7 Nilphamari Tourist Places To See [Stunning Ones]

7 Nilphamari Tourist Places To See [Stunning Ones]

Are you looking for a guide to explore the best Nilphamari Tourist Places? Well, you’re in luck! This article will show you the hidden gems of this beautiful district.

From the beautiful Chini Mosque to the historic Harishchandra Path, there is something for everyone.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Dharmapal’s Garh and Syedpur Railway Workshop to learn about the region’s rich history.

And, of course, a visit to Nilsagar and Teesta Barrage is a must.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Best Nilphamari Tourist Places To See If You Go There

Rangpur has some great tourist attractions to see. Nilphamari is in the Rangpur division though very far from the city. Here I have discussed about 7 tourist spots in Nilphamari that worth visiting:

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1.Chini Mosque/চিনি মসজিদ

Chini Mosque/চিনি মসজিদ is one of the most stunning mosques in Bangladesh located in Nilphamari. The mosque is just amazing to watch so many creative works on it.

You should visit the Chini Mosque in Syedpur. It has a unique architectural design using Chinese plates and broken glass parts. The mosque was built in 1863 by Haji Baker Ali and Haji Muku using Islambagh Chhon and bamboo.

Over the years, the mosque has been restored with the help of local residents and a Hindu man named Shanku. The design of the mosque reflects Chinese architecture and includes Chinese plates, broken glass parts, marble stones, and brick-and-mortar.

The walls of the mosque are intricately carved with flowers, moons, and stars. The Chini Mosque is a symbol of cultural exchange and architectural diversity in Syedpur.

2.Harishchandra Path/হরিশচন্দ্রের পাঠ

Surrounded by black stone blocks, Harishchandra Path is a raised mound of soil that used to be 50-60 feet high but is now only 10 feet tall. Despite its smaller size, the Harishchandra Path is of great historical importance. It is the remains of an old palace that belonged to the Khutamara Union of Jaldhaka Upazila in Nilphamari district.

The temple within the path is surrounded by mystery. According to legend, anyone who takes soil, bricks, or stones from the temple and its surroundings will die from nosebleeds. Because of this, archaeological excavations and renovations of the temple have been discouraged. However, the temple is still honored with religious festivals every year.

The ruins of King Harishchandra’s ancient structures can also be found in Harishchandra village.

3.Dharmapal’s Garh/ধর্মপালের গড়

Dharmapal's Garh/ধর্মপালের গড় is a historical place in Nilphamari.

The Dharmapal Garh, found in 2016, is an ancient artifact located in Garh Dharmapal village in Jaldhaka Upazila of Nilphamari district.

The excavation of Dharmapal’s Garh has uncovered many artifacts from the Pal dynasty, including old Buddhist temples and the remains of the Pal period capital. This excavation is very important because it gives us information about the rule of Dharmapal and the growth of the state at that time.

Dharmapal built the Garh to protect the capital from enemies, which shows the clever planning and foresight of the Pal dynasty.

Finding these artifacts helps us understand the rich history and cultural heritage of the region better.

4.Syedpur Railway Workshop/সৈয়দপুর রেলওয়ে কারখানা

Syedpur Railway Workshop/সৈয়দপুর রেলওয়ে কারখানা located in the ancient city of Bangladesh, Nilphamari.

Syedpur Railway Workshop, also known as the ‘railway city’, is well-known for its business and is the biggest railway factory in Bangladesh. The history of the Syedpur Railway Workshop goes back to 1870 when it was constructed on around 110 acres of land.

Over time, the workshop has grown and expanded its operations, performing tasks like making nuts and bolts and fixing train coaches. The impact of the Syedpur Railway Workshop on the local economy has been significant. It has generated many job opportunities for the people in the nearby areas, promoting economic growth and development.

The workshop has also attracted students from different institutions who come to learn about the railway industry. All in all, the Syedpur Railway Workshop has played an important role in the industrial development and economic success of the region.


An old woman is bathing in Nilsagar in Nilphamari. Depicts the beauty of nature and people.

Nilsagar is a historic lake located in Godgram Union of Nilphamari district. It covers a land area of 53.90 acres. This beautiful lake is famous for its natural beauty and is also a sanctuary for various bird species.

In 1998, it was declared a bird sanctuary, attracting bird lovers from all over. Nilsagar is also culturally significant as it hosts the Baruni bathing festival every year on Chaitra Sankranti. This festival is organized by the Hindu community and draws a large number of devotees who come to take a holy dip in the sacred waters of Nilsagar.

For travelers, there is a rest house and a mosque on the premises, providing a peaceful place for relaxation and worship. Nilsagar offers a perfect blend of nature, culture, and spirituality.

6.Teesta Barrage/তিস্তা ব্যারেজ

Teesta Barrage/তিস্তা ব্যারেজ

If you visit the Teesta Barrage, don’t forget to explore the green areas and picnic spots by the river. The Teesta Barrage is not just an important irrigation project, but also a popular tourist spot in Bangladesh.

It helps control floods and keeps nearby areas safe during heavy rain. It’s also a great place for fishing as the Teesta River is home to different types of fish.

The beautiful surroundings and the road next to the barrage attract many tourists and create a wonderful experience. Whether you want to have a peaceful picnic or try fishing, the Teesta Barrage has something for everyone.

7. Railway Catholic Church, Syedpur/রেলওয়ে ক্যাথলিক গির্জা, সৈয়দপুর

Railway Catholic Church, Syedpur/রেলওয়ে ক্যাথলিক গির্জা, সৈয়দপুর is built-in British period in Nilphamari. A wonderful architeture.

If you’re interested in religious landmarks and historical sites, you should visit the Railway Catholic Church in Syedpur. This church is a symbol of the area’s railway architecture history.

It is near the Teesta Barrage and holds great importance for the Catholic community in Bangladesh. The church has a beautiful Gothic style with detailed designs and tall spires. Inside, you’ll be amazed by the peaceful atmosphere and lovely stained glass windows.

The Railway Catholic Church is not only a place of worship but also a historical site that represents the cultural diversity of the region. Don’t miss the chance to see this amazing structure and experience its spiritual ambiance.

Conclusion: Nilphamari Tourist Places

You’ve explored some amazing tourist places in Nilphamari. You visited the beautiful Chini Mosque and admired the historical Dharmapal’s Garh. You also experienced the spiritual Harishchandra Path and witnessed the craftsmanship at the Syedpur Railway Workshop.

Additionally, you enjoyed the peacefulness of Nilsagar and marveled at the grandness of the Teesta Barrage. Lastly, the architecture of the Railway Catholic Church in Syedpur left you amazed. Nilphamari truly offers a variety of attractions for all travelers to enjoy.

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