10 Best Things To Do Alone In Valdez

10 Best Things To Do Alone In Valdez

Looking for the best things to do alone in Valdez? When exploring the great outdoors, there is nothing quite like doing it solo. The freedom and independence that comes with venturing out on your own are unmatched, especially when surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Valdez, Alaska.

From hiking in the Chugach Mountains to kayaking in Prince William Sound, countless activities make this small town an ideal destination for those seeking adventure and solitude.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, Valdez offers something for everyone. As a solo traveler, I have had some of my most memorable experiences while exploring this rugged wilderness.

Best Things To Do In Valdez Alone

So if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in nature, grab your backpack and get ready to discover all the amazing things to do alone in Valdez!

1. Hiking in the Chugach Mountains

You can’t miss out on hiking in the breathtaking Chugach Mountains; it’s an adventure you’ll never forget! The mountains are a natural beauty that draws visitors from all over the world.

As soon as you start your hike, you’ll be captivated by the stunning views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and crystal-clear rivers. It’s a perfect opportunity for mountain photography and wildlife spotting.

The Chugach Mountains offer many trails for hikers of different skill levels. You can take a stroll or challenge yourself with a more strenuous hike. No matter what trail you choose, expect to encounter some of Alaska’s most iconic animals, such as moose, caribou, bears, and eagles. So don’t forget to bring your camera and binoculars!

Hiking in the Chugach Mountains is an unforgettable experience that allows for solitude and reflection while surrounded by nature’s beauty. After exploring the mountains, head to Prince William Sound for some kayaking fun!

2. Kayaking in Prince William Sound

Paddle through pristine waters and picturesque peaks while kayaking in Prince William Sound. Renting kayaking gear is easy and affordable in Valdez, and the best time to go is from May to September when the weather is mild and calm. Watch for harbor seals, sea otters, eagles, and even whales that may surface nearby as you glide across the water.

Kayaking allows you to explore hidden coves, remote beaches, and towering glaciers that can only be accessed by boat. The sound’s glacially-fed waters provide a unique turquoise hue that will take your breath away. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a first-timer, plenty of options exist for all skill levels. Take it slow with a guided tour or venture off independently for a more immersive experience.

After an exhilarating day on the water, switch gears and try fishing for salmon and halibut in Valdez’s abundant waters. With so many activities in this breathtaking area of Alaska, you’ll never run out of things to do alone or with friends.

3. Fishing for Salmon and Halibut

After a thrilling day of kayaking and exploring hidden coves, switch gears and try fishing for salmon and halibut in the abundant waters of Prince William Sound. As someone who’s fished here before, I can tell you there are plenty of great spots to reel in a big catch.

If you want to snag some salmon, try casting near rocky shorelines or river mouths during early morning or late evening hours when they’re most active. For halibut, head out to deeper waters where they congregate around underwater structures like ledges or drop-offs.

When it comes to salmon fishing tips, one thing to keep in mind is that different species require different techniques. Coho salmon prefer lures that mimic small baitfish, while sockeye tend to be caught with brightly colored flies or jigs. Additionally, don’t forget to check local regulations for size limits and seasonal restrictions before heading out on the water.

As for the best halibut fishing spots, areas like Montague Island and Hinchinbrook Entrance have produced impressive catches. When targeting these large bottom-dwellers, use heavy gear and bait such as herring or squid. Remember that patience is key with halibut – it may take several minutes to bite once they’ve detected your offering.

After a successful day on the water reeling in fish after fish, consider heading to Solomon Gulch Hatchery for birdwatching opportunities. The hatchery attracts a variety of seabirds, including puffins and bald eagles, which make for excellent photo opportunities against the beautiful backdrop of Valdez’s scenic mountainscape.

4. Birdwatching at Solomon Gulch Hatchery

Who would have thought that a day of fishing for salmon and halibut could lead to such an incredible opportunity to witness the majesty of seabirds like puffins and bald eagles at Solomon Gulch Hatchery?

Located just outside Valdez, this hatchery is home to thousands of birds during their seasonal migration and breeding patterns. With binoculars and patience, you can observe these magnificent creatures up close.

