Muara Takus Temple | Best Things To Do | Tour Guide [2023]

Muara Takus Temple | Best Things To Do | Tour Guide [2023]

Discover the wonders of Muara Takus Temple with our expert tour guide. Immerse yourself in the history and culture of this ancient site while taking in the breathtaking architecture and natural beauty of the surroundings. Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for a unique adventure, Muara Takus Temple is a must-see destination in Indonesia. Book your tour today and experience the best things to do at Muara Takus Temple.

Indonesia has a great deal of historical tourism, especially when it comes to temple tourism. This type of historical tourism can be found in many corners of the country. 

Many temples that are hundreds of years old bear witness to the history of Indonesia and stand strong until now, one of which is Muara Takus Temple.

Muara Takus Temple is a Buddhist heritage site located approximately 135 km from Pekanbaru,Opens in a new tab. Riau. This temple is one of the proofs that the Srivijaya kingdom has been successful in the past. 

What Muara Takus Temple looks like can check out the full review in the review below!

What Things To Do in Muara Takus Temple? – Buddhist History Tourism in Riau

Muara Takus Temple Review in Riau

  • Address: Kendalisodo, Pasir Jaya, Rambah Hilir, Pasir Jaya, Rambah Hilir, Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau 
  • Map : Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 18.00 WIB Admission price: Rp 10.000,00 (0.00069$) per person, excluding parking tickets

As the oldest Buddhist temple in Sumatra, this temple’s architecture illustrates the values of Buddhism beautifully. 

One of the very distinct characteristics of this temple in Riau is the shape of the stupa, a symbol of Gautama Buddha, and the temple’s architecture, similar to Buddhist temples in Myanmar.

The year of the establishment of the Muara Takus temple site until now is still uncertain. However, most historians agree that one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Sumatra was built in the 4th or 7th century.

The following is a review of Muara Takus Buddhist Temple in Riau for those who are becoming increasingly curious about it:

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Muara Takus Temple Building

The temple building that we see now is a building that has undergone restoration several times. The largest restoration was carried out from 1990 to 1992.

As of 2003, the Center for Conservation of Cultural Heritage of West Sumatra designated this site as a historical site to be preserved. UNESCO, meanwhile, recognized Muara Takus Temple in 2009 as a world heritage site.

The main building of this Buddhist temple has the name, Tuo Temple. The size is 32.80 x 21.80 meters and is the largest temple building among the Muara Takus complex buildings.

One of the building’s main features is a 36-sided staircase that consists of the foot I, legs II, body, and top. Although the top is damaged and several stones and decorations are missing, the staircase’s remaining sides are in quite good condition.

Then the second building is named Mahligai Temple. This building is square with 10.44 x 10.60 meters and a height of 14.30 meters stands on an Octagonal Pondamen with as many as 28 sides. There is a lotus double with a tower in the form of a phallus-like building on the base.

The third building of Muara Takus is called Palangka Temple, located about 3.85 meters east of Mahligai Temple. This third building is formed on red brick printed elements and is the smallest temple on the site.

The fourth building has a structure made of two types of stone, namely bricks and sandstone, called Candi Bungsu. This structure is usually built from tuff stone. 

While on the back is made of brick material. The fourth building spot, named Candi Bungsu, is located just west of Mahligai Temple, which we have previously discussed.

A small plot of land with two holes stands in front of the Tuo Temple gate in the northern part of the temple complex and the buildings mentioned above. 

This site is thought to have been used for funeral processions during the time of the kingdom. The first hole is used to insert the body, whereas the second hole is for the ashes to be removed. 

The burial place is still included in the maintenance of the temple because it is located inside the temple complex.

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The origin of the name Muara Takus

The naming of the Muara Takus Buddhist temple is divided into two different points of view. One point of view believes that the temple’s name comes from a small river that empties into the Kampar River. Hence, the small river is called the Takus river.

While the second point of view holds that Muara Takus comes from two words, namely Muara and Takus, Muara means river flow, while Takus comes from Chinese, Takuse. 

Ta in Chinese means big, I mean old, and se means temple. So Muara Takus means a large old temple located in the river estuary.

Interesting activities at Muara Takus Temple

In addition to learning about the history of Indonesia from Buddhist temples in Riau, we can also know and see firsthand the evidence of past life and culture that still stands strong to this day.

You can also go around the temple, shoot photos at various interesting spots in this temple complex. So it’s good if you visit here, the best time to visit is in the afternoon because the light is still very good for shooting photos.

Then in the afternoon, when dusk is about to come, you can also capture a very beautiful and romantic twilight moment against the background of a Buddhist heritage temple that makes you feel like you are in Myanmar. 

Make sure to bring a professional camera to make your photos even more perfect.

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Access to this historical place

Road access is quite difficult to reach Muara Takus Temple due to sandy roads, and parts of the road are still damaged. 

In fact, due to the danger of accessing the temple during the rainy season, we do not recommend visiting the temple during this season.

The location of the temple is quite far from the capital city of Pekanbaru. 

Because of this, visitors must set aside a lot of time if they want to visit Muara Takus Temple, unless they want to stay around the temple. However, there are some inns around the temple to choose from, so if you are from outside the city, you will not have to be afraid of confusion looking for lodging around the temple of laziness.

If you are from outside the city or even outside the province, to get to Pekanbaru, of course, you need a cheap flight ticket so that your allocation of funds can be used for other purposes. 

A variety of food stalls can also be found that sell a variety of Riau Culinary curios. 

You have to cross the Riau – West Sumatra border to reach this temple. Approximately when you need to reach Muara Takus Temple from Pekanbaru city center is about 3 to 4 hours. 

Don’t forget to bring all your necessities to accompany your long journey to this historical tourist spot in Riau.

That’s a little review about buddha temple tourism in Riau, namely Muara Takus, that you need to know. Don’t forget to visit this historical tour if you have the opportunity and time to vacation in the Riau area. I hope you fine the article “Muara Takus Temple | Best Things To Do | Tour Guide” helpful. Get an exciting holiday experience by traveling around various cities in Indonesia. Happy holiday!

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