10 Things To Do In Prescott Alone

10 Things To Do In Prescott Alone

I recently found myself with a free weekend and no plans. Instead of feeling bored or lonely, I decided to explore the charming town of Prescott, Arizona on my own, discovering a wide array of things to do in Prescott alone that were perfect for solo travelers like myself.

From hiking in the gorgeous Prescott National Forest to exploring historic downtown, there was never a dull moment during my trip. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Prescott has something to offer for everyone.

So if you’re craving some alone time and want to break free from your routine, read on for some ideas on how to make the most out of your solo trip to Prescott!

Things To Do In Prescott Alone

1. Hiking in Prescott National Forest

You’ll love hiking in Prescott National Forest, where you can immerse yourself in the lush greenery and towering trees while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. It will be the first thing to do in Prescott alone. As someone who loves exploring nature alone, I highly recommend hitting the trails here.

But before you set out on your adventure, make sure to brush up on trail etiquette to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you and other hikers. Prescott offers a serene and tranquil environment, perfect for solo adventurers seeking solace in the beauty of the outdoors.

One of my favorites is the Thumb Butte Trail, which offers stunning views of Thumb Butte as well as panoramic views of Prescott and its surrounding areas. It’s a moderate difficulty trail that’s approximately 2 miles long roundtrip. For those looking for a longer hike, Granite Mountain Trail is another great option. This challenging 7-mile trail takes hikers through diverse landscapes with plenty of scenic spots to rest along the way.

Prescott National Forest boasts some of the best hiking trails in Arizona, so it’s no surprise that it draws many outdoor enthusiasts each year. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just starting out, there are plenty of trails to choose from that cater to all levels of fitness and skill. After a day spent exploring the forest, head into historic downtown Prescott for more adventures!

2. Exploring Historic Downtown Prescott

Strolling through Historic Downtown Prescott is like taking a step back in time, transporting you to a charming and picturesque setting. The buildings have an old-world charm that can leave anyone awestruck. The architecture appreciation is bound to make you feel nostalgic about the bygone era. It’s fascinating how well-preserved these buildings are, and it’s no wonder why this area has been designated as a National Historic District.

Aside from architecture appreciation, Downtown Prescott also offers some fantastic shopping spots. There’s something for everyone here – from antique shops to boutique stores, you’re sure to find something unique and interesting. Take your time exploring the streets at your own pace or join one of the guided tours that can take you through some of the best spots.

Visiting the Sharlot Hall Museum is another must-do activity while in Prescott, especially for those seeking the best things to do in Prescott alone. This museum is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of Arizona’s Central Highlands and its people.

You’ll get a glimpse into life during territorial times and learn more about early settlers’ struggles in Arizona. With so much history encapsulated within its walls, this museum will keep you engaged for hours on end, providing a captivating solo experience.

3. Visiting the Sharlot Hall Museum

If you’re interested in learning about the history and culture of Arizona’s Central Highlands, a visit to the Sharlot Hall Museum is a must. This museum is named after Sharlot Mabridth Hall, who was an Arizona pioneer, historian, and poet. The museum features interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experience what life was like for early settlers and Native Americans.

One of the highlights of this museum is its extensive collection of Native American artifacts. There are over 30,000 items on display including pottery, baskets, jewelry, and textiles from various tribes across Arizona. It’s fascinating to see how each tribe had their unique style and techniques for creating these beautiful pieces.

After immersing yourself in Arizona’s rich history at the Sharlot Hall Museum, take a scenic drive on the Prescott Circle Trail. This trail is a 60-mile loop that takes you through Prescott National Forest and offers stunning views of Granite Mountain and other natural wonders. It’s an excellent way to relax and enjoy nature while also getting some exercise.

4. Taking a Scenic Drive on the Prescott Circle Trail

Venture on the Prescott Circle Trail and let nature’s beauty take your breath away as you drive through the captivating views of Granite Mountain and other natural wonders. The trail is a 54-mile scenic drive that encircles Prescott, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Take your time to stop at various viewpoints along the way, pull out your camera, and indulge in some scenic photography.

The trail offers more than just stunning vistas; it is also an ideal spot for wildlife spotting. Keep an eye out for deer, elk, coyotes, rabbits, and numerous bird species that call this area home. If you’re lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of a bald eagle soaring across the sky or a herd of wild horses grazing on nearby hills.

After enjoying a leisurely drive on the trail and capturing some stunning photographs of nature’s beauty, you’ll find plenty of things to do alone in Prescott. Head over to Watson Lake, where you can have a relaxing picnic by the water. The lake boasts crystal clear waters surrounded by towering granite boulders that provide an awe-inspiring backdrop.

So, as you pack your picnic basket with some delicious treats, get ready to immerse yourself in the serenity of this place and enjoy a peaceful afternoon soaking up all that nature has to offer at Watson Lake.

5. Enjoying a Picnic at Watson Lake

Relax and savor the serene beauty of Watson Lake while indulging in a delightful picnic with your loved ones. As I sit by the lake, I am mesmerized by its crystal-clear water reflecting the blue sky above. The quiet and peaceful surroundings make it an ideal spot for a picnic. Don’t forget to pack all the picnic basket essentials such as sandwiches, fruits, chips, and beverages.

The best time of day for a Watson Lake picnic is during sunset when the sky is painted with vibrant colors that reflect on the lake’s surface. The cool breeze adds to the ambiance and makes it even more enjoyable. You can also go kayaking or fishing before settling down for a relaxing picnic by the shore.