As with any birdwatching experience, following the best practices at Solomon Gulch hatchery is important. Respect the birds’ space by staying on designated paths and not approaching nests or roosting areas. Binoculars are a must-have for getting an up-close look without disturbing the wildlife.

Depending on the time of year, you may see different species of birds at Solomon Gulch’s hatchery. During the summer, puffins can be spotted diving into the water for fish while bald eagles soar overhead. In winter, you may see common murres huddled together on rocky outcroppings to stay warm. No matter what time of year you visit, it’s sure to be a memorable experience.

After observing nature at its finest, why not head over to Valdez Museum and Historical Archive? Here you can learn about the history of this remote Alaskan town, including its role in gold mining, oil production, and transportation throughout history.

5. Visiting the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive

While exploring the beautiful Solomon Gulch Hatchery, don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of Valdez by visiting its fascinating Museum and Historical Archive. The Valdez Museum exhibits offer a glimpse into this Alaskan town’s unique culture and heritage.

From Native American artifacts to gold mining equipment, these exhibits showcase the different eras that have shaped Valdez.

The Historical Archive resources allow visitors to dive deeper into the town’s history through photographs, documents, and other archival materials. Here, you can learn about how Valdez was affected by natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis and how it played a role in World War II. It’s truly amazing how much you can discover about a place simply by exploring its past.

As I left the museum feeling more knowledgeable about Valdez than ever before, I couldn’t help but feel excited for my next adventure: exploring Worthington Glacier. This natural wonder is just a short drive from town and promises to be another breathtaking experience in this stunning part of Alaska.

6. Exploring Worthington Glacier

As much as I enjoyed learning about the history of Valdez at the museum, I was eager to get outside and explore more of this town’s natural beauty. One activity that immediately caught my attention was glacier trekking and ice climbing at Worthington Glacier.

Located just a short drive from Valdez, Worthington Glacier is an awe-inspiring sight. As soon as I arrived, I knew this would be an unforgettable adventure. After strapping on crampons and grabbing my ice axe, I followed a guide to explore the glacier up close.

Glacier trekking and ice climbing can be challenging activities, but they are also incredibly rewarding. Not only did I get an adrenaline rush from scaling the icy walls of the glacier, but I also gained a newfound appreciation for the power and majesty of nature. If you’re looking for a thrilling solo adventure in Valdez, don’t miss out on exploring Worthington Glacier.

As exhilarating as it was to climb over ice formations on Worthington Glacier’s surface, it was time for me to move on in search of another solo adventure. Lucky for me (and anyone else looking), ATV tours through Thompson Pass are another great way to experience Valdez’s breathtaking scenery alone!

7. ATV Tours on Thompson Pass

You’re in luck because tearing through the rugged terrain of Thompson Pass on an ATV is one adventure you won’t want to miss, and it’ll have your heart racing faster than a speeding bullet. An off-road adventure like no other, this tour takes you through bumpy trails, steep hills, and rocky crevices that will have you gripping the handlebars tightly.

As you drive along, take in the breathtaking scenery around you – from snow-capped mountains to lush green valleys, this ride has plenty of scenic viewpoints that will leave you speechless.

Not only is this ATV tour an adrenaline-pumping experience, but it’s also a chance to connect with nature and get away from it all. The freedom of driving through the untouched wilderness is unmatched – there’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair as you navigate through obstacles. Plus, with knowledgeable guides leading the way, you can rest assured that safety is a top priority.

After an exhilarating ride on Thompson Pass, go to Alyeska Resort for some skiing and snowboarding fun. With over 1,400 skiable acres and 76 runs to choose from, there’s something for every level of skier or snowboarder.

And if hitting the slopes isn’t your thing? No worries – Alyeska offers plenty of other activities, including spa treatments and fine dining options. So why wait? Book your off-road adventure today and experience Valdez like never before!

8. Skiing and Snowboarding at Alyeska Resort

After a thrilling ATV tour on Thompson Pass, I was ready for some more adventure in Valdez. So, I decided to hit the slopes at Alyeska Resort for skiing and snowboarding. As an avid skier and snowboarder, I knew this place would not disappoint me.

