The 12 Most Beautiful Roads In France For Road Trips

The 12 Most Beautiful Roads In France For Road Trips

Do you dream of escape? Travelvibe invites you to follow one of the most beautiful roads in France during your next holiday.

Want to discover France differently? Famous for its varied landscapes and charming villages, France has something to make travelers dream of! 

And the most beautiful thing is that when you think you’ve done the tour, there are always hidden treasures to discover. 

In this article, we take you on a tour of the most beautiful roads in France. From North to South and from East to West, here are some ideas for road trips for your holidays!

The 12 Most Beautiful Roads In France – Best France Road Trips

1. The route of the Grandes Alpes

Most Beautiful Roads In France For Road Trips

The mythical route of the Grandes Alpes takes you across the Alps from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea. These are breathtaking landscapes that await you for more than 600 kilometers.

Alpine passes stretch down the road throughout the journey, revealing their wooded feet and snow-capped peaks. They are among the highest in France, with a record for the Col de l’Iseran, which rises to 2,770 meters in height. 

It is an opportunity to discover the heritage and traditions of the Alps and these prestigious panoramas!

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2. The National 7

Charles Trenet celebrated “the holiday route,” connecting Paris to Menton. It allows you to discover the most beautiful regions of France slowly. 

The French Riviera, Provence, Burgundy… A crossing in the 1950s that is filled with nostalgia and lightness.

Many museums along the RN7 are worth stopping at, including the City of Chocalat Valrhôna in Tain-l’Hermitage or the Palace of Sweets of Nougat and Memories Montélimar.

This is also the case for monuments, such as the fortress of Mornas or the Arc de Triomphe d’Orange.

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3. The Napoleon Route

Exiled on the island of Elba, Napoleon Bonaparte escaped on February 26, 1815, with the firm attention of overthrowing the monarchy of Louis XVIII. 

It will depart from the Golfe Juan, stretching from Cannes to Antibes, to reach Grenoble via the Bayard pass. His famous journey continues to inspire many to this day. But that’s not all! The Route Napoléon crosses superb landscapes. 

Castlelane and the Gorges du Verdon, Digne-les-Bains, the Durance, Sisteron, and many others deserve mention.

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4. The Route des Crêtes

Fancy a road trip that mixes history with breathtaking panoramas? Then take the Route des Crêtes in the Vosges mountains, which connects Cernay to Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines for 73 kilometres

Created during the First World War to ensure the region’s defense, it trains you at high altitudes.

The program is famous: the Col du Bonhomme, the Hohneck massif, the Grand Ballon, or the old Armand. And of course, spectacular views of the great peaks of the Alps will allow you to appreciate the biodiversity of the Vosges fully.

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5. The Three Corniches

Three Corniche is the ideal road trip for a holiday of idleness, glitter, and scorching sun in the south. It is one of the best ways to discover the most beautiful corners of the Riviera, where the cliffs meet the sea.

Don’t think the scenery is just minerals! The Mediterranean vegetation brings its share of green. 

The song of the cicadas accompanies the rolling of the waves, a concert that can only be heard on the Côte d’Azur. 

However, it is better to be warned: the three Corniches are often congested in summer.

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6. The Loire castle route

The route of the castles of the Loire is to cross landscapes of exceptional beauty while discovering the heritage of the region’s past. As if frozen in time, the castles of the Loire are full of treasures.

They are often huge, so we advise you to limit yourself to two castles a day. Regardless, it is a joyous journey through the history of France that awaits you on one of the most beautiful roads in France.

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7. The road of the megaliths

Go to Morbihan to contemplate these curious prehistoric remains that have haunted man’s imagination for millennia… Menhirs, dolmens, and cairns abound in the area. 

Even today, no one knows why they were placed there. The perfect alignment of their silhouettes fascinates visitors.

If we immediately think of the most famous site, Carnac, know that you will have the opportunity to discover many others on the road to megaliths. The nearby ocean coast perfumes the air, reinforcing the inimitable character of the place.

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8. The Lavender Routes

Lavender blooms everywhere in Provence between June and August, scenting the air and enhancing the landscape. Why not take advantage of it by taking the lavender roads? No less than six circuits are waiting for you.

Besides the gentle Provencal landscapes, you will come across many surprises on the way: distilleries, workshops, museums, restaurants, etc. Ideal for a romantic getaway on one of the most romantic roads in France!

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9. The tour of Cap Corse

At the northern tip of the Isle of Beauty, a mountain range flows into the sea. This is Cap Corse. Here, the coasts take crazy heights before tearing into the Mediterranean. Visitors are stunned by the purity of the colors.

In short, it is a real jewel of nature. The good news is that it is quite possible to travel it on a road trip! To do this, take the D80. It takes you among the panoramas, fishing villages, and maquis of Cap Corse.

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10. The Route des Puys d’Auvergne

Dome, Pariou, Montchal, Como …The Auvergne territory is home to nearly a hundred emaciated silhouettes. The Puys of Auvergne give the country a unique aura. 

Take a walk along their wooded flanks and sometimes venture to their peaks to see them.

The highest point is reached at the summit of Puy de Sancy, the highest volcano in France. 

Are you with your family? Be sure to detour the Vulcania amusement park to learn more about volcanism!

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11. The Alsace Wine Route

Want to combine the pleasure of the eyes with the joy of the palate? So let yourself be lulled by the Alsace wine route! 

It allows you to discover the region’s vineyards and taste the delicious local wines. But even if you are not interested in wine, the road keeps its interest.

You will see pretty stone villages, bell towers, and castles and experience the local cuisine on the way there. 

Only one rule to follow: Do not drive after drinking!

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12. The sublime cornice

Want to discover the Gorges du Verdon? So let’s finish our selection of the most beautiful roads in France with the sublime corniche, which lives up to its name. By following it, you can access the most striking landscapes of the canyon.

With the intense blue of the Verdon, you will be able to experience the biodiversity of the Vosges in full. Along the way, you will reach stunning viewpoints that will offer you spectacular panoramas. 

We think in particular of the balconies of the Mescla, the lake of Sainte-Croix, or the circus of Vaumale. In short, fully wild landscapes. 

However, walking the sublime corniche is also a great way to discover charming villages, such as Aiguines or Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

So, which of the most beautiful roads in France will you travel to?

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