone seem impatient to play water on this beach immediately.

Uniquely, on the shoreline, mangrove trees grow on the sand to give an exotic impression.

With fishing boats leaning or sailing on this beach, the scenery is even more spectacular. Pasir Putih Langsa Beach is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable vacation experience.

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2.Langsa City Forest/Hutan Kota Langsa

Langsa City Forest is a protected forest often used as a family tourist destination by the local community.

Although most of this tourist area is forest, there are also children’s and adult rides that are ready to pamper tourists.

Besides being a popular destination for families, companies or communities often use Langsa City Forest as an outbound location.

There are already outbound facilities available in Langsa City Forest, so it is no wonder that people choose to go outbound here.

There is another unusual feature in Langsa city forest, where the local government built a treehouse. 

With a very affordable entrance ticket price, you are sure to experience exciting natural attractions and stay up to date.

To be able to enter the city forest, you only have to pay a ticket of Rp. 3000, and for a motorcycle parking fee of Rp. 2000, a car park of Rp. 5000.

Here you can see a comprehensive collection of animals and plants. Among them are deer, apes, snakes, ferrets, hedgehogs, birds, and even crocodiles.

There is a forest with about 9 hectares that can be used for vacationing with your family.

A wide range of facilities has been provided to the city forest to make visitors comfortable. These include public toilets, gazebos, parking lots, food stalls, rental carpets worth 20 thousand dollars, and outbound rides.

Come to Paya Bujok Seuleumak, Langsa Baro to play in the jungles of Langsa city.

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3.Teulaga Tujoh Island/Pulau Teulaga Tujoh

The island of Teulaga Tujoh is among Langsa’s best and most complete tourist attractions. This island has a charm of beauty that is undoubtedly suitable to visit during the holidays.

Teulaga Tujoh Island has a beautiful natural panorama with a stretch of white sand and clear seawater. The vast forest surrounding the island also adds to the beauty of Teulaga Tujoh Island.

This island is relatively quiet, suitable for those who want to unwind and be away from the crowds.

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4.Langsa Mangrove Park/Taman Mangrove Langsa

Langsa Mangrove Park is a land defense fort to protect from abrasion. Langsa Mangrove Park can be reached within 10 kilometers of Kuala Langsa.

The location of this mangrove park is also facing the sea to provide a very stunning view.

Not only that, but this park is also connected to the port pier, which will add some additional panorama to witness.

You can find a long bridge that cuts through and is in the middle of a mangrove forest. While walking across this bridge, you can enjoy the beauty of mangrove forests with different species.

The fantastic atmosphere of the mangrove forest is perfect for unwinding while enjoying culinary dishes served by food stalls around the mangrove park.

Uniquely, in this area, a population of cute apes is already familiar with humans. Thus you do not have to worry about being disturbed by a herd of apes living freely in this mangrove forest area.

This blend of natural and marine tourism makes Langsa Mangrove ParkOpens in a new tab. one of the popular tourist attractions in Langsa.

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5.Balee Juang Building/Gedung Balee Juang

Tourist attractions in Langsa include both natural and historical attractions. One of them is the historical Balee Juang Building which is located in the middle of Langsa City.

Balee Juang Building is a Dutch heritage building that was founded in 1920. This building is indeed a tourist attraction that can add knowledge about history.

Besides, when visiting this building, tourists can feel a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. Behind the grandeur of the Balee Juang Building, there is a fascinating historical story.

Further, the European style design of Building Balee Juang will undoubtedly provide beauty. Balee Juang Building is in the middle of the city, so getting to it is no easy feat.

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6.Artificial Beach in Kuala Langsa/Pantai Buatan Kuala Langsa

Buatan Kuala Langsa Beach Tourism is located adjacent to mangrove tourism. Considering its location nearby, it is not surprising that This Artificial Beach Kuala Langsa has mangrove forests as its main attraction.

Lesehan offers visitors the chance to relax along the shoreline of this beach. In addition to enjoying the scenery and relaxing, visitors can also swim at this beach.

7.Vitra Tirta Raya Waterboom

The swimming pool is located on Jalan TM Bahrum, West Langsa, only a few years ago.

Uniquely, this swimming pool is touted as a swimming pool with complete facilities in Aceh Province. 

Furthermore, most of the swimming pool area has been built to international standards, so there is no need to hesitate when visiting.

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8.Sharp Bamboo Garden/Taman Bambu Runcing

Tourists flock to Taman Bambu Runcing for its monuments that resemble sharp yellow bamboo. Located in the middle of the park, the memorial adds to the beauty of The Sharp Bamboo Garden.

In 1948, this park was established to honor the Langsa heroes who fought against the invaders to protect Aceh.

This park is located in Gampong Jawa Village, Langsa Kota District, Langsa City, Aceh. This park is one of the favorite hangout places in Langsa for young children.

This park also has many supporting facilities, ranging from seating, footpaths, trash cans, toilets, mosques, etc. Usually, the park is open 24 hours a day.

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9.Mutiara Waterpark

If you are looking for a fun and exciting family tourist spot, the Mutiara Waterpark is the perfect place to visit. The park features water rides and swimming pools that are sure to satisfy any water lover.

