8 Patuakhali Tourist Spots You Need To Visit [Breathtaking Ones]

8 Patuakhali Tourist Spots You Need To Visit [Breathtaking Ones]

Breathtaking Top Patuakhali Tourist Spots You Need To Visit

Discover the captivating allure of Patuakhali tourist spots. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical charm this district has to offer. Explore serene landscapes, iconic landmarks, and a tapestry of experiences that make Patuakhali a must-visit destination.

Patuakhali Tourist Spots

There are many amazing tourist spots in Barisal. Patuakhali, situated within the Barisal division, shares its regional proximity with Barisal. While Patuakhali may be a distance away from the bustling heart of the main city, it certainly does not lack in terms of its captivating beauty and abundant tourist attractions. Here, I’m discussing about the 8 best Patuakhali tourist spots to visit:

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1.Kuakata/ কুয়াকাটা

Sunset view from beautiful Kuakata at Patuakhali. One of the most famous places in Bangladesh for vacation.

Beach and tourist destination Kuakata is located in southwestern Bangladesh. “Kuakata is referred to as the Daughter of the Sea by tourists.”

Location: Kuakata becomes part of the Latachapali union under the Kalapara Upazila in Patuakhali district. The road distance from Dhaka is 360 kilometers and from Barisal is 106 kilometers.

2. Lebur Char/লেবুর চর

Stunning Lebur Char/লেবুর চর in Patuakhali. Sunset view of the Lebur Char. A boat is in the sea.

One of the tourist attractions of Patuakhali district is Lemon Char (Lebur Char), 5 km east of Kuakata beach. Lebur char is also known to locals as Nembur Char. 

There are different species of trees, including keora, gewa, goran, kadai, golpata, on a lemon pasture of 1000 acres. Although it has been part of the Sundarbans in the past, it is now separated from the Sundarbans.

Standing at the end of the Lebur char shows a row of green trees in the Sundarbans. The sun’s golden glow that hits the vast pasture at sunset gives rise to a charming earthly scene around. 

Lebur char, surrounded by natural beauty, is known as an attractive place for tourists.

3.Majidbaria Shahi Masjid/মজিদবাড়িয়া শাহী মসজিদ

Ancient Majidbaria Shahi Masjid/মজিদবাড়িয়া শাহী মসজিদ in Patuakhali. A must-visit tourist attraction in Patuakhali.

Majidbaria Shahi Masjid is one of the examples of ancient Muslim architecture in the southern region in Mirzaganj Upazila of Patuakhali district. 

Established about 550 years ago, the Shahi Mosque bears witness to the glorious history of Muslim architecture and traditions of the Sultanate period. 

The area is named after the mosque. According to the inscription of Majidbaria Shahi Masjid, the mosque was built by Khan-e-Moazzam Ujiyal Khan in 1465 during the reign of Nawab Rukanuddin Barbak of the Ilyas Shahi dynasty.

Lime-surki and terracotta bricks have been used to build attractive construction styles and carved Majidbaria Shahi Masjid. With a huge dome, the ancient mosque has a length of 49 feet and a width of 35 feet. 

The main structure of Majidbaria Shahi Masjid has 3 spectacular carvings, three arched mihrabs, six minaret-like pillars in eight corners, a total of 4 windows on the east-north and south sides, square main rooms, and a verandah. 

In addition, some ancient artifacts carved inside the 75-inch-old mosque can be seen. And on the southern side of the mosque are the graves of Yakin Shah and Kala Shah and a huge Dighi.

Built-in Chandradeep, the mosque was the first brick architecture of the time. After cyclones and MOG-Harmda’s attack on Chandradeep, mosques and surrounding areas merged with the deep forests of Sundarbans and became uninhabited for a long time.

 The Shahi Mosque came to the notice of locals while conducting a land survey in 1860. The mosque was then renovated according to the old architecture under the archaeology department. 

In addition to offering prayers at present, numerous Muslims from far and wide participate in the Waz Mahfil organized every year in the premises adjacent to the mosque.

4.Seema Buddhist Temple/Seema Buddha Bihar/সীমা বৌদ্ধ মন্দির

A well known Buddhist temple is Seema Buddhist Temple/Seema Buddha Bihar/সীমা বৌদ্ধ মন্দির in Patuakhali.

The traditional Seema Buddhist Temple (Seema Buddha Bihar) is located in front of the ancient Well of Kuakata in the Patuakhali district. 

A few years ago, a temple made of wood is now adorning the temple site made of brick stone. The meditative Buddha statue made of ancient ashtadhatu weighing 37 tons has found a new temple. 

The traditional Seema Buddhist temple is home to the Rakhines, Keranipara. Rakhine women in Keranipara are very appreciated in weaving clothes, especially the sheets they make are very attractive.

Mishrapara Buddhist Temple: A village in the Rakhine community located about 8 km from Kuakata beach is called Mishrapara. There is also a large Buddhist temple in Mishrapara. 

It is believed that the Buddhist statue kept in this temple is the largest in the subcontinent in size. Apart from this, the most village of Rakhine is located in Amkhola village near this temple. 

There is a chance to get acquainted with the way of life of this small ethnic group.

5.Chor Bijoy/চর বিজয়

Thousands of birds are flying in Chor Bijoy/চর বিজয়, Patuakhali.

Chor Bijoy is a charming island that woke up in the Bay of Bengal, about 40 km southeast of the Gangamati forest, to the east of Sagarkanya Kuakata. 

In December 2017, a group of travel-thirsty explorers discovered the island in Patuakhali district. The island was named ‘Chor Bijoy or The Victory Island’ because of the discovery in the month of Victory. 

However, it is better known to local fishermen as Hirer chars. The uninhabited island’s stunning beauty and vast waters of the sea impress all the travelers who come. 

