22 Newest Recreation Spots In Simeulue Aceh

22 Newest Recreation Spots in Simeulue Aceh

The province of Aceh has a million charms of beauty that seem very precious. Likewise, you go to Simeulue, another city in Aceh.

Some of you may not be familiar with the name of this area, but you should know that Simeulue is a district in Aceh Province, Simeulue Island.

Simeulue Island is a small island located separately from Sumatra Island. The reason Simeulue is free from conflict and saves a million tourist attractions is because of this.

Simeulue’s natural attractions attract tourists from all over the world because of the exotic richness of its environment.

Simeulu is located on the east coast of Aceh, so those interested in visiting are advised to travel there. Simeulue is also a district in west Aceh that was formed around 1999.

Because the location is surrounded by a beach that is still very natural, it is no wonder that Simeuleu is perfect for visiting on weekends or holidays.

If you are curious to discover the beauty of Simeulue, do not miss visiting the exciting and memorable tourist attractions in Simeulue.

How to Get to Simeulue?

The district consists of 41 clusters of islands, about 105 nautical miles from Meulaboh, Aceh. When measured from the Tuan Site, Simeulue’s distance reaches 85 nautical miles.

To reach it, you must first fly to Medan from your home region. The journey continued with a pioneer flight using a Cessna or Foker type aircraft ticketed at Rp 500,000 to Rp 750,000. Travel time from Medan to Simeulue is about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Despite the extra effort needed, tourists from various regions and even countries struggle to conquer the challenging waves here.

Aside from surfers, its beautiful nature and fascinating underwater world also attract tourists worldwide.

For surfers, there are at least eight strategic spots for surfing, namely Nancala beach, Matanurung Busung, Alus-alus, Salur, La’ayon, Batu Berlayar Island, Mincau Island, and Teupah Island.  

For travelers who are not experts in surfing, they can enjoy the beauty of the sea by snorkeling.

Siumat Island, West Teupah, and East Simeulue are some of the best dive sites that have become prima donnas.

Even though it is a small area for transportation and lodging, it is pretty advanced. There are inns or even resorts that you can make a comfortable place to stay.

Fish stalls on the roadside serve fresh and delicious fish caught by fishermen at a price ranging from Rp 7,000 to Rp 20,000 per plate.

22 Newest Recreation Spots in Simeulue Aceh

Below you will find a list of tourist attractions in the Simeulue area that you should know about for your vacation.

1.Siumat Island/Pulau Siumat

Location: Siumat Island, East Simeulue District, Simeulue Regency

The first tourist spot in Simeulue is Siumat Island. It is a paradise of beauty that you should not miss, especially for couples planning a vacation or honeymoon. Then Siumat Island is the right choice.

Despite the island’s romantic atmosphere, the quiet condition of the island area combined with the stunning natural scenery will surely make anyone feel at home lingering on Siumat Island.

Siumat Island itself is a small island that offers such fantastic beauty. Visiting this island, you will feel as if you are on a private island.

The blue and clear seawater combined with the cliffs and natural green hills gives a different sensation on Siumat Island.

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2.Teluk Dalam Freshwater LakeDanau Air Tawar Teluk Dalam

Location: Kuala Bakti Village, Teluk Dalam District, Simeulue

There are beaches all around Simelue, but also a freshwater lake such as Teluk Dalam holds great tourism potential here. Usually, this lake is also known as Lake Lawik Tawar.

If you are curious to visit this lake, come to Kuala Bakti village, Teluk Dalam, Simelue Regency. The lake is about 800 meters long and 500 meters wide. If taken from the center of Sinabung City to this lake is about 53 kilometers.

At first glance, the lake surrounded by green hills looks like a breathtaking painting. The combination of cool air and beautiful nature makes for a lovely trip.

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3.Edge Island/Pulau Tepi

Location: Lamerem, Alafan District, Simeulue

There is no doubt that the Simeulue region has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world due to its exceptional natural beauty.

Similarly, if you visit Tepi Island, you see the sensation of marine tourism combined with natural tourism that spoils the eyes.

Tepi Island presents not only stunning nautical scenery but also underwater nature that is no less exotic. 

Tepi Island has the best diving spots that you should not miss for those who like snorkeling or diving.

While snorkeling and diving, the beauty of Tepi Island’s underwater nature can be seen clearly because the seawater is clean and clear.

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4.Siambong-Ambong Alafan Stone/Batu Siambong-Ambong Alafan

Location: Lubuk Bait Village, Alafan District, Simeulue

Batu Siambong-Ambong Alafan is a tourist attraction located in Lubuk Bait Village, Alafan District. Due to the stunning stone’s extension to the beach, it seems as if the bridge has been cut off.

The beauty of the natural stone is a very exotic sight to enjoy while in Simeuleu. You can see the Siambong-Ambong stone located not far from the stone bridge when standing on the rock shaped like a bridge.

The beauty of the stone that appears to be in the middle of the seawater is indeed a source of attraction in itself. Many tourists come to take pictures on the rocks and then upload them to their social media accounts.

