The 12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In France

The 12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In France

Where the riverbeds split, waterfalls are born. Discover the most beautiful waterfalls in France and immerse yourself in these exceptional natural phenomena.

Mother Nature demonstrates incredible natural and indomitable prowess. Impossible, among them, not to mention the waterfalls. 

Their great power, their loud crash, and, at their feet, their waters of incredible beauty… These nature works captivate travelers, photographers, and lovers of swimming or thrills. 

So it’s true… Maybe you immediately think of Niagara Falls or Victoria Falls?

Nevertheless, did you know that France is not left behind on the waterfall’s side? Turn to our beautiful country in the forest, in the hollow of the mountains. Here are the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in France.

The 12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In France

1. The Rouget waterfall

Among the superb waterfalls in France, this one won an official title in 2009. Here is the sumptuous Queen of the Alps who swallows eighty meters in height. 

The Rouget waterfall flows thunderously from the torrent of Salles to the Griffe des Fonds. It is accessible by a small road from the village of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval.

From its waters was a legend: They would possess qualities of virility and fertility… During the winter, you can see its flow even more impressively. 

The melting snow makes its roaring torrents swell, and its breath sweeps the entire pine forest around. Access is then only on foot.

2. The Gavarnie waterfall

This spectacular waterfall, which sometimes evaporates before making landfall, is located in the Pyrenees National Park. 

Gavarnie’s circus, which surrounds it, is already breathtaking. The river and glacial erosion have carved out this stunning basin.

This colossus is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, green valleys, huge rocky headlands, and tufts of fir trees. 

Then, this natural arena received an additional gift: a waterfall gushing more than four hundred and thirty meters high! 

It is the highest of our waterfalls in France. The Gavarnie waterfall is accessible by an easy hiking trail.

3. The Tuf Waterfall

We take you to the Jura: land of greenery, villages of character, vineyards, and pure waters. The Tufs waterfall is an absolute jewel of our ranking. 

In Baume-les-Messieurs and Planches-près-d’Arbois, discover this absolutely magical show.

Rocks covered with emerald mosses, secret caves, pearl water curtains, crystal clear basins, shady woods… It feels like a fairy tale. 

This waterfall comprises several gushes that multiply until they form a wide enchanting panorama. These waterfalls are easily accessible by a hiking trail.

4. Hedgehog waterfalls

Other stunning waterfalls in France can be found in the Jura. For example, let yourself be charmed by those of the Hedgehog. 

You have to walk several kilometers to see these falls, nestled in a hollow of green nature and entirely shaped by water.

The waterfalls of the Hedgehog are seven in number. Each one testifies to a singular and sublime beauty. Go to Ménétrux-en-Joux to discover these natural pearls.

5. Gimel Waterfalls

The natural site of Corrèze, just a few kilometers from Tulle, is renowned for its wild and preserved beauty. The waterfalls of Gimel consist of three waterfalls: the Great Jump (forty-five meters), the Redole (thirty-eight meters), and the Horsetail (sixty meters).

The latter plunges into the abyss of the Inferno, an abyss as spectacular as it is thunderous. The trails that lead to these waterfalls of France are bathed in lush nature and a unique atmosphere.

6. Sillans la Cascade

Sillans la Cascade is the town of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region, home to this natural jewel of the same name. Especially a vertiginous dive in an azure blue basin forty-two meters high.

If it is forbidden to swim there, the show is well worth it. Besides, the water flows into small streams all around. They are all iridescent blue. A color that contrasts with the large green trees and the rock pulling on the ochre.

7. The Sautadet waterfalls

The waterfalls of France bring you to the discovery of the south, cicadas, and the smell of aromatic plants. Welcome to the Gard. Also called “Saut du diable,” the Sautadet waterfalls are a unique geological formation.

These are several series of rapids and waterfalls formed by erosion. The immense limestone plateau is punctuated by many pots, basins, and cavities, sometimes ten meters deep. 

Stay within the authorized area to swim safely because the eddies are intense and dangerous.

8. The Ray-Pic waterfall

See you in the Ardèche, in the heart of the legendary Cévennes. The Ray-Pic waterfall is spectacular – thrill guaranteed in the face of this fascinating chaos. Waterfalls cut through the Ardèche mountain and fall thirty-five meters into a bubbling fountain.

A fault causes this in the basaltic organs and the river’s strength. Just walk a few minutes on a path leading to three lookouts to admire this natural spectacle. Did you know that among the most beautiful waterfalls in France, it has been classified as a natural volcanic site since 1931?

9. Runes Waterfall

In the freshness and humidity of the Lozère, enjoy the magnificent setting of the Runes waterfall. The waterfall borrowed its name from the hamlet near which it flows. 

This waterfall is spread over three floors in a fan and rises for nearly seventy meters.

A break in the slope leads to the water being precipitated into the void and the first basin. After that, she throws herself back into the void until she comes across a second basin. 

Finally, it continues its path and sinks into the valley, regaining its peaceful flow.

10. The petrifying waterfall

Let’s continue our tour of the most beautiful waterfalls in France with that of Caylus. This waterfall has a detailed geological history along a small road at a bridge level spanning the Tarn-et-Garonne department.

It is called a “petrifying waterfall” because it is full of carbonates that can cover plants with a gangue of limestone in contact with water. Thus, the mosses, leaves, and pieces of wood seem petrified under an enigmatic crust. 

They eventually disappear by fermentation and give the rock its porous texture, similar to a crumbly sponge.

11. The Ars Waterfall

This natural power is hidden in the hollow of the Ariège in Aulus-Les-Bains. Huge and proud from the top of its two hundred and forty-six meters, it is a beautiful spot in the Pyrenean chain. 

The Ars waterfall extends over three monumental floors that become torrential when the snow melts in late spring.

Pedestrian access requires a four-hour walk but does not present any difficulties. Regardless, these waterfalls take your breath away as hard as they blow the trees around.

12. The waterfalls of Mortain

Most Beautiful Waterfalls In France

Let’s finish our ranking of the most beautiful waterfalls in France with the Mortain waterfalls. The direction of the English Channel and a little corner of paradise of the same name. 

This corner of sublimated greenery houses two waterfalls. They are nestled in vegetation that looks like an enchanted forest.

The highest rises to twenty-five meters and is called a large waterfall. It is called a small waterfall without much originality. Even if the names are not impressive, the waterfalls are superb. 

Furthermore, the stone-carved stairs and wooden bridges offer a magical stroll. Finally, you arrive at these natural treasures, where you can picnic or read a book.

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