The 9 Most Beautiful Hikes To Do In The Ardennes

The 9 Most Beautiful Hikes to Do in the Ardennes

I enjoy exploring nature, and there are some beautiful hikes to do in the Ardennes.

You can wander through the valleys of the Semoy and Meuse in Montherme or trek along the Ridges of the Meuse.

There are many stunning landscapes to discover, like the beautiful Lac des Vieilles Forges or the Piot Cross Trail.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a beginner, the Ardennes has something for everyone.

Let’s put on our hiking boots and start exploring the trails!

The 9 Most Beautiful Hikes to Do in the Ardennes

1. Montherme via the valleys of the Semoy and the Meuse

Most Beautiful Hikes to do in the Ardennes

○ Duration: Several days

○ Distance: 50.7 km

○ Height difference: 2,310 m

○ Difficulty: Difficult

You will enjoy the beautiful views of Montherme as you walk through the valleys of the Semoy and the Meuse. Along this 50 km trail, there are many pretty places where you can see the scenery that will take your breath away.

As you walk along the winding Meuse River, you will find old landmarks that tell stories of the region’s past. Look out for chances to see animals, as the forested landscapes are home to many different types of animals.

When you want to rest, there are nice places to have a picnic where you can relax and enjoy the quietness of nature. And don’t forget to try the local food, which will definitely please your taste buds.

Montherme via the valleys of the Semoy and the Meuse offers an unforgettable hiking experience full of beauty and adventure.

2. The Ridges of the Meuse in Monthermé

○ Duration: 4h30

○ Distance: 14.2 km

○ Height difference: 640 m

○ Difficulty: Difficult

Don’t miss the incredible views of the Meuse Valley and Monthermé town while exploring the Ridges of the Meuse. This hike offers beautiful viewpoints, challenging terrain, historical sites, plants and animals, and tasty local food.

As you walk along the ridges, you’ll find scenic spots where you can stop and enjoy the amazing views of the Meuse Valley and the charming town of Monthermé. The terrain can be tough, especially near Roche Bayard and the 4 Aymon sons.

You’ll also discover interesting historical sites along the way. Keep an eye out for the different plants and animals that live in this area.

After your adventure, treat yourself to the delicious local food at one of the cozy restaurants in Monthermé.

3. Tour of the Lac des Vieilles Forges

Most Beautiful Hikes to do in the Ardennes

○ Duration: about 3 hours

○ Distance: 10.9 km

○ Height difference: 121 m

○ Difficulty: Easy

When you visit the Lac des Vieilles Forges, you can enjoy different water activities and relax under the shade of trees.

The lake is not only a beautiful place for a family walk, but it also offers exciting water sports and outdoor fun.

One of the best things to do is kayaking on the lake. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, you can explore the calm waters and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

If you prefer a slower pace, you can take nature walks around the lake to experience the peaceful atmosphere of the Ardennes.

With its activities for families and stunning scenery, the tour of Lac des Vieilles Forges guarantees a day of outdoor enjoyment for everyone.

4. Piot Cross Trail

○ Duration: about 2h30

○ Distance: 11.6 km

○ Height difference: 407 m

○ Difficulty: Easy

If you want a calm and relaxing hike in the Ardennes, the Piot Cross Trail is a good choice.

This trail is not too difficult, so anyone can enjoy it regardless of their hiking experience.

Along the way, you’ll see some beautiful viewpoints where you can admire the stunning Meuse Valley and the Bar.

The trail is also home to a variety of plants and animals, so you can fully appreciate the natural beauty of the region.

The Piot Cross Trail is also historically important, as it has been the site of many battles in the past.

To fully enjoy this hike, it is recommended to wear comfortable hiking gear, such as sturdy shoes, a backpack, and appropriate clothing for the weather.

5. Circuit des Étangs in Signy-le-Petit

○ Duration: about 4 hours

○ Distance: 14 km

○ Height difference: 285 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

Take a break and enjoy the peaceful and calming Circuit des Étangs in Signy-le-Petit, one of the best hikes to explore in the Ardennes.

