Amazing 8 Top Chuadanga Tourist Spots To See

Amazing 8 Top Chuadanga Tourist Spots To See

Chuadanga is next to Jashore, Jhenaidah in Khulna Division. So, you can see many places in a short time. Here is the list of the amazing 8 top Chuadanga tourists spots that you should see.

1.Alamdanga Slaughter House/আলমডাঙ্গা বধ্যভুমি

Alamdanga Slaughter House/আলমডাঙ্গা বধ্যভুমি is a historical tourist attraction in Chuadanga

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Alamdanga Slaughter House (Alamdanga Boddhovumi) in Chuadanga district is known as a sign of the brutal massacre of Pak forces in 1971. 

During the liberation war, Bengalis were brutally killed and buried in this slaughterhouse. After the independence of the country, hundreds of skulls and bones were found in this slaughterhouse. 

In 2012, monuments and complexes were built at Alamdanga Slaughter House to highlight the history of torture by Pak forces to the younger generation.

History suggests that in 1971 there was a military camp on either side of the Red Bridge on the Kumar River. During the liberation war, the Pak forces first came to know about the decision of Chuadanga as a temporary capital. 

They increased the level of arson and torture against the general public of Chuadanga.

Later, the swearing-in ceremony of the temporary government was held in Mujibnagar. At that time, the Pak forces would stop the trains passing through Lalbridge in Alamdanga and Kalidaspur, catch innocent passengers, torture hundreds of men and women, and bury their bodies. 

From the end of June to December 7, 1971, hellish torture and murder were carried out. Near the boundary of the Pak-Wapda building during the liberation war, the water development board had a yellow khalasi room, known as the “torture cell.” The slaughterhouse complex was set up at this place.

The walls of Alamdanga Slaughter House are designed by fine arts students of Rajshahi University. The sculpture starring Martyrs inside the Slaughter House and the Museum featured pictorial photographs of the periodic history of the liberation war from 1957 to 1971. 

Every day, numerous visitors from far and wide come to this place to pay homage to the memory of the Liberation War.

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2.Thakurpur Jame Mosque/Thakurpur Jame Masjid/ঠাকুরপুর জামে মসজিদ

Thakurpur Jame Mosque/Thakurpur Jame Masjid/ঠাকুরপুর জামে মসজিদ

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One of the most significant Islamic architectural artifacts in the Chuadanga district is Thakurpur Jame Masjid (Thakurpur Jame Mosque). 

The Thakurpur Jam Mosque in Thakurpur village, adjacent to Chuadanga-Jhinaidah road, 2 km from Chuadanga, is now known as Pirganj Jame mosque. 

Although there is no real information about constructing the main part of the mosque, according to local elders, in 1698, Afu Shah, a Sadhaka man from West Bengal, came to Thakurpur to propagate Islam and established Khanka. 

He built the mosque within a night with the help of the Jinns. That’s why many locals call the mosque “the Mosque of Jin.”

An entrance arch built in modern architecture can be seen as soon as you enter the Mosque at Thakurpur Jame Mosque, built over 30 bighas of land. 

And behind the mosque are a large pond, rows of coconut trees, and cemeteries. Every Thursday, the Jinns pray in this mosque and soplar the oil or water left by the people. Locals believe that wearing this water or oil helps them solve various problems. 

The mosque has been renovated at various times, keeping the main structure in place. 

According to the tradition of nearly 300 years, the annual OROSH is organized every year at the 12 Falgun mosque complex in the Month of Bengal. Numerous visitors from far and wide visit this traditional mosque.



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21 km from Chuadanga district is an important industrial city bordering Bangladesh and India (Darshana). 

The first railway line in the country was completed on November 15, 1862. 

The Darshana railway station is an important structure in the region because of its international quality. This is where Maitri trains travel directly to India.

Keru & Co., the largest sugar mill on the Asian continent, is located in Darshana. Located on 3,572 acres, the entire complex consists of sugar factories, distillery water, commercial farms, and organic manure factories. 

Although the main products of this factory are sugar, spirits, hard drinks, and organic manure are produced from byproducts. Keru & Co. is currently well known as a high-quality picnic spot with a Dotala (Two Storey) guest house.

Hundreds of Indian and Bangladesh citizens import and export various goods, including daily travel, through places like Darshana and railway ports. 

Another significant installation of customs checkpoints permanent infrastructure or customs station Darshana located near Darshana Zero Point. 

This customs station generates huge revenue for the government. Apart from this, just 31 km from Darshana is the location of the first capital of Bangladesh, the historic Mujibnagar.

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4.Mehrun Children’s Park/মেহেরুন শিশু পার্ক

Mehrun Children's Park/মেহেরুন শিশু পার্ক is a great place to visit in Chuadanga

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Mehrun Children’s Park and Mini Zoo have been set up at 60 bighas in Ibrahimpur village of Damurhada Upazila Chuadanga with the funding of the KR Malik Foundation. 

Located about 15 km from Chuadanga city, the park is becoming one of the most entertaining places for local people, increasing the number of visitors to Mehrun Children’s Park every day.

