14 Things To Do In Airlie Beach Without A Car

14 Things to Do in Airlie Beach Without A Car

From the little knowledge that I own, I believe there’s no point in getting into the super walkable Airlie Beach if you don’t know how to explore the beautiful things to do in Airlie Beach without a car (yes, you read it right, enjoying itineraries are possible without a car)! 

Why must it always be the so-called expensive cars for an incredible itinerary? Huh? 

From the glorifying sunrises to the balmy sunsets and sophisticated soul-soothing tourist attractions, Airlie Beach has it all. But ever imagined how pathetic it would feel if you get deprived of all these just for not having a shitty car?! No worries, as today our travel guide has jotted all the solutions, and we’ve got you covered on this, so take a sip of coffee, relax, and read our article to know more!

Things to Do in Airlie Beach Without A Car

1. Settle Near The Airlie Beach Central Business District

Airlie Beach is undoubtedly one destination that gives you an exhilarating experience of a lifetime. But when you’re on a no-car expedition, we highly recommend you get accommodation near the Airlie Beach Central Business District (CBD), the city center, and the core of the commercial, cultural, and entertainment modes. 

It is because this area holds slaying attractions along with the aura of stunning walkways and super walkable flat roads. Some car alternatives around Airlie Beach are:

1. Bikes

2. Bicycle

3. Buses

4. Railways

5. Walks

6. Taxis

7. Ferries

8. Seaplanes

Out of the above, taxis are one of the reasonably charged ones in Airlie Beach. Just a minute’s distance from the city center, you’ll find an Airlie Beach bus station called the Whitsunday Transit, and this bus service will drop you at the door of your Airlie Beach stays for real. 

But remember to check out the bus schedules so that you don’t need to make any last-minute time changes to your itinerary plan. The bus covers elite areas like the Proserpine Airport, railway station, and Shute Harbour. 

At a mere 26 kilometers distance, there’s Proserpine Airport, and the train station near the Proserpine area is the closest to Airlie Beach, so you don’t need to be stuck at Airport even if you’re coming without a car. You can also go for the airport shuttle bus services. 

Even the resorts around also provide shuttle services. But if you’re an Uber admirer, we’d like to inform you beforehand that Uber doesn’t operate in the Whitsunday area. Don’t worry! We’ve also got your back on this; you can easily get transport services via the Whitsunday Taxi App

As for your accommodation, if you’re a luxury junkie, go for the Coral Sea Resort Hotel, which is within walking distance from Airlie Beach. 

If you want your accommodation to be more money-saving, Whitsunday on the Beach Hotel is at your service; if you’re heading off from Airlie Beach Lagoon, you’ll need to walk for a few minutes to reach it. And yes, both picks will provide you with the required amenities.

2. Get A Groovy Hook With The Tuk-tuk

If you’re on a no-car Airlie Beach venture and coming up to the itinerary with kiddos, then Tuk-tuk rides are the perfect one for you! Tuk-tuks are fun-filled vehicles that can help you to visit eminent stops like Coral Sea Marina, with absolutely stunning scenes during the ride. 

Tuk-tuks themselves are so funky that they are enough to make you and your kiddos have an enlivening day at Airlie Beach. And the best part is there are special customized Tuk-tuks for you foodies, yes, you read it right! 

The area also offers foodie-friendly Tuk-tuks, so no worries even if you get rats running around your tummy out of hunger while exploring the beach. But our pro tip to you on the things to do in Airlie Beach without a car would be to look at the Tuk-tuk schedules beforehand so that you don’t miss out on this beauty.

3. The Great Barrier Reef: Ultimate Scuba Dive Spot

Traveling and scuba diving go hand in hand since both hit differently and are responsible for unpredictable adrenaline kicks and surprises. 

Dive into the world’s 7th natural wonder, the largest reef, and witness some eye-soothing marine creatures like the colorful, rare whale species, clams, sea turtles, rays, tropical fish, and over 1600 wonderful species of fish! 

But if you have a phobia of going alone for the venture, consider reaching a tour company, as they’ll help you guide your way through the scuba journey. Our recommendation would be Reef Safari Diving

They provide incredible lessons from the basics so you can get the best of the scuba dive training.

4. Shop Your Heart Out At The Airlie Beach Market

Even if you show up in Airlie Beach without a car, does that mean you can’t go out for a short shopping expedition? Of course, you can! 

The place offers a stunning market called the Airlie Beach Market which is a stone’s throw from the beach. And as you traverse these beachside shops, you will be entertained by the subtle charm of the local bands’ music! 

