The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes In Savoie

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie

Are you looking for the ideal place for a holiday in the mountains? We invite you to explore the most beautiful hikes in Savoie that Savoie represents. A true haven of peace for hikers, discover the most beautiful trails in the land of Emmental!

A must-see destination for nature lovers, Savoie is lived to the rhythm of hiking and its mountains. From the Vanoise Park to the Beaufortain via the Chartreuse, you will find glacial valleys, alpine pastures, lakes, and snow-capped peaks on the menu.

Whether you are looking for family walks or sports hikes, discover our selection of the 10 most beautiful hikes in Savoie!

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The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie

1. Lac du Saut and Lac de la Sassière

Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie

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Let’s start this selection with a popular hike in Tarentaise. The trail nestled in the heart of the Vallon de la Grande Sassière, connects two magnificent high-altitude lakes: Lac du Saut and Lac de la Sassière. You start the walk at the Saut dam before continuing your way on the lake of the same name.

When you see its turquoise water, you will understand that you have arrived facing Lake Sassière. With a spectacular panorama of the surrounding massifs, it is a landscape not to be missed if you pass through Savoie. And if you’re a little lucky, you may even be able to cross marmots and chamois.

Easy and accessible, this hike in Savoie allows you to enjoy a pleasant moment in the middle of nature.

2. The Cross of the Nivolet by the Sire

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | The Cross of the Nivolet by the Sire | Travelvibe

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In the classics of the Savoyards, the hike of La Croix du Nivolet by the Sire resides at the top of the list. It is the meeting place for beautiful spring and summer days.

With a small difference in altitude, the course can be completed in half a day, taking the time to enjoy nature fully. The trail starts at the Féclaz station to lead you to the famous cross of Nivolet through the forest of Charvettant.

At the point of arrival, a grandiose panorama of Chambéry, Lake Bourget and Aix-les-Bains awaits you. The place will also offer you a superb view of the surrounding massifs. As beautiful to do in summer as in winter, this hike is a must in any season!

3. Glacial Lake of the Great Mean

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | Glacial Lake of the Great Mean | Travelvibe

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Let’s go now to the heart of a glacial valley, not just anyone! Considered by many as the most beautiful hike in Haute Maurienne, the path of the glacial lake of Grand Méan will not leave you insensitive to its charms.

In the heart of the Cirque des Évettes, you will find at 2,876 meters above sea level a sublime show on a glacial circus sheltered from the rest of the world. A simply magical moment to observe at least once in your life. And to make the fun last, you also have the opportunity to make a small stop at the refuge des Évettes.

This hike, which is not the easiest, does not require any particular technicality and remains accessible to all people a minimum of sport.

It is perfectly marked and represents one of its most exquisite and diversified routes. To discover urgently. Glacial Lake is one of the most beautiful hikes in Savoie.

4. The refuge of Les Évettes

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | The refuge of Les Evettes | Travelvibe

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We told you earlier about the refuge des Évettes, and you can imagine a superb hike also leads there. The loop through the Gorges de la Reculaz will allow you to discover the splendid Évettes glacier.

But this natural and preserved spectacle will have to be enjoyed quickly. Unfortunately, the Cirque des Évettes glacier will soon remain in the Cirque des Évettes more than its name. Its tendency to regress each year significantly will soon give way only to moraines.

The route itself is accessible despite two wired passages and presents no difficulty. The start is at the village of Écot, and this small hamlet is also worth looking at!

5. The cirque de Saint-Même waterfalls

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | The cirque de Saint Meme waterfalls | Travelvibe

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Change of atmosphere, the direction of the enchanting Cascades of the Cirque de Saint-Même.

The hike winds through forest, hamlets, and clearings to finally take you to the sources of Guiers-Vif. Rhythmic to the sound of the torrent, you will be guided to reach the magical and famous place of the Cirque de Saint-Même.

Suitable for young and old, the hike will make you discover refreshing waterfalls in summer and magically icy winter.

If we had to give you one piece of advice: bring good shoes! You evolve in a humid environment, so the ground can quickly become slippery and muddy. It is one of the most beautiful hikes in Savoie.

Good to know: As beautiful as it is frequented, leave early to appreciate the serenity of the place and avoid the crowds.

6. Fairy Lake

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | Fairy Lake 1 | Travelvibe

For a pastoral atmosphere and landscapes as majestic as they are relaxing, head to the Lac des Fées. And it is not only the magical name; this superb family hike in Savoie will take you through green valleys, beautiful flowery meadows, and sublime mountains alternating the edges of streams and waterfalls.

Then on arrival: a country atmosphere, a crystal-clear lake, and with a bit of luck, you can even see marmots evolving at the water’s edge. Fairy Lake is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in Savoie.

Good to know: Remember to bring good shoes; even if the hike is easy, you may have to cross streams on the trail and other muddy areas.

7. The Col de la Vanoise

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | The Col de la Vanoise | Travelvibe

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Emblematic hike of Savoie, we cannot finish this selection without approaching the Col de la Vanoise. Starting from the village of Fontanette, the hike will allow you to access grandiose panoramas even before reaching the point of arrival.

You will cross on your way the famous Lac des Vaches, a bird’s eye view of the Aiguille de la Vanoise and the Grande Casse glacier. And the presence of snow and marmots will add magic to this unreal show.

But as a well-packaged package, the best is yet to come. By committing yourself to the sublime Lac Long with turquoise waters, you will reach the famous Col de la Vanoise. A real high mountain landscape to which a chalet of altitude is integrated, it is the time to take a break and enjoy the show!

Try the night at the refuge; the experience will certainly remain one of your most memorable memories. Hiking is quite physical, so it’s also an excellent way to take a break in the middle of nature before heading back to the trails.

8. The Bois de Laye

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | The Bois de Laye | Travelvibe

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Let’s continue in the clear and crystal-clear waters with the hike of the Bois de Laye. A small haven of peace surrounded by greenery, the path from Tignes will take you to the sublime Lake Chevril by crossing the famous Bois de laye.

Far from being finished, you will discover the superb waterfall of the salt and its landscapes as majestic as rejuvenating on the rest of the course. For a family hike in Savoie, the route of the Bois de Laye will delight the eyes of young and old.

9. Mont Granier

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | Mont Granier | Travelvibe

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A Savoyard giant, the famous Mont Granier overlooks the city of Chambéry, offering those who venture there a magnificent view of Lake Bourget, the Bauges, and the Belledonne range.

Its ascent will surprise you with sublime and varied landscapes, and once past the Col de l’Alpette, the famous Mont Blanc will stand in front of you. On arrival, a 360 ° panorama awaits you on all the surrounding massifs, and it is grandiose.

This hike in Savoie remains physical, and some passages contain cables to facilitate your ascent.

However, they can be impressive for people prone to vertigo, but the view from Mont Granier is deserved and remains incredible enough to make you forget the effort.

10. The Belvedere of Chambotte and The Cross of Meyrieu

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in Savoie | The Belvedere of Chambotte and The Cross of Meyrieu | Travelvibe

Photo credit: Alltrails

Let’s finish this selection gently with a pleasant walk in the forest towards the Cross of Meyrieu.

Between the peaceful song of the birds, the generous nature in the undergrowth, the cliffs of La Chambotte, and why not an encounter with deer, the program promises to be more than promising!

In this atmosphere, you start the hike under the cliffs of Chambotte, and if the course has little difference in altitude, it leaves enough time to appreciate the place.

You will find on-site tracks intended for hikers but also mountain bikes. So it’s also an excellent playground for cycling enthusiasts.

So, which do you think is the most beautiful hike in Savoie?

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