The 18 Most Popular Recreational Places In Pidie Jaya

The 18 Most Popular Recreational Places in Pidie Jaya

Aceh is a province consisting of many districts or cities, including the Pidie Jaya Regency. You need to know that Pidie Jaya Regency is the district resulting from the expansion of the parent Pidie Regency.

If you visit Pidie Jaya, you can find various natural beauty charms located here.

However, you need to know that tourist attractions in Pidie Jaya include nature tourism and other types of tourism like cultural tourism, religious tourism, and culinary tourism.

Pidie Jaya is based in Meureudu and consists of eight districts. Pidie Jaya is very close to Pidie Regency, so you will be able to stop by Pidie Jaya when you are in Pidie Regency without a problem.

Pidie Jaya is also one of the areas severely affected by the Aceh tsunami in 2004. But now, the area has undergone many changes and improvements to become a beautiful area.

The 18 Most Popular Recreational Places in Pidie Jaya

Tourism-wise, Pidie Jaya has a lot of potentials that would be very sad to lose if it were to disappear. Here is a list of tourist attractions in Pidie Jaya that you can visit while on vacation.

1.Kuthang Beach/Pantai Kuthang

Location: Sagoe, Trienggadeng District, Pidie Jaya

Visit Kuthang Beach in Pidie Jaya, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pidie Jaya.

This beach is unique in that it is extremely protective of Islamic values, so there are frequent raids to take care of visitors who violate Islamic values.

Even so, you do not have to worry when visiting this beach. This is because as long as you do not violate Islamic values, you can comfortably enjoy the beauty of Khutang Beach.

The beauty of Khutang Beach can be seen from the waves that are not so big and the beach’s sand that looks so exotic. For those of you who want to swim or play, sand is undoubtedly very safe.

Besides, around the beach, there are also stalls roofed with rumbia leaves that can be used for culinary tours. The sight of blue calluses can be a sign that you are on Khutang Beach.

Besides swimming and playing in the sand, you can also rent fishing equipment at this beach. If you visit on certain days, then you can watch Pidie Jaya Cultural Week on this beach.

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2.Manohara Beach/Pantai Manohara

Location: Meunasah Balek Meureredu Village, Pidie Jaya

Besides Khutang Beach, Pidie Jaya still has other beautiful beaches such as Manohara Beach. Manohara Beach was closed after the earthquake and became a poultry farm before becoming a popular tourist destination.

However, Manohara Beach is now getting more crowded due to the beauty of the scenery, which is not in doubt. If you want to visit Manohara Beach, come to Meunasah Balek Meureredu Village, Pidie Jaya.

You also need to know that this beach was formerly named Meurah Setia Beach but eventually became more famous by Manohara beach. In this beach area, there are also food vendors in cafes located on the coast.

Moreover, other facilities are also available on this beach to make your holiday activities more enjoyable. When you vacation on this beach, you will undoubtedly feel relaxed and beautiful among the fir trees that line the shore.

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3.Pasi Aron Beach/Pantai Pasi Aron

Location: Jurong Binje, Jangka Buya, Pidie Jaya

The next tourist spot is Pasi Aron Beach which offers a million beauties guaranteed to amaze you. Although the tsunami used to be swept away, this beach does not seem to lose its beauty.

This beach has black beach sand, especially in the afternoon; the sky on this beach increasingly looks exotic. This beach is located in the Jangka Buya Subdistrict, which has already gained fame for its charm.

Many visitors choose to relax on this beach in the afternoon while watching the sunset. Pasi Aron Beach is perfect for family vacation visits or with loved ones.

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4.Krueng Lhok Gop

Location: Gampong Kumba, Bandar Dua, Pidie Jaya

You can also visit Krueng Lhok Gop, a tourist attraction that is no less captivating than the beach in Pidie Jaya.

It is a natural river with views of the surrounding greenery. There are rocks in the river that make it even more beautiful.

Krueng Lhok Gop location is located in Gampong Kumba, Bandar Dua, which can be reached easily. The water flowing in this river is relatively straightforward and feels cold. Usually, tourists who come to this river choose to play water or swim.

The combination of river water and stunning natural scenery makes anyone who visits this tourist spot feel awesome. 

When the harvest season arrives, the locals usually celebrate Khanduri Blang or a harvest thanksgiving ceremony.

