Is Riquewihr Worth Visiting? 8 Reasons To Visit

Is Riquewihr worth visiting? 8 Reasons to Visit

Yes, Riquewihr is worth visiting. The village is famous for its many half-timbered houses, ramparts, and other pearls of historical heritage. The houses are beautifully preserved and flowered. Its location in the middle of the vineyards gives it a crazy charm! Are you planning to discover this charming Alsatian village? Then there are the 8 best places to visit in Riquewihr and things to do during your stay!

Are you coming to visit Riquewihr in Alsace? Then discover the 8 best things in this most beautiful village in France! Located in the heart of the Alsace wine route, Riquewihr is one of the most beautiful villages in France.

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Is Riquewihr worth visiting? 8 Reasons to Visit

1. The Rue du général de Gaulle

If you are planning to visit Riquewihr, then we recommend that you start with rue du Général de Gaulle. This street starts at the foot of the Town Hall, dated 1808, and goes to the Dolder, the former belfry of the city.

It is lined with beautiful houses. At No. 13, you can, for example, admire a beautiful place of the sixteenth century. At n°14, you will also see the tallest half-timbered house in Alsace! Before arriving at the Dolder, tour the old hotel in Berkheim at n°37.

2. The Dolder

Is Riquewihr worth visiting? The 8 Best Things to do in Riquewihr

At the end of the rue du Général de Gaulle is one of the emblematic monuments to visit in Riquewihr. The Dolder was once the gateway to the city.

Built at the same time as the wall in the thirteenth century, it was once used to defend the city thanks to its watchtower installed on the belfry. Dolder means “highest point” in Alsatian.

It now houses the local Art and Popular Traditions museum on three floors. You will be able to admire a collection of weapons of the fifteenth and seventeenth century: various tools and objects related to the wine professions, documents, and family souvenirs.

The monument finally gives a good overview of the solidity of the ramparts of the time!

3. Württemberg Castle

Many castles surround the village. If you visit Riquewihr, you should not ignore these old works.

The first, the former castle of the Counts of Montbéliard-Württemberg, was built under George of Württemberg in the mid-sixteenth century.

It now houses the Museum of Communication in Alsace. The latter traces the history of the post office and telecommunications, from the Romans to the T.S.F.

4. The Thieves’ Tower Museum

The Tower of Thieves was once the ancient dungeons of the city. 18 meters high, it houses period oblivions, with a torture room and guard’s room.

Today a museum can be visited. Besides, the rooms and objects were evoked just before a temporary exhibition on the “Return of Alsace to France from 1918 to 1925” theme.

5. Uncle Hansi’s House

One of the must-see museums in Riquewihr is undoubtedly the home of Uncle Hansi. The latter, Jean-Jacques Waltz of his real name, was a true ambassador of Alsatian popular traditions.

Hansi was born in Colmar in 1873. He became famous for his illustrations, caricatures, and watercolors. He has drawn and painted throughout his life. They represent an Alsace proud of its traditions, terroir, and products.

Do not miss to visit it to discover and admire a whole section of Alsatian art and culture!

6. The remains of Bilstein Castle

As mentioned earlier, Riquewihr has several castles. This Bilstein Castle has unfortunately not survived the times or wars the region has known.

The fortress ruins are located south of the Strengbach valley. Between the Haut de Ribeauvillé pass and the Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines valley. They stand on a rocky ridge at 700 meters above sea level.

Visiting them is a good excuse for a lovely hike and a magnificent panorama!

7. The remains of Reichenstein Castle

Discovering the remains of Reichenstein Castle will be an opportunity to explore the countryside of Riquewihr!

This historical monument was once used as a base for the Reichenstein robberies. Destroyed 1269 in 1269 by Rudolf of HabsburgOpens in a new tab., only a few ruins testify to the existence of the fortress.

8. Wine activities

Wine cellars and small producers

If you visit Riquewihr, you can not miss discovering some of the charming wine cellars of the village! Wine lover or not, do not miss to push the front door of a basement or an estate.

Alsace is also discovered through its wine, and Riquewihr, a famous wine village, offers sublime products.

As for addresses, we recommend the Domaine Agapé, the Domaine de la Tour Blanche or the Maison Zimmer.

The Winegrowers’ Trail

Any visitor who visits Riquewihr should also take the vineyard trail of the Grands Crus “Les Perles du Vignoble.” The l.”ter crosses the municipalities of Beblenheim, Bennwihr, Hunawihr, Mittelwihr, Riquewihr and Zellenberg.

The walk marked and enriching is punctuated by explanations of the work of the vine and the production of Alsatian wines.

Walking through the heart of the Alsatian vineyards, you will also enjoy sublime panoramas during the walk!

How to get to Riquewihr?

Located in the Haut-Rhin department, Riquewihr is less than thirty minutes from Colmar. It is thus possible to reach this village by bus from this large Alsatian city.

● By bus, you can take line 106 A and B, which leaves from Colmar through Riquewihr and goes to Ribeauvillé center;

● There is also a T.E.R. bus connection from Sélestat station to Riquewihr, which operates on Sundays and public holidays;

● You can use the Fluo Grand Est website to plan your bus trips.

As for Colmar, the city can be easily reached by car, train, or bus from another major French city:

● From Paris or Reims, for example, you can follow the A4 and then the N4 to Nancy ;

● Colmar then joins via the N59, N159 and N83 ;

● From Besançon, follow the A36 to Mulhouse and then the A35.

Where to stay in Riquewihr?

If you plan to visit Riquewihr, you are wondering where to stay. Fortunately, the village has no shortage of accommodation options! Spending a night or a week visiting Riquewihr is a great idea. To find the solution that suits you best, do not hesitate to use a hotel comparator.

You can stay in a beautiful hotel or a charming and authentic cottage. You can also opt for homestay accommodation via Airbnb, a flowery campsite!

Wrap Up: Is Riquewihr Worth Visiting

Riquewihr is unquestionably worth visiting. This picturesque Alsatian village offers a delightful journey through history with its charming half-timbered houses, the Dolder, and various museums. Additionally, the surrounding castles and scenic vineyards provide a unique experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this gem and savor its exquisite wines. We hope our “Is Riquewihr worth visiting? 8 Reasons to visit Riquewihr” guide was helpful to you.

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