12 Things To Do In Times Square For Birthdays

12 Things To Do in Times Square For Birthdays

Are you lodging in Times Square but worried because your birthday plans got shattered like mirrors since you don’t know about the- things to do in Time Square for birthdays?

Or are you a Times Square local, and your birthday is just around the corner, and you are looking for some killer ideas on how to spend your birthday?

Well, no worries, as in this article, we promise to bring you the most happening activities and birthday ideas to make your special day as rocking as ever. 

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Things To Do in Times Square For Birthdays

So ladies and gentlemen! Bringing you the best Times Square birthday plans, there you go!

1. Explore The Times Square Nightlife

Are you looking for some dazzling yet free Times Square activity to make your birthday even more exciting? Then what else could be better than experiencing the “never sleeps” city at night? And it is one of the happening free things to do in Times Square for birthdays

Drop by the local(not really local; in fact, they’re the ultimate supremes to try out) food stores, try out the cute Times Square pastries, shop to the fullest, and enhance your denim collections at the lavish Levis, Forever 21, and get unique souvenirs because you’ll find one at each step, and of course, immerse yourself in the colorful bright, vibrant night view of Times Square. 

Every night from 11.57 pm to midnight, there’s a stunning synchronized billboard art show called the Midnight Moment that will surely impress you on your birthdays. 

These illuminated digital artworks, neon lights, and LEDs around are also apt for a perfect Instagram-worthy birthday story! And the best part is you’ll find photographers around, so don’t forget to get a special birthday snap with the scintillating nightlife of Times Square since even the mere billboards of it are too scenic to explain.

2. Pamper Yourself With The Turkish Bath

Add some sparks to your special day by trying out this beauty. In fact, I think one should declare birthdays as the official self-pampering day, and why shouldn’t it be right? 

I mean, you need to save one day solely for yourself, where it’ll only be you and your self-pampering and no entry for any other worldly mess! 

Soak in all your stress as you get a traditional handwoven cloth massage while bubbling around with the foams with a glass of champagne and the luxury jacuzzi. Our pick on it is the Luxe Den Salon & Spa.

3. Meet The Odds At The Madam Tussauds

Madam Tussauds has its perks on its own, right? And who would deny spending a birthday with the master copy of famous celebrities like Taylor Swift? (Oops! Sorry reader, this Taylor Swift won’t reply back, though). 

With a whopping five floors of wax figures, you’ll get to see more than 200 lifelike wax statues of celebrities (from fields of media entertainment to sports) around the globe, and what’s even cooler is you are also permitted to have snaps with your favorite statues! 

From the iconic boxer Muhammad Ali to the dazzling Rhianna, Selena Gomez, and even the Royal Family, you’ll get all of them beside you on your birthday. Isn’t it enough to enliven your birthday? No, it’s not because Madam Tussauds has got some more for you! 

It also offers Coney Island Carnival Carnage 7D Game and MARVEL Universe 4D cinema to give you a superhero-like vibe, so yes, this place is perfect for all adults and kids.

4. Roll At A Roller Disco

If you’re a party animal looking to add glitter and glamour to your birthday, it is the activity to be! From live bands and rocking DJs to various collections of wines, beer, flashing party lights, special menus, cocktails, roller disco props, and surreal skating rinks, you’ll get all the required hardcore party elements in these lively NYC roller discos

Some roller discos have the 70’s theme, so you can even dress up with the 70’s special costume for your birthday and get an opportunity to make some hyped and unique social media posts

Our pick on it is The Roller Wave because it facilitates one of the exclusive things to do in Times Square: the silent disco

Yeah, you heard it right, and at this silent disco, you get to select your desired song running over a massive headphone and groove with the beats as you like! It is open from 8 pm till 10 pm on Friday nights, and admission charges start from $15, though different activities inside the disco will cost you different amounts.

5. Vibe In At The View Restaurant

Whaaat? Birthday plan without having a restaurant visit on your bucket list? Is that even possible? Surely not! 

And what if I say that your birthday restaurant is a 360-degree revolving one? Astonishing right? Well, this is the only revolving bar and restaurant in NYC, and if I say that the ambiance of it will give you a unique experience, that would actually be much of an understatement because it is way more electrifying than one could ever imagine! 

From the scenic and heavenly night skyline view to the fine meals and pop-up events, this place has it all, and thus, it has grabbed its place at the top of the list for the best romantic things to do in Times Square.

6. Get Your Birthday Laughter At LoL Times Square Comedy Club

Add tinsels to your birthday while you groove around this place because the city’s most talented stand-up comedians are here to make sure you have that special birthday smile on your face while cheering you up (the club signifies the LoL title for real, so watch out for some deadly giggles!) 

Hit this place on your birthday night; the performances usually start at various times, such as 7 pm, 8.15 pm, and 9.30 pm, arranged every night. And don’t worry; you won’t be getting any underrated or lame humor as the performers are the town’s top stand-up comedians. 

Oh, and the jackpot? So listen, if you’re done laughing at this LoL club, you can gift yourself some premium customized chocolate treats because the iconic M&M world is just a minute’s distance from the LoL club.

7. Head To The Escape Game

Now this place offers some fabulous activities that’ll indeed add a feather to your birthday crown. How about making your Times Square special birthday more joyful and playful at the same time? 

Then it is the place you should opt for since it is no less than popular mobile games like The Gold Rush, Art Heist, puzzles, and many more! 

It will give you the real-time experience of some famous Android games. All you’re required is to use your wit, work with your army (your family or friends) and look out for ways to escape from a locked room before the clock hits zero. 