Alyeska Resort is a premier ski destination in Alaska that offers over 1,400 skiable acres of terrain for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. The resort boasts 76 named runs with varying degrees of difficulty, from beginner-friendly bunny hills to heart-pumping black diamond trails. For those who crave off-piste adventures, Alyeska’s backcountry terrain is also available for exploration.

After a long day on the mountain, it was time to unwind and indulge in some après-ski activities. The resort has many options, including live music performances, restaurants serving delicious food and drinks, and even an ice bar made entirely of ice! It was the perfect way to end my day at Alyeska Resort before heading off to my next adventure – relaxing at mineral hot springs.

As the sun began to set behind the mountains surrounding Alyeska Resort, I knew it was time to soak in some natural hot springs nearby. After all the excitement from earlier in the day, nothing sounded better than soothing my sore muscles while enjoying stunning views of nature. And so I set off towards my next solo adventure – relaxing at mineral hot springs!

9. Relaxing at Mineral Hot Springs

Now it’s time to kick back and let the warm mineral water soothe your tired muscles after a long day at Alyeska Resort’s slopes. The Mineral Hot Springs in Valdez is one of the best places to unwind and relax.

Soaking in these natural hot springs has many benefits, from reducing stress to easing sore muscles. The heat helps improve blood circulation, which aids in healing muscle injuries faster.

The best time to visit Mineral Hot Springs is winter, when temperatures drop below freezing. There’s nothing like experiencing the warmth of hot water while surrounded by snow-capped mountains and crisp, fresh air. You can soak for hours without feeling cold or uncomfortable since the water temperature remains around 100°F all year round.

After you’ve had your fill of relaxation, take a scenic drive along Richardson Highway toward Thompson Pass. The views are breathtakingly beautiful, with towering mountains on both sides of the road.

You’ll see glaciers hanging off cliff faces and frozen rivers snaking through valleys that look like they belong on postcards! It’s impossible not to feel free while taking this drive as you’re surrounded by vast wilderness and untouched nature.

10. Scenic Drives along Richardson Highway

As I drive along Richardson Highway, the towering mountains on either side make me feel small and insignificant. The view is breathtaking, with snow-capped peaks stretching as far as the eye can see. This is one of the most scenic drives in Alaska, and it’s easy to lose yourself in its beauty.

Along the way, there are plenty of picnic spots where you can stop and enjoy a meal while enjoying the stunning scenery. You’ll also find several roadside attractions, such as Worthington Glacier or Bridal Veil Falls, worth checking out. These stops break up the drive and allow you to stretch your legs before hitting the road again.

One of my favorite things about this drive is how peaceful it is. With no distractions besides nature’s beauty, I feel free from all worries and stresses that come with everyday life. It’s just me and my thoughts, cruising down a picturesque highway surrounded by mountains and fresh air.

If you’re looking for a way to clear your mind and escape from reality for a little while, taking a scenic drive along Richardson Highway should be at the top of your list when visiting Valdez.


As I wrap up my solo trip in Valdez, I can’t help but feel grateful for all the amazing experiences I’ve had here. The Chugach Mountains offered breathtaking views during my hikes while kayaking in Prince William Sound allowed me to witness the beauty of nature up close. Fishing for salmon and halibut was thrilling, and birdwatching at Solomon Gulch Hatchery was a peaceful escape.

The Valdez Museum and Historical Archive provided fascinating insights into the town’s rich history, while ATV tours on Thompson Pass were an adrenaline-fueled ride through rugged terrain. Skiing and snowboarding at Alyeska Resort were exhilarating, and soaking in mineral hot springs was a relaxing way to unwind after a day of exploring. The scenic drives along Richardson Highway were unforgettable, with picturesque landscapes that took my breath away.

From hiking mountains to kayaking glaciers, fishing for big catches to skiing down slopes covered in fresh powder – there is no shortage of things to do alone in Valdez. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, this charming Alaskan town has something for everyone.

So pack your bags and experience Valdez’s beauty firsthand – trust me, you won’t regret it! I hope you find the article “Best Things To Do Alone In Valdez” helpful.

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