As you walk along this beautiful trail, you will be surrounded by the natural beauty of Signy le Petit. The man-made ponds of La Motte and the old Forge create a beautiful background for your journey. Keep an eye out for opportunities to spot wildlife along the way. You may see birds flying above or deer grazing in the distance, giving you the chance to encounter different animals in their natural homes.

Also, take some time to learn about the history of Signy le Petit. The Chapelle-des-Glands, with its local story, stands as a reminder of the area’s rich heritage.

After a long day of hiking, relax with activities like paddle boating on the pond or simply enjoying the peacefulness of your surroundings. And remember to explore the hidden treasures of Signy le Petit, waiting to be discovered in its tucked-away spots.

6. Around the Chartreuse du Mont-Dieu

○ Duration: 5h

○ Distance: 20.1 km

○ Height difference: 252 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

To completely enjoy the history and natural beauty of the Chartreuse du Mont-Dieu, make sure to explore the trails around it and enjoy the peace of the forest.

This old monastery is very important historically, as it was founded in 1132 and was a safe place for the Carthusian monks until the difficult times of the French Revolution. The architecture of the Chartreuse is really impressive, with its detailed designs and grandness.

As you walk through the calm forest, you can’t help but feel a sense of calm and peace. It’s amazing to think about how much the French Revolution affected this place, as it brought about big changes and marked the end of an era for the Carthusian monks.

The Chartreuse du Mont-Dieu is not only a hike, but a journey into the past, where history and nature come together in a truly special way.

7. GR® 14, section 5: Champagne-Ardenne

○ Duration: Several days

○ Distance: 77.2 km

○ Height difference: 1,937 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

The GR 14, section 5 in Champagne-Ardenne is a great opportunity to explore the different landscapes of this less-known region in France.

This 77-kilometer hike takes you from Grandpré to Sedan, allowing you to see the beautiful Champagne Ardenne landscapes.

As you walk through the Ardennes forests, the Meuse river will guide you along its lovely path.

The hiking trails in this area are diverse and offer something for everyone, whether you like hilly meadows or dense forests.

What makes this experience even more special is that Champagne-Ardenne is often not well-known, so you can discover hidden gems and untouched beauty along the way.

8. The Val de Serre

Most Beautiful Hikes to do in the Ardennes

○ Duration: 4h30

○ Distance: 22.2 km

○ Height difference: 123 m

○ Difficulty: Easy

Explore the beautiful Val de Serre, located in the stunning pre-Ardennes hills. This area has a wide range of different landscapes to discover, including meadows, woods, and wetlands.

There are plenty of hiking trails to explore, which offer stunning views at every turn. Keep an eye out for the various wildlife that calls this area home, from graceful deer to playful hares.

Make sure to also visit the historical sites in the area, such as the fortified church of Saint-Martin in Montcornet and the former collegiate church in Rozoy-sur-Serres.

The best time to visit Val de Serre is in the spring and summer months, when the countryside is in full bloom. And after a day of hiking and exploring, make sure to try the delicious local cuisine that Val de Serre has to offer.

9. The Trans-Semoysian

○ Duration: 1h10

○ Distance: 4.7 km

○ Height difference: 76 m

○ Difficulty: Easy

Don’t miss the chance to see the stunning views along the Trans-Semoyienne hike in the Ardennes.

This beautiful trail also has biking options for those who want a more adventurous way to explore.

The hike is not too difficult, so it’s suitable for both experienced hikers and beginners.

Along the way, you’ll find scenic viewpoints where you can take a moment to enjoy the surrounding landscapes.

Keep an eye out for wildlife too, as the Ardennes is home to many different animals.

You’ll also see historical landmarks that give you a glimpse into the region’s past.

Conclusion: Beautiful hikes to do in the Ardennes

The Ardennes region has many beautiful hikes that are worth exploring.

You can visit the scenic valleys of Semoy and Meuse in Montherme or the stunning Lac des Vieilles Forges.

There is something for every nature lover.

Whether you choose to go on the Piot Cross Trail or the Circuit des Étangs in Signy-le-Petit, each hike has its own charm and amazing views.

So, put on your hiking boots and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Ardennes.

I hope the “Most Beautiful Hikes to Do in the Ardennes” article was helpful to you.

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