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5.Gunung Palang Waterfall//Air Terjun Gunung Palang

Location: Gunung Palang DesaAbah Lueng, Bandar Baru District, Pidie Jaya

The next tourist spot on the list of Pidie Jaya is Gunung Palang Waterfall. This waterfall is located in the area of Gunung Palang Desa Abah Lueng, Bandar Baru District.

Because of its location in the mountain area, it is no wonder you want to go to this waterfall. It takes a long journey of approximately 3 hours to climb the mountain.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, you can also set up a tent in the area of Mount Palang waterfall and enjoy coffee or tea at night.

If you want to camp in this waterfall, you should bring enough equipment and supplies because the facilities in this waterfall area are still not available.

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6.Kuta Batee Meureudu Mosque/Masjid Kuta Batee Meureudu

Location: Gp. Beuracan, Meureudu, Pidie Jaya Regency

Along with nature tourism, Pidie Jaya also has religious tourism that is no less interesting to visit, namely Kuta Batee Meureudu Mosque. 

This mosque does have a high historical value because Sultan Iskandar Muda carried out the construction of this mosque in 1620 AD.

It is pointed out that this mosque is already hundreds of years old and still standing strong.

But in 1963, this mosque was refurbished and later changed its name to Masjid Iskandar Muda Kuta Batee. Not only can you see the grandeur of this mosque, but you can also worship and learn history here.

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7.Kuta Batee Fort/Benteng Kuta Batee

Location: Blang Mideun, Gampong Manyang Lancok, Meureudu Pidie Jaya Regency

Following your visit to Kuta Batee Meureudu Mosque, you can also visit Kuta Batee Fort. Sultan Iskandar Muda also built the fort in 1620 AD.

Although this fort looks poorly maintained, this fort was used as a defense made of stone and egg whites mixed with glutinous flour in the past.

This is done because there was no cement as a building material adhesive. This fort is a must-see because the scenery is breathtaking and ideal for picture-taking.

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8.Malem Dagang Cemetery/Kuburan Malem Dagang

Location: Tunong settlement, District, Meunasah Kumbang, Ulim,

Pidie Jaya Regency

Many Acehnese heroes used to fight against the invaders in Indonesia, especially in Aceh. Therefore, it is appropriate that the services of these heroes are remembered through the Tomb of Malem Dagang.

You need to know that Malem Dagang was the commander-in-chief of Sultan Iskandar Muda in the attack on Semanjung Malacca.

For this reason, the traces of Malem Dagang are enshrined in the form of tombs located in the Ulim Subdistrict. Usually, tourists who come to this tomb aim to make a pilgrimage as well as learn history.

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9.Briyani Rice and Martabak Curry/Nasi Briyani dan Martabak Kari

Location: Meureudu, Pidie Jaya

Pidie Jaya also has culinary dishes that you should not miss when visiting this district, where the culinary dish is biryani rice which becomes a typical food in Pidie Jaya.

However, the Biryani rice comes from India since India is where most of Meureudu’s people come from. The Martabak curry is a typical food of Pidie Jaya with a distinct taste and deliciousness.

If you wish to eat biryani rice and curry martabak, visit restaurants in the Meureudu city area.

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10.Pandan Craft/Kerajinan Pandan

Location: Buangan Village, Meurah Dua District, Pidie Jaya Regency

Pidie Jaya also has a unique handicraft that is Seuke or pandan crafts. Crafts made from pandanus include mats, bags, etc.

Pandan handicrafts are typical of Pidie Jaya and delicious food in Ulim, Trienggadeng, Meureudu, and other sub-districts.

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11.Krueng Cubo

Location: Gampong Sarah Panyang, Bandarbaru District, Pidie Jaya

The tourist attraction may be perceived as less attractive by many people. However, Krueng Cubo has tourist potential as a river that is guaranteed to be enjoyable to visit.

The lack of adequate infrastructure, however, makes it difficult for visitors to visit this tourist attraction.

It is trendy among anglers to fish in Krueng Cubo, and the river area is usually crowded with anglers. With the increasing number of visitors who come to Krueng Cubo, it is no wonder that this river is very suitable to be a tourist destination.

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12.Bate Iliek

Location: Gampong Meurah, Samalanga-Bireuen District (45 Minutes from Pijay)

Batu Iliek is a tourist spot in a river with large rocks and running water and feels fantastic. Usually, when the rainy season arrives, the river water flows rapidly into the sea.

