Reasons To Visit Corowa

Reasons to Visit Corowa

Are you looking for your next vacation spot? Look no further than Corowa! This charming town has a rich history, beautiful landscapes, and fantastic wineries that have won awards.

There’s something for everyone here. You can enjoy exciting outdoor activities, immerse yourself in the local art and culture, or find unique treasures at the markets.

And don’t forget to visit the famous whisky distillery and take a relaxing river cruise. Corowa truly has it all, so start planning your trip today!

Rich Historical Heritage

Corowa has a rich history that you can explore through its museums and historic sites. While visiting this charming town, you will be fascinated by its interesting landmarks and heritage sites.

One place you must visit is the Federation Museum. Here, you can learn about the town’s important role in the creation of Australia’s federation.

Another great place to visit is the Corowa Whisky and Chocolate Factory, which is located in a former flour mill. Here, you can learn about the history of whisky production in the region.

The Corowa Courthouse, built in 1892, is also worth exploring as it provides a glimpse into the town’s legal history.

Stunning Natural Landscapes

Discover the stunning natural landscapes that will captivate you at every turn. Corowa boasts several breathtaking national parks that offer unmatched beauty and endless opportunities for adventure.

From the magnificent Murray River to the rugged Mount Lawson State Park, there is something for every nature lover. Put on your hiking boots and explore the trails that wind through lush forests, past enchanting waterfalls, and up to breathtaking viewpoints.

The national parks in Corowa not only provide a sanctuary for wildlife but also offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, there are trails suitable for all skill levels, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural wonders that Corowa has to offer.

Award-Winning Wineries

Enjoy the delicious wines at the award-winning wineries in Corowa. You can taste the amazing flavors and relax in a beautiful setting.

Corowa has some of the best wineries in the area, offering an unforgettable wine tasting experience. Visit the cellar doors and let the smells of oak barrels and perfectly fermented grapes surround you. The friendly staff will help you choose the perfect wine and tell you the stories behind each bottle.

Take your time to savor the different flavors, from refreshing whites to bold reds. While you sip your favorite wine, enjoy the stunning views of the vineyards, with rows of grapevines as far as the eye can see.

Don’t miss out on these wonderful cellar door experiences when you visit Corowa.

Outdoor Adventure Activities

If you’re looking for an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors, look no further than Corowa. With a variety of adventure activities available, there is something for everyone.

Whether you are an experienced rock climber or a beginner wanting to try something new, you will find plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself on the area’s rock faces.

Additionally, Corowa boasts an extensive network of hiking trails, allowing you to take in stunning views and discover the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, there is a trail suitable for every fitness level.

Vibrant Art and Culture Scene

Explore Corowa’s vibrant art and culture scene, where you can discover local artists, visit galleries, and experience the creativity of the community.

Corowa has a thriving art community, with various art exhibitions and events throughout the year. Walk through the town’s galleries and find a diverse range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and ceramics.

The local theater scene is also thriving, with regular performances showcasing the talents of Corowa’s actors and playwrights.

Whether you love visual arts or live performances, Corowa offers a rich and immersive cultural experience that will leave you feeling inspired and entertained.

Delicious Local Cuisine

You can enjoy the tasty local food in Corowa, where restaurants serve a variety of dishes made with fresh and local ingredients. Corowa is a great place for food lovers, with a lively food scene and plenty of local food experiences. Whether you want Australian food, international flavors, or farm-to-table dishes, Corowa has it all.

Start your day with a nice breakfast at a local cafe, where you can have fresh pastries and delicious coffee. For lunch, try the seafood dishes or traditional Australian favorites like kangaroo steak or meat pies. In the evening, treat yourself to a fancy dinner where skilled chefs create delicious meals using the best local produce.

Corowa’s restaurants offer a real taste of the region’s food treasures, from fresh vegetables to flavorful meats.

Festivals and Events

Corowa’s festivals and events are a great way to experience the local culture and have a fun time. You can enjoy lively music festivals and delicious food and wine events.

The Corowa Music Festival happens every year in October and features talented musicians from different genres. It’s a memorable experience for music lovers.

If you’re a food and wine enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss the Corowa Food and Wine Festival. You can try amazing local produce, taste award-winning wines, and learn about the region’s culinary heritage.

These festivals not only offer entertainment but also celebrate and promote the vibrant arts and culinary scene in Corowa. Come and enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors that make Corowa’s festivals and events truly special.

Charming Riverside Setting

Located on the banks of the Murray River, Corowa offers a leisurely walk along the charming riverside with beautiful views.

Corowa also boasts a lovely selection of cafes and restaurants right by the river. Here, you can enjoy a delicious meal while relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere and watching the water flow.

For fishing enthusiasts, Corowa is a true paradise. The town is home to some of the best fishing spots along the Murray River. Here, you can try your luck catching different types of fish like Murray cod and golden perch.

