Visit Nigloland: Tickets, Fees, Schedules (All You Need To Know)

Visit Nigloland: Tickets, Fees, Schedules (All You Need To Know)

Thrill-seekers and fun lovers? Then come and visit Nigloland! The amusement park for young and old!

Do you want to spend a day full of fun with family or friends? Why not opt for an amusement park? If you are in the Grand-Est region, head to Nigloland Park. Located near Dolancourt, in the Aube department.

Discover the different attractions for young and old. Also, let yourself be carried away by its festive atmosphere. This park is sure to offer you an unforgettable day!

And if you can’t leave this wonderful place, why not spend several days there? Nigloland has a 4-star hotel within the park. A great bonus, right?

We will tell you more about the history of the park and the different things to see and do. Follow the guide!

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Visit Nigloland: Tickets, Fees, Schedules (All You Need To Know)

History of Nigloland

Visit Nigloland: Tickets, Fees, Schedules (All You Need To Know) | History of Nigloland | Travelvibe

Nigloland Park was founded on June 13, 1987, by two brothers: Patrice and Philippe Gélis. They decided to make the amusement park following a trip to the United States.

The two brothers were amazed by the parks and leisure activities of the USA. Also seduced by the concept of single-ticket entry, they embark on the adventure of their park.

And it is a playground, nothing like the family property of Dolancourt, which has more than 8 hectares.

The park takes its name from the mascot “Niglo,” which means hedgehog in Romani. When it opened, Nigloland had 7 attractions:

● The Western Train

● The Land Adventure

● The Tacots 1900

● The Niglogolf

● The Ciné show 180°

● The Carousel 1900

● The Haunted Manor

Then, thanks to its spectacular success, the park is divided into 4 thematic areas:

● The Canadian Village

● The rock ‘n’ roll village

● The wonderful village

● The Swiss town (created in 2007)

In 2018, the park’s attendance reached 655,000 visitors. An actual record since its opening.

The park has 39 attractions, including 6 roller coasters and 4 water attractions. It also offers shows for all ages. It also has 8 themed restaurants. Nigloland is ranked 3rd in the French amusement parks visited by most visitors. It is about 40 minutes from Troyes and 2 hours from Paris.

What to see and do in Nigloland?

Visit Nigloland: Tickets, Fees, Schedules (All You Need To Know) | What to see and do in Nigloland | Travelvibe

Activities and attractions

There is no shortage of activities if you come to visit Nigloland! We will approach the attractions in three categories:

● Thrilling attractions

If you love this kind of attraction, in Nigloland you will be served! Among the best known is the Dungeon of the Extreme, the tallest rotating tower globally. For roller coasters, climb the Alpina Blitz, and if you want to move in all directions, jump in and do the Air Meeting!

● Attractions for children

Because we love to see the fantastic faces of our little ones, attractions for the little ones are a must! Among the novelties of 2019, find the Eden Palais, a great carousel to discover the park’s history. Entrust your children to the Z’abeilles! A friendly attraction to make them fly through the flowers. The Tower of the Little Ghosts is a mini-tower for them to experience the sensations too! Or Tacots 2000 to drive pretty vehicles of the time.

● Attractions for the whole family

Riding rides together is even better! Find the attractions for the whole family. The Schlitt’Express – a small roller coaster – or the Canadian River to cool off in case of heat! Want even more? Head for the Galion Pirate, a nice boat that will make you rock!

How to visit Nigloland?

Visit Nigloland: Tickets, Fees, Schedules (All You Need To Know) | How to visit Nigloland | Travelvibe

To visit Nigloland, there is not a sense to respect. A plan will be given to you as soon as you arrive. It will allow you to find your way through the different themes and attractions. The goal is very well done, and the interests are all numbered.

If you visit Nigloland, you can also enjoy some excellent shows. The themes vary according to the seasons, but you will always be delighted in front of the Niglo Show! The cult show of the park.

On the map, you will find the location of restaurants, toilets or the infirmary, shops, or picnic areas.

How to get to Nigloland?

First of all, here is the exact address of the park: Nigloland D619, 10200 DolancourtOpens in a new tab.. The park is located between Troyes and Chaumont.

To access it, several choices are available to you:

All aboard

● From Troyes: access via the D619 or A5

● From Paris: by the A5 motorway, exit n°22, then travel 20 kilometers to reach the park

● From Reims: A26 motorway to Troyes then take the A5, exit n°22

● From Dijon: A31 motorway then A5, exit n°23, then continue for 27 kilometers to the park via Bar-sur-Aube

● From Metz and Nancy: take the A31 highway, then A5 or the N4 via Saint-Dizier

By train

The closest train stations to the park (about 10 minutes) are:

VendeuvreOpens in a new tab.

Bar-sur-AubeOpens in a new tab.

By shuttle

During the summer season, shuttles/buses are available from Troyes.

Schedules and prices of the Nigloland Park

Visit Nigloland: Tickets, Fees, Schedules (All You Need To Know) | Schedules and prices of the Nigloland Park | Travelvibe


Opening dates

Here are the opening dates of Nigloland Park for the period from April 6 to November 3, 2019:

● April: from 6 to 30

● May: from 1st to 5th, Wednesday 8th, every weekend, and from 29th to 31st

● June: Mondays (except 3), Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, then continuously from 15 to 30

● July/August: every day

● September: weekends

● October: weekends and then continuously from 19 to 31

● November: from 1st to 3rd

Opening hours

The schedules of Nigloland Park vary according to the season. The doors generally open from 10 am and close around 6 pm. For example:

● From 13 July to 25 August: open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Please note: From October 19 to November 3, the hours will be extended until nightfall for the Halloween fireworks.


For the rates, you can either pay your single entrance, opt for a pass, or book a stay a night at the 4-star hotelOpens in a new tab. in the park.

● Adult: 32.50€

● Children under 12 years old: 29.50€

● Free for children under 1 meter

● Senior over 60 years: 29.50€

● Person with reduced mobility: 29.00€

● Package 2 consecutive days: 56.00€

● Premium Pass* Season 2019 (pass is nominative): 73.50€

* This includes unlimited access to the park.


– Opting for the Premium Pass will entitle you to discounts made in-store, in restaurants, or at games.

– The park has free

parking – You can buy gift vouchers. An original idea that will please the whole family!

– A deposit system is available at the park. Rent your locker for only 3€ a day and free yourself!

– Strollers are also available for rent for 5€ only. Perfect if your little one suddenly needs to rest.

– 70% of the attractions are accessible to people with reduced mobility. Also, wheelchairs are available for rent for 10 € per day.

– A kennel is at your disposal for the superb comfort of your four-legged friends! Monetizing 5€ per day.

– Nigloland has a motorhome pitch. An area is reserved for them for 8.50 € / 24h (excluding tourist tax).

So, why are you waiting for? Take your family with you and visit the amazing Nigoland.

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