You not only get to buy handmade curios, clothes, veggies, fruits, flowers, coffee, refreshing drinks, and snacks, but you also get an opportunity to meet and greet the lovely Airlie Beach locals, which would be a lifetime experience for you for sure. It is actually one of the cheap things to do in Airlie Beach without a car.

They also offer relaxing beach massages, so no worries if you’re feeling low during your itinerary. But the hidden gem of this site? 

It’s the iced latte of the coffee van called Mr. Bean, and we are not going to define this beauty because some stuff loses its charm with mere explanations; you need to give it a go for the feel. 

The entire market entry is FREE; it turns into a funky hub as it facilitates live music festivals. But do plan for this market visit on Saturdays because it operates only on this day (Saturday, 7 am to 1 pm)

And if you’re more of a sophisticated shopaholic, head off to the bus stop at Airlie Beach Centre and visit the Woolworths Airlie Beach supermarket. We’ve added its open hours at the following table for your convenience.

DayOperating Hours
Monday to Friday8 am-9 pm
Saturday8 am-6 pm
Sunday9 am-6 pm

5. Immerse In The Airlie Beach Lagoon

Okay, never say never to this beauty, the man-made lagoon! Your things to do in Airlie Beach without a car would be incomplete if you didn’t tip a Hi to this place. 

While there’s a myth that the beaches in Airlie Beach are risky during summer for the marine stingers (and sometimes even crocodiles), you can opt for this crystal turquoise water-filled swimming pool to have some killer swimming without any worries about stingers. 

This enormous 4000 square meter pool holds a lot of picnic spots, scenic sitting areas, nearby restaurants, restrooms, children’s area, yoga mats, barbeque facilities, and serene beachfront greeneries; just the perfect one to lay down and get a sunbathing treat. 

It also offers different swimming depths, so the place is a gem for people of all ages, even kids. Even if you stroll around or just read a book sitting leisurely at this place, you’ll indeed feel like you’re in a slice of paradise. 

You can enjoy it all without any worries since the lagoon charges no entry fee. And don’t worry if you aren’t an avid swimmer because lifeguards are always on duty.

Open hours: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Location: 275 Shute Harbour Rd, Airlie Beach 4802

6. Tip A Hi To The Whitehaven Beach 

Powder white sand with scenic blue waters; can you imagine how serene the view would be? And we’re sure the postcard-like scenes would be enough to make you forget about the sorrows you might have for your no-car issue. 

You can reach this place easily via boats and seaplanes, so please put a full stop to those expensive car rentals! Walking in the soft snow-like sand of this beach is unimaginably soothing with the calm ocean breezes, top-notch nature views around, and roaring splashes of the sea. 

Walking further towards the Hill Inlet Lookout, you can even treat yourself to a small surprising hike. Oh! Don’t forget to get your sun hats to beat the heat while you try some ocean rafting.

7. Go Out For Sailing At The Whitsunday Island

Exploring Airlie Beach without sailing is like gulping up a spoonful of food that highly lacks salt. So, take up a ravishing sailing tour on the topaz blue waters of the Whitsunday island, and of course, sailing won’t require you to have a car to witness the beauty of crystal-like waters. 

From private boats to yachts, you’ll get a lot of options for chilling while you’re on your sailing expedition. Our pick on it would be the Whitsunday Sailing Club (charges are cheap), and the fun part is every Wednesday evening, they arrange an interactive Twilight Yacht Racing to add glitters to your trip.

Typically the operating hour starts at 3 pm-7 pm, but you must sign up on their website by 2 pm to confirm you’re a part of the event.

8. Try Out Golfing

Yes, golfing can be your bestie to allure you during your no-car itinerary since Airlie Beach facilitates some killer golf sightings, and thus it is one of the unusual activities to do in Airlie Beach

Soak in the phenomenal views and swag with the golf ball, as The Whitsundays Country Golf Club has an interesting 18-hole structure to ensure you get the best golf experience. 

While you swing the ball, if you’re lucky enough, you can even spot breathtaking wildlife views nearby the golf course. 

Oh, and the best part is it’s open every day, but to make sure you face no hassle getting your desired golf course, consider interacting and networking with the existing club members.

9. Conway National Park: Your Stop For Hiking

You, my friend, never think of yourself as a loser just because you don’t have a car, as this park’s beauty reaches its best when you explore it via bikes, segways, or short walks

Located at a distance of 26km from Airlie Beach, this place adds a hint of adventure to the marine Airlie Beach for its whopping collection of creatures starting from the cockatoos, egrets, kookaburras, herons, ospreys along with a vast amount of hiking routes (remember to check National Park’s website to select your desired hiking trail). 

