10 Must-See Places In Pandeglang That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Must-See Places In Pandeglang That Will Blow Your Mind

There are many must-see places in Pandeglang that any tourist should visit.

Pandeglang is the administrative area of Banten Province. The landscapes are mountainous, rural, urban, and coastal. Some villages in this area are small islands floating in the ocean. 

It is said that the island has a beautiful panorama that is second to none. So, not surprisingly, Pandeglang is often a favorite tourist destination.

Tourist attractions in Pandeglang are quite diverse, ranging from beautiful beaches, cool mountains, islands to zoos. Access to them is also relatively easy. 

You can use private vehicles or intercity buses. So, which tourist attractions in PandeglangOpens in a new tab. are your must-see? Here’s the recommendation!

10 Must-See Places in Pandeglang That Will Blow Your Mind

1.Peucang Island/Pulau Peucang

Peucang Island is one of the best tourist attractions to visit in Pandeglang. It is situated in the Panaitan Strait, precisely in Sumur Subdistrict. The area of the island is about 450 hectares. To get to the tourist attractions in Pandeglang, visitors can use private vehicles or buses. 

It takes approximately 5 hours to reach Sumur Pier (Tanjung Lesung Resort). From here, you have to take a boat for 2-3 hours at a rate of Rp 800 thousand to 1 million rupiahs (55.15$-68.94$) per group.

Arriving at Peucang Island, visitors will be treated to a stunning coastal landscape. 

A combination of white sand, clear blue sea, and green hills is the most amazing panorama you’ll see in Pandeglang. 

You can do several activities in the area, including snorkeling, trekking, and watching deer hordes.

In addition to deer, Puckang Island also has long-tailed monkeys. These endemic animals live and do activities in the trees. However, it often hides when approached by humans. 

The animal that is no less interesting is the peacock. If you are lucky, you can see green peacocks; one of the rare bird species.

2.Carita Beach/Pantai Carita

Would you like to see the beauty of Mount Krakatau? The best place to take in the view is at Carita Beach. Visiting Carita Beach is a must things to do in Pandeglang.

Located on the west coast, this tourist spot in Pandeglang is directly facing the Sunda Strait. The edge of Carita Beach is therefore classified as a ramp with waves that are not too large.

Travel to Carita Beach can be reached by bus, microbus, or private vehicle. The distance of the tourist attractions from the center of Pandeglang Regency is about 67 km. 

If you depart from Jakarta, you can take the Jakarta-Merak Toll Road. 

Pandeglang and Labuan are two other routes. Be careful, however, as the road conditions are damaged and perforated.

Arriving at the beach gate, any means of transportation will be charged an entrance fee. For buses, the fare is approximately Rp 400,000-700,000 (27.58$-48.26$). 

While, for four-wheeled private vehicles, it is mandatory to pay Rp 150,000 (10.34$) per unit.

Many activities that visitors can do in Carita Beach, including jet-skiing, banana boating, and surfing. 

If you want to enjoy the view of Carita’s underwater garden, snorkeling facilities are available. In addition, you can also see the beauty of the sunset panorama on the western horizon.

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3.Ujung Kulon National Park/Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon

The title as a Natural World Heritage Site is worthy of Ujung Kulon National Park because this tourist area presents three ecosystems, namely land, sea, and beach. 

The land area consists of Mount Honje, the Kulon Peninsula, as well as two small islands.

Meanwhile, the sea area includes coral reefs and seagrass fields. The area that is no less interesting is the beach. In this zone, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of beach forests and mangroves. 

The coastal exosystem is overgrown with several types of vegetation, including pes-caprae, katang-katang, jukut Kiara, tarum Laut, and pandan bidur.

The panorama of Ujung Kulon National Park will be more interesting if you enter the wilderness area. Visitors can see the uniqueness of one-horned rhinoceros, Javan owl, and coyotes. 

Not only that, endemic animals such as birds, amphibians, and insects also inhabit the Ujung Kulon area.

To enter Ujung Kulon National Park, you must purchase an entrance ticket worth Rp 5,000-7,500 (0.34$-0.52$) per person. The fee is not included for activities around the area, such as camping, forest exploration, or fishing. 

Therefore, prepare enough energy and budget to explore all the zones offered by tourist attractions in Pandeglang.

4.Curug Putri Tahura/Curug Putri Tahura

Little Green Canyon; that’s the nickname for Curug Putri Tahura (Forest Park Raya). The area’s natural contours are very similar to the Green Canyon attractions in Ciamis, in the form of a stream flanked by giant rock cliffs. 

The water is green mixed with white so that it creates a beautiful color gradation. Along the cliff, there is a variety of flora and grass.

Curug Putri Tahura is located in Carita, Pandeglang. Access to Carita is quite easy; it can be by bus or private vehicle. 

The journey time from the capital, Pandeglang, to Carita is about 4 hours. Arriving at the Tahura area, transportation can only enter the trekking boundary. After that, visitors have to walk across the trail.

Views of trees, forests, and wildlife can be seen along the way. An hour after walking, you must walk along a river path with a depth of 2 meters. 

If you cannot swim, you may wear a buoy. Then, in five minutes, the panorama of Curug Putri was seen. Pandeglang is a perfect place to relax and remove fatigue.

5.Umang Island/Pulau Umang

Need a romantic place to honeymoon? Umang Island can be the best choice. 