After finishing up at Watson Lake, head over to Phippen Museum of Western Art to explore their extensive collection of western art exhibits. From paintings to sculptures, this museum offers an immersive experience into cowboy culture and history. You’ll be fascinated by their displays that showcase life in Arizona’s Wild West era from landscapes to portraits of cowboys on horseback.

6. Touring the Phippen Museum of Western Art

You’ll be amazed by the remarkable collection of western art exhibits at the Phippen Museum. As soon as you walk through its doors, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time to Arizona’s Wild West era. The museum houses an impressive array of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts that capture the essence of cowboy life in all its glory.

The artistic inspiration behind each piece is evident as you take a closer look. From the intricate details on a bronze sculpture to the vivid colors on a canvas painting, every exhibit exudes creativity and skill. But it’s not just about aesthetics; each item also carries cultural significance and tells a story about the people who lived during this period.

As someone who craves freedom and seeks things to do in Prescott alone, exploring the Phippen Museum will give you a new appreciation for what it means to live life on your own terms. You’ll leave feeling inspired by the resilience and resourcefulness of those who sought their fortunes in Arizona’s untamed wilderness.

And when you’re ready for something else, head over to Prescott Farmers Market where you can try some delicious local cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds.

7. Trying Local Cuisine at Prescott Farmers Market

If you’re looking for the best solo things to do in Prescott, and if you’re feeling hungry, head over to the Prescott Farmers Market where you can indulge in some mouth-watering local cuisine. Foodie Finds abound at this market, with over 100 vendors offering fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and homemade baked goods. As someone who loves trying new dishes, I was thrilled to find so many unique options here.

One of my favorite things about the market is the emphasis on Farm to Table cooking adventures. You can pick up locally sourced ingredients and try your hand at making something truly special. If cooking isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are plenty of ready-to-eat options available as well. From savory tacos to sweet pastries, there’s something for every taste bud.

After filling up on delicious food from local vendors at the Prescott Farmers Market, why not cap off your day by attending a performance at the Prescott Center for the Arts? Whether you’re into live theater or musical performances, this venue has something for everyone. It’s just one more way to experience all that Prescott has to offer!

8. Attending a Performance at the Prescott Center for the Arts

Don’t miss out on catching a performance at the Prescott Center for the Arts, where you can immerse yourself in an artistic experience and cultural immersion. The center offers various shows throughout the year, ranging from classic plays to contemporary musicals. You’ll be amazed by the talent of local actors and musicians who put on spectacular performances.

The intimate setting of the theater allows for a more personal experience with the performers, making it one of the top things to do in Prescott alone. You can witness their emotions up close and be completely absorbed in the story they’re telling. The sound quality is superb, making it easy to hear every word spoken or sung. You’ll leave feeling inspired by the creativity and passion displayed on stage.

After enjoying an unforgettable artistic experience at Prescott Center for the Arts, take a relaxing stroll through Granite Dells to unwind from all of your senses’ stimulation. This natural wonder is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful, offering stunning views of Granite Mountain while walking along its trails. Experience nature’s beauty while reflecting on what you’ve just witnessed at this remarkable cultural venue – a perfect way to end your day in Prescott!

9. Relaxing at the Granite Dells

Take some time to unwind and relax at the beautiful Granite Dells, where you can bask in nature’s tranquility and reflect on the stunning views of Granite Mountain. If you’re looking for things to do in Prescott alone, the Granite Dells is a natural wonder that offers a range of activities for solo travelers like me.

I love exploring the area by hiking or biking on its scenic trails. If you’re feeling adventurous, try rock climbing or kayaking in Watson Lake. These activities are perfect for those who want to challenge themselves while enjoying the outdoors.

Rock climbing at Granite Dells is an amazing experience that will test your physical limits and mental endurance. The unique rock formations provide a challenging climb with picturesque views all around. Kayaking on Watson Lake is also one of my favorites, as it allows me to explore the calm waters while taking in stunning scenery. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in nature without having to leave Prescott.

After spending an afternoon at Granite Dells, head over to Prescott Observatory for some stargazing under Arizona’s clear skies. There’s nothing quite like gazing up at constellations and planets from this vantage point. Whether you’re alone or with friends, this activity provides an opportunity to marvel at our universe and appreciate how small we are in comparison.

10. Stargazing at the Prescott Observatory

Let’s head over to the Prescott Observatory for some incredible stargazing under Arizona’s clear skies. As someone who loves nighttime astronomy, I can’t recommend this experience enough. The observatory is located on a hilltop, providing an unobstructed view of the stars above.

The highlight of the visit is definitely telescope viewing. The observatory has several telescopes available for use, ranging from small handheld ones to larger ones that allow you to see deep into space. The staff are knowledgeable and passionate about astronomy, and they’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Stargazing at the Prescott Observatory is truly a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with something much bigger than ourselves. So if you find yourself in Prescott alone, make sure to add this activity to your things to do in Prescott alone list!


So there you have it, folks. My personal list of things to do in Prescott alone when you’re flying solo. Whether you’re in the mood for some outdoor adventure or cultural exploration, Prescott has something for everyone. Solo travelers can delight in exploring the beauty of nature and immersing themselves in the rich cultural offerings that this charming city has to offer.

Did you know that according to a recent survey, 87% of people who travel alone report feeling more confident and empowered? It’s true! And I can definitely attest to that after my own experience exploring Prescott on my own. There’s just something liberating about being able to set your own pace and follow your own interests without having to compromise with anyone else.

So don’t be afraid to take a solo trip to Prescott and discover all that this charming town has to offer. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving it so much that you’ll want to come back again and again – whether by yourself or with friends and family!

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