As the name implies, this waterpark has various water rides so that tourists will not get bored while playing water.

There are also many foods and beverages vendors in the Mutiara Waterpark area to make it easier for tourists to fill their stomachs after swimming.

If you want a vacation to Mutiara waterpark, just come to Paya Bujok Seuleumak Village, Langsa Baro District, Langsa City, Aceh. With your beloved family, your holiday will be very memorable.

This waterpark has many water slides with different sensations. It would be nice if you could try it one by one.

To try various rides in it, you have to pay an entrance ticket of Rp 20,000 per person for weekdays and Rp 25,000 per person for weekends and other holidays.

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10.Kuala Parek Beach/Pantai Kuala Parek

Kuala Parek Beach is one of the marine attractions that you should not miss when visiting Langsa.

This beach is located in Rantau Selamat District or can be reached as far as 27 kilometers from Langsa City. 

The white beach sand at Kuala Parek Beach is as charming as the beaches in the Langsa area, making tourists even more enchanted.

Uniquely, there are many roots of trees on this beach that jut onto the beach and become a place of life for small fish.

Visitors can use this as a place to fish at Kuala Parek Beach. It’s beautiful, and the atmosphere around the beach makes you feel comfortable while on the beach.

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11.Langsa Town Square (Latos)

Langsa Town Square is the only mall in Langsa City that is often used as a tourist spot by Langsa people. Langsa Town Square has at least 400 more shops as well as three floors.

The mall also has complete facilities, including a spa, fitness center, sauna, café, and beauty salon.

Not to forget there is also a food court that provides a variety of culinary that visitors can enjoy. Langsa Town Square is located in the area/city Blang Sinibong, Langsa.

Visitors can also play futsal with their friends in the two futsal courts in this mall.

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12.Kemuning Swimming Pool/Kolam Renang Kemuning

Kemuning Swimming Pool is a famous place located in Kemuning Village, Langsa Baroe District. At first glance, the Kemuning swimming pool is no different from the usual swimming pool.

But you should note that this swimming pool is situated amid high hills for a more natural appearance.

The sound of birds chirping makes the atmosphere more comfortable and beautiful, so it is no wonder that many tourists visit this swimming pool. Even this area is often used for scout campsites.

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13.Kuala Langsa Harbour/Pelabuhan Kuala Langsa

Kuala Langsa Port is a tourist attraction that is also a source of revenue for Kuala Langsa. Local people often travel with their families to this port.

This tourist attraction also features a complete range of facilities to make visitors feel comfortable. Besides enjoying the scenery in the harbor, visitors can usually fish and can also play water games.

14.Waterfalls/Air Terjun Terujak

Terujak Waterfall is a waterfall that offers stunning natural scenery. Approximately 20 meters from this waterfall is a hot spring where tourists can soak in hot springs.

Although tourists can boil eggs in this hot spring, raw eggs should be brought with them to be cooked here.

Boiled eggs that have been cooked can later be enjoyed while watching the panorama of the surrounding nature that is guaranteed to spoil the eyes. The location of the Terujak waterfall is around the hills with a natural and calm atmosphere.

If you want to stay, there is a simple inn in the village close to the waterfall’s location. Because of the mountainous surroundings, accessing the waterfall by road is still very difficult.

However, the effort it takes to reach this waterfall pays off when you see the beauty of waterfalls and hot springs.

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15.Rear Shop Area/Kawasan Toko Belakang

If you are visiting Langsa City, you should stop for a moment in Chinatown. It is unquestionably true that Chinatown will always be a popular destination.

You can find it in the Back Shop Area in Langsa City, where Toko Belakang Area offers typical Chinese culinary dishes ranging from kwetiau, capcay, dumplings, and so on.

There is also an original and intact building in the oldest soy sauce factory in Langsa City. There is also a Buddhist Vihara with a beautiful building design.

If you are curious about the Back Shop Area, come to Teuku Umar Street, Simpang 4, Peukan Langsa.

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Things To Do Around Langsa

Here are also attractions close to Langsa that are unfortunately to be missed:

16.Ujong Pusong

This tourist spot is in the middle of the sea but in the form of coastal land that forms a transverse road to another island.

Ujong Pusong is located in Teulaga Tujoh Village, Samudera sub-district, North Aceh Regency, Aceh province, with a very religious population and a livelihood as a fisherman.

Ujong Pusong has a lot of growth potential, so it is no surprise that the local government continuously develops it.

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17.Matang Ulim Idi Cut Beach/Pantai Matang Ulim Idi Cut

This beach is not much different from other beaches in Langsa. However, this beach has fir trees that grow neatly lined along the beach.

On a day when the sun is scorching, the atmosphere on this beach remains cool, let alone the gentle breeze that blows as if pampering your relaxation.

If you want to witness Matang Ulim Idi Cut Beach’s beauty, come to Blang Geulumpang, Idi Rayeuk subdistrict, East Aceh Regency, Aceh, about 75 kilometers from Langsa City.

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Those are the tourist attractions in Langsa that can be explored while on vacation in Langsa. 

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