Boat Rental In Malaga: Malaga Boat Itinerary Ideas

Boat Rental in Malaga: Malaga Boat Itinerary Ideas

What if you discovered the Costa del Sol from the Mediterranean? Here are some ideas for boat itineraries from Malaga.

Malaga, a lovely city on the Costa del Sol, can boast its magnificent beaches, authentic Andalusian culture, and an Arab castle hoisted up a hill. 

From its outdated historic center to its old fishing district, it can be explored on beautiful walks. Malaga is an ideal destination to enjoy your free time with many assets. One of the most popular is boat rental.

Get inspired by our itineraries before you set off on the sea routes, on the high seas, or along the coast—boat rental in Malaga: ideas for itineraries along the Costa del Sol.

Boat Rental in Malaga: Malaga Boat Itinerary Ideas

Itinerary 1: the coves east of Malaga (from one day to one week)

The coves of Malaga, whether small, vast, known, or confidential, are ideal destinations for beach lovers. On a day or for a whole week, the most challenging thing will still be to make your choice.

Peñón del Cuervo Cove: the closest to Malaga. Divided in two, this protected beach is home to an endangered native plant: the Siempre viva of Malaga. 

It offers a good number of facilities for entertaining or picnicking. You can even enjoy the place during concerts and lively evenings in summer.

Maro Cove: Cabotage towards the towns of Nerja and Maro. A natural and wild environment of ethereal beauty welcomes you in a cove hidden within the cliffs. 

If you want to spend a little more time in the area, especially in Nerja, you can also visit the beach of Calahonda and enjoy its anchorage in the turquoise water.

Pino Cove: Still near Nerja, this cove consists of two beaches separated by a barrier of rocks easily crossed. 

Well sheltered, enclosed in the cliffs lurking with flora, this cove is hemmed by calm waters, crystal clear and full of wonderful fish;

Cañuelo Beach: in the immediate vicinity, drop anchor and discover this beach on the border of the province of Granada. 

Uncrowded, in an idyllic setting, it is even considered the most enchanting of the beaches of the Costa del Sol. 

Marine life abounds and flourishes in calm waters. It is a favorite cove for lovers of snorkeling and diving.

Cantarriján Beach: you are already in Granada but still in the waters of the Natural Park of the cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo. 

In this enclave shaped in the cliffs, bathers enjoy completely transparent water, home to a myriad of floral and maritime species. There are two zones, one of which is reserved for nudists.

Itinerary 2: From Malaga to La Caleta (one week)

Renting a boat in Malaga to discover the string of sparkling cities on the Costa del Sol: is enough to live an unforgettable experience in the south of Spain. 

First of all, win the famous Malagueta. The opportunity to celebrate the beginning of your holiday in one of the famous open-air bars (chiringuitos).

Then let yourself be seduced by the natural charm of Benalmádena. Its marina has even twice received the award for the best marina in the world. The sandy beach of Bil-Bil inhabits the heart of Benalmádena. 

However, it is best to drop anchor in one of the small coves outside of the city from the sea. They will delight diving enthusiasts and have incredibly photogenic frames. 

Indeed, these sublime beaches play hide and seek with Palm trees and Mediterranean pines, creating paintings of great beauty.

We can mention the beaches of Las Viborillas (low tourist influx guaranteed because there is no land access) or del Tajo de la Soga (very peculiar because of its black sand). 

Then, disembark in the Marina of Fuengirola. It is close to the waterfront promenade that leads into town, and it is an ideal spot to reconnect with the land without leaving maritime traditions behind.

Then you finally reach the famous city of Marbella. Dynamic, luxurious, lively, Marbella is known for being one of the most exclusive cities on the Costa del Sol. 

The route is coming to an end near the port of Estepona. A privileged location to explore a typical Andalusian old town. Finally, you moor on the edge of Caleta beach, as quiet as it is beautiful, before starting your return.

Tips for sailing in Malaga

For a safe boat rental in Malaga, make sure you have up-to-date map information. Calculate the distances, anticipate the natural barriers present on your itinerary and find out about the ports you will encounter.

Keep in mind that, far from the land, mobile coverage quickly deteriorates. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes in your suitcase as nights at sea are humid.

Before you drop anchor, refuel. We even recommend taking on board a third of additional fuel.

Don’t take any risks with the weather, especially depending on the type of boat and your boating experience.

Depending on the state of the sea, a certain type of hull, a minimum size, and expertise are needed for safe and comfortable navigation.

Finally, do not hesitate to hire a skipper if you do not have a boat license or leave with a completely free mind.

What is the best season to rent a boat in Malaga?

Spain, especially the Costa del Sol, is known for its splendid weather and three hundred days of annual sunshine. This makes it a perfect destination to sail almost twelve months a year.

If you can, choose May, June, September, and October when tourist attendance is declining.

How much does a boat rental in Malaga cost?

Boat rental prices in Malaga vary depending on the season, the number of passengers, and the type of boat. To plan your budget, here are some costs in the high season.

Small motorboat rentals start from 50€ per day. For a sailboat, count between 300 € and 500 € per day. To rent a catamaran in Malaga, plan between €2,000 and €4,000 per week.

Yachts, between €2,000 and €5,000, are necessarily the most expensive option.

How to rent your boat in Malaga?

For your boat rental in Malaga, you can first call on an agency located in the city. However, a cheaper option is boat rental in Malaga between individuals.

To guarantee service and boats perfectly ready for your adventure, go through a platform expert in the field. Samboat, for example, guides you step by step in your search and offers the best boats for rent in Malaga according to your criteria. This market leader also offers rental with skippers.

Which boat to rent in Malaga?

There is a wide range of boats for rent in Malaga:

Sailboats offer the advantage of independence at sea and a stay that is both comfortable and full of adrenaline. 

However, these boats are slower and more technical. In addition, the weather plays a more important role. Sailing is, therefore, the privilege of boating initiates or crews accompanied by a skipper.

On the other hand, Catamarans can boast of offering everything at once: sensations at sea, stability, and friendliness.

Yachts, perfectly equipped and designed to accommodate large groups, offer more of a luxurious experience at sea than an adventure.

Small semi-rigid motor boats, easy to maneuver without special facilities, are more suitable for daily rentals. Fast, they provide good sensations at sea. They are also more fuel-intensive.

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