Seafood Buffet Virginia Beach | Top 5 Places For Aquatic Cuisine Lovers

Seafood Buffet Virginia Beach | Top 5 Places For Aquatic Cuisine Lovers

Want to know which seafood buffet Virginia Beach is worth paying a visit to? Well, we are here to fill you in about which family-style restaurant offers the finest variation of seafood you can feast your eyes on while enjoying your trip to Virginia Beach.

The 5 seafood buffets that we will talk about today are worth a visit. Not only do they serve the most lip-smacking dishes but the environment of each restaurant deserves appreciation.

The all-you-can-eat places do not only serve fish. They have different types of meat, salads, a variation of starters, the most delicious desserts, and more that will make your mouth water.

Seafood Buffet Virginia Beach

Stay with us to find out the location, menu, buffet timing, and pricing of each seafood buffet restaurant near Virginia Beach which will help you to choose where you want to fulfill your seafood cravings for the best deal.

1. Fish Bones Restaurant and Seafood Buffet

Fish Bones Restaurant and Seafood Buffet is a cozy restaurant on Atlantic Avenue near Virginia Beach. Their buffet menu varies according to the availability of ingredients per season. But a few items like desserts and poultry dishes are served all year round.

Here is some relevant information about Fish Bones Restaurant and Seafood Buffet.

  • The restaurant is at 1211 Atlantic Avenue #13, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.
  • Dial (757) 422-4667 to make reservations.
  • Fish Bones Restaurant And Seafood Buffet is open daily from 3 – 9 pm.
  • The cost is $59.99 per person, and children eat for free.
  • Customer Rating: 3.6/ 5

The restaurant has a selection of seafood dishes starting from shrimp, clams to oysters and more. It doesn’t end there as there is a salad bar, two types of soups, grilled items, rice, pasta, and more which you can enjoy.

Once you are done trying out the fish dishes, you can always taste their Mediterranean Chicken and Bbq ribs if you enjoy eating meat. Since it’s a buffet, you might as well eat to the fullest. But do keep some room for homemade desserts that include fresh seasonal fruits, strawberry shortcakes, chocolate cheesecakes, and more.

I think that paying $59.99 for the kids to eat a buffet is a bit too much. After all, their appetite is limited, and not many children enjoy seafood. Hence I would suggest ordering food from the kid’s corner, where you can choose from the kid’s burger, mac n cheese, chicken fingers, or shrimp, which are all served with a portion of fries and range from $8-$9.

2. Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant

Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant is a family-style buffet at Laskin Road in Virginia Beach. The place is heaven for seafood lovers as the restaurant offers a wide selection of seafood dishes. Most of all, the interior is beautifully decorated with unique and beautiful glass artwork, which makes your eating experience unforgettable.

Important information about Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant.

  • The all-you-can-eat style restaurant is at 1956 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454.
  • Dial 757-428-3494 to make reservations.
  • Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant is open Monday – Friday (3:30 pm – 9:30 pm), Saturday (2 pm – 9:30 pm) and 

Sunday (12 pm – 9:30 pm).

  • Adults need to pay $49.99 per person
  • Children between 5-12 years can eat for $24.99.
  • The buffet price per head for children who are 4 years and below is $5.99
  • Customer rating 4.5/5

Captain George’s has the widest range of seafood dishes under one roof. Whether you like your fish fried, steamed, or boiled, you can choose from fried crawfish, blackened mahi, steamed crab legs, and more to fulfill your seafood cravings.

If your companions or children are not a big fan of seafood, they can always fill up their bellies with sirloin steak, chicken, or smoked beef brisket. Those who are into greens and like to eat healthy can go for tuna salad, shrimp salad, or even coleslaw salad.  Besides that, you can choose stuffed mushrooms, potatoes, or other vegetable dishes as a side to go with your entree.

The restaurant also serves mac n cheese which my kids loved, steamed rice, dinner rolls, and more sides that you can choose from to fulfill your hunger. Last but not least, homemade desserts are to die for, and I’m not joking. They have cherry cheesecake, chocolate pudding,  baklava, peach cobbler, and more you can explore once you visit the restaurant.

3. Yukai Japanese Buffet & Seafood

Yukai Japanese & Seafood Buffet is located at Laskin Road near Virginia Beach. The restaurant serves mouthwatering sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese cuisine dishes at both lunch and dinner. Not only that, they also have chicken and the best dishes that the kids can enjoy.

Here is what you need to know before paying a visit to Yukai Japanese & Seafood Buffet.

  • The Japanese restaurant is at 1952 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23454. ( It’s inside the Regency Hilltop Shopping Center).
  • Phone (757) 428-3330 for reservations or any queries.
  • Yukai Japanese Buffet serves lunch Monday- Friday ( 11 am-4 pm). The dinner buffet is available from ( 4 – 10 pm) on the same days.
  • The restaurant serves a buffet from 11 am-10 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Lunch buffet (Monday-Friday): ​Adults $14.99, children (7-11 yrs old) $9.99, children (3-6 yrs old) $5.99. 
  • Dinner Buffet (Monday – Friday): Adults $21.99, children (3-6 yrs old) $7.99, children (7-11 yrs old) $13.99. 
  • All-day buffet ( Saturday and Sunday): Adults and children over 2 years old $21.99. You can also enjoy unlimited refills of soft drinks for only $2.50 on these two days.
  • Children who are 2 yrs and below can enjoy the lunch and dinner buffet free of cost every day of the week.
  • Customer rating 4/5
  • Google map link:

Yukai Japanese BuffetOpens in a new tab.

