The 15 Most Beautiful Gorges To Visit In France - Best France Canyons

The 15 Most Beautiful Gorges To Visit In France – Best France Canyons

Would you like to visit exceptional sites in the heart of nature? Start discovering the most beautiful gorges to visit in France!

France has a large number of natural sites of dazzling beauty. In different metropolis regions, you can explore gorges by hiking, cycling, kayaking, climbing… 

This is the perfect opportunity to escape to nature for an unforgettable holiday. Then discover our selection of the most beautiful gorges to visit in France.

The 15 Most Beautiful Gorges To Visit In France – Best France Canyons

1. Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon, the largest canyon in Europe, are among France’s most beautiful gorges to visit. They are located in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, between Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, on the border of the Var.

Verdon River, an emerald green river, flows into Sainte Croix Lake at vertiginous cliffs. Also, you can practise many activities such as climbing, hiking, paragliding, rafting or canoeing.

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2. Gorges de l’Ardèche

In the heart of a national nature reserve, the gorges of the Ardèche are among the most beautiful gorges to visit in France. The Pont de l’Arc, a natural arch, emblematic of the site, dominates the Ardèche River. 

The site is listed by UNESCO as the “Cradle of Humanity,” thanks to the Chauvet cave overlooking the gorges.

Also, it is possible to take boat rides and take the Via Ardèche on foot or by bike. Not to mention for the more sporty, abseiling, or canoeing.

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3. Gorges du Tarn

This is an excellent site between Lozère and Aveyron. The Tarn River sculpts the landscape in the Regional Park of the Grands Causses with its wild nature and vast expanses. 

These gorges, which are among the most scenic gorges to visit in France, allow you to discover the Causse Méjean, the Sauveterre, and tiny picturesque villages.

The best way to enjoy the gorges is to go for a boat ride with the local boatmen.

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4. Kakuetta Gorge

One of the most picturesque natural sites to visit in the Basque Country is the gorges of Kakuetta. Between the vertiginous cliffs, the impressive canyon, and the lush vegetation, Kakuetta deserves to be one of the most beautiful gorges to visit in France.

Indeed, it is one of the must-see sites of the Basque Country and the Pyrenees. From Sainte-Engrâce, discover this magnificent site. 

Landscapes, waterfalls, caves, transparent caves, brooks, and the smell of moss are sure to change the scenery.

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5. Gorges de l’Hérault

In Occitanie, to the south-east of the Séranne massif, the Hérault gorges benefit from the “Grand site de France” label. The arid lands carved by the gorges offer magnificent views.

It is also an opportunity to admire the Pont du Diable, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the oldest French bridges of medieval times. The exploration of the gorges also allows you to visit the medieval village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.

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6. Gorges du Gardon

The Gorges du Gardon are known for the famous Pont du Gard, which is nearby. The famous Roman aqueduct, dating from the first century AD, is photogenic, with the River Gardon winding at its feet.

To appreciate the beauty of the gorges, canoe descent is ideal. Summer is also a great time to walk in the scrubland and use the shore for a picnic or swim. 

It is also possible to take guided tours on different themes, such as beavers or raptors.

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7. Galamus Gorge

You can get there by taking the southwest route, between the Catalan and Cathar countries, and passing through the Galamus Gorges. The road that allows you to discover these gorges by car is quite narrow. 

Canoeing on the waters of the Agly is the best way to appreciate the landscape of this protected and classified site.

Besides, you can visit the hermitage of Saint-Antoine-de-Galamus, suspended on the edge of the cliff. The Galamus mill is also part of the region’s heritage, not to mention the small villages in the area.

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8. Gorges de la Jonte

The gorges of the Jonte can be found between Lozère and Aveyron, in the Grands Causses region. 

Gorges shallower than those of the Tarn, which are not very far, but which will delight nature lovers. Climbing enthusiasts will appreciate the rock walls as this site is renowned.

Also, these gorges are suitable for hiking. Not to mention the observation of raptors and, in particular, the griffon vultures that have been reintroduced there.

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9. Holzarte Gorge

Holzarte gorges can be visited during a trip to the Basque Country and the Atlantic Pyrenees in France. You can explore this stunning landscape by walking on the trails that allow you to discover it.

If you do not have vertigo, cross the famous footbridge of Holzarte in the town of Larrau. This suspended footbridge dates from 1920; it overlooks 180 meters above the void of the torrent Olhadoko Erréka and the stream of Olhadibi, which flows at the foot of the gorges.

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10. Doubs Gorges

The Doubs Gorges are the natural border between France (Franche Comté/Doubs) and Switzerland (Canton Neuchâtel). A magnificent landscape labeled Grand National Site.

You can admire the famous Saut-du-Doubs waterfall, renowned for being one of the most stunning waterfalls in the region. To appreciate the beauty of the landscape, there’s nothing like a hike! 

And for a magnificent view of the waterfall, the ideal is to board a riverboat.

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11. Heric Gorge

Head to Occitania and the Hérault department to discover the Héric gorges, in particular in Rosis and Mons-la-Trivalle.

Located in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional National Park in the Caroux massif, these gorges to visit in France are unique since they are carved into gneiss, or metamorphic rock, by the Héric stream.

 Hiking trails allow you to discover the geological aspect and the fauna and flora of an area. Finally, climbing enthusiasts also appreciate this site.

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12. Gorges de l’Aveyron

During a stay in Occitania on the trail of the most striking gorges to visit in France, make a stop at the Gorges de l’Aveyron. 

A route along these limestone gorges crossed by the river Aveyron allows you to discover picturesque villages, the Cave of Bosc, a medieval past, and imposing castles.

Different circuits will delight cyclists. Not to mention the kayak and canoe descents.

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13. Gorges du Fier

Here is a must-see natural site in Savoie, one of the most beautiful gorges to visit in France! This is the Gorges du Fier, in Lovagny, just a few kilometers from Annecy. 

An unforgettable visit on a footbridge over a magnificent canyon, brightened by the Fier River, in the heart of local legends.

Also, geology lovers will be delighted with the different types of rocks and the famous sea of stones.

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14. Daluis Red Gorge

Among the must-sees of the Var are the famous red gorges of Daluis. The specificity of this canyon is the red color of the rocks composing the cliffs, the pelites, which date from the Permian. 

This site is known as “the Colorado Niçois.” It is located in the municipalities of Daluis and Guillaume.

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15. Gorges de la Sioule

Let’s explore the gorges of France in the Allier department! The gorges of the Sioule, steep and green, are classified Natura 2000 Area and Natural Area of Ecological, Floristic, and Faunistic Interest. 

A visit to the Gorges de la Sioule is a dip in the heart of nature. It is also an ideal setting for canoeing or fishing.

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