The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes In The Massif De La Vanoise

The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in the Massif de la Vanoise

Need a breath of fresh air? Massif de la Vanoise offer you even better! Here we will talk about the most beautiful hikes in the Massif de la Vanoise that will be perfect for your next hiking experience.

Between glaciers, high mountains, and exceptional valleys, the Vanoise massif is your entrance ticket to access hikers’ paradise. Whether you are a great sportsman or a Sunday walker, there will be something for everyone!

With many peaks at more than 3,000 meters above sea level, glaciers, waterfalls, glacial lakes, and ridges, the Vanoise National Park brings together all that is almost magical to see in the middle of nature.

As you can imagine, the massif is full of exceptional views, and no need to be an experienced mountaineer to venture into its mountains.

The national park offers trails as varied as they are striking, from the family walk to the most technical routes. For a small summary of these natural treasures, we have concocted the ten most beautiful hikes in the Vanoise massif.

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The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes in the Massif de la Vanoise

1. Laye Wood

Most Beautiful Hikes in the Massif de la Vanoise

Photo credit: Alltrails

If you are looking for an easy and accessible hike to discover the Vanoise massif, the Laye Wood Trail, with its stream and waterfalls with crystal clear waters, represents a real little natural paradise.

The route starts in the ski resort of Tignes and continues its ascent in the Wood of Laye. You will then access the imposing Lake chervil, perched alone in the middle of the mountains.

In Tignes, you can do many fun things. To know more you can check our "best outdoor activities to do in Tignes"

And the wonder is not over, and this route will take you to the stream of the lake as well as the majestic waterfall of Salin. It is ideal for a family hike in the middle of nature with magical and soothing landscapes.

2. The Col de la Vanoise

Photo credit: Alltrails

Nestled at 2,517 meters above sea level, the Col de la Vanoise hike is a must to do during a stay in Savoie. The route starts at the village of Fontanettes and continues in the forest until the arrival at the first refuge of Barmettes.

After only an hour’s walk, you will reach a postcard landscape: Lac des Vaches at the foot of the Aiguille de la Vanoise against the backdrop of the Grande Casse glacier.

It is difficult to find the words to describe such a grandiose, but if a landscape is representative of the Vanoise, it is this one.

At this point, you are at 2,318 meters above sea level, and depending on the period, it is a safe bet on the presence of snow in the valley.

Integrate marmots and ibex into this landscape, and wonder will be assured. But you are not at the end of your surprises!

Along a small high-altitude lake with a magnificent turquoise blue (Lake Long), you will finally reach the famous Col de la Vanoise.

After the effort, take the time to enjoy this magical and unreal place between the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and high-altitude chalets. Here, nature is not only striking and it is irresistible.

This hike is a wonderful introduction to discovering the Vanoise Park. However, the preserved nature is deserved, and the presence of a certain difference in altitude can make an effort more or less painful depending on your physical condition.

To reduce the difficulty, it is possible to spend a night in a shelter. It is an opportunity to live a unique experience and enjoy a sunrise in the middle of nature.

3. Genepy Lake

Photo credit: Alltrails

Are you looking for a pleasant hike in the Vanoise massif with your family? Going for a day to discover Lake Génépy is ideal for observing high mountain panoramas accessible to the young and old.

Formed at 2,906 meters above sea level, this lake was formed at the foot of the Labby glacier.

Nature is still preserved here, and this hike is a secret address of the Vanoise. To access the famous Lake Génépy, you will have to go through the Refuge du Fond d’Aussois before continuing your way to the Col d’Aussois and reaching the Col du Génépy.

The finish is grandiose, and as the lake is located at altitude, snow and ice are an integral part of the landscape almost all year round. It is quiet, sublime, and soothing, the perfect place for a lunch break. Genepy lake is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Massif de la Vanoise.

4. The Rheme-Gorette Glacier

Photo credit: Alltrails

If you are in the Vanoise National Park, why not take the opportunity to go to the foot of a glacier? It will only take half a day to approach the Rheme-Golette glacier between the French and Italian borders.

The first portion of the trail, very easy, will take you to the sublime Lake Sassière, alone in the middle of the peaks of the Vanoise and its glaciers.

You will then embark on the second and last portion of the trail leading you to our famous ice mountain. This more difficult and steep part will require good equipment; hiking shoes are in order.

