12 Things To Do In Jonesboro Alone

12 Things To Do In Jonesboro Alone

Looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Jonesboro, Arkansas has plenty of great things to do alone for those who seek solitude and adventure. Whether you’re a nature lover or an art enthusiast, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

In fact, the number of things to do alone in Jonesboro is so vast that it may seem overwhelming at first!

But fear not, because we’ve got you covered. From kayaking through Bayou Bartholomew to exploring local museums and galleries, Jonesboro offers a plethora of experiences that are perfect for solo travelers. With its serene parks, scenic trails, and charming markets, there’s no shortage of places to unwind and explore on your own terms.

So pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure – one that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, invigorated, and free!

Things To Do In Jonesboro Alone

1. Craighead Forest Park: A Serene Escape for Nature Lovers

If you’re in the mood for a peaceful getaway, Jonesboro offers a perfect spot for solo adventurers at Craighead Forest Park. It’s the ideal place to unwind and connect with nature. There are plenty of things to do in Jonesboro alone in this beautiful park, and one of the best activities is to explore the many picnic spots scattered throughout. Pack a lunch and find your own private spot to enjoy some quiet time surrounded by nature.

One of the best activities here is to explore the many picnic spots scattered throughout the park. Pack a lunch and find your own private spot to enjoy some quiet time surrounded by nature.

As you wander through Craighead Forest Park alone, keep an eye out for wildlife sightings. You might see deer, rabbits, or even foxes as you make your way along the trails. The park is home to a wide variety of birds too, so don’t forget your binoculars if birdwatching is something that interests you.

Exploring Craighead Forest Park alone is an experience like no other. It’s a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature on a deeper level. And when you’re ready for your next adventure, kayaking solo on Bayou Bartholomew is sure to get your heart pumping!

2. Kayaking Solo: A Thrilling Adventure on Bayou Bartholomew

Embark on a heart-pumping adventure down Bayou Bartholomew and experience the thrill of kayaking solo. It’s an exhilarating way to explore nature and challenge yourself physically. But before you set off, make sure to prioritize your safety by wearing a life jacket, checking weather conditions, and informing someone of your route.

Bayou Bartholomew is known for its winding waterways that offer breathtaking views of the lush scenery. The best kayaking routes depend on your skill level and personal preference. If you’re a beginner, start with the stretch between Turkey Scratch and Ashley’s Mills for a leisurely paddle amidst towering cypress trees.

For more experienced kayakers seeking adventure, try the challenging section from Grady to Felsenthal Wildlife Refuge.

Solo kayaking on Bayou Bartholomew offers an unrivaled sense of freedom as you navigate through calm waters or rapids at your own pace. You’ll be surrounded by diverse wildlife such as turtles, alligators, herons, and otters along the way. So grab your paddle and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Jonesboro’s natural wonderland.

As you wrap up your thrilling kayak journey down Bayou Bartholomew, consider exploring Arkansas State University Museum next. This museum takes visitors on a journey through history and culture with exhibits featuring Native American artifacts, Civil War memorabilia, fossils from prehistoric times, and much more.

3. Arkansas State University Museum: A Journey Through History and Culture

After a thrilling solo kayaking adventure down Bayou Bartholomew, the Arkansas State University Museum offers a fascinating journey through history and culture. The ASU Museum is an essential stop for those who want to understand Jonesboro’s past and appreciate its present.

The museum has an impressive collection of artifacts that showcase the historical significance and cultural relevance of this city.

The ASU Museum is divided into four galleries that explore different aspects of Jonesboro’s past. The first gallery focuses on Native American cultures in Arkansas, including the Osage, Quapaw, and Caddo tribes. In the second gallery, visitors can learn about early European explorers who came to this area in search of gold and other riches.

The third gallery highlights the Civil War era in Jonesboro, including stories of battles fought near town. Finally, the fourth gallery showcases art from local artists as well as traveling exhibits.

Exploring Jonesboro’s past and present at ASU Museum can be done at your own pace. You can spend hours learning about different cultures or quickly browse through each exhibit if you’re short on time.

Regardless of how much time you have to spend at the museum, it’s worth visiting if you want to gain a better understanding of what makes Jonesboro such a unique place.

Ready for more adventures? Head over to the next section where we’ll explore another aspect of Jonesboro’s culture: appreciating local talent and creativity at the Jonesboro Art Gallery!

