‎Rangamati Hotels & Resorts List: Rent, Adress & Phone Number

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‎The blue sky and the waters of the spiral river and the calm Kaptai lake in Rangamati District attract crazy people in a strange illusion, thanks to the extraordinary natural beauty. 

A large number of tourists visit Rangamati during the holidays to observe the scenic nature and the lives of more than 14 ethnic groups. 

Residential hotels, resorts, and rest houses of varying quality have been set up in Rangamati to ensure housing facilities for those tourists visiting different parts of the country.‎

There are many good and moderate hotels and resorts in Rangamati that are discussed in this article.

‎In this article, the regular rent of the hotels is taken from their official website, so the authorities may in the future determine it to be more or less. So the fare mentioned here may not match. Contact and check for updated information before booking your preferred hotel or resort.‎

Hotel List In Rangamati

Hotel NameHotel Rent (Taka)Per NightHotel AdressContact
Parjatan Holiday Complex2000-7000Hanging Bridge Rd, Rangamati0351-63126, 01991-139037

Hill Taj Resort2000-7500C O. Office Ghat Rangamati, Hill Tracts, 450001870-701890, 01870-701891, 01870-701892
Hotel Jum Palace1500-4400T&T Area, Rangamati www.jumpalace.com
+88-01625-100000, +880351-61878
Hotel Crown Plaza

Omda Miah Hill, Rangamati0351-61638
Aronnak Holiday Resort
5200-10000Near to Circuit House Rangamati01769-312021
Hotel Shanghai INT.
1000-3000Chandraghona Road, Rangamati0351-61402, 01730-195778, 01740-988532
Hotel Sufia
1000-3000Fishery Ghat, Kathaltoli, Rangamati0351-62145, 0351-61174, 01553-409149
Moti Mahal1000-1500Reserve Bazar, Rangamati01705-373730
Hotel Green Castle600-2500Reserve Bazar, Rangamati0351-71214, 0351-61200, 01726-511532, 01815-459146
Hotel Prince

600-2600Parjatan Road, Old Bus Stand, Rangamatiwww.hotelprincebd.com
0351-61602, 01775-196664, 01931-070868
Motel George400-1500Near college gate, Rangamati0351-63348, 01558-480701
Lake View Resort2000-400001769-322182, 01769-322183, 01847-191421
Lakeshore Resort4000-5200Kaptai, Rangamati01859-778065
Hotel Al Moba700-1700New Bus Stand, Reserve Bazaar, Rangamati0351-61959, 01811-911158
Hotel Mountain View200-1200Parjatan Road, Old Bus Stand, Rangamati0351-62748
Hotel Hill PalaceOld Bus Stand, RangamatiPhone: 0351-61335
Hotel Dream WayTaxi Stand, Reserve Bazar, RangamatiPhone: 01819-868533
Hotel Dreamland and RestaurantNew Court Building Road, RangamatiPhone: 0351-71249
Hotel Dignity1300-1700Kalindipur, Rangamati0351-62351, 01917-708313
Hotel Needs Hill View900-3000Alif market, Bonorupa, Rangamati01833-360333, 01732-923012
Hotel Nadisa InternationalNew Bus Station, Reserve Bazar, Rangamatiwww.hotelnadisainternational.com
+88 0351-63269, 01866-609991, 01737-453545
Hotel Diamond
400-1200Old Bus Stand roadWeb: www.facebook.com/hoteldiamondrangamati/
Phone: 01813-329067
Hotel ShaplaNew Court Building, Banarupa, RangamatiPhone: 01611-661792, 01819-636955
Hotel RajuNew Bus Stand, Reserve Bazaar, RangamatiPhone: 01811–258305, 01820-303574
Hotel Hill CityReserve Bazar, RangamatiPhone: 01828-819326
Hotel MehediKathaltali, Fishari Ghat Aria, RangamatiPhone: 01610-939311, 0351-61101
Hotel TajmoholMain Road, Reserve Bazaar, RangamatiPhone: 0351-61322
Hotel StarMain Road, Reserve Bazaar, RangamatiPhone: 01820-319555
Hotel Hill AdressReserve Bazaar, RangamatiPhone: 0351-62843
Hill Resource Point (Resort)Rangamati Post OfficePhone: 01552-975709
Hotel Al HelalReserve Bazaar, RangamatiPhone: 01861-622955
Aram Boarding & PharmacyMayanimukh, RangamatiPhone: 01829-349044
Hotel PaharikaPhone: 01812-765474

Rest House List

Circuit HouseVedvedi, Amanatbag, RangamatiPhone: 0351-62012
Forest Department Rest HouseBanarupa, RangamatiPhone: 0351-63351
LGED Rest HouseT&T Area, Besides the Rangamati-Chittagong HighwayPhone: 0351-63148
USAI Rest HouseVedvedi, Amanatbag, RangamatiPhone: +88-0351-63389
Zila Porishod Rest House/District Council Rest HousPublic Health Area, RangamatiPhone: +88-0351-63262
Agricultural Department Rest HouseTribal Adam, Banarupa, RangamatiPhone: +88-0351-62324
Power Development Board (PDB) Rest HouseChampaknagar, RangamatiPhone: +88-0351-62288
BSCIC Rest HouseRangamati Stadium Area, RangamatiPhone: +88-0351-62037


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