But once you arrive at your destination, it is ecstasy: the Rheme-Gorette glacier stands proudly in front of you in an exceptional panorama of high mountains.

Without real difficulty, the hike is superb, offering you its most beautiful landscapes of altitude, no doubt, it is worth the detour.

5. The Cascades du Rosuel

Photo credit: Alltrails

Little known and yet magnificent, the hike leading you to the Rosuel waterfalls is conducive to calm and calm. The simple and without any difficulty trail will make you discover the Vanoise in a dreamy and bucolic atmosphere.

The unobstructed view of the majority of the route will allow you to admire the surrounding massifs to the sound of the ringing of cowbells.

And if the freshness of the river compensates for the absence of shade, it does not prevent sunburn. So remember to dress up with a hat and sunscreen to avoid the crayfish effect.

The course has no difference in altitude on the route side, and only the last portion can be steeper when you approach the waterfall. And as in the most preserved places, the observation of marmots and golden eagles can be done all along the trail!

6. Lac du Saut and Lac de la Sassière

Photo credit: Alltrails

In the valley of the Grande Sassière, the route linking the two altitude lakes of Saut and Sassière represents one of the emblematic hikes of the Vanoise massif.

You can only be amazed by the clear blue of Lake Sassière surrounded by its spectacular mountains. And with a bit of luck, marmots and chamois will also be able to cross your path.

The walk is simple and perfectly accessible, has no difference in altitude but remains generous in grandiose landscapes. It is for this reason that it has been so successful!

Very popular in the area, we advise you to avoid busy hours during which the route can quickly take on the appearance of traffic jams.

7. The Pas de la Tovière

Photo credit: Alltrails

From the resort of Tignes, there is a varied choice of routes. However, the hike we offer will give you access to the most beautiful views.

The route first leads you to an impressive panorama of the Pas de la Tovière and the hamlet of Tignes-Le-Lac. It continues on the ridges before arriving at the Pointe de Fresse with a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks.

Between Mont Pourri, the Grande Sassière, and the Grande Casse, without forgetting the famous Mont-Blanc, the 360° horizon is absolutely worth the detour.

In the middle of the Vanoise Park, the landscapes encountered on the trail are breathtaking, both from the views to the course on the ridges. Finding such grandiose panoramas for a short and easy hike is quite exceptional. It is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Massif de la Vanoise.

8. The Peclet Refuge and Lac Blanc

Photo credit: Alltrails

In a sportier register, the Refuge de Peclet and the Lac Blanc hike represent a magnificent introduction to discovering the high mountain atmosphere of the Vanoise massif.

Between its glacial lake and the overview of different glaciers, there is no doubt that this tour will leave you speechless. The first stop at the Refuge de Péclet Polset offers impressive panoramas of the Gébroulaz Glacier, not to mention the route’s final: the finish on the famous Lac Blanc.

If the hike requires some physical effort, water points are present throughout the course in the refuges. Similarly, you will need to wear good hiking equipment (shoes, poles, cap) before venturing into this ascent.

9. The Natural Reserve of the Plan de Tueda: Most Beautiful Hikes in the Massif de la Vanoise

Photo credit: Alltrails

In an exceptional and preserved environment, the plan of Tueda extends from the lake of the same appellation to the glacier of Gébroulaz. We offer you a pleasant walk of two kilometers to do around Lake Tuéda.

Easy, peaceful, and pleasant, it is a walk to be carried out with the family conducive to calm and relaxation.

The Lake is landlocked in the middle of different peaks making the course magical and unreal, and it is the hike to integrate into your discovery of the Vanoise massif.

10. Lac de la Rosière and the Cascade des Poux

Photo credit: Alltrails

This last hike of the Vanoise massif is a nice easy, and family route to discover the Lake of Rosière and the Cascade des Poux. Without significant elevation gain, it is a real haven of peace conducive to the refreshment that awaits you.

Your step will be punctuated by the sound of the river flowing summer and winter near the trail.

It will take an hour round trip to make this pleasant loop, and the points of interest are not to be missed, with a lake of the Rosière with turquoise hues and a waterfall of the Lice truly impressive.

So, which one do you think is the most beautiful hike in the Massif de la Vanoise?

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