4. Jonesboro Art Gallery: Appreciating Local Talent and Creativity

Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Jonesboro by visiting the Jonesboro Art Gallery, where you can discover and appreciate the unique talents and creativity of local artists. This gallery showcases various works of art, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media pieces.

The Local Artist Spotlight section features a rotating exhibit that highlights the works of local artists. You can also attend art workshops and classes to learn new techniques or simply hone your skills.

The Jonesboro Art Gallery is an excellent place to explore the world of art while appreciating the talents and creativity of local artists. Whether you are looking for inspiration or want to buy artwork as a souvenir, this gallery has much to offer. It is a great way to spend some alone time while indulging in your passion for art.

After immersing yourself in the arts at the Jonesboro Art Gallery, head over to The Forum Theatre for some entertainment. Catching a movie or show solo can be liberating as it allows you to enjoy something without any distractions or obligations.

5. The Forum Theatre: Catching a Movie or Show Solo

If you’re feeling like a solo movie or show night, head to The Forum Theatre where you can relax and enjoy some entertainment without any distractions. This theatre is the perfect place to catch a flick or watch a live performance by talented local artists. Whether it’s a romantic comedy or an action-packed thriller, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Aside from watching theater solo, The Forum Theatre is also located in the heart of downtown Jonesboro, making it easy to find new restaurants alone. After your movie or play, take a stroll around the area and discover some hidden gems that only locals know about. You never know what kind of culinary delights you might come across!

Ready for some friendly competition? Head over to the next section about Jonesboro Bowling Center: Unleashing Your Competitive Side and see how well you fare on the lanes!

6. Jonesboro Bowling Center: Unleashing Your Competitive Side

Who needs friends when you can embarrass yourself in front of strangers at Jonesboro Bowling Center and still have a great time? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this place has something for everyone.

With 24 lanes, there’s always an opportunity to practice your skills or join a league to compete with others. Not only is bowling a fun way to spend your alone time, but it also has team-building benefits that could help you in the workplace.

If competing in leagues isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Jonesboro Bowling Center offers open play as well as cosmic bowling on weekends. The atmosphere is lively, with music playing and neon lights flashing throughout the entire facility. It’s impossible not to feel energized and excited about playing here.

After working up an appetite from all that bowling, head over to The Edge Coffeehouse for some much-needed relaxation. You deserve it! Savor a cup of joe while unwinding in their cozy atmosphere filled with comfortable seating and friendly staff.

It’s the perfect way to end your day of solo activities before heading back out into the world feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes next.

7. The Edge Coffeehouse: Savoring a Cup of Joe and Relaxing

You’ll love savoring a delicious cup of coffee and relaxing at The Edge Coffeehouse in Jonesboro Bowling Center. Among the many things to do in Jonesboro alone, this coffeehouse offers an ambiance that is warm and inviting, perfect for those who want to unwind and enjoy a peaceful moment alone.

You can indulge in their specialty coffee blends, which are made with high-quality beans from different parts of the world.

One of their bestsellers is the caramel latte, which has a rich and creamy taste that will leave you craving for more. They also have pastries and sandwiches that you can pair with your coffee for a complete experience. You can sit back on one of their comfy couches or chairs while reading a book or browsing through social media.

As you finish up your cup of joe, you may want to head over to the next destination on your solo adventure – Jonesboro Public Library: Reading and Learning in Solitude. Here, you’ll find yourself immersed in an environment where knowledge thrives. With its extensive collection of books, magazines, and other materials, this library is the perfect place to expand your mind while enjoying some time alone.

8. Jonesboro Public Library: Reading and Learning in Solitude

When you step into the Jonesboro Public Library, the vast collection of over 100,000 items will transport you to a world of knowledge and imagination. Whether you’re looking for a new fiction novel or a non-fiction book on a specific topic, you can find it here. The library also offers online resources like e-books and audiobooks that you can borrow with just your library card.

If reading is one of your favorite pastimes, then the Jonesboro Public Library is the perfect place for you. You can grab a cozy spot in one of their many reading areas and lose yourself in a good book. Plus, if you’re trying to develop better reading habits, they offer programs and events throughout the year to help motivate and encourage readers.

After spending some quality time at the library, head over to the Jonesboro Farmers Market: exploring local produce and crafts. Here, you’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers as well as handmade crafts made by artisans in the area. It’s a great way to support local businesses while enjoying some time outside in beautiful Jonesboro.