Mehrun Children’s Park and Mini Zoo have various attractive rides, horse carriages, aesthetic sculptures, restaurants, resorts, and weavers’ villages. 

The mini zoo has been kept for visitors with various animals, including peacocks, monkeys, deer, camels, owls.

The entry price for Mehrun Children’s Park and Mini Zoo is Rs 50 per person. It takes Rs 30-50 to ride on different rides in the park. A parking fee is also applicable for vehicles coming to the park.

5.Police Park/পুলিশ পার্ক

Police Park/পুলিশ পার্ক

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Police Park is located on the banks of Mathavanga in a completely natural environment in the heart of Chuadanga district city. 

The entertainment center on Superintendent of Police Road has already gained huge popularity in Chuadanga city. 

The police park has all the modern amenities in a pleasant and quiet environment, including attractive rides, crazy platforms, mini zoos for entertainment.

In addition, the Police Park Community Center and Chinese Restaurant has a system of organizing any social event, including weddings, birthdays, seminars. 

The police park is open to all visitors from 8 am to 6 pm every day. Booking and detailed information Contact: 01743-383838

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6.Keru & Co./কেরু এন্ড কোংOpens in a new tab.

Historical Keru & Co./কেরু এন্ড কোং sugar mill in Chuadanga, Bangladesh.

In 1938, Keru and Co., one of the largest sugar mills on the Asian continent, was established in Chuadanga district on about 300 bighas of land. 

The Government of Bangladesh declared Keru and Co. as a state-owned institution in 1972. 

In addition to sugar, local and international liquor are produced at Keru and Co. Keru and Co. are about 80 years old. 

A distillery and pharmaceutical unit is also being run under Keru & Co. Keru & Co. (Carew & Co Bangladesh Ltd) is the only one of the remaining sugar mills in Bangladesh today. 

This institute in Darshana requires permission to visit and to enter the distillery section. You have to get permission directly from the Managing Director. 

A picnic spot and guest house have been constructed here to facilitate visitors with entertainment.

7.Eight Graves/Atkobor/Atkabar/আট কবর

Eight Graves/Atkobor/Atkabar/আট কবর in chuadanga , a tourist attraction.

Eight graves (Atkobor/Atkabar) located at Jagannathpur in Chuadanga district are a historical site associated with the memory of martyrs in the 1971 liberation war. 

The distance from Chuadanga to eight grave burial sites is about 30 km. On August 3, 1971, a group of freedom fighters led by Commander Hafizur Rahman Joardar stayed at Jaipur shelter camp in Damurhuda, Chuadanga. 

In the morning, Pakistan Muslim League broker Kubad Khan sent a message to the freedom fighters’ camp that the Razakars had cut the ripe paddy of the land in Andaman and Surrounding Areas of Natuda, Jagannathpur. 

On hearing such reports, on August 5, some freedom fighters led by Commander Hasan rushed to Bagwan village, about two kilometers away. 

There, Pakistani soldiers from the Natuda camp, who were waiting for an opportunity, surrounded the freedom fighters. Eight brave freedom fighters participated in the battle before Pakistani soldiers and got killed. 

The Razakars then buried the bodies of the freedom fighters in two holes at the instructions of the Pak forces. Since then, this cemetery of liberation war is known to the local people as eight graves.

In 1998, eight grave complexes were built on 0.66 acres of land. 

Apart from the tombs of the freedom fighters, there are also libraries, open platforms, and a two-story tower. About 200 photographs across the walls of the two-story tower depict the continuing history of Bangladesh’s freedom movement. 

And if you want to study liberation war, anyone can take the residential benefits of living here.

8 martyred freedom fighters are:

  1. Khaled Saifuddin Tarek – Jaladah, Kushtia
  2. Hasan Zaman – Gokulkhali, Chuadanga
  3. Alawal Islam Khokon – Chuadanga City
  4. Roshan Alam – Alamdanga, Chuadanga
  5. Rabiul Islam – Mominpur, Chuadanga
  6. Abul Kashem – Chuadanga City
  7. Afaz Uddin Chandrabas – Damurhuda
  8. Qiamuddin – Alamdanga

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8.Gholdari Shahi Masjid/ঘোলদাড়ী শাহী মসজিদ

Beautiful ancient Gholdari Shahi Masjid/ঘোলদাড়ী শাহী মসজিদ in Chuadanga.

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During the Mohammad Ghori regime, Omar Shah, a devout Darvesh, built the Gholdadi Shahi Masjid (Gholdari Shahi Mosque) in the Gholdadi village of Alamdanga Upazila in 1006. 

The historical mosque is still regularly offered for prayers. Every day many tourists come to visit the Gholdari Shahi Mosque and offer prayers to witness the tradition.

During the independence struggle, the Pakistan Army and the pro-independence Mukti Bahini fought over 100 battles in Chuadanga. Behind Chuadanga Government Hospital is a mass graveyard of victims of the Bangladesh genocide during the Bangladesh Liberation War. 

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