So if you’re looking for some adventurous things to do in Airlie Beach without a car, you can opt for this lush rainforest, aka Conway National Park. 

And if you’re an introverted traveler, then this place is a shining gem for you since it is relatively less crowded and peaceful.

10. Explore The Happening Nightlife

How can you give up on exploring Airlie Beach’s nightlife only for the sake of a damn dead car? No way! 

So add this to your bucket list for the best things to do in Airlie Beach at night since the main streets of the beach are loaded with lively clubs and bars open every day for you. 

Our pick on it would be KC’s Bar & Grill since you’ll get to groove with the live music while relishing the tempting delicacies and drinks. Mama Africa is another one which offers affordable drinks and serves till 3. a.m. 

And for you to return safely, there are bus stops nearby, so just say bye to all those tensions that arose in you for not having a car. 

11. Visit The Esplanade Kids Playground

This free entry site is at an 8-minute walking distance from the center of Airlie Beach while offering some stunning rides and a bubbly environment for kids of all age groups. 

It offers services at any time of the day and has bus stops nearby, so you’re good to go when you return to your place. 

That’s one of the top free things to do in Airlie Beach without a car if you’re heading with your kiddos because it will not only give your kids a medium for enjoyment, but the thoughtful rides will also help them to have some warm-ups that are indeed healthy for their body and growth.

12. Def Slay With The Bicentennial Walkway

Wait! Beaches without a vitamin D-filled walk! Can this be ever missed? 

Eww no, you absolutely can’t miss out on giving a scenic walk when you’re on a no-car trip since this walk isn’t an ordinary one because as you keep strolling, you’ll see some surreal views with the nestled nearby small beaches, scenic views from the Cannonvale Beach, cocktails, cafes, live music restaurants, and whatnot! 

The walk is a 4-kilometer one that also has the route to the prominent Airlie Beach Lagoon, but the entire walkway is decorated with something eye-catching at each step and has a soothingly flat surface, just the one that you need for a soul-healing day! 

And thus, it’s truly one of the best things to do in Airlie Beach! Mind you, to have a sunset viewing plan with your family if you’ve added the Bicentennial walk to your itinerary’s bucket list because the mesmerizing view of it is surely something that you wouldn’t want to miss while you’re feeding your soul with the sunshine vitamin D during the day walk. 

Oh! But if you’re a lazy walker like me or worried about getting tanned while on the Broadwalk, you can even get an e-scooter (readily available at the beach sides) to explore the walkway leisurely. Rates start from $20 per hour. 

And remember, while you roam around with the e-bikes or e-scooter, do take water bottles to keep yourself hydrated and an umbrella to ensure suntans stay away from you! Our pick for the e-scooter rental would be the Whitsunday Fun franchise.

13. Opt For Some Killer Fishing

Are you stressing about what to do in Airlie Beach for a day? So listen! Airlie Beach is the home to fishing, and since the majestic Coral sea waters surround it, the cherry on top is you can also get a sneak peek of the wildlife in the sea

But the probabilities are high that you might not have fishing gear, so it’ll be better if you take a local fishing guide if you’re new to fishing projects. 

14. Arrange A Beach Side Barbecue Party

And what else can be a relaxing activity after a tiring day other than having a cozy fish bbq beachside party with your family members? 

Airlie Beach fosters bbq party gear, so do utilize the picnic tables around the beach for your party, sit, relax, and enjoy the charming sunsets, and don’t forget to reel it while you feel it.

There’s also a beachside restaurant called the Boaty’s, and guess what? They offer a whole meal worth only $16, which includes lip-smacking options like chicken schnitzels


Okay! So now that you’ve come up so far reading our article, we hope that the things to do in Airlie Beach without a car have become a cakewalk for you from now onwards. 

From the exhilarating scuba dives to the relaxing beach sidewalks, the ride of the Airlie Beach style unique vehicle tuk-tuk, beachside markets, the dazzling nightlife, and the exciting fishing, what’s not there in this funky coastal side, Airlie Beach, right? 

But yes, when we’re discussing a no-car venture, it’ll always be wise to stay in the central Airlie Beach CBD region, as it’s highly walkable. 

And as we always say, if you plan to explore Airlie Beach beyond the central region, you might need to take a car, and of course, you’ll always need the help of sunscreens, water bottles, and umbrellas to save yourself from the scorching heat of Airlie Beach. 

So, Adios, and remember to visit our article for your next without-car Airlie Beach trip.

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