The 11 Most Unique Hotels In Andalusia (with Lots Of Charm), Spain

The 11 Most Unique Hotels in Andalusia (with lots of charm), Spain

Welcome to Andalusia, the cradle of art and flamenco. This is the most typical image of Andalusia, right? But we like to be original. 

And when it comes to accommodation, even more so. If you are reading this, maybe you are tired of staying in the same places as always. 

Are you looking for charming accommodations in Andalusia for a relaxing getaway? Are different ideas perfect for a romantic getaway? 

Here is a selection of original hotels in Andalusia that you probably didn’t know about.

Did you know that in Andalusia, you can sleep in a cave house? Or that you can sleep in an old pottery factory? 

Here are all the discoveries of charming hotels in Andalusia that will leave you speechless. 

Note: the selection is wide. I bet you’ll find something that will arouse your curiosity. 

Discover with me the most unique hotels in Andalusia.

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The 11 Most Unique Hotels in Andalusia (with lots of charm), Spain

1. Sleeping in a cave house

Do you know what cave houses are? They are caves that served as dwellings during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and have now been reconditioned as rustic style accommodations. 

They are very typical in some areas of Andalusia, especially in Granada. Due to their construction properties maintain delightful temperatures throughout the year—neither cold nor heat, which is something to be thankful for in Andalusia.

This example of different accommodations in Andalusia produces the sensation of being inside a cave but having all the luxury accommodation facilities. 

Some of these charming hotels in Andalusia have a Jacuzzi in the room. The others, however, are set in typical Arab bathhouses. 

This is my selection of the best cave houses in Andalusia.

Cave Houses Cazorla. In the Sierra de Cazorla, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we find cave houses for two to six people who lack facilities. 

Some have a fireplace, whirlpool tub in the “cave” (even some bathtubs are heart-shaped). A different type of option that will leave you with your mouth open.

Cave Houses in Granada. In the city of Granada itself, specifically in the Sacromonte neighborhood, you can have a very different experience sleeping in a cave house and without leaving the city. Some of these beautiful accommodations in Granada are:

  • Casa Cueva Lujo Sacromonte with Alhambra views. This is a perfectly renovated house. 

Besides having views of the Alhambra and having a living room and a very modern kitchen, it maintains the essence of cave houses in its rooms. 

The house has 4 bedrooms and is rented as a whole. It is excellent for a particular group occasion.

  • Los Naranjos Cave. Also located in the Sacromonte neighborhood in Granada, it is a simpler accommodation than the previous one. You can also see Alambra from here.
  • Cave with views of the Alhambra! Wifi & Terrace. This is also a charming cave accommodation with a terrace overlooking the Alhambra in Granada.

Cave Houses in Guadix. More cave houses are found in the Andalusia region of Guadix, which is also in Granada. Here is a selection of the ones I have liked the most:

  • Guadix Cave House. It is a two-bedroom house with four people with typical cave forms (including the bathroom).
  • La Tala Cave House. In this case, there are options for all types. For example, a cave for two with a whirlpool bath, a family cave if you are traveling with children, or an apartment with two bedrooms. Some of these rooms also have a fireplace.

Cuevas Aljatib: This cave house is in Granada, in Baza, also very close to Guadix. It has an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor hammam. 

Some friends of mine stayed here for a romantic, relaxing weekend, and they loved it.

Casa Cueva el Arrabal. There are cave houses in Granada and in Setenil de las Bodegas, one of the most beautiful villages in Cadiz. 

You can’t miss this house that stands deep in the rock. It also seems to be one of the best rural hotels with charm in Andalusia.

2. Sleeping in an old ceramic factory

The Hotel Triana Montalván in Seville is a unique hotel. Being a refurbished and elegant three-star hotel, its rooms have a lot of history. 

The details of the rooms evoke what this hotel was in the past, an old ceramic factory.

The old ceramic factory Montalván Triana was founded in 1850 but closed its doors in April 2012. Every cloud has a silver lining, and after closing, it moved on to a better life, this time as a hotel. 

It stands out for its tiled façade, but you know that it has beauty inside as well. They have managed to reform this old factory and maintain the charm in its rooms.

The neighborhood in which it is located is one of the most desirable areas to stay in Seville. You cross the Triana bridge, and you are just a step away from the center. 

3. Sleeping in a houseboat

Do you like the idea of sleeping on a boat? Well, what I propose today is similar to sleeping on a boat but even better. 

Boat Haus – Mediterranean Experience is another charming hotel on the coast of Andalusia. It is about spending a night on a houseboat. 