These fishing spots cater to both experienced anglers and beginners. They offer a serene escape to reconnect with nature and experience the excitement of catching fish.

Historical Walking Tours

Take a historical walking tour through Corowa and explore its fascinating past.

Corowa is a town with a rich history, and you can join guided tours to discover its historical landmarks.

Walk along the streets and listen to a knowledgeable guide share interesting stories about the town’s beginnings and important events that have shaped its identity.

Admire the beautiful Federation-era buildings, which reflect Corowa’s significance during the birth of Australian democracy.

Don’t miss a visit to the Corowa Whiskey and Chocolate Factory, where you can try locally made spirits and delicious treats.

Explore the Corowa Federation Museum and discover artifacts and exhibits that provide a glimpse into the town’s vibrant past.

These guided tours are a great way to connect with Corowa’s history and develop a deeper appreciation for this charming town.

Water Sports and Recreation

Get ready to have fun on the water with a variety of water sports and recreational activities in Corowa. Whether you’re looking for excitement or relaxation, Corowa has something for everyone.

For those who love adventure, try water skiing on the beautiful Murray River. Feel the excitement as you glide across the water, catch waves, and perform tricks.

If you prefer a more laid-back experience, join one of the fishing tournaments regularly held in Corowa. Try your luck and see if you can catch a big fish. With plenty of rivers and lakes, Corowa is a great place for fishing enthusiasts.

Family-Friendly Attractions

When you’re looking for family-friendly attractions, make sure to check out the playgrounds and interactive museums in Corowa. There are plenty of options for kids of all ages, making Corowa the ideal destination for a fun family vacation.

The town has well-maintained playgrounds with swings, slides, and climbing structures where your little ones can play and burn off some energy. If you’re in the mood for a picnic, there are also many beautiful picnic spots throughout the town that offer scenic views of the countryside.

Additionally, Corowa is home to interactive museums that provide educational and engaging experiences for the whole family. So pack a picnic and head to Corowa for a day of family fun!

Shopping and Local Markets

When you visit Corowa, be sure to explore the local markets and shops for unique souvenirs and local products. The town has a vibrant shopping scene with a wide variety of local crafts and one-of-a-kind items that are perfect for bringing home as keepsakes or gifts.

The local markets, like the Corowa Farmers Market and the Corowa Rotary Market, are excellent places to browse and find hidden treasures. You’ll discover handmade goods such as jewelry, pottery, textiles, and artwork, all made with love and care by local artisans.

Whether you’re looking for a special memento or want to support the local community, the shops and markets in Corowa have something special that you won’t find anywhere else.

Famous Whisky Distillery

If you love whisky, you should check out the famous whisky distillery in Corowa. It’s a hidden gem in the Australian countryside.

When you go inside, you’ll smell the rich scents of oak barrels and aged malt. The distillery has different whisky tasting experiences, so you can try their special blends and single malts.

They also offer guided tours where you can learn about how they make whisky, from start to finish. You’ll see how they mash and ferment the ingredients, distill the liquid, and let it age. It’s a great opportunity to appreciate the skill that goes into each bottle.

Golf Courses and Sporting Facilities

To fully enjoy your time in Corowa, make sure to check out the various golf courses and sporting facilities available in the area.

Whether you love golf or just want to have some active fun, Corowa has something for everyone. The town has multiple golf courses that cater to players of all skill levels. From the beautiful Corowa Golf Club with its well-maintained fairways and challenging holes, to the lovely Howlong Golf Resort that offers stunning views of the Murray River, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

And if you’re a fan of golf tournaments, you’re in luck. Corowa hosts several prestigious events throughout the year that attract top players from the region.

Additionally, there are sports academies in Corowa that provide excellent training facilities for aspiring athletes, equipped with modern equipment and expert coaching.

Relaxing River Cruises

Make sure to try the relaxing river cruises in Corowa. You can unwind and enjoy the beautiful views of the Murray River.

When you step onto the luxurious cruise boat, you’ll feel the gentle sway of the river and hear the soothing sound of the water against the vessel.

As you glide along the calm waters, you’ll be captivated by the scenic riverbanks. Just sit back, relax, and let go of everyday stress as you watch the sun set, filling the sky with vibrant colors.

And when you get hungry, enjoy some delicious dining by the river while taking in the stunning scenery.

These river cruises are the perfect way to relax, recharge, and make special memories.


So, why wait any longer? Corowa has a lot to offer. From its rich history to its beautiful landscapes. You can visit top-notch wineries, try exciting outdoor activities, and immerse yourself in the lively art and culture scene.

Don’t forget to see the local markets and famous whisky distillery. If you’re into golf or sports, Corowa has it all. And to top it all off, you can relax and enjoy a scenic river cruise.

Start planning your trip to Corowa today and experience everything this amazing destination has to offer!

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