12 Things To Do In Hot Springs Alone

12 Things To Do In Hot Springs Alone

Are you looking for a solo adventure where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life? Hot Springs, Arkansas may be just what you need. From hiking to boating, this small city offers a variety of activities that are perfect for those seeking things to do in Hot Springs alone.

One of the best things to do in Hot Springs alone is to explore the trails of Hot Springs National Park. These scenic routes offer stunning views of the Ouachita Mountains and the surrounding area. For those who love fishing or boating, nearby lakes such as Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine provide an excellent opportunity to spend some time on the water.

If driving is more your style, take a scenic drive along the Ouachita Mountains – it’s sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and free.

Things To Do In Hot Springs Alone

1. Hiking the Trails of Hot Springs National Park

You’ll love hiking the scenic trails of Hot Springs National Park by yourself, taking in all the breathtaking views and feeling refreshed by the natural beauty around you. But before heading out, make sure to prioritize trail safety.

Bring a map or download one on your phone, wear appropriate footwear, and check the weather forecast beforehand. It’s also a good idea to tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to return.

Solo hiking can be a rewarding experience, especially when you’re exploring things to do in Hot Springs alone. But it’s important to keep some tips in mind. Always stay on marked trails and avoid venturing off into uncharted areas.

Take breaks as needed and bring plenty of water and snacks. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and insect repellent too! Finally, pay attention to your surroundings and trust your instincts if something feels off.

After a day of hiking, consider unwinding with some fishing or boating on nearby lakes. With its many options for outdoor activities, Hot Springs is an ideal destination for those seeking freedom from their daily routine.

The tranquil lakes provide a peaceful escape from any stressors you may have brought with you on your trip. So go ahead – take advantage of all that this beautiful area has to offer!

2. Fishing and Boating on Nearby Lakes

There’s no better way to unwind than exploring the variety of things to do in Hot Springs alone, such as fishing and boating on the nearby lakes. Grab your gear and head out for a day of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just looking to catch your first fish, there’s something for everyone on these beautiful waters.

For a more adventurous experience, consider embarking on a kayaking adventure. Glide across the serene waters, taking in the stunning scenery that surrounds you. And if you’re feeling competitive, check out one of the many fishing tournaments that take place throughout the year. You never know, you might just reel in a prize-winning catch!

After a day spent on the water, continue your outdoor exploration with a scenic drive along Ouachita Mountains. Take in breathtaking views as you wind through this stunning landscape. It’s the perfect way to end your solo trip to Hot Springs National Park before heading back to reality.

3. Scenic Drive along the Ouachita Mountains

Embarking on a scenic drive through the Ouachita Mountains is the perfect way to take in the breathtaking beauty of the area. As you cruise along winding roads, you’ll be treated to an array of stunning views and unique natural formations. The Ouachita Mountains are home to numerous scenic overlooks that offer panoramic vistas of lush forests, sparkling lakes, and rolling hills.

Along your drive, make sure to keep an eye out for picnic spots where you can stop and enjoy a bite to eat amidst the stunning scenery. Some popular options include Lake Sylvia, Crystal Springs Recreation Area, and Iron Springs Recreation Area.

These spots not only provide a chance to relax and unwind but also offer fantastic photo opportunities. So don’t forget to bring your camera!

Exploring the Ouachita Mountains solo, which is one of the best things to do in Hot Springs alone, is an experience like no other. As you travel deeper into this rugged landscape, you’ll feel a sense of freedom that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply looking for a peaceful escape from everyday life, this scenic drive has something for everyone.

And once you’ve soaked up all the natural beauty that the mountains have to offer, it’s time to head over to Hot Springs’ Gangster Museum of America – another exciting activity perfect for solo travelers where history meets entertainment!

4. Gangster Museum of America

Once you step inside, you’ll feel transported back to the Prohibition era at the Gangster Museum of America. This museum is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in notorious criminals and the impact of organized crime on Hot Springs’ history. As you explore the exhibits alone, you’ll learn about the city’s ties to famous gangsters like Al Capone and Lucky Luciano.