Yukai Japanese buffet serves a variation of food that will tempt your tastebuds. They have several seafood items that include fried oysters, sushi, blue crab, sashimi, and more. Then there is a selection of hot dishes from which you can choose noodles, rice, mixed veggies, soup, and so on.

If the children do not like fish, then you have the advantage of letting them enjoy chicken and meat dishes, maybe with some fried potatoes or the other options available. Vegans can enjoy the variation of salads, vegetables, and, obviously, desserts that include fresh fruits, ice cream, and more.

The biggest plus point of Yukai Japanese Buffet is that they have a carryout buffet option. You can take hot food for $7.99/lb, Sashimi for $15.99/lb, Sushi, Seafood, and Steaks for $11.99/lb, and mixed food for $9.99/lb.

4. Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

The Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, which is located at Independence Boulevard in Virginia Beach, serves seafood only during their dinner buffet. The family-friendly restaurant has a few fish, but their desserts are worth giving a shot.

Here are a few points you need to keep in mind before visiting Golden Corral Buffet & Grill.

  • The restaurant is located at 400 S. Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23452.
  • Dial 757-499-6528 for queries or reservations.
  • Golden Corral Grill is open Monday – Friday (11 am-10 pm). And from Friday – Sunday (7 am – 10 pm).
  • Dinner buffet for adults: Monday – Saturday (4 pm-10 pm) $16.99. And Sunday (11am-10pm) $16.99. Drinks are not included.
  • Dinner buffet for children: (Ages 4-8 yrs) $10.49, (Ages 9-12 yrs) $11.49. And those who are 3 yrs and under can eat free of cost. Beverages are included for children.
  • Senior dinner buffet Monday – Saturday (After 4 pm) $15.99. Sunday (After 11 am) $15.99. Drinks are not included.
  • Customer rating: 4 /5

Although Golden Corral Buffet & Grill does not have a wide selection of seafood when compared to the other restaurants. But you can still feast your eyes on crab legs, claws, delicious golden shrimp, baked fish, and their seafood salad.

Other than that, the restaurant has a variety of chicken dishes that include Bourbon Street Chicken and fried chicken which the kids totally love. They also serve the most delicious and juicy meatloaf, sirloin steak, and pork that meat lovers must try.

You can choose from a range of dishes such as noodles, yellow rice, pasta, pot pie, dumplings, and more to go with the entrees. Golden Corral Buffet has a salad bar and endless vegetables, some of which are grilled, fried, or even baked, perfect for vegans.

But in all honesty, the restaurant’s dessert station is what I look forward to the most. They have a variety of puddings, fudge, brownies, ice cream, famous carrot cake, and more to satisfy your sugar cravings.

5. Crazy Buffet & Grill

Crazy Buffet & Grill is located in Chesapeake, which is a little far from Virginia Beach. But the number of seafood dishes and cuisines they serve is probably more than any other all-you-can-eat restaurant. More of all, they have a separate kid’s menu that includes food that the little ones tend to like.

Here is some important information about Crazy Buffet & Grill:

  • The restaurant is located at 1745 Parkview Dr, Chesapeake, VA 233220.
  • Dial (757) 233-6838 for reservations or queries.
  • Lunch buffet: Monday- Saturday (11 am – 3.30 pm).
  • Dinner buffet: Monday – Thursday (3:30 pm – 9.30 pm). Friday and Saturday (3.30 pm- 10.00 pm). Sunday (11 am – 9.30 pm).
  • Lunch buffet: Adults $11.99, kids 

(3-6 yrs ) $5.49, and kids (7-10 yrs) $8.49.

  • Dinner buffet (Monday- Thursday):Adults $15.99, Kids (3-6 yrs) $7.59, and kids (7-10 yrs) $11.59.
  • Dinner buffet (Friday- Sunday): Adults $16.99. The price for children is the same as above.
  • Buffet to go: Regular ( $6.49/lb). 

Mix Seafood, Steak & Sushi ($7.99/lb).

All Seafood, Steak & Sushi ($8.99/lb).

  • Customer rating: 3.8 /5
  • Website link: in a new tab.

Although the restaurant is not located exactly in Virginia Beach, the wide range of dishes they serve is something not to be missed, especially if you are a seafood enthusiast. You will absolutely love the mussels, oysters, coconut shrimp, and other seafood dishes.

Next, you can start tasting a variety of sushi that includes sashimi, salmon roll, California roll, and 40 other choices. Moving on, you can create your noodle bowl by picking out your favorite ingredients. If that’s not enough, the restaurant also offers exquisite Chinese cuisine that includes fried rice, egg rolls, chicken broccoli, and more.

Crazy Buffet & Grill also served the typical American cuisine that consists of roast beef, homemade potatoes, fried chicken, and bbq ribs, which we all love. Those who want to eat healthy can enjoy the salad bar with farm-grown vegetables and various dressings.

Last but not least, there is a separate kids menu that offers chicken nuggets, french fries, pizza, and more fast food that the little ones can eat all they want. You can also find ice cream, pudding, fresh fruits, and more sweet treats at the dessert corner.


Now you have all the information you need about seafood buffets at Virginia Beach.  Each restaurant offers a wide range of mouthwatering seafood dishes and other food types, as we have mentioned

You can spend a good few hours and try out the dishes that tempt you, and most of all, the little ones can enjoy themselves by munching on a variety of junk food all they want. Or you can easily go for the buffet-to-go option if you feel that eating at home is more comforting.

Before I sign off, I absolutely beg you to try out the desserts served at each place. Some restaurants have literally all our favorite sweet dishes, which never turn out perfect when made at home.

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