The river provides water for the rice fields of the local community as well as stunning views. Bate Iliek is the name of the village where this river flows.

Usually, the number of bate iliek visitors increases when the holiday season arrives or on weekends. Besides enjoying the beauty of the river while playing with water, tourists can buy snacks or drinks provided by stalls around the Bate Iliek river.

The cuisine served here is typical of Aceh and is guaranteed to leave you with a great taste in your mouth.

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13.Tengku Mosque in Pucok Krueng/Masjid Tengku Di Pucok Krueng

Location: Pucok Krueng, Kec. Meureudu, Pidie Jaya

The next tourist spot is Tengku Mosque in Pucok Krueng, also known as the twin mosques since it is two mosques located in conflict.

The two mosques have their uniqueness, so it looks fascinating. One of these two mosques has a traditional building style of Nusantara made of wood and is old. 

The other mosque building is made of concrete so that it looks modern.

These two mosques have a precious historical value for the Pidie Jaya people. Uniquely again, in this mosque complex, there is a large jar containing water. 

The jar is dirty when filled with water, but once you remove the water from the jar, the water becomes very clear.

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14.Pidie Jaya City Park/Taman Kota Pidie Jaya

Location: Balakang Pemkot, Gampong Cot Trieng, Meureudu Pidie Jaya Regency

When visiting Pidie Jaya seems incomplete if you do not stop by Pidie Jaya City Park. This City Park is located in Meureudu and is usually frequented by young people who want to relax or take photos.

The beauty of Pidie Jaya city park is quite stunning, with the surrounding ponds and flowers. Buildings around the park also add to the exotic scenery in this city park.

As far as the park’s maintenance is concerned, it will be less noticeable since it includes road access. 

However, this city park is perfect for those who want to travel while relaxing without spending money.

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15.Balemon Beach/Pantai Balemon

Location: Balemon Village, Sagoe, Trienggadeng, Pidie Jaya Regency

If you visit Gampong Sagoe Trienggadeng, then do not miss stopping by Balemon Beach. In the Gampong Sagoe area, Balemon Beach is usually a popular Islamic tourist destination.

Its location in the Straits of Malacca area will undoubtedly add to the appeal of this beach. The blue seawater combined with the smooth beach sand will undoubtedly add to the beauty of the Balemon beach panorama.

An exotic sunset that bursts the light creates a silhouette of stunning scenery in the afternoon.

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16.Savanna Blang Raweu/ Sabana Blang Raweu

Hotel Area: Pidie Jaya Regency

The next tourist spot is Sabana Blang Raweu, an area dominated by savannas with thousands of hectares. This savanna area is also surrounded by primary and secondary forests that are mutually sustainable.

Besides Savannas, this area also has several types of animals that live in this region, including antelopes, wild boars, and deer. 

But to enter this savanna area is not easy because the security of forest areas is quite strict.

This area is also a sacred area for the local community. The traditional ritual procession is usually carried out first before entering this area.

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17.Ulim Pidie Jaya Waterfall/Air Terjun Ulim Pidie Jaya

Location: Gunung Sala, Pidie Jaya Regency

This place is a waterfall that can be reached by hiking through the forest and climbing mountains. After you get to the waterfall, you will be wowed by the natural beauty of a row of green trees that are very lush, although getting there feels difficult.

Besides, there are also rows of cliffs, savannas, and tropical forests that will stun you. The sound of wild birds chirping also adds to the beautiful atmosphere on the way to the Ulim waterfall.

When you arrive at Ulim waterfall, you will be spoiled by the view of the waterfall that flows rapidly between the rock cliffs. 

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18.Krueng Lampoh Lada/Krueng Lampoh Lada

Location: Beuracan settlement, Meureudu, Pidie Jaya

The next tourist spot in Pidie Jaya is Krueng Lampoh Lada, located in the south of Beuracan settlement, Meureudu, Pidie Jaya.

This river has a well-developed nature tourism industry. Water with a natural atmosphere that is still preserved, so for those looking for a place to refresh and enjoy a calming environment, this is one place to visit.

If you want to get wet here, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.

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Those are the tourist attractions in Pidie Jaya you can visit while on vacation. 

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