The Gangster Museum of America features a collection of artifacts from law enforcement officials and criminals alike. You’ll see vintage guns, bulletproof vests, and even a Tommy gun used by Bonnie and Clyde during their infamous bank robberies. The exhibits are interactive, allowing visitors to experience what it was like to be part of a speakeasy or a raid on an illegal distillery.

As you leave the Gangster Museum of America behind, don’t forget to check out another one-of-a-kind attraction nearby: Mid-America Science Museum. Here, you can continue your solo adventure while learning about science in an entertaining way.

5. Mid-America Science Museum

You’ll be amazed by the interactive exhibits and hands-on activities at Mid-America Science Museum, making it a perfect addition to your solo adventure in Hot Springs. This museum offers an exciting way to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Whether you’re interested in physics or biology, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

One of the standout features of this museum is its unique architecture. The building itself is designed to look like a giant treehouse with multiple levels and bridges connecting each section. As you explore the different areas, you’ll encounter various interactive exhibits that demonstrate scientific principles in action. From electricity to sound waves, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with science firsthand.

Don’t forget to take a stroll through the outdoor sculpture garden while you’re here! Featuring large-scale installations that blend art and science, this space offers a peaceful respite from the indoor exhibits. You can even climb aboard an actual NASA rocket engine that once powered spacecraft into orbit.

With so much to see and do at Mid-America Science Museum alone, you won’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience during your Hot Springs getaway!

Transitioning seamlessly into the subsequent section about ‘hot springs fine arts center,’ I recommend checking out another unique attraction nearby.

6. Hot Springs Fine Arts Center

If you’re looking for things to do in Hot Springs alone and worried that your solo adventure might not offer enough culture, don’t miss the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center. This is the perfect place to indulge your artistic side and explore a variety of exhibits featuring works by local artists. The center also offers workshops where you can learn new techniques and create your own art.

At the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center, you can take part in solo art sessions where you can let your creativity flow freely. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out, these sessions offer a great opportunity to relax and express yourself through art. You will have access to all of the materials you need and there is always someone on hand to provide guidance and support.

After immersing yourself in the world of art at the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center, it’s time to continue your solo journey with a visit to bathhouse row. This historic site features several bathhouses that were built in the early 1900s and offers a unique glimpse into the city’s past. Soak up some history while enjoying rejuvenating thermal waters before continuing on your hot springs adventure.

7. Bathhouse Row

To fully immerse yourself in the history of Hot Springs, make sure to visit Bathhouse Row where you can experience relaxation therapy and gain a deeper understanding of the city’s past. The row consists of eight bathhouses built between 1892 and 1923, each with its unique architectural style and therapeutic offerings. You can take a self-guided tour or opt for a guided tour to learn about the history, architecture, and healing properties of these thermal springs.

The hot springs in Hot Springs National Park are known for their therapeutic benefits that have been used for centuries by Native Americans and early settlers. At Bathhouse Row, you can soak in the thermal waters while enjoying various spa treatments such as massages, facials, and body wraps.

The bathhouses offer different experiences from traditional soaks to modern spas with state-of-the-art facilities.

After indulging in relaxation therapy at Bathhouse Row, head over to Quapaw Baths & Spa located just a few blocks away. Here you can unwind further with private baths, steam caves, sauna rooms, and other spa services that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

With all these options available, it’s no wonder why Hot Springs is considered one of the top destinations for those seeking relaxation and wellness.

8. Quapaw Baths and Spa

Located just a few blocks from Bathhouse Row, Quapaw Baths & Spa is the perfect spot to unwind and indulge in some well-deserved self-care. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease. The relaxation therapy offered here is top-notch, with services ranging from massages to facials and everything in between.

One of the main draws of Quapaw Baths & Spa are the thermal pools. These natural hot springs are filled with water that’s been heated deep within the earth’s crust and are said to have healing properties for both body and mind. Whether you’re looking to soothe sore muscles or simply relax after a long day of exploring, these pools offer the ultimate in relaxation.

After soaking in the thermal pools, why not head over to Buckstaff Baths for another round of pampering? This historic bathhouse has been around since 1912 and offers a range of traditional spa services, including massages, steam baths, and even hot towel wraps. With its old-world charm and luxurious treatments, Buckstaff Baths is the perfect way to cap off your day of solo exploration in Hot Springs.