Located on the west coast of Java Island, the area offers a peaceful atmosphere, cool, and stunning sea panorama. Visitors will also be pampered with exclusive services and facilities on this small, exotic island.

Umang Island can be reached by driving for approximately 3-4 hours from the capital city of Pandeglang to Sumur Beach. Road access to tourist attractions in Pandeglang is quite comfortable and has been paved. 

After arriving at the beach, visitors must continue crossing the sea. The means of transportation used are speed boats.

The journey time to Umang Island is only about 5-8 minutes. When the speed boat pulls over, visitors must get off and enter the Umang-Umang-shaped gate. From here, you can see some cottages, restaurants, to the water sports area.

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6.CAS Waterpark Tourism Village/Kampung Wisata CAS Waterpark

Located in the city’s heart, CAS Waterpark Tourism Village is often a favorite holiday destination. Because here visitors can enjoy a variety of rides at affordable rates.

Cas Waterpark can be reached within 10 minutes from the square.

CAS Waterpark presents 12 rides, including Ball Pool, Octopus, Karang Kitri, GUPI, Adventurous Boat, Pinisi, Kite Bike, Mini Train, and Children’s Bakery Motorcycle. 

There is also a Benteng Perjuangan Haunted House zone, Alap-Alap Baduy Roller Coaster, 4-Dimensional Film, and Merry-Go-Round. In addition, there are flora and fauna garden facilities, a gazebo, and a dressing room.

Curious about the unique rides at CAS Waterpark? You can come every day from 07.00-17.00 WIB. If you visit on Monday-Friday, the entrance ticket costs only Rp 20,000 (1.38$) per person. 

Meanwhile, on weekends, the cost increases to Rp 30,000 (2.07$). However, visitors still have to pay Rp 5,000-20,000 (0.34$-1.38$) to try one ride.

7.Tanjung Lesung Beach/Pantai Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung is a small white beach with choppy water. It has a curved shape similar to the rice grower lumpang and covers about 150 hectares. 

Some parts of this tourist spot in Pandeglang are overgrown with green trees to create a beautiful beach blend. 

A wooden bridge stretches out into the middle of the sea, which is a great place to enjoy the scenery.

Tanjung Lesung has a ramp contour with a coastline of up to 15 km. Therefore, the condition is favorable because visitors can do various activities, from sitting by the beach, beach volleyball, fishing, playing banana boat, and trying jet skis. 

Furthermore, you are allowed to dive to the bottom of the sea to see its beauty.

Interested in visiting Tanjung Lesung? You can start the journey from Serang City, Banten. If there are no obstacles, the journey time will only take about 2 hours by private vehicle. 

A bus can also take you to Labuan Terminal. From here, visitors must rent a motorcycle taxi or taxi to take them to the beach location.

8.Drum Waterfall/Curug Gendang

Although humans rarely visit it, Curug Gendang is full of beauty. 

The waterfall is located in Sukarame Village, at the height of 170 meters above sea level. High rock cliffs surround the area, and there is a basin of water in the middle.

This waterfall is about 7 meters high and 13 meters deep. Uniquely, the sound of water discharge resembles a traditional Javanese musical instrument; drums or tambur. 

Visitors can do some activities under the waterfall, such as swimming, bathing, and jumping from the cliff to the pool.

To reach this tourist spot in Pandeglang, you can use a private vehicle. This means of transportation can be carried up to a distance of 3 km from the waterfall location. 

After that, all visitors must continue the journey on foot. Again, the terrain is crossed in the form of forests, uphill roads, and cliffs. 

About security, no need to worry because the area has been provided with a pedestrian-only path.

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9.Island Two/Pulau Dua

Pulau Dua stretches an area of 30 hectares with panoramic views of the open sea. This area is a nature reserve that protects a variety of birds. 

Hundreds of species from various countries often visit the island. The charm of the panorama in this tourist spot will be more visible when the birds fly freely over the blue sea.

Pulau Dua is home to various birds as well as mangrove vegetation. Among these trees are ketapang, chest, cangkring, and kepuh. 

There are also tropical forest plants that form the ecosystem on the island.

To reach the location of Pulau Dua, you have to travel to Sawah Luhur Village. 

The distance of this village to Pandeglang Regency is about 129 km. Therefore, the travel time is approximately 4 hours if the traffic flow is smooth.

10.Dano Swamp/Rawa Dano

Talking about tourist attractions in Pandeglang is endless. This area holds a variety of charming destinations that many people have not touched. One of them is Dano Swamp. 

The natural recreational object has about 2,500 square meters—a large area in lakes and wilderness.

In addition to being overgrown with various flora, there are also various types of fauna. Apes are the most commonly seen species roaming the region. 

Jumping from tree to tree is something they often do. These hordes of apes often peek at humans when they arrive. Walking along the lake on a wooden boat gives you a good view of the scenery.

It’s not just primates that inhabit the Dano Swamp. More than 250 birds inhabit the area. 

However, be careful when exploring the area of poultry. Perhaps, you also encounter a herd of crocodiles or snakes that suddenly cross the street.

To enjoy the exotic scenery in Rawa Dano, you don’t need to buy an entrance ticket. However, you must spend around Rp 250,000 (17.23$) on the cost of renting a boat as well as a guide.

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