The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes To Do Around Megeve

The 10 Most Beautiful hikes to do around Megeve

Are you looking for the most beautiful hikes to do around Megeve? Between captivating valleys and high mountains, discover the best trails nestled in this exceptional destination.

Just two hours from Lyon and one hour from Annecy, Megève is a superb mountain village and a sporting gathering place.

During the winter, skiing and snowshoeing are the season’s stars before the playground metamorphoses into a hiker’s paradise in the summer. There are lots of outdoor activities to do in Megeve that you can enjoy.

And given its geographical location, we quickly understand why: in the heart of the Alps, Megève is a real crossroads between the Aravis and Beaufortin massifs.

With panoramas all more exceptional than the others, we have concocted a small selection of the most beautiful hikes to do around Megeve!

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The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes to do around Megeve

1. The Col du Jaillet by the Petit Croisse Baulet

Most Beautiful hikes to do around Megeve

Photo credit: Alltrails

If you are looking for the grandiose landscapes in Megève, the hike of the Col de Jaillet and the panoramic summit of the Petit Croisse Baulet will undoubtedly make you tremble with pleasure.

With an unobstructed 360° view of the Mont Blanc massif and the Aravis chain, we advise you not to forget the camera to immortalize the moment.

The ascent, mostly carried out in the undergrowth, makes walking pleasant and allows you at the same time to escape the summer heat.

Once you arrive at the top of the Col du Jaillet, in addition to a sublime landscape, it is a Roman marker dating from 74 AD.C. that awaits you. Did you know that this pass delineated the border between two Celtic tribes in the past?

Continuing your way, the trail will take you to the Petit Croisse Baulet, from where you can see a fabulous show: the panorama of the sublime massifs of Haute-Savoie as well as the glaciers of Mont Blanc. Also, you can experience beautiful hikes to do in Haute-Savoie.

The path alternates between alpine pastures and forest in an atmosphere that is both grandiose and soothing. Excellent hiking idea to escape the sweltering heat of summer; the course can also be done in winter during a snowshoe ride.

2. The Belvedere of La Croix des Salles

Photo credit: Alltrails

We stay in the sublime views to take you to the pastures of Combloux. With a panorama of the Mont Blanc massif, the Aravis and the Aiguilles de Varens, the hike of the Belvedere of La Croix de Salles is a must to do around Megève.

There is no need for a great sportsman to make this loop; the course is fast, and the landscapes are directly breathtaking.

The trail starts at the Beauregard Mountain pastures. And if this name does not mean anything to you, it nevertheless represents the filming location of the Milka advertisement with its famous groundhog that puts chocolate in the aluminum paper.

Continuing your way, you will then reach La Croix des Salles with a panoramic view of the highest massifs of Mont Blanc. On the descent side, simply head to the Jaillet gondola, then the Ravine before reaching the arrival point. The Belvedere of La Croix des Salles is one of the most beautiful hikes to do around Megeve.

Good to know: in summer, you will find different chalets and restaurants on the trail, such as the Alpages du Cœur d’Or, the P’tite Ravine, the Petit Cuchet, or the Chalet d’Emilie to enjoy a pleasant lunch in the middle of nature.

3. Mount Joux by The Cross of Christ and Hermance

Photo credit: Alltrails

Now direction the hike of Mont Joux with a little-known route, yet magnificent. Different points of interest and superb views are provided by this hike, which has a more than reasonable elevation difference.

You start the route by the road to Planay, alternating landscapes of forests and alpine pastures, before reaching a superb view of Mont Joux standing proudly at more than 1,800 meters above sea level.

Once conquered by the landscape, the discovery continues with the alpine chalets of Hermance. These charming small houses intended for cheese making offer a superb panorama to explore in any season.

It is also on this stretch of hiking that we will find animals in the middle of the flowery meadows during the summer while they return to the stables the rest of the year.

Without difficulty, it is a superb route to explore the massifs around Megève.

4. The Grande Croisse Baulet via the Col du Jaillet

Photo credit: Alltrails

We talked to you earlier about the Col du Jaillet and the Petit Croisse Baulet; now, let’s get down to business: Le Grand Croisse Baulet via the Col du Jaillet.

These two peaks, which are part of the same chain in the heart of the Aravis massif, differ from each other in terms of difficulty and unevenness.

Thus, by climbing to more than 2,236 meters above sea level, the hike leading to the Grand Croisse Baulet increases the level and requires a good physical condition.