All these houseboats are lovely, very colorful, and have everything you need to make your stay unforgettable: kitchen, rooms, even a terrace on the “roof” of the house. 

Spend a luxurious night listening to the sound of the sea without having to worry about sailing.

They are located in the port of La Linea de la Concepcion and overlook the Rock of Gibraltar. 

You see sea and mountain views. It is impossible to have a better location.

4. Sleeping in a bubble hotel

A bubble hotel is an accommodation option that has been gaining momentum in recent years in Spain. And Andalusia was not going to be less. 

For now, there are two bubble hotels in Andalusia perfect if you want to sleep soundly while watching the stars from the bed.

Luxury Dome Retreat, in Dudar, Granada, is an accommodation that reminds me of Nordic igloos. It has a sofa, fireplace, kitchen, garden area, and even a swimming pool. 

Ideal both for a summer getaway and to go in winter. You can find it in Dudar, very close to Monachil and its famous route of the cahorros. 

But if you are an urbanite, just 14 kilometers away, you have Granada, for me one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Nomading Camp Ronda. This is a 20 m2 bubble with a transparent roof, air conditioning, heating, private space (quiet that no one can hear you sleep because it is located on a plot), and even a telescope to see the stars better. 

A great experience! In addition, it is located in one of the most beautiful villages of Andalusia: Ronda! I admit it, and I have a weakness for Ronda. 

5. Sleeping in a snail-shaped house

In the Costa del Sol heart, in Frigiliana, we arrived at this kind of cave house, but in the shape of a snail. 

The Hotel Rural los Caracoles is another charming hotel in Andalusia with a swimming pool and two different spaces to sleep. 

On the one hand, you have a room and bathroom simulating a cave, ideal for two people. 

There is also an option to stay in a 25 m2 deluxe bungalow with a snail shape. This bungalow has views of the sea in the distance and the mountains of the Sierra de la Axarquia.

I confess that I love Frigiliana. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Malaga. 

6. Sleeping in a castle

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping like a king in a castle, in an ancient fortress as if you were a princess? 

With the Moorish past that Andalusia has, you could not miss this other type of charming accommodation in Andalusia.

And it is not every day you have the opportunity to sleep in an ancient castle. These are the two options I suggest for sleeping in a castle in Andalusia.

TUGASA Hotel Castillo de Castellar is located in Castellar de la Frontera, in Cadiz, the best gateway to the Alcornocales Natural Park. 

It’s perfect for people who want to disconnect in a rural environment. However, nearby beaches of Sotogrande are also ideal for those wishing to be close to the ocean and coast.

Hotel Castillo de Monda. We left Cadiz to travel to Monda, Malaga. This spectacular castle hotel has privileged views of the village. This castle’s superior rooms are the best. 

The hotel has all kinds of facilities for a perfect stay: a swimming pool and an excellent restaurant and is inland only 15 kilometers from Marbella. 

7. Sleeping in a tree cabin

If you always wanted to dream of sleeping in a tree cabin, you are lucky because dreams come true in Andalusia. 

It fascinates me that cabins in the forest are fully integrated with nature and surrounded by trees.

It must be recognized that the tree cabins have been gaining momentum in recent years, and Andalusia was not going to be less. These are the dream cabins in the forests of Andalusia:

Los Nidos de Santa María, in Arroyo Frío, Jaén. It has rural cabins built high up with all kinds of details. It is located in the heart of the Sierra de Cazorla. 

It is a wonder to go out on the cabin’s terrace among so much natural beauty. Here you will find the peace and disconnection you need. 

Nearby there are plenty of hiking trails such as the Cueva del Agua, the Cascada de las Calaveras or the Cañón del Río Borosa.

TreeHouse in Albaborro. Very close to the Sierra de la Alpujarra, we find another example of charming hotels in the Sierra de Andalucía. 

Although the photos do not do it justice, the accommodation is a high-up cabin with views of the entire mountain range and the sea in the distance. It also has a swimming pool.

8. Sleeping in a yurt

Hey, what is a yurt? To understand the origin of yurts, you have to travel to the steppes of Central Asia. 

It is a type of housing used by the Turkish nomads as they withstood the temperature changes in that area very well. 

In Andalusia, we are lucky to find yurts in glamping style (below, I will tell you more about glamping) in various places. 

In my opinion, sleeping in a yurt is also one of the best things to do in Andalusia.