And so, adventure-loving tourists have placed Chor Bijoy at the top of the list of favorites for camping.

Built with about 5,000 acres of aesthetic beauty, Chor Bijoy Island is 10 km in length and 3 km in width. There are red crabs, thousands of guest bird walks, and numerous marine fish habitats in the island’s clear waters. 

In addition, about 2,000 mangrove saplings, including round leaves, chickpeas, keoras, and beautiful trees, have been planted around the island. 

There are many diverse changes like Chor Bijoy during the seasons. In the rainy season, the island is covered with seawater, but the island is covered with dust in winter.

Chor Bijoy Island is very popular as temporary accommodation or Dera for marginal fishermen. Fishermen hunt fish here for about two to three months and make and sell fish trunks. 

So the experience of camping at night with fishermen living in the face of sea adversity will undoubtedly give a different feeling. 

It is also worth remembering the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset flowing through the sea from Chor Bijoy.

Travel Advice

Chor Bijoy has no shops, so take the required dry food and water from Kuakata.

If you leave for Chor Bijoy in the morning, you will be able to return to Kuakata by afternoon.

6.Water Museum/Pani Jadughor/পানি জাদুঘর

South Asia's first water museum in Patuakhali - Water Museum/Pani Jadughor/পানি জাদুঘর

On December 29, 2014, South Asia’s first water museum started its journey in a two-story building along the Kuakata-Dhaka highway at Kalapara in Patuakhali district to raise public awareness about river protection and water resources. 

Established by the NGO Action Aid, the museum presents information about the livelihood and culture of the river-centric people of Bangladesh, the identity of all the lost and present rivers of Bangladesh, photographs, river history, and the future of the river.

The water museum has water samples of more than 90 rivers, including Jamuna, Buriganga, Padma, Andharmanik, Meghna. 

And in front of the museum is a boat dipped in half the sand as a symbol of the river dying, indicating the river’s important role over the country’s environment as a river dries up. 

The Kalapara Coastal Public Welfare Association is currently running the museum.

Entry Fee & Schedule

The water museum is open to visitors from 10 am to 6 pm on 6 days of the week except for Sundays. 

To visit the museum, school students have to pay an entry fee of Rs 10 per person, those living in Patuakhali district Rs 20 per person, and other tourists Rs 100 per person.


  • Birdmara Bazar, Kalapara, Patuakhali
  • Phone: +88028837796
  • Mobile: 01712-950319
  • Website: watermuseum.net
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/Water-Museum

7.Sonar Chor/Sonar Char/Golden Char/সোনার চর

Sonar Chor/Sonar Char/Golden Char/সোনার চর sun set view. The environment is fully golden.

Located in Patuakhali district is a beach called Sonarchar. The distance from Galachipa Upazila to Sonarchar in Patuakhali is about 80 km. 

The remote and dangerous communication system on Sonarchar Island in the middle of the sea seems to have succumbed to the indomitable desires of beauty-mad tourists. 

So many people rush to Sonarchar to see nature. The waves of the playful sea, the fishing scene of fishermen, the free movement of red crabs across the beach, and the biodiversity mangrove forest sing splendor to tourists.

Most of the tourists who come to Patuakhali district go back after seeing Kuakata. So the tourists stress less on the beach and forests of Sonarchar. 

Sonarchar beach is about 3 km in length. Sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed from the same place on Sonachar Island as Kuakata. 

The sunlight reflects in the sand on the golden sea beach surrounded by blue waters of the horizon-wide sea as if it is gold.

There is a huge forest land of about 5,000 acres in this Sonarchar. Which has taken the next place in the Sundarbans in terms of volume. And This Forest Has Rich Biodiversity. 

There are Dakbungalows and forest department camps for tourists in the forest area of Sonarchar. In 2004, the Patuakhali coastal forest department planted trees and released various wild animals on the golden pastures of the Bay of Bengal. 

Later, on December 16, 2011, the Government of Bangladesh declared Sonarchar as a wildlife sanctuary.

Precautions & Advice

Any island or char area is best visited during the winter. It is, therefore, better to know if the weather and water conditions are safe before you travel. 

In addition, since Sonarchar is in a remote area, you have to know the place carefully if you want to go there. 

We also have to think about our safety. It would be best to group a few people while camping or going for a walk in Sonarchar.

8.Fatrar Char/ফাতরার চর

Fatrar Char/ফাতরার চর is a great place to visit in Patuakhali for tourists.

The extended part of the Sundarbans covers 997,507 acres west of The Forest of Fatra or Fatrar Char Kuakata. 

It is known as the second Sundarbans, with numerous plants and animals in the mangrove forests like the monkeys, pigs and Gewa, Sundari, Keora, Fatra, Garan, Golpata, and Bain. 

There are also several reptiles like snakes and salamander in this pasture. Like the Sundarbans, Fatrar char is flooded twice a day.

As soon as you enter the Char of Fatrar, you have to be fascinated by the dense green forests on both sides. When you enter the Char, you will see a shan-built pond and a forest department resthouse. 

This pond is the supplier of freshwater to the temporary residents of Char. Generally, people do not live permanently in Fatrar Char without forest guards of the forest department. 

There is a small beach on the east side of Char, and you can take a bath on this beach at the time of kiln.

When to go to Fatra Char

Fatra’s Char is allowed for only two hours from November to March.

Conclusion: Patuakhali Tourist Spots

Patuakhali stands as a truly enchanting destination with a rich tapestry of tourist spots to explore. From its pristine beaches and lush mangrove forests to its cultural landmarks and warm local hospitality, Patuakhali offers a diverse and memorable experience for every traveler. I hope you find the article “Patuakhali Tourist Spots” helpful.

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