You can also choose your desired escape game as they offer multiple themes. And since this adventurous activity requires teamwork, it is one of the super things to do in Times Square for birthdays when you’re heading with your family and friends.

8. Catch Up on Live Music At Radio City Music Hall

Okay, a Times Square special birthday without live music is like imagining Doraemon without Nobita! This iconic place has been home to live entertainment since 1932 and hosts electrifying events such as the Grammys, celebrity meet-ups, and MTV Music Awards.

This biggie always has something in its store throughout the year, from live events, celebrity stand-up comedies, entertainment, and even concerts by renowned artists like the gem Lady Gaga

And the super amazing part is if your birthday falls during any holiday like Christmas, you get to witness the happening “The Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes,” which is one of the most awaited Times Square events that we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss! 

The hall itself is so enormous and elegant that wherever you sit, you’re sure to get a rocking vibe, so remember to capture some nice clicks over there to make your birthday memorable

And if you happen to bring your New York Pass with you, you’ll get a free entry to the iconic Backstage Radio City Music Hall Tour! 

The backstage also holds stunning Rockettes (a flock of female dancers dancing in a line and diving legs through the air) and some historical sights from the era when Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney used to have a blast in NYC.

9. Keep Calm And Indulge In Bryant Park’s Charm

If you’re a hella pro introvert like me and looking for calm and soothing birthday ideas around Times Square, this one is for you, my friend! This beauty is at a 5-10 minutes walking distance from the famous Times Square billboards. 

And there can’t be a better day other than birthdays to have some peaceful me-time with nature, especially when it is the serene greenery of this soothing park. This unquestionably beautiful park is more like a concrete forest, so you can get an adventurous vibe while breathing the fresh air. 

And the best part is the park fosters all the amenities, such as a variety of drinks and food, like fabulous hot cocoa, free yoga classes, chess matches, free movie arrangements on the calming lawn, and even live entertainment, so you’re surely not going to feel bored in any way! 

You can also get peppermint tea and spend quality time reading books and magazines because the park has a Reading Room corner. Winter birthdays are even better at this place because you get to see those cute cozy igloos and ice rinks. 

10. Give An Ode To Your Birthday With Helicopter Tour

Want to know about some fun yet unusual things to do in Times Square for birthdays? Yes, a helicopter ride could make your birthday as unique as ever because these Times Square NYC Heli-tours take you to some of the most mesmerizing creations your eyes could ever witness. 

And what else can be more ethereal than giving a soothing treat to your eyes on your birthday? Some rides offer champagne, so you’re good to go for the celebration while your soul soaks in incredible views. 

From the glamorous vistas of Times Square to the scenic Hudson River, fly on air like a bird and experience the beauty from the top instead of just stepping up to random places with a walk. You can also customize your tour location and duration as per your budget. 

The pilots are also helpful as they pinpoint the creative attractions during the journey. If your birthday is in the fall, tada jackpot! Because a Fall Foliage Helicopter tour is a must-have since color plays of nature get dramatic during fall, from the classic shades of red leaves combined with the pristine seawater and glowing golden rays of the sun. 

But do watch out for the notorious weather before you head off for the heli-plan. Charges start from $45 per trip for two people.

11. Get Into The Moving Theatre At The Ride NYC

Save this beauty for your upcoming Times Square birthday because this will take your special day to another level! Did you ever imagine experiencing a running theatre for real? Well then, it is the perfect place for you that’ll make your imagination come to life

The Ride NYC bus not only takes you to the most happening sights of Times Square, such as the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center, but it also has an eye-catching built-in theater with picture-perfect ceiling-touching windows and real-time theater-like seating arrangements inside the bus. 

And the exciting part is the bus hosts themselves are pro comedians who’ll leave no stone unturned to make your journey even more enjoyable. 

They keep passing cool commentaries as you traverse inside the bus ride capturing all those beautiful Times Square sights at your heart or enjoying the moving theater performance.

12. Get A Scrumptious Meal From The Food Tours

And as they say! We’ve also saved the most exhilarating birthday activity for last! 

No matter how glamorous activities you try, nothing can bag supremacy from food; food makes us alive, food is love, and food is life! 

Even people who aren’t much into food are also going to like the NYC food tours because there’s a lot of variety and jaw-dropping options; of course, you non-foodies can also get some killer Instagram reels on your birthday because the food presentation on these food tours are something magical

And as for my foodie buddies, yo, you have got the New York City Donut Tour for a lip-smacking sweet treat, and if you’re looking to get a whole packed multicuisine birthday meal, then go for This Lower East Side Food, where your tastebuds are surely going to thank you for the eccentric treat.

In Closing

Tada! That was from us today- on the things to do in Times Square for birthdays. We now hope you will have no panic attacks or fall short of ideas while celebrating your birthday in Times Square

Other than the ones that we mentioned, there’s the colorful Disney store, scavenger hunt, street artists for your caricatures, the world-famous M&M and Hershey’s store, luxurious shops, skating options, upside-down restaurants, super meals at each stop, and everything that you ever imagined Times Square has it all to make your birthday one to cherish for a lifetime

But watch out for the Times Square street performers like the popular Naked Cowboy because this might require you to incur some hard cash. 

And yes, there are seasonal events; some occur during the holiday season, while some occur during winter, like ice skating events. Still, throughout the year, Times Square fosters some incredible sightings and events and thus is a haven for travel freaks on their birthdays!

You can also learn about “Best Things to Do in Times Square with Kids” from our guide.

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