Siung Beach - A Charming Beach To Lost Yourself

Siung Beach – A Charming Beach To Lost Yourself

As a city rich in cultural tourism, Yogyakarta also has many beautiful hidden beaches, which you will regret if you do not visit.

Besides the famous Parangtritis Beach in the Gunung Kidul area, many mesmerizing beaches have unique panoramas. One of them is Siung Beach.

Where is Siung Beach Located?

Siung Beach is located in Tepus Subdistrict, Wates Hamlet, Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region province about 77 km from Yogyakarta.

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To get to Siung Beach, you should use a private vehicle or rent a car because no public transportation can reach this beach location. It is possible to drive to Siung Beach quite well, but the road is filled with bends and climbs. 

Limestone hills and Palawija fields surround the road to this beach. Therefore the condition of your vehicle must be primed.

To get to Siung Beach from Yogyakarta, take the path to Wonosari, take the road to Tepus, and then take the road to Purwodadi and arrive at Siung Beach. The journey from Yogyakarta takes about 2 hours.

Retribution and facilities

A short escape to Siung Beach will relieve your stress.

To enter Siung Beach, you will be charged 3,000 Rupiah and a parking fee for motor vehicles of around 2,000 Rupiah. 

According to the manager’s policy, the price may change at any time.

The facilities on this beach are pretty standard, such as toilets, parking lots, and stalls selling food and drinks. 

There are no lodging facilities here yet. It is best for those who want to stay to bring a tent and camp at the camping ground behind the cliff.

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Things you’ll love about Siung Beach.

Siung Beach becomes a favorite destination for families

One of the sights on Siung Beach that stands out is the Giant Rocks that stretch to the east and west of the coast. 

It is thought that the existence of this reef played an essential role in naming this beach.

This giant rock is located slightly jutting into the sea; if seen from a distance, the shape becomes like the teeth of an ape or Siung Wanara. 

This was said by an elder who inhabited this location named Wastoyo. So this beach is referred to as Siung Beach.

In 1989, this giant rock also played an essential role for climbers. These gigantic corals were used as climbing locations by a Japanese community of nature lovers that year. Currently, the Yogyakarta government is trying to develop tourism potential in Siung Beach.

The Yogyakarta government designated the Siung Beach area as a rock climbing area in 2005. The same year, Siung beach hosted the Asian Climbing Gathering, which attracted 250 participants from 65 European and Asian countries.

Until now, Siung Beach has 250 climbing paths with different difficulty levels. As a result, this beach was nicknamed “The Best Rock Climbing Site in Yogyakarta.”. Climbing paths may become more numerous in the future.

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On a beach like this, what can you possibly do? Siung Beach offers climbers the possibility of experiencing the sensation of climbing due to its sturdy coral cliffs. From these sturdy coral reefs, you can enjoy another view of the open sea than usual.

If you plan on hiking along the east coast with your friends and intend to stay overnight, you can set up your tent at the camping area. 

There’s nothing better than spending a night on the beach by lighting a fire and enjoying roasted corn over a campfire. If cuca is sunny, you can sleep with glitter in the sky.

Everyone can use the camping ground for free, but there are some conditions that you must follow. 

As a condition, you are not to litter, pollute the environment, and, most importantly, not damage turtles’ habitats. So if you decide to camp, you should bring a unique plastic bag to dispose of garbage.

Apart from the camping grounds, there is also a stilt house located not far from the camping grounds. The wooden house is usually used as a base camp. 

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In addition to its spaciousness, this wooden house can accommodate up to 10-15 people. You can enjoy the exoticism of coral combined with the waves from this wooden house.

Do you want to experience the sensation of camping on the reef? Trekking is possible to the rows of stunning karst cliffs on the western side of the beach. 

There is a large field that you can use to set up a tent right between the cliffs. From this high-altitude location, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Siung Beach in its entirety.

If you are not a fan of extreme activities, please enjoy the beauty of the beach while rolling out mats on the white sand. As you laugh with family or friends, you hear the sound of the waves splashing behind you.

Long-tailed macaques flock to the beach when there are fewer tourists. If you are fortunate, you can see them descending from the cliffs. It’s interesting.

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