Although increasingly popular, Batu Siambong-Ambong Alafan still has fewer tourist facilities because management has not been maximized. 

Visitors are guaranteed to be impressed by the beauty of this tourist attraction.

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5.Labuhan Bakti Beach/Pantai Labuhan Bakti

Location: Labuhan Bakti Village, South Teupah District, Siemeulue

The Labuhan Bakti Beach is included in the marine tourism program in Simeulue. The scenery on this beach is very exotic.

Laboratory Bakti Beach offers a beautiful view of the blue sea decorated with waves, white sand, and trees around the beach that enhance the area’s beauty.

It is also a perfect place to visit if you are a couple because you can feel so romantic on Labuhan Bakti Beach.

The location of Labuhan Bakti Beach is not far from Thailand Beach, which is very popular in the Simeulue area. 

If you’re interested in seeing the beauty of Labuhan Bakti Beach, then head to East Simeulue District, or it can be reached in 1 hour from Sinabang City.

Besides enjoying the stunning natural scenery on this beach, you can also see the beauty of underwater nature that is guaranteed to amaze you when you explore it.

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6.Thailand Beach/Pantai Thailand

Location: Labuhan Bakti Village, South Teupah District

This beach has a unique name that is Thailand Beach. Although the name is Thailand Beach, this beach is a beach in Indonesia in Simeulue Regency.

The beach has a unique name, but it offers awe-inspiring natural scenery because it’s located in a curved bay.

The color of the seawater is green Tosca combined with white beach sand into a blend that is no less interesting to explore.

The Thailand Beach can be found in Labuhan Bakti Village, South Teupah District, or it can be reached after an hour’s drive from Sinabang City.

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7.Pasir Tinggi Beach/Pantai Pasir Tinggi

Location: South Teupah District, Simeulue

Simeuleu is not complete if you don’t explore the beautiful beaches, Pasir Tinggi Beach.

This beach is located not far from Labuhan Bakti Beach in South Teupah District. Pasir Tinggi Beach offers stunning views with its white sand.

The breeze and blue sea water create a natural feel and are guaranteed to spoil your eyes. 

Uniquely, Pasir Tinggi Beach is located between two beaches, Labuhan Bakti Beach and Alus-Alus Beach, making the charm of this beach more exotic.

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8.Ganting Beach/Pantai Ganting

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Location: Kuala Makmur Village, East Simeulue District, Simeulue

Ganting Beach is one of the tourist attractions with natural scenery that is no less interesting than other beaches in Simeulue.

While on Ganting Beach, you can see rows of coconut trees and white sand on the edge of the blue sea. 

It gives a beautiful experience to see Siumat Island from Ganting Beach, which is also visible.

To see the beauty of Ganting Beach, go to Kuala Makmur Village, which is about 11 kilometers from Sinabang City. 

At sunset, Ganting Beach looks exotic and romantic and provides a memorable experience.

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9.Busung Beach/Pantai Busung

Location: Busung Village, Central Teupah District

There are many beautiful beaches in Simeulue, but Busung Beach is one of the best. This beach is also touted as the best surfing spot near Sinabang City.

Busung Beach has lovely waves and sandy beaches that make the scenery more attractive. The location of Busung Beach is in the Labuan Bajau area, Busung Village, Central Teupah District.

Besides having stunning natural scenery, Busung Beach also has an underwater nature that is no less beautiful to explore. This beach’s aquatic wildlife includes Ambelik and other marine animals.

Busung Beach also has complete tourist facilities ranging from places to eat, mushola, toilets, etc. Tourists will undoubtedly feel more comfortable and at home lingering at Busung Beach due to its clean beach.

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10.Nancala Beach/Pantai Nancala

Location: Nancala Village, West Teupah, Simeulue Regency

Talking about the beauty of the sea in Simeulue seems incomplete if you do not stop by Nancala Beach. Simeulue Regency’s Simeulue Beach is hailed as a tourist paradise.

The beach is often affected by high tides and is also a great place to surf in Simeulue.

There is also white sand, coral reefs that appear at low tide, and beautiful waves. Nancala Beach is also surrounded by hills that make the scenery even more stunning.

As the world’s top surfing location, it is no wonder that Nancala Beach is always crowded with tourists. If you want to visit Nancala Beach, come to Nancala Village, West Teupah, Simeulue Regency. 

There’s no need to worry because this beach has enough facilities to make you feel comfortable and at home.

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11.Mincau Island/Pulau Mincau

Location: Teupah Barat, Simeulue

The next tourist attraction in Simeulue is Mincau Island, separated from Simeulue Island but still belonging to the Simeulue regency.

Tapah Island is also close to Mincau Island by way of the islands. If you are visiting Mincau Island, please come to Teupah Barat, Simeulue. 

When you are on Mincau Island, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the beauty of underwater nature.

Mincau Island’s underwater beauty can be explored by snorkeling. To get to Mincau Island, tourists can take a speedboat or boat, and you will see a stretch of white sand with clear seawater on Mincau Island.

