11 Places To Go Canyoning In The Dordogne

11 Places To Go Canyoning in the Dordogne

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is full of unusual activities for travelers. This summer, you could also try canyoning in the Dordogne!

The Dordogne is a department particularly appreciated by tourists. Every year, this historic territory, formerly called the Périgord, attracts hundreds of visitors. Its extraordinary terroir and historical heritage make it a dream destination. From the Périgord Pourpre to the Périgord Blanc, this unique region has many must-see places.

History buffs can, for example, discover the countless castles of the department. In the same way, they can be tempted by the magnificent prehistoric caves of the Dordogne.

But it is undoubtedly its environmental heritage that makes all the charm of the Périgord. From north to south, its travelers are immersed in the heart of exceptional landscapes and lush vegetation. The department also has one of the most beautiful regional parks in France.

During their hikes, its visitors often cross the road of protected species. To better explore this fabulous wild setting, why not try canyoning in the Dordogne? You will be able to fill up on thrills, but especially unusual memories!

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1. Sarlat-la-Canéda

Duration: 3 hours to 4 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Preferred period: May to September

This canyoning site in the Dordogne offers you to mix the adrenaline of this sport with that of climbing. Instructors will then accompany you along a fun journey. Not very complex, but it still requires a certain physical form. Also, this canyoning in the Dordogne is accessible to all people who know how to swim from the age of 12 years.

2. The Verdon

Duration: 3 hours on average

Difficulty: easy to intermediate

Preferred period: May to September

To do canyoning in the Dordogne, the most obvious place is undoubtedly the Gorges du Verdon. This magnificent natural site offers many outdoor activities to its visitors. Also, there are several possible courses for fans of this sport. Along the river, they will be able to choose one of their choice to go canyoning in the Dordogne.

The providers of the valley offer initiation sessions as more sporty descents for the most accustomed. Whether you try this activity with friends or family, we bet you’ll find the perfect route. This unusual adventure will allow you to fill up on thrills. Also, no doubt, you will definitely get out of your comfort zone!

3. The Gluges Base

Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

Period to choose: May to September

In the heart of the departmental valley, the Base de Gluges invites you to discover multiple outdoor activities. For nearly forty years, this site has offered visitors the opportunity to try canyoning in the Dordogne.

Accessible to all, these courses will allow you to introduce yourself to this sport smoothly. However, you can fill up on adrenaline with jumps, rappels, and climbing portions. Nothing like it for an unusual canyoning experience in the Dordogne!

4. Malesse Canyon

Duration: 1 h 30

Difficulty: easy – intermediate

Preferred period: June to September

For canyoning in the Dordogne, the Glane de Malesse is an ideal place. This is a pleasant course for beginners and initiates. It consists of a few jumps as well as a portion as a rappel. Quite accessible, it will allow amateurs to discover canyoning in the Dordogne. But also its extraordinary surrounding landscapes, as well as the fauna and flora that accompany them.

From the age of twelve, travelers can then experience this fun descent. The only condition for the followers of this activity will obviously be to know how to swim.

5. Nature Getaway Pays d’Argentat

Duration: 3 hours to 4 hours

Difficulty: easy

Period to choose: May to September

This leisure center is essential for canyoning in the Dordogne. Indeed, it welcomes hundreds of travelers from the region every year. It offers different courses for the latter, as well as initiations to this activity.

Moreover, the more adventurous will be able to opt for a long descent. They will then be able to fill up on thrills by discovering canyoning in the Dordogne.

6. Chal Gorge

Duration: about

4 hours Difficulty: intermediate

Period to be preferred: June to August

This magnificent canyoning course in the Dordogne is reserved for the most adventurous. Indeed, it is a sports descent of nearly four hours. As you walk, you will encounter almost all types of canyoning obstacles in the Dordogne. Jumps, abseiling, climbing, and swimming, you will fill up on thrills! Also, you will be able to challenge your endurance and test your skills in this amazing environment.

7. Martel

Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

Period to choose: June to October

This canyoning course in the Dordogne is designed for beginners who are still poorly trained in this activity. It is indeed an introduction to this summer hobby. Along the river, participants will have to face some jumps, slides and rappel portions.

They can also swim in beautiful pools and natural basins. Their canyoning descent in the Dordogne will then present them with all the richness of this region. In a still wild site and an exceptional setting, we bet that their experience will be unforgettable!

8. Cliffs of the Raven

Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

Period to choose: June to August

This canyoning place in the Dordogne is a must in the region. Like the previous one, it invites you to discover canyoning and climbing. But the main asset of this site is its fabulous natural setting. In the heart of the cliffs, the vegetation is still wild, almost intact.

Thus, you will have the impression of being alone in the world for your canyoning session in the Dordogne. But you will only be able to better appreciate the extraordinary environmental heritage of the territory. And, who knows, maybe you’ll meet the inhabitants of this idyllic setting.

9. Cliff of Milhac

Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

Period to choose: June to August

A few kilometers from the cliffs of the Raven, the heights of Milhac are a must for athletes. Every year, they actually welcome climbing and canyoning enthusiasts in the Dordogne.

It is, therefore, a rather sporty course that awaits fans of this sport. They will have to face many passages of climbing and rappelling to fill up on adrenaline. An incredible setting to test your knowledge and skills.

10. Cliff of the Tale

Duration: 2 hours to 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

Period to choose: June to September

The cliff of Le Conte has always overlooked the small river Céou. This wild setting will be ideal for your canyoning in the Dordogne. Around you, the rock walls and vegetation will create an exceptional setting.

During your descent, you will be able to fully enjoy this enchanting landscape. In addition, this canyoning course in the Dordogne is accessible to all from the age of 12. So, why not take the opportunity for a little family outing?

11. Grand Jump Waterfalls

Duration: 3 hours to 4 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Preferred period: June to October

Would you like to try canyoning in the Dordogne? This natural site, fully preserved, is the essential place for this activity. You will have to follow the Cayla River, which has its source at more than 700 meters above sea level. You can then dive into beautiful natural pools and follow fun slides.

Some portions will have to be done as a reminder for the most adventurous or in de-escalation. However, lovers of canyoning in the Dordogne will appreciate the few jumps of the course. At several meters high, you will have to fill up with adrenaline by jumping into the void. What better way for an unforgettable holiday in the historical territory of Périgord?

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