9. Buckstaff Baths

Immerse yourself in the historic charm of Buckstaff Baths, where you can indulge in luxurious relaxation options that will rejuvenate your mind and body. The spa offers a range of services such as massages, steam baths, and hot towel wraps that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. You can choose from different packages that suit your needs and preferences.

Apart from its excellent spa services, Buckstaff Baths also holds significant cultural significance. It has been operating since 1912 and is one of the oldest bathhouses in Hot Springs National Park. It retains its original charm with vintage tiles, stained-glass windows, and claw-foot tubs that add to its unique ambiance.

After experiencing the indulgent spa services at Buckstaff Baths, you can explore the plethora of solo things to do in Hot Springs. Take a short walk over to The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa for an unforgettable experience. The hotel features stunning architecture dating back to 1875, offering guests an opportunity to step back into history while enjoying modern luxuries.

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10. The Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa

The Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa is a historic gem offering guests a glimpse into the past while pampering them with modern amenities. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be transported to a time when indulgence was king. The luxurious accommodations are fit for royalty, with plush bedding and elegant decor that will make you feel like a VIP.

But it’s not just the rooms that make The Arlington an unforgettable experience. The spa treatments at this Hot Springs landmark are simply divine. From massages to facials to body wraps, there’s no shortage of ways to spoil yourself here. And after your treatment, you can relax in the hot springs pools or take a stroll through the manicured gardens.

When it comes to experiencing Hot Springs solo, The Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa should definitely be on your list. This historic hotel provides luxury and relaxation all in one place. But if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, head over to Hot Springs Mountain Tower for some breathtaking views of the surrounding area – without having to climb any stairs!

11. Hot Springs Mountain Tower

You can’t miss the stunning views of the surrounding area from Hot Springs Mountain Tower, so make sure to bring your camera! This towering observation deck offers panoramic views of the Ouachita Mountains and downtown Hot Springs. At 216 feet tall, it’s hard to miss this iconic landmark.

If you’re looking for a memorable experience, visit during sunset hours. You’ll have the opportunity to capture breathtaking sunset photography from atop the tower. The changing colors of the sky paired with the city lights make for an unforgettable view.

After taking in the beauty of Hot Springs from above, head down to historic downtown Hot Springs for some more exploring. From unique local shops to famous bathhouses, there’s plenty to see and do in this charming area.

12. Historic Downtown Hot Springs

Step back in time and embark on a memorable solo adventure in Hot Springs, exploring the variety of things to do in Hot Springs alone. Wander through the quaint streets of the historic downtown, where you’ll discover charming shops and fascinating landmarks.

This area is rich in history and culture, boasting buildings dating back to the 1800s. Take a leisurely stroll down Central Avenue and immerse yourself in the experience of exploring unique boutiques, antique stores, and art galleries that line the street.

Shopping and dining are two popular activities in historic downtown Hot Springs. You can browse through local stores to find one-of-a-kind souvenirs or grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants in the area. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a sit-down meal, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to try some of the famous hot springs water while you’re here!

In addition to shopping and dining, there are often cultural events happening throughout historic downtown Hot Springs. From street festivals to live music performances, there’s always something going on.

Make sure to check out the schedule of events before your visit so you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities. Exploring this charming area is a must-do activity when visiting Hot Springs alone!


Congratulations on taking the bold step to explore Hot Springs! You have experienced some of the things to do in Hot Springs alone in the region, including hiking through stunning trails at Hot Springs National Park. The picturesque view of the Ouachita Mountains as you take a scenic drive is an unforgettable experience.

You also enjoyed learning about history and science at the Gangster Museum of America and the Mid-America Science Museum. Your visit to Buckstaff Baths was entirely relaxing, and you had a taste of luxury at The Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa. And who could forget your breathtaking view from Hot Springs Mountain Tower? It’s been an adventure-filled trip!

As you plan your next solo travel, remember that exploring new places alone can be rewarding. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, it allows for self-discovery and personal growth. So go ahead; spread your wings, embrace new experiences like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, and discover more unique destinations that will leave lasting memories!

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