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12.Putra Jaya Waterfall Valley Lake/Danau Lembah Air Terjun Putra Jaya

Location: Putra Jaya Village, Central Simeulue District, Aceh

Simeulue also offers Putra Jaya Waterfall Valley Lake to experience different natural attractions besides beach tourism.

This tourist attraction is located in Putra Jaya Village, Central Simeulue. The waterfalls and lakes with clear water combined with the lush scenery of the forest make this a gorgeous tourist spot.

The water in this lake is icy and filled with rocks, making it appear so unique. The Putra Jaya Waterfall Valley Lake is clear in the interior area and also quite challenging to access.

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13.Teungku Tomb At the End/Makam Teungku Diujung

Location: Simeulue Bay, Kuta Padang, Central Simeulue District, Simeulue Regency

Besides its natural attractions, Simeulue’s historical tours are worth seeing as well. At Simeulue Bay, there is the Tomb of Teungku Diujung, which is a historical tourism site.

In reality, Teungku Diujung has the real name Teungku Khalilullah, but he is sometimes called Teungku Diujung by residents. He is a spreader of Islam in Simeulue island and also a student of Sheikh Burhanudin Ulakan.

In this tomb complex, you can see the well-maintained Teungku Diujung cemetery, and the location is shady because trees surround it.

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14.Red Sand Beach/Pantai Pasir Merah

Location: Putra Jaya Village, Central Simeulue District, Simeulue

This beach looks beautiful and unique due to its red sand that will become even redder after the rain falls. It is possible to see turtles laying eggs around Pasir Merah Beach if you are lucky.

15.King Rayo Park Island/Pulau Taman Raja Rayo

Location: Taman Raja Rayo Island, Central Teupah District, Simeulue

This tourist spot is a perfect example of a unique natural phenomenon. In the past, the island was almost lost due to abrasion. But after the tsunami that hit Aceh, the island reappeared.

Now King Rayo Park Island is well managed so that it becomes an attractive tourist spot to visit. 

The problem of facilities should not be questioned since many tourist facilities on this island, such as hotels, mosques, cafes, restaurants, etc.

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16.Alus-Alus Beach/Pantai Alus-Alus

Location: South Teupah, Simeulue

In Simeulue, there are several tourist attractions, including Alus-Alus Beach in South Teupah. Alus-Alus Beach is a great location to surf because the waves are pretty high, and there are no corals.

By offering beauty in Alus-Alus Beach, it is no wonder that this beach hosts an international surfing championship with participants from various countries with 70 countries.

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17.Beautiful Tunggul Beach/Pantai Tunggul Indah

Location: Busung Village, East Simeulue, Simeulue District

The Tunggul Indah beach is a beautiful beach with large corals after the 2004 earthquake and tsunami.

In addition to restoring this tourist attraction, the government of Simeulue Regency has also created tourist facilities that support it.

The beach also has a very exotic natural landscape, and when the afternoon comes, the beauty of the sunset is so outstanding. When you visit Tunggul Indah Beach, please make a trip to Busung Village, in East Simeulue.

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18.Matanurung Beach/Pantai Matanurung

Location: Matan Urung Village, East Simeulue District, Simeulue

As mentioned earlier, Matanurung beach is one of the spots for surfing that is quite challenging. 

Here you can feel the sensation of long-rolled waves (Long Tube Barrels) that are highly sought after by the world’s surfers.

19.Batu Sailing Beach/Pantai Batu Berlayar

Location: South Teupah District, Siemeulue

The next tourist attraction in Simeulue is rock beach sailing. Yes, it’s an unusual name for a beach. It turns out that the beach’s name has a history.

It used to be said that Kono, aka Earth Fairy, used to be the rock in the middle of the sea. From a distance, it looked like a ship sailing amid waves.

Since the earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Aceh, the seawater has receded so that the sailing stones can be visited only on foot.

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20.Kuala Makmur Beach/Pantai Kuala Makmur

Location: Kuala Makmur Village, East Simeulue District, Simeulue

Kuala Makmur Beach, which is 11 km from Sinabang City, is also beautiful. Apart from the corals, the sand around is also beautiful.

21.Sibigo Bay/Teluk Sibigo

Location: Sibigo Bay, kec siemeulue barat

Sibigo Bay looks like a lake. From the west of the bay, there are villages covered in green mangroves.

22.Penang/Pulau Pinang

Location: Sambai Village Teluk Dalam District, Simeulue

The last tourist spot in Simeulue that we recommend is Penang. The beauty of this small island is equal to that of Gili Trawangan in Lombok.

To reach Penang, you have to travel about 45 minutes by motor vehicle from Sinabang City. From Sambai port to Penang about 15 minutes by fishing boat or commonly called “Robin.”

If you snorkel in Penang, you’ll see God’s creation with its white sand and clear water, and small fishes’ll accompany you.

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Those are some of the attractions in Simeulue that can provide you with additional insight before you visit the city.

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