Here is a selection of the best yurts in Andalusia:

Armonia Alpujarra Eco Accommodation. In Lanjarón, one of the most famous villages of the Alpujarra Granaína, you can see these yurts with capacity for two or three people and hippie-retro decoration with terrace and hammocks. 

The accommodation has two independent yurts and a separate rural house. However, the yurt has a kitchen inside, the bathroom outside (but right next to it). All the yurts have a swimming pool in common.

Tulpa Cadiz. With all the details of the decoration, this yurt perfectly evokes the feeling of traveling to Mongolia. It has a bed, bathroom, and tables inside and a garden, hammocks, and barbecue spot outside. 

It is located in Malcocinado, Cádiz, halfway between Vejer de la Frontera and Medina Sidonia.

Eldorado Yurt, in Algobarro, a town I have mentioned before, for its tree huts. Now we change tact and choose to sleep in a yurt, with its independent kitchen and swimming pool outside.

La Volandera. I love this hotel in Andalusia, specifically in Jerez de la Frontera. In addition to the country house, the facilities include a 27 m2 yurt with its kitchen, dining room, bathroom outside, and swimming pool.

Andévalo Aventura is an entertaining option if you are traveling with children. It has five very spacious yurts, perfect for traveling with your family and with all the luxury of comfort. 

In the facilities, there are options for everyone: paintball, cycle karts, climbing wall, a reservoir for water sports and a zip line. 

It is impossible to get bored in this place. Huelva has one of the most charming hotels for children in Andalusia, and it is located there.

9. Sleeping in a safari tent

The safari tents are glamping, offering the same freedom as the campsites without giving up the hotel’s glamour. 

Of all the kinds of glamping in Andalusia, I would like to highlight in this section the safari tents. 

Spending a night in this type of original accommodation in Andalusia is synonymous with adventure. You will feel as if you were in an African camp, but without leaving Spain. 

These are the options for safari tents in Andalusia that I do not doubt that the little ones will love: 

Campo Agave Luxury Tents. They are located in Salayonga, Malaga. Enjoy a magical night under the stars like the ones you spent as a child camping. 

It has a swimming pool, sea views and is located in the mountains a few kilometers from the coast of Malaga.

Mi cielo Baumhauser, in Vejer de la Frontera. The accommodation is very varied; on the one hand, there are safari tents to choose from, while on the other, there are also small cabins on the top that simulate tree huts. 

You can find it in Vejer, one of the most beautiful villages in Cádiz.

Jabalina Country Tents in Puerto Real. In the Natural Park of the Bay of Cadiz, specifically in the Dehesa de las Yeguas. 

This special and different accommodation has four safari tents, all with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 

They also rent a cottage for 7 people if you want to go in a group in the same dehesa.

10. Sleeping in a tipi tent

There are many styles of glamping and in Andalusia even more. Check out these other glamping options in Andalusia, specifically the very charming and cute tipi tents. These are the best tipi stores in Andalusia:

Kampaoh Los Villares (Córdoba): Exquisite decoration in the Parque de los Villares, in Córdoba.

Kampaoh Granada (Las Lomas): It belongs to the same owners as the previous one, but in this case, in Las Lomas, near the Canales Reservoir.

Kampaoh El Palmar. Same style as the previous ones, but next to El Palmar beach, in Cadiz. This is one of the best beaches to see in Cadiz province and one of the best charming hotels by the beach in Andalusia.

Hidden Valley Andalucia, in Alora, is another different accommodation in Andalusia. The tents are charming, and it overlooks the Guadalhorce valley. 

It is very close to the Caminito del Rey route, one of the most spectacular landscapes you have to see in Malaga province.

Casa Bella Teepees – Adults Only: I love these tipi tents that we can find in Zújar, Granada, very close to the Negratín reservoir. 

Children and not-so-children alike will enjoy this alternative. There are also swings and a swimming pool in the facilities.

11. Sleeping in a glasshouse in the middle of the desert

I cannot end this article without mentioning one more incredible hotel in Andalusia. 

The Casa del Desierto is an entirely glazed house in the middle of the Coloraos Desert in Gorafe, Granada. There is no doubt that it is one of the fascinating landscapes in Spain. 

This desert seems to be from another planet. It could well pass for the Atacama Desert or the Wadi Rum Desert, right?

In contrast to the wildness of the desert landscape, this impressive glass building stands out as one of the most impressive sustainable buildings of its time.

Don’t you think it’s impressive?

This is a selection of the most charming hotels in Andalusia, different and unique. 

But indeed, there are many more. If you know of any, I would love you to share them with us in the comments of this article.

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