9. Jonesboro Farmers Market: Exploring Local Produce and Crafts

As soon as you walk into the Jonesboro Farmers Market, the vibrant colors and enticing smells of local produce and crafts will immediately capture your attention. This is a perfect place to explore the local farmers market and discover unique crafts that are made by talented artisans in Jonesboro.

You can stroll through the stalls, picking up fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, handmade soaps, candles, jewelry, pottery, and more.

The market is open every Saturday from 7 am-12 pm during April to October at the corner of Union Street and Huntington Ave. It’s a great way to support local businesses while enjoying delicious food and beautiful art pieces. You can talk with vendors about their products origins or learn how they are made.

After spending some time exploring the farmers market, head over to Craighead Forest Park for some disc golf. Here you can perfect your aim in peace while surrounded by nature’s beauty. The park offers multiple courses for players of all skill levels. Who knows? You might even meet some new friends along the way!

10. Disc Golf at Craighead Forest Park: Perfecting Your Aim in Peace

Disc golfing at Craighead Forest Park is like hitting a hole-in-one: it’s the perfect way to spend a peaceful afternoon surrounded by nature. This 18-hole course is challenging enough for seasoned players, but also beginner-friendly. As you make your way through the park, you’ll come across various terrains and obstacles that will test your skills and improve your technique.

What sets disc golf apart from traditional golf is the fact that it’s much more affordable and accessible. All you need is a frisbee and a willingness to embrace the great outdoors. Plus, playing alone allows for complete freedom to focus on your game without any distractions or interruptions.

After working up a sweat on the course, head over to Jonesboro Skate Park for an entirely different type of adrenaline rush. Here, you can watch skaters perform impressive tricks or even try them out yourself if you’re feeling daring. It’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to let loose and have some fun while exploring everything Jonesboro has to offer.

11. Jonesboro Skate Park: Getting Your Adrenaline Fix on Wheels

If you’re looking for exciting things to do in Jonesboro alone and get your adrenaline fix, head over to Jonesboro Skate Park where you can watch skilled skateboarders perform impressive tricks. The park has been a popular destination for skateboard enthusiasts who want to improve their skills or just have fun. You can even witness skateboarding competitions held here, where the best of the best showcase their talent.

While it may seem daunting at first, skateboarding is actually a great way to stay active and build confidence. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry! The park offers safety tips and guidelines for beginners to ensure that everyone stays safe while having fun. It’s important to wear protective gear like helmets and pads to avoid any potential injuries.

After all the excitement at the skate park, why not continue your solo adventure by exploring Jonesboro’s cycling trails? Pedal through scenic routes and take in the beauty of nature on these picturesque paths. These trails are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy some peace and quiet while getting some exercise.

12. Jonesboro Cycling Trails: Pedaling Through Scenic Routes Solo

Get ready to explore the picturesque cycling trails of Jonesboro while taking in the beauty of nature on your solo adventure. Jonesboro boasts over 50 miles of scenic routes for cyclists, ranging from beginner-friendly paths to challenging terrain for advanced riders. The locals highly recommend the Craighead Forest Park Trail, which is a well-maintained route that offers stunning views of the park’s lake and forests.

While cycling alone can be liberating, safety should always be a top priority. Always wear a helmet and make sure it fits properly before hitting the trails. It’s also essential to bring along water and snacks to stay hydrated and fueled during your ride. Additionally, consider having a fully charged phone with you in case of emergencies or if you need directions.

Cycling through Jonesboro’s beautiful scenery is an excellent way to clear your mind while getting some exercise at the same time. So gear up, pack some essentials, and hit the road on your solo cycling adventure!


Congratulations! You now have a list of exciting things to do in Jonesboro alone when you’re flying solo. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or adrenaline junkie, there’s something on this list for everyone.

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, head over to Craighead Forest Park and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings. For a thrilling adventure, try kayaking solo on Bayou Bartholomew or perfect your disc golf skills at the park. If culture is more your thing, visit the Arkansas State University Museum or appreciate local talent at the Jonesboro Art Gallery.

Don’t forget to catch a movie or show at The Forum Theatre or get your adrenaline fix at Jonesboro Skate Park. And while you’re out and about, make sure to explore the local produce and crafts at Jonesboro Farmers Market.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy all that Jonesboro has to offer! Remember: “the world is your oyster”- take advantage of it and create unforgettable memories by trying something new today.

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