However, the effort is really worth the detour, and the summit will offer you a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc, the Aravis, and the Fiz.

You will repeatedly pass on ridges offering you impressive panoramas on each side with an intoxicating feeling of being at the top of the world.

Be careful, however, to provide good equipment before departure is essential: warm clothes and good shoes are de rigueur. The top can indeed be very windy at times, enough to make you cold in no time.

5. The Panoramic Walk of haut Combloux

Photo credit: Alltrails

In another register, the Panoramic Walk of Haut Combloux is ideal for admiring an exceptional view of Mont Blanc without spending the day scrambling. Short and accessible to young and old, it is the hike to integrate into your holiday schedule in Megève.

In addition to magical panoramas, this bucolic walk will take you through beautiful villages such as the hamlet of Ormaret.

You will be able to appreciate the farms still in operation, The Chapel of the village as well as all its traditional architecture. Sublime and captivating, with such an atmosphere, the change of scenery is assured.

6. Mont Joux and Mont d’Arbois via the Chemin du Maz

Photo credit: Alltrails

The hike of Mont Joux and Mont d’Arbois is a bit of a must for trails in Megève. The path leads you first to Mont Joux, from which you can see the Mont Blanc massif but also Mont Joly, the Fiz chain, and the Aravis range.

But do not stop in such a good way and continue the ascent to Mount Arbois. You will be able to admire a second panorama, discover a grandiose view of Mont Blanc, and take the time for a pleasant lunch at the altitude restaurant. The ideal is to fully enjoy the setting before starting your descent.

The trail is not the easiest but will give you access to unobstructed and varied views of the entire valley as well as its surrounding peaks. It is truly a breathtaking hike between high mountain landscapes, farms, and mountain pastures.

7. The Boucle de l’Alpette

Photo credit: Alltrails

The Boucle de l’Alpette is a pleasant family hike starting near Megève. It will take you the path to Rochebrune before accessing the Col de l’Alpette.

On the trail, you can see Mont Joly and the Aiguille de Croche then the ascent will take you to the top at 1,871 meters above sea level! In height, a completely different show awaits you with a sublime view of the Beaufortain mountains.

And what better thing to do after a nice climb and cottony legs? Enjoy a tasty meal in an altitude restaurant in the middle of nature. The 360° panoramic view makes the moment magical, and it is the ideal place for a picnic break.

To be carried out throughout the year, this loop lends itself perfectly to summer hikes as well as snowshoe outings. This is a route to keep in mind if you come to breathe the fresh air of Megève. The Boucle de l’Alpette is one of the most beautiful hikes in Auvergne.

8. Mont d’Arbois

Photo credit: Alltrails

Because you cannot leave Megève without seeing Mont Arbois, we offer a small walk of 1.4 kilometers to access it.

As you will have understood, this is a short but effective walk leading you to the most grandiose panoramas of the mountain. This is the inevitable hike during a stay in Megève and the ideal walk for the first summer outings with the family.

Mont d’Arbois is one of the most beautiful hikes to do around Megeve.

9. The Leutaz and the Strap

Photo credit: Alltrails

Let’s now discover the more unknown valleys of Megève. It is at the level of Leutaz that we take you to a magnificent 360 ° panorama of the Alpette and Mont de Vorès.

The beginning of the trail takes you through the alpine pastures in which you will find the chalet of Barchamp, the Tête, the Stiard, or the Chevant successively.

It is then along the slopes of the Strap that you will reach the 2,020 meters of altitude. On this portion, steep and steep passages can increase the difficulty of the course, but its breathtaking panoramas will quickly make you forget the effort.

We love this hike for its alpine pastures and its preserved and mysterious valley atmosphere. Its landscapes metamorphose simultaneously as you gain altitude with magnificent views at the key. And the presence of ibex on the course adds a dose of magic to the moment.

10. Combloux to Praz-sur-Arly

Photo credit: Alltrails

We end this selection with a crossing between Combloux and Praz-sur-Arly. A stone’s throw from Mont Blanc, the path between these two villages offers magnificent panoramas.

You can also enjoy a gourmet or refreshing stop when arriving in Praz-sur-Arly; the resort is full of brasseries and restaurants.

In a preserved natural cocoon between alpine pastures, villages, forests, and green valleys, the ascent is done. Without difficulty, this loop of 18 kilometers can be done in summer or winter, and it is a pleasant hike to do alone or with family during a stay in Megève.

So, what do you think is the most